Are Hunting Regulations a Form of Gun Control?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article that ran here on TTAG where I explained my thoughts on long range hunting. In that article, which you can read here, I detailed my belief that long range hunting was a violation of the spirit of the hunt. It’s a form of animal cruelty due to […]

Why a ‘Kitchen Table’ FFL is a Bad Idea

Here at TTAG, we get lots of questions from our readers about a variety of gun-related and regulatory topics. One of the those that we’ve been meaning to cover over the years is so-called kitchen table FFLs. These non-conventional federal firearms licenses have advantages and disadvantages, both aspiring firearm industry professionals and consumers alike. My […]

How Giffords Gun Control Group Flipped Two Florida Republican Congressmen on HR 8 Vote

We’ve covered the unconstitutionality of HR8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act and how it’s another whack of the hammer and chisels away the foundation that is our freedom along with how some of DC’s scum and villains cheered its passage in the House. During the midterm election cycle, the Giffords’ gun control group waged a hardcore campaign […]

Media: Diane Dimond Victim-Blames Gun Owners

Diane Dimond makes her case for victims of property crime having responsibility for criminals’ actions in the Northern Virginia Daily: Any cop on the beat will tell you there’s a class of crooks who break into homes specifically looking for guns to steal. Please, don’t make it easy for them. Guns need to be stored […]

Armed Gun Store Employees Chase Down Four Robbers and Hold Them for the Cops

We hear about plenty of gun store robberies, but they typically happen after hours. These are usually smash-and-grab attacks with thieves ramming a vehicle through a store’s front door. There’s a good reason for that. Most gun stores are filled during business hour with…employees and customers with guns. That apparently didn’t occur or matter much […]

Anti-Gun Left Continue to Spread Trayvon Martin Case Falsehoods, Even After Seven Years

This week marked the seventh anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin. Even after George Zimmerman’s acquittal, plenty of groups and people use falsehoods, propaganda and faulty narratives about what happened that night to advance their own causes. This includes people who should know better, including presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. On that fateful night seven […]

District Court Judge OK’s Trump Bump Stock Ban

As soon as President Trump directed the ATF to take another look at federal law in order to re-classify bump stocks as machine guns, the Firearms Policy Coalition and others filed lawsuits challenging the new ATF rule and then acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s authority to issue it. The first decision, however, has gone against […]