Gunsense: Spokane Police Equipping All Service Rifles With Silencers

“Rifles carried by Spokane police on patrol will soon be equipped with suppressors, a move the department says will protect officers and civilians from hearing damage.” That report’s from the Gee, it’s almost as if suppressors aren’t really the preferred tools of criminals, assassins and double-naught spies after all. It turns out they’re really […]

Hi-Point: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Hi-Point Firearms finds itself the butt of many a joke in the gun world. However, considering the brand openly sets out to offer “the most gun for the dollar,” Hi-Point does deliver, and many who bad mouth them have never shot one or worked with their excellent customer service team. We’ve had our hands on a […]

Sightmark Adds Three New Updated LoPro Series Light/Laser Models

Press release: Sightmark Makes their Mark with Improved LoPro Series (MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Sightmark makes their mark by offering their redesigned LoPro family in Dark Earth finish. LoPro’s are a compact laser and laser-light combo attachment for your firearm, helping you with precision accuracy and rock-solid reliability. LoPro’s are the perfect attachment for accuracy while training, […]

Remington’s New V3 TAC-13 Semi-Auto Non-NFA Shotgun

OK, so technically we’re not supposed to call these shotguns. They’re non-NFA “pistol grip firearms.” Fine. None of that changes the fact that firearms like Remington’s short barrel 870 TAC-14 and Mossberg’s Shockwave have become plenty popular as compact, powerful home defense and truck gun options. But those smoothbores are pumps. Remington’s latest is the […]

The Truth About Firearm Suicide

TTAG reader Ellen F. writes: I appreciate that you guys tell the truth about firearm suicide. The way some liberals mislead people, lumping suicide in with “gun violence” is unconscionable. It’s unconscionable not only because it’s plainly agenda-driven and dishonest, but because it keeps Americans in the dark about a real, ongoing tragedy. Fifty people […]

Calibers for Beginners: .450 Bushmaster

The winds of change are coming to deer camp. States across the country are now allowing the use of straight-walled cases in what used to be shotgun-only zones for deer. Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Iowa are among the states where a somewhat new cartridge is taking the woods and fields by storm. The .450 Bushmaster […]

Groundbreaking: The Trace Uncovers Why Chicagoans Carry Guns

We suppose that any time a couple of notoriously anti-gun organizations spend their cash on utterly useless, blindingly obvious “research,” that means fewer dollars down the road to push anti-gun ballot initiatives, lobby squishy elected officials and fund the campaigns of hoplophobic candidates. Which is why we’re just fine with a recent study being pumped […]

Seattle Times, Caught in a Lie, Corrects I-1639 Editorial

The Seattle Times blatantly lied in a recent editorial in support of Initiative 1639, the hodgepodge of unconstitutional gun control measures that Washington Staters will find on their November ballot thanks to the state’s supreme court: “The NRA has invested at least $150,000 to fight this initiative [1639], which the organization says will just make […]

More Americans Own Guns and Dogs Than Cats

When something makes you smile. According to Gallup, 40% of American households have guns. That number has been right around the 40% mark for about a decade with occasional shifts up and down. Those numbers are, of course, dependent on people actually answering when a stranger tries to find out if they own guns (so […]