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Joe Biden was in rare form as he took to a podcast to announce that gun control will be the centerpiece of a second term during the aptly-named Smartless podcast. In the fortieth minute of the just-released interview, Biden calls Thomas Jefferson’s remark that the Tree of Liberty is watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants “a bunch of crap.”

Biden also made some other rather dubious claims in the interview. But that’s nothing new for the fabulist-in-chief. From Breitbart:

During an interview with the “SmartLess” podcast that was recorded on March 28 and released on Monday, President Joe Biden stated that he will “make sure that we do something about gun violence in this country” in his second term, the Second Amendment isn’t an absolute and remarked, “this — the [tree of] liberty is watered with the blood of patriots, I mean, that’s a bunch of crap.”

Olivia Murray over at The American Thinker puts her analysis to work on the podcast just released Monday even though it was recorded weeks ago.  In short, she writes

Yet, in spite of those numbers (and other disapproving indicators), Biden found it wise to announce on a recent podcast that the Second Amendment was “never absolute” and all that talk about Thomas Jefferson’s “tree of liberty” reference is a “bunch of crap.”

Brilliant Joe, absolutely brilliant—so brilliant in fact, I’d like to suggest that his staffers organize those comments into sound bites to accompany his campaign ads, and then run them in the very swing states in which he trails, in hopes that it might help voters weigh who’s the best man for the job, come this November.

According to a report at Breitbart today, Biden brought Bill Clinton and Barack Obama along with him when he went on the “Smartless” podcast. “Smartless” is hosted by three Hollywood actors, and if this lineup of leftwing heavy-hitters doesn’t just scream desperate, then I don’t know what does. However, all that help didn’t stand a chance against Ol’ Joe, because he couldn’t just hold it together and feign moderacy, or competence. 

The Democrat party is hemorrhaging black and brown support (a longtime reliable voting bloc), inflation and the cost-of-living crises are killing the stability of most Americans’ finances, the idea that a person would own their own modest home is no longer the American dream but a pipe dream, wars are breaking out across the world, terrorists are taking hostages at campuses and seizing campus buildings, the chaos brought by the dissolved border and the illegal invaders is on nearly everyone’s mind, national debt keeps hitting historic highs, but Joe felt it crucial to focus on…disarming law-abiding Americans. 

Joe Biden doesn’t realize that he’s the tyrant that Jefferson meant when he spoke about the Tree of Liberty.

Then again, he doesn’t remember what he had for lunch either.

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  1. So who’s going to take the guns?

    One Felony in Charlotte, NC who chose not to voluntarily surrender his guns. 4 dead, 4 wounded.

    With the tyranny we’re seeing from Democrats I’m think not many citizens will comply. They’re out numbered and outgunned.

    Maybe we’ll find out if it’s a bunch of crap.

    Say When

    • Doubt they’ll do it like that. More likely, one day you’ll go to the grocery and your card will be declined, or you won’t be able to make an appointment with your doc, or you won’t be able to rent an apartment, etc. until you either turn in your firearms or somehow prove you don’t have them, without any amendment to the Constitution or even any law passed through Congress. Your low social credit score will simply keep you from participating in the economy until you comply.

    • The government will get others to do the dirty work. Banks, Mortgage Companies, Insurance Companies, Utilities, Healthcare, Schools, etal.
      Gun in the house…Homeowner’s insurance just got cancelled…..followed by mortgage called…..followed by utilities disconnected…..followed by loss of healthcare… kicked out of school…..gets worse from there. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

      • So are you saying a private company has the power to act in a tyrannical fashion???

        I was told here on TTAG that banks had every right to stop doing business, with gun related businesses.

        In fact the smartest people in the room said. A private business has every right to end a business relationship. When every they want to.

        What is really amazing is the Libertarians Liberals and the Left. Automatically assumed the government had nothing to do, with the banks business decisions???

      • Hund,

        I agree completely. Fedzilla will simply threaten to shut down any given business (bank, electric utility, hardware store, trash pickup service, etc.) if that business fails to do Fedzilla’s bidding and that business will comply so fast that it will make your head spin.

        • It’s called Discrimination which is documented throughout American History. You see grasshopper a history illiterate like you and others on this forum have no ability to connect Black Americans once denied being served in diners based solely on a skin color Attribute with Gun Stores denied banking services also based solely on an Attribute. And don’t even think of trying to wiggle out of your history illiteracy…When democRats were running around whitewashing their history by tearing down Civil War era monuments based on a connection to Slavery azzhats like you watched it all and never lifted a finger to seize the moment to connect Gun Control to Slavery, nooses, picking cotton, etc. and call to have Gun Control removed from the law books…In other words when it comes to dealing with Gun Control zealots you could not fight your way out of a wet paper bag.

          • Debbie W.,

            I am very well informed on History in our nation, including all of the manifestations of discrimination that you listed above (and then some). I do not deny any of those manifestations of discrimination and never have denied them.

            What YOU fail to recognize is:
            a) Discrimination is a horrific aspect of humanity which always has and always will exist.
            b) Discrimination is an outflow of evil/hatred.
            c) Appeals to decency/good do not motivate evil/hatred to do what is decent and right.

            And your entirely predictable response to my courteous and respectful statement of facts above will confirm my statement: you will respond with hatred and discrimination because you consider yourself better than me. How ironic that you embody the very thing which you claim to despise.

    • He was being honest. Something the white supporters of drug leg.@liz.@tion are incapable of.
      Because they demand “free” needles. “Free” condoms. And “free” medical treatment related to drug abuse.

      And then they make it legal to steal private property. So the addicts can pay for their drugs.

      • So some people you don’t know can tell you what you can and cannot ingest in your own body and you are fine with that. Obviously Freedom and Liberty aren’t high on your concern list.

        • So long as people are allowed to shoot druggies committing crimes I don’t particularly care

          • Exactly. Use drugs but if you lose your job, lose your house, end up sleeping in a cardboard box then that is your doing. ZERO tax dollars for rehab. Commit crimes then you will make big rocks into little rocks and little rocks into pebbles. No more narcan for druggies either.

      • Chris T,

        I’ve tried to explain this to you, before, but we are obviously dealing with ‘epistimological closure’ in your case.

        1. NO libertarian I know wants to “make it legal to steal private property” – that seems to be more in the Dimocrat/George Soros prosecutor wheelhouse.

        2. Did you ever contemplate the concept of (and the probably outcome of) letting people do what they want, but making everyone responsible for the OUTCOME of what they do?? Give it some thought.

        3. You still never responded to my request that you tell us the story of the “libertarian” who banged your girlfriend (apparently the reason you have this obsessive, irrational hatred for something YOU call ‘libertarians’ who bear no relationship to any libertarian I know of).

        4. ANYONE can claim to be a ‘libertarian’, and anyone (like you, for example) can give us a straw man vision of ‘libertarian’ but there is an actual, working definition of ‘libertarianism’. The Libertarian Party does not speak for me and never has. I agree with some things some libertarians say, and not with other things they say. Just because I claim a political philosophy/worldview that may bear some resemblance to the stated positions of others does NOT mean I endorse all of their views. Capisce, paisan??

  2. I’d take Jefferson over Biden any day. I mean that, even though the guy’s been dead for just shy of 200 years at this point.

  3. Seriously. It is a crime the way his family and handlers are abusing this old man. He should be made a ward of the state and those around him should be facing charges for elder abuse.

    • Exactly. Dr. Jill loves the limelight as she abuses her husband by letting him continue to display his dementia. Sick.

  4. Keep buying. Go out and buy another firearm this week, plus the ammo to go with it. A single action revolver or an AR10, it doesn’t matter. That is truly the only effective action we can all engage in.

  5. “make sure that we do something about gun violence in this country”

    Psssttt … hey Joe, maybe you should talk to Garland and have him bring you up to speed… AG Merrick Garland Admits That It’s *Gang* Violence, Not ‘Gun Violence’ >

    Oh, and Joe, that Tree of Liberty thing… Jefferson was talking about you tyrant. Maybe that’s got you a little worried.

    • The Democrats seem to have a real hard-on for tyranny lately. It is as though they are finally being open about what they want.

      • Their “base” has collapsed. So for that last few weeks have been madly rolling out BS programs to rebuy the moron votes – student loan forgiveness, expanding overtime pay requirements, banning drilling etc/etc/etc. They are desperate to keep Slow Joey in office or to illegally reshape fedgov as Trump takes back over.

        ACWII is a real possibility. Whomever wins in Nov.

        • Don’t forget backing down on the menthol ban. Save lives or pander to the black vote? Tough choice for a Democrat.

        • civil war
          A war between factions or regions of the same country.
          The war in the United States between the Union and the Confederacy from 1861 to 1865.
          The war in England between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists from 1642 to 1648.
          The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition • More at Wordnik

          CW3 you mean

          CW1 American Revolution

          CW2 American Civil War

      • Democrats are pretty bad with their tyranny, but Republicans are doing it as well. As long as we keep sitting around saying “This side is great and do everything right, it’s the other side that is wrong” it will stay the same.

  6. Remember boys and girls this has 0, zilch, nada to do with Biden. He is nothing more now than the distraction from the real power structure wishing us their subjects. They are well entrenched within the government bureaucracy at all levels. More importantly in the levels not voted, rather than those that are. Biden’s words are nothing more than campaign bloviating in an attempt to get people to stop thinking about how bad the economy is or crime or illegal aliens. The real danger lies in the dark part of the government. The part ‘We the People’ have no control over. Where the regulation without representation exists. We must never loose sight of the fact that regardless of Who’s in power. There is still a powerful part of the Federal Bureaucratic Complex that we don’t control and is not working to protect and defend our freedoms.

    • NGO’s and several state governments would be the secondary concerns to fedzilla but yes this is a very clear headed summary of the issue of control we face.

  7. To be fair Biden would’ve overheard Jefferson having been there himself. That was around the same time his son Bo died fighting the Confederacy in the Revolutionary War. He was serving on the Titanic I believe when the Spanish sunk it in 1812.

    • Yes, Bo was a pilot hero, flew an F150.
      He had been awarded the Iron Cross two days before the boat sunk.

    • So who was Donald Trump talking about when he said they captured the airports during the revolutionary war?

      “President Trump Said Revolutionary War Troops ‘Took Over the Airports’ in His Fourth of July Speech
      UPDATED: JULY 5, 2019 2:47 PM [ET] | ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: JULY 5, 2019 8:25 AM EDT;

      “Trump praised the Americans’ military efforts in the war against Great Britain. “Our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do, and at Fort McHenry, under the rockets’ red glare, it had nothing but victory,” he said.“

      Senile dementia is a terrible disease, hopefully some of Donald Trump’s family will place him in a skilled nursing facility before he hurts himself or someone else.

      • MajorLiar,

        So, your position, that you apparently assert unironically, is that they are both senile morons, but you like your senile moron better? Is that really the hill you want to die on?? I’ve told you many times I am not a Trump fan, have never voted for him, but . . . as bad as Trump is, he is not the complete dumpster fire that Senile Joe, the serial child predator, is . . . or that the Lyin’ Hawaiian was.

        I don’t LIKE voting for the lesser of two evils; I would prefer to have an actual choice. This year, we have the loudmouth, unprincipled midwit that is DJT vs. the complete, senile moron (who was a moron BEFORE he became senile). In addition to his senility, and his stupidity, Senile Joe not only never learned any economics, he aggressively opposes any policy position that has even a speaking relationship with reality regarding economics.

        Tell us again about how GREAT Senile Joe’s economy is, MajorLiar. (While you’re at it, reiterate your brilliant Constitutional argument that Article II, Section 8 authorized universal gun control – that one was a hoot!!).

        You blithering idiot, just go back to your afternoon circle jerk.

    • You can fjb all you want, it will just lay there and snore.
      Trump 2024, sounds nice but ain’t going to happen. January 6 proved to the Powers That Be Trump has the charisma to start a cult.
      Cults can turn into dictatorships too. The Illuminati is not going to lose its power.

      • possum…Your head is so full of demoCrap you’ve become nothing more than another worthless gun talking blowbag whose pasty mouth rhetoric caters to the democRat Party.

        TRUMP 2024. fjb and fu.

  8. theBiden certainly does like getting people killed.
    Taking the Second Amendment out of the Bill of Rights is some really scary stuff. It’s not that the Bill of Rights really have any power anymore it’s just that to not even let us Citizens believe the lie is the scary part.
    Who will our LEO’s and National Guard stand with?
    My guess is they’ll just follow orders, a pension and benefits is a hell of a thing to lose.
    Besides humans need $$$$$ to be free because the Bill of Rights and the freedom they give is all about having the money to exercise them.
    Fish, hunt, park passes and drivers license, gunm permission slips( class2,class3,ffl), it all takes money.
    Public land, Leased Keep Out.
    What is free? Air and that’s it. .giv is working around that though, with enough Chinese plants in the U.S.A. that will not have to comply with EPA regulations and then air will become dangerous to breath and .giv can start selling filtration masks priced high enough that only the wealthy can afford them.
    Who is going to buy the chinesium products pumped out by the factories when 3/4 of the population is dead. Well they don’t know, that’s looking to far forward into the near future.
    Sadly the gunms that .giv allow us to have is not enough to win a Civil war. We like to think so but it’s not true. I can see .giv turning off the electric, troops stationed around the water holes with orders to secure the area at all cost. I can see empty grocery shelves, diseases that can only be cured with a .giv tetnus shot(surrender or die). Hospitols only allowing those who have been numbered access to care.
    And what will the Patriots who feel the tree of liberty needs watered do, they will water it with their blood to no avail.
    All this sht should have happened in 1950, before surveillance technology had us by the balls, and we were totally dependent on .giv.

  9. Both sides had better pray it doesn’t come to open warfare/civil war. Both sides seem to think they can win. No one wins in a civil war. They only survive.
    Just from those I know in either military service or LEO’s it seems to be about a 55/45 split towards the right/conservative side. Not a scientific poll or study, just comments and ethical/moral/personal beliefs of those I know.
    Something the chairborne and political military brass, as well as most of the GS bureaucracy either ignore or forget is the simple fact that the US has been at war at some level pretty much since 1941. That makes for a lot of veterans who are out in flyover country who have both experience and knowledge of doctrine/tactics of military and civilian/government orgs.
    So. want to confiscate personal/civilian owned firearms? You can bet the pattern will be noticed when the gov. forces start doing regular raids and trying to piecemeal arrests/confiscation/persecution of firearms and owners. What the reaction will be is unknown at present but most Americans don’t enjoy being pushed around and bullied. A fight is likely if pushed too far. What that limit is and if it will come soon enough to be of any use is debatable.

    • Nah, we will just sit and listen to the news about a BATFE raid that kills an Arkansas guy for selling to many gunms, grab a bag of doritos and change the channel.


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