The Latest on the Odessa Shooting Rampage

The latest available on the Odessa Texas shooting sheds little light on what was known at the end of the day yesterday. According to various reports, the shooting began yesterday about 3:15 pm as two Texas Department of Public Safety officers tried to stop a gold Honda sedan on I-20 yesterday. Before the car pulled […]

Mental Health: The Gun Control Debate’s Red Herring

By Mark Houser In the gun control debate, the invocation of “mental health” is, unfortunately, a red herring. The failure to recognize that reality leads to policy ideas that threaten both our liberty and the wellness of those who struggle with mental health issues. In the wake of murderous mass shootings, people cite “mental health” […]

My 3 Favorite Smith & Wesson Revolvers

We all have our favorite guns, and I’m no different. Something about the design and cosmetics of certain arms speak to me, but I’m not exclusive to any single brand. In the safe right now are semi-auto handguns from Colt, FN, GLOCK, Ruger, and SIG Sauer, and rifles from Remington, Savage, Beretta, Daniel Defense, F-1, […]