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Can a Biden Presidential Executive Order Take Away Your Guns?

By Emily Taylor As of March 2021, President Joe Biden had already signed 37 executive orders. Recently, he confirmed that he’s looking at his options...
Oregon capitol building Senate GOP Boycott

Oregon GOP Minority Leader Facing Recall After Failing to Block Gun Ban Legislation

Oregon's Republican Senate minority leader declined to join his fellow party members in a walkout over gun control legislation last month. His presence in...
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Biden Set to Announce Gun Control Executive Orders Tomorrow

Well, you knew it was coming. The BidenHarris White House has let their stenographers in the press know that they'll announce executive actions on...
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FPC to 9th Circuit: California’s Magazine Ban Violates History and Scope of the 2nd...

From the Firearms Policy Coalition . . . Yesterday, the Firearms Policy Coalition announced the filing of an important brief with the en banc Ninth...
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The Democrats’ Gun Control Harassment Strategy

By MarkPA Nicholas Kristof writes in the New York Times “How Do We Stop The Parade of Gun Deaths?” . . . I’m sympathetic to the aim...
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WaPo: Brain Research Says We Should Deny Young Adults Their Constitutional Rights

It's strange that the research cited here isn't also used to support withholding free speech, due process and voting rights as well. Why take...

Decatur, Illinois Gun Buyback Ends Early With Lots of Disappointed People

Decatur, Illinois held a much-publicized gun buyback last week. While the event took place on April 2nd, it turned out to be a late...
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You Know an ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban is in Trouble When It Loses NYT Columnists

“Assault rifles are the weapons of choice when someone wants to kill as many people as possible,” noted Michael R. Weisser, a gun store owner, author,...
West Virginia Mom Stops Kidnapping

4 Reasons Why More Gun Control Laws are Doomed to Fail

By Mark Houser The gun-control paradigm—the idea that the solution to American violence is more laws restricting guns—is unhelpful. Gun control doesn’t work. Indeed, any statistical...
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MEDIA ALERT: The New York Times Fears Biden Is Missing His Chance on Gun...

We hate to ruin your weekend with news of fecklessness (and probably too many naps) at the White House, but America's newspaper of record...
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Hillary Clinton: Republicans Are Shameless Gun Worshipers

You know, democracy is the balancing of interests and rights, and unfortunately at this time, the gun worshipers have a huge advantage because of...
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109 Members of Congress Want AR Pistols Regulated Under the NFA Like Machine Guns

The House Civilian Disarmament Caucus Gun Violence Prevention Task Force has written a letter to the desiccated husk that sometimes sits at the Resolute...