Bloomberg, Ballmer Pouring Millions Into Online Advertising to Push 2020 Anti-Gun Democrats

[Everytown for Gun Safety’s] focus on digital advertising comes during what its top political aides said was the fastest change in media consumption habits since the dawn of the digital age. With millions of Americans homebound because of the pandemic, nearly half of all television consumption is now on streaming platforms. “2020 looks more like […]

Seattle Anti-Gun Group Sides With Portland’s Antifa Rioters

From the CCRKBA: A Seattle-based gun prohibition lobbying group has reached a new low, siding with rioters, looters and urban terrorists in Portland, Oregon in an attempt to smear law-abiding gun owners, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today. “We’ve seen some outrageous claims by the gun control crowd […]

2020: Potential Electoral Armageddon for Gun Rights

By John Velleco The 2020 election is fast approaching, amid choruses of the old cliché about this being the “most important election in our lifetime.” But this time, the evidence is impossible to ignore. If Democrats catch any sort of tailwind on Tuesday, November 3, the three branches of government will be at risk and […]

WaPo Publishes Piece Criticizing Biden’s Gun Control Plan as Punishing Working Class People

The Washington Post criticizing gun control? The year 2020 really does feel like some kind of alternate universe. But yes, the Post published a piece that lambasted Creepy Uncle Joe’s plan to price gun ownership out of the reach of working class people. Joe “Shotgun” Biden’s plan would, however, ensure that the wealthiest families across […]

Florida Assault Weapon Prohibition Group Now Funding Anti-Gun Candidates [VIDEO]

This Week in Gun Rights – July 18, 2020 This is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal and legislative news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights. For another look at the topics discussed here, check out this week in gun rights at FPC.  New assault-weapon-hungry gun-grabbers backing candidates Ban Assault Weapons Now bills itself as […]

Brady And Giffords Grab More Than Guns, They’re Grabbing Taxpayer Dollars, Too

By Larry Keane Gun control activists are lining their pockets with taxpayer-funded coronavirus economic relief while at the same time paying millions to antigun candidates who would crush the Second Amendment rights of American citizens. The difficulty is deciding which is more infuriating, the wanton abuse of taxpayer-funded support for small businesses or the audacity […]