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Maine gun owners aren’t out of the woods yet concerning the proposed “assault weapons” ban pushed by anti-gun Democrat lawmakers this session.


While Gov. Janet Mills vetoed LD 2086 back on April 29, some in the legislature are attempting to override the governor’s veto. And tomorrow, both the state Senate and House will be holding a vote that will either uphold or override that veto.


In her veto message concerning the measure, Mills said the bill might unintentionally ban weapons that responsible gun owners use for hunting or target shooting. While Mills said she agreed that semi-automatic firearms converted into the functional equivalent of a machine gun should be restricted, she said she was concerned that certain language in the bill could have a “risk for unintended consequences.”


“Such legislation should only be developed in a deliberate, inclusive and clear manner for both gun safety advocates and those concerned with protecting lawful access to firearms,” Mills said in the veto message.


In fact, the governor’s fears were well founded. The legislation would actually create a backdoor ban on commonly owned firearms and firearm parts by redefining a “machine gun” to include any semi-automatic firearm that includes parts that could “increase the rate of fire.”  


As Gun Owners of Maine said in a recent update to members: “Destruction of firearms and alterations in the definition of Machine Gun to include commonly owned semi-automatic firearms modifications is not only a waste of perfectly good firearms, it is a stepping stone to a ban on ‘assault’ weapons. This amendment brought to light the fact that Maine’s current statute surrounding the definition of a Machine Gun (as assessed by attorneys specializing in firearms) could be construed to include shotguns/buckshot/snake shot. Yes, this law has been on the books for decades, but it is out of step with federal law and frankly, ‘intentions’ of politicians who seek to remove firearms from the hands of law-abiding citizens is not something we trust. This definition needs to be amended and we will be seeking to do so next session.


Maine gun owners found themselves under heavy fire by gun-hating Democrats this legislative session following last fall’s mass murder in Lewiston. The governor allowed a measure requiring a three-day waiting period before gun purchasers who have already passed the federal background check can have a new gun transferred to them. She also signed bills making it easier to confiscate firearms without due process, requiring background checks for private sales through online means and strengthening a law that forbids the “reckless” sale of a gun to a prohibited person.


Interested Maine gun owners should contact their Senator or Representative immediately and ask them to vote to uphold the governor’s veto on the “assault weapons ban.”

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    • Mark, check this *Breaking News* out.

      Non-violent felons in California cannot lose their gun rights for life, but I’m confident the California legislature will ignore it.

      What surprised me was, they cited ‘Bruen’ in their ruling…

  1. Oh gee…Hunting and target shooting…Never mind an Oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States. It’s what continues to happen when Gun Control gets to set the pace with anything they can pull out of their behinds for Gun Owners to chase around like silly circus animals. That said…When a pompous Gun Control zealot throws you a bone throw them an I-Beam…

    • Well, IRL, we basically don’t have a Constitution. At least not one that we actually follow.

      And most people, quite frankly, seem quite content with that reality so long as their own, personal hobbies and pastimes remain unaffected.

      That whole “eternal vigilance” thing is a price too steep to pay for 80%+ of the population.

    • A cop stuck a shotgunm in my face once, I swear I could have crawled down that barrel to get away.
      In some places a rifle is good in my opinion, in a heavily populated area a shotgunm is better. Around 50 yards the pellets start losing steam, that AR will go through a car or houses door at 100.
      In a high stress situation your chances of missing are good, shootouts in the home aren’t going to give you the time you have at a range.
      ” So I just started Blasting.”

  2. Mainers showed themselves to be disarmed on October 25, 2023.
    They didn’t man up then, why should they be expected to now?


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