Three Bills Submitted in Hawaii to Ban Semi-Automatic Firearms

The civilian disarmament advocating authoritarians of the Aloha State, not wanting to be outdone by their gun-grabbing brethren in places like New York, Illinois, California, Oregon, and Washington State, have submitted three new bills that, when combined, would make ownership and possession of semi-automatic firearms and any magazine over 10 rounds a felony. The first is […]

Illinois Would Face Semi-Auto Ban Under New Senate Bill

UPDATE:  At the bottom of this post. Illinois has a new governor in JB Pritzker. Neither he nor the Democrat super-majority legislature particularly like guns rights or gun owners. Really, they dislike gun owners almost as much as they hate President Donald Trump. So it should surprise exactly no one that a Prairie State Democrat […]

WA Lieutenant Governor Refuses to Attend ‘State of State’ Ceremony, Fearing Concealed Carriers

Yesterday,  Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib of Washington singled himself out as the only WA elected official who was absent from the state’s annual State of State ceremony. That means he wasn’t there to hear his fellow Democrat Governor Jay Inslee deliver the 2019 State of the State address. Again, every other statewide elected official was in […]

Pittsburgh Mayor to DA Zappala: “Arrest Me” Over Proposed Gun Control Legislation

Tensions have been high in Pittsburgh over the last few weeks. After the city’s mayor, Bill Peduto, said he wanted to pass an “assault weapons ban” and red flag law within city limits, pro-2A activists rallied in protest. After all, such gun control measures passed by the city would defy Pennsylvania’s state-wide pre-emption law. Nevertheless, gun […]