LA Times: Mass Shootings Could Totally Be Stopped With More Gun Laws

From the Bloomberg School of Public Health study that concluded “assault weapon” bans don’t actually work to Dr. Garen Wintemute’s finding that California’s extensive gun control laws have done nothing to curb homicides or suicides by firearm, there is a slew of empirical information available demonstrating that gun control doesn’t work. Of course, that’s probably […]

Michael Bloomberg Has a Lot of Problems With the Constitution and Civil Rights

By Larry Keane Michael Bloomberg’s disdain for gun owners is well documented, but that didn’t stop him from reminding voters how he loathes the idea of Americans exercising freedom. Bloomberg, the billionaire presidential candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, denounced the notion that free men and women would choose to provide for their own protection. […]

Gun Control Advocacy Masquerading as News, Utah Edition

In a recent article, Deseret News “reporter” Katie McKellar expresses her deep disappointment at the failure of three victim disarmament bills in the Utah legislature. And no, this isn’t (intended to be) an opinion piece. Utah lawmakers shoot down slew of gun bills All three bills — one to enact universal background checks, one to […]