In Praise of the Absence of a Manual Safety

Contributor John Sprague gave us his take on the manual safety in the piece entitled, In Praise of the Manual Safety.  In it, Mr. Sprague says that a manual safety strikes the perfect balance for him in terms of safety versus a reduction of readiness. Good for him. Real world experience has driven me to the […]

Existential Threat: The Crisis at the NRA

By Adam Kraut Over the past few months news of impropriety, questionable business dealings, lack of transparency regarding the inner workings of the NRA, and outrageous compensation have emerged. While the source for a lot of this information is not one that many people hold in high regard, much of the information has been independently […]

A Red Flag Order Is Not Worth Dying For

Over the last week or so, our stories on Red Flag orders have proven…controversial. The first, “What To Do If Police Show Up At Your Door With A Red Flag Confiscation Order” stirred up a lot of emotions. But the “How to Prepare For A Red Flag Confiscation Order At Your House” seriously elevated a […]

Trump to Address NRA Convention for Third Straight Year

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump will address the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association, one of his most loyal constituencies. Trump’s April 26 appearance in Indianapolis comes about a month after his administration pushed a ban on bump stocks, the device used by the gunman in the 2017 Las Vegas massacre to make […]