Even Sen. Feinstein Knows the Trump Bump Stock Ban is on Thin Legal Ice

You would think that California’s doyenne of civilian disarmament, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, would be as happy as a pig in slop about President Trump unconstitutionally and arbitrarily re-classifying bump stocks at machine guns. But in a lengthy op-ed piece she wrote for the Washington Post, Feinstein stated the following; (L)et’s not celebrate too quickly. Presidents […]

New York Times Uncovers The Hidden Truth That People Buy Guns With Credit Cards

There are only a few truly prestigious national media outlets left these days. Names that are known across the land and command influence over and the undying respect of…a small number of fellow media members, self-proclaimed intellectual elites and government functionaries who occupy two relatively thin layers of urban centers on both coasts. Of the […]

The Bill for Our Rights: What Makes America Exceptional

By Robert B. Young, MD This past weekend we all should have been jubilantly celebrating the 226th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, the original 10 amendments to the United States’ federal constitution. Remarkably, it slipped by relatively unremarked. Yet our Bill of Rights may actually be the most significant of our republic’s […]

25 Gift-Worthy Knives That Ship via Amazon Prime

Unless you’re superstitious, knives make excellent gifts. Below are 24 particularly great ones… which are also compatible with last-second Amazon Christmas shopping. These are listed in order from lowest price to highest. 1. Gerber GDC Zip Blade: $13 This unusual EDC knife replaces any zipper pull and flips open into a small but surprisingly functional stainless steel […]

White House School Safety Commission Recommends Gun Confiscation

And the hits just keep on coming from the Trump administration. Yesterday, the White House released the end results of its School Safety Commission findings. As “The Commission endorses Extreme Risk Protection Order laws, which give authorities a temporary way to keep those who threaten society from possessing or purchasing firearms.” Back in March, Kansas Secretary […]

NRA ‘Disappointed’ By Trump Bump Stock Ban

The National Rifle Association has issued an initial comment regarding today’s news that the Trump Administration will be banning bump fire stocks (and current owners have 90 days to dispose of them or become felons). From fox40.com: The National Rifle Association is “disappointed” with the Trump administration’s plan to outlaw bump stocks, which allow semi-automatic […]

State Your Case: .357 Magnum vs. .44 Magnum

It’s that time again, friends. Yes, that’s right, it’s time for a faceoff between two of the most popular magnum revolver rounds out there: the .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum. This is bound to be an interesting edition of State Your Case because there’s a very wide division between faithful shooters of each of these […]

Interview With an Operator: Shooting Under Water

Note: This is the first of a series of interviews with former operators who have lived and breathed guns for most of their lives in different ways. These occasional interviews will be a mash-up of tall tales, personal musings and boisterous unchallenged opinions. The intermittent nature of these articles is solely due to the fact […]

Divided We Stand: States’ Rights and Gun Rights

By MarkPA Should gun advocates embrace States’ Rights? In McDonald v Chicago, the Supreme Court incorporated the Second Amendment on the States.  “[T]he right of the People to keep and bear arms . . .” is now, indisputably, the uniform law of the land throughout the 50 states and D.C. Yet for the foreseeable future, that “uniform” […]