CNN: Trump to Announce Bump Stock Ban Within Days

We were a tad premature with our recent post announcing the ATF’s final determination that bump fire stocks will now be considered and regulated the same way as machine guns. But we apparently weren’t off by much. According to the unimpeachable news source that is CNN . . . The Trump administration plans to announce […]

Study By Anti-Gun Researchers Finds Universal Background Checks Do Nothing to Decrease Violence, Suicides

Yep [reviewadinsert] There are no more anti-gun academic research operations than Garen Wintemute’s UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program and Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health. For that reason, they’re among the most-quoted “authorities” for the mainstream media when it comes to the results of their research and bolstering the case against civilian firearm […]

‘Stay In Your Lane,’ They Explained

“Stay in your lane!” they yelled, as I barged into the OR. The self-righteous Neurosurgeon glared at me icily as I marched over behind him. “Get the hell out of here – I’m in the middle of Mrs. Jones’ brain, and her glioblastoma! What do you think you’re doing ?!?” he yelled. “I’m the neuroradiologist, […]

Detroit City Council Votes For Mental Health Checks and an Ammunition Tax

Reader John Dingell III writes: From Click On Detroit: “This is the city of Detroit, we continue to beat Los Angeles every year with the number of homicides, in senseless gun violence,” said Wayne County Commissioner Reggie Davis. Davis calls his resolution “the bullet bill.” The resolution requires a mental health background on purchasers of ammunition in Wayne […]

Rep. Eric Swalwell Creates Nuclear Firestorm With Gun-Grabbing Tweets

One of the great things about the anti-gun left is that they eventually show you exactly who they are and what they want. The talking points are always flowery at first, waxing about “national conversations,” “gun reform” and everyone’s favorite, “common-sense gun safety” measures. But wizened, calloused Second Amendment advocates who’ve been through the gun […]

What Is The NFA?

What is the NFA? The National Firearms Act of 1934 – referred to in shorthand as the NFA – is one of the largest pieces of gun-related legislation on the federal books. It’s a gun control act establishing certain limitations on firearm ownership. As a result, some people really don’t like it. Other folks don’t […]