Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump speaks at the National Rifle Association's Presidential Forum in Harrisburg, Pa., Friday, Feb. 9, 2024. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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Former President Donald Trump will speak to National Rifle Association members later this month at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, Texas.


According to the association, his keynote speech set for May 18 will be President Trump’s ninth address on NRA’s stage, reaffirming his strong commitment to the NRA, the Second Amendment and the longstanding American tradition of firearm ownership.

President Trump first addressed the NRA in Nashville in 2015. Since then, he has been a steadfast advocate for the NRA, the Second Amendment and self-defense rights—including his promise in 2016 to never let NRA members down.


“As President, Trump made good on that promise by appointing a record-setting number of judges who respect the Second Amendment, including three Supreme Court justices who played a pivotal role in landmark Second Amendment rulings such as NRA-funded NYSRPA v. Bruen, cementing his legacy as a gun rights champion,” the association stated in a press release announcing the speech.


Andrew Arulanandam, NRA Interim executive vice president and CEO, said having the former president speak in Dallas is a great match for the organization.


“President Trump is under relentless attacks because he is not afraid to fight for those who share his American values,” Arulanandam said. “He is uniquely qualified to address our members who know what it’s like to stand for something, even when it’s hard. The NRA and our millions of members around the country have President Trump’s back, and we know he has ours.”

Randy Kozuch, executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), said the former president’s decision to speak at the meeting is a boost for freedom.


“President Trump’s presence at the NRA Annual Meeting is a powerful sign of his ongoing commitment to our constitutional freedoms and the Association’s efforts to protect and advance the Second Amendment rights of every law-abiding American, Kozuch said. “His fellow NRA members can’t wait to hear from him at this pivotal moment in our nation’s history.”


The event will take place at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, 650 South Griffin Street in Dallas, Texas. 


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  1. “Take the guns first, due process second” and him pushing the ATF to ban bump stocks says more than any of his speeches at NRA events.

    • Well, at least he wont have LaPeepee feeding him shit advice anymore, though I doubt that the cronies that took over after the a-hole stole away into the night will do us any favors either.
      Still, he can’t be any worse than Bribem has been, even with shitty advice – time will tell, IF he gets back in.

    • Absolutely. Make no mistake, his only loyalty is to the deal. He will put anything on the table to make the deal. However, he is a grenade with a pulled pin right smack in the political swamp. Very amusing to me.

    • Right out of the gate comes a democRat Party lint licker bashing POTUS DJT. Probably a gutless regular going incognito. If boss sht for brains wasn’t politically inept he would realize he would have done the same following Vegas otherwise failure to do so would have allowed congress to take the football and ban a laundry list of products like binary triggers, competition triggers, etc. And congress can override. In other words a POTUS veto can be reversed by a POTUS or court but an act of congress not so much…boss the democRat Party lint licker can get Gottlieb to explain it all to him or he can drop-dead.

      TRUMP 2024.

      • Making excuses for gun control I see.

        There is a difference between me and you Ms. Fudd – I don’t compromise on gun rights and clearly you do.

      • Oh Debbie, you are such a one trick pony. DJT is not a friend of gun owners. Clearly neither is Biden, but really you think Trump is on our side?

    • The “gun community” agrees with taking rare breed triggers without due process.

      The “gun community” says it’s just the waste of ammunition to have a bump stock.

      The “gun community” has never supported the widespread ownership of machine guns.

      And the “gun community” agrees with taking glock switches without due process.

      It’s not about the machine pistol.

      It’s about the black kids with these guns who had no father in the home. They have no discipline because they didn’t have a father in the home.

      And it’s about white, the white ath.eis.ts. The White libertarians white liberals and white leftists.

      Who all disagree with the Christians. When the christians said a father’s love and discipline are necessary in the home

      But the “gaze” the at.he.ists and the three L’s don’t believe that is necessary in the home. They all support a single mother. Having five kids from five different men and never getting married.

      Trump 2024

      • Chis in KY…Does this forum look anything like a community? Maybe on the surface but tight-knit it is not.

        After millions of words and the lights have dimmed it all boils down to separating the ingredients that have for far too long been allowed by buffoons to mix…

        1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

        2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, fists, feet, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

        3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

        • Yet in your post right above you supported Trump pushing the ATF to ban bump stocks – which is, in fact, gun control.

          So which are you! A racist or a Nazi?

          • … don’t confuse our resi dent bilegerent bigot Debby with facts, she’ll srart calling you names – most of witch most likely actually describe her(?) self.

      • He won’t get it. Neither will Trump.

        You’re just as much a part of the problem as the Democrats are.

        • The Fudd Trump gun-banning apologists here are funny. There is a reason we got into the positions we are in now after 80+ years of the NRA negotiating pur rights away all the way back to the NFA which they helped craft to the GCA and the AWB.

          Fudds Gonna Fudd and they keep turning to orange turds like DJT in hopes that today he won’t “take the guns away now with due process later” or ban more gun parts and create the precedent later taken advantage of by Marxist Joe to turn up the heat even more.

          Just because Commie FJB is a turd doesn’t mean DJT isn’t another turd floating right next to him floating down the poop river circus.

    • Why do YOU need a Bumpstock ???? You would likely blow up your weapon & your face during rapid fire with cheap ammo.

      • … and if that’s what he wants to do, who are we to tell him no? This is exactly what the left want – divide everything into wants, likes, needs, deserves. All well and dandy until they decide that gramps’ old single-shot that you inherited and was the last gun that they haven’t outlawed is something they now decide that you are no longer “entitled” to keep.
        Kinda effed now, arncha ??

      • “Need” is irrelevant you pro-gun control Fudd. You sound just like the gun banners when they ask why anyone needs an AR or needs a standard capacity magazine.

      • It isn’t the Bill of Needs, it is the Bill of Rights. You would do yourself a favor by recognizing the difference.

    • I think that you misspelled
      ” Crony “, and yes, he’ll be there -he wouldn’t pass up free drinks and dinner

    • John Cornhole needs to be primaried out like Brandon Herrera is doing to the Cornhole RINO in Texas’ 23rd congressional district. Too bad Senator Cornhole isn’t up for reelection for another two years. Some are speculating that he knows he can’t win and won’t be running for another term..

      Flush all the RINOs.

  2. Maybe he can outline what executive orders he will use to double down on the bump stock ban? Maybe he can accuse Biden of using executive orders illegally too and then claim Biden is an idiot AND a mastermind at the same time.

    • v4gfy…My money says you didn’t begin servicing democRats yesterday…by now a worthless pos like you probably needs new knee pads.

      • It appears some “men” on this forum are not the least bit concerned about 4 more years of joe sniffing their hair, wiping his butt with their 2A Right and deciding for them what they can keep to defend their homes and families.

        If some “men” on this forum aren’t looking extremely stupid judging products solely by Made-In they’re allowing propaganda from a pos democRat Party lint licker like boss clonk aka STD to screw them and America.

        TRUMP 2024.

        • Yes Debby, we’ll all plug our noses and fill in the Trump circle on the ballot – but certainly NOT because he’s the BEST candidate but only because he’s the marginally BETTER candidate who will do whats good for himself first and maybe some of the crumbs will roll downhill for the rest of us. Dont forget the Rinos ruled the first two years of DJT Act1 and did nothing but keep their thumbs warm via the anal method.

  3. Trump has my vote. That is solid and isn’t changing.

    He has much work ahead of him and one of those items is proof of interest in the 2A directly. He is NOT a gun guy. He doesn’t have to be to get my support. Things just might have changed a bit with all the grief he’s been subjected to though. This remains to be seen. But making speeches on the NRA stage is NOT proof of anything. Wayne gave plenty of speeches on that stage and yet we can see what he was (the board too).

  4. How appropriate, the conservatives’ grifter in chief speaking to the multimillion dollar grifter organization.

    Perhaps Donald Trump will rack up some more contempt of court charges during his speech, prepare the popcorn!

    • minor49iq…Your time would be better spent explaining why you think your democRat Party the party that Owns the Legacy of Slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the kkk, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities is not solely Liable for Monetary Reparations…Explain it dumbfuk democRat or gfy.

    • Worst grifter ever. He’s the only one who saw his net worth decline as a result of being president. He obviously isn’t in it for the money.

      • Forbes magazine says you are wrong.

        Face it folks, y’all done been snookered:

        Don’t worry, Trump made plenty of money from his presidency, but I am sure the sexual assaulting, business fraudster billionaire appreciates your concern about his wealth-care.

        “Trump’s Business Hauled In $2.4 Billion During Four Years He Served As President
        Dan Alexander
        Forbes Staff
        Senior editor at Forbes, covering Donald Trump’s business.

        Jul 19, 2021,06:30am EDT
        cut 087 Donald Trump1664_spread_ret
        Forbes estimates the pandemic helped wipe about $200 million off Trump’s top line last year.

        In April 2017, Press Secretary Sean Spicer took the podium in the White House briefing room and announced that the president was donating his first-quarter salary to the National Park Service. With a serious look on his face, Spicer pulled out an oversize check with an oversize signature. It was the first of several checks that Donald Trump signed while in office, handing over his $400,000 salary in exchange for good publicity.
        That was pocket change for Trump. His real money came from the business he refused to divest, not from his government salary. An analysis of documents, some of which only became public in recent weeks, shows just how much Trump’s businesses raked in while he was in office. Dig through everything—including property records, ethics disclosures, debt documents and securities filings—and you’ll find about $2.4 billion of revenue from January 2017 to December 2020.“

        • “Forbes magazine says you are wrong.”

          It looks like Forbes says I’m right, and you’re wrong. Same story, different day. Are you always wrong because you’re that misinformed, or is there another reason?

          Donald Trump’s Net Worth Fell by a Third During His Presidency, Forbes Says

          Then you have the the hate-filled Left using the power of the state to try and bankrupt him after he left office. They were very upset that he made another comeback with his social media deal.

          • His ‘fortune’ declined, not his income, because his properties lost value:

            “Several of Trump’s major properties suffered declines in value, as did his hotel management and licensing business.”

            And you notice, Forbes does not reveal the fact these valuations are from the Trump organization itself, who has since been found guilty of Financial fraud regarding their business valuations:

            “Trump Org. fined $1.6 million after conviction for 17 felonies, including tax fraud
            By Kara Scannell and Nicki Brown, CNN
            Updated 2:16 PM EST, Fri January 13, 2023
            The Trump Organization was fined $1.6 million – the maximum possible penalty – by a New York judge Friday for running a decade-long tax fraud scheme, a symbolic moment because it is the only judgment for a criminal conviction that has come close to former President Donald Trump.

            Two Trump entities, The Trump Corp. and Trump Payroll Corp., were convicted last month of 17 felonies, including tax fraud and falsifying business records”

            To recap, Trumporg is guilty of “falsifying business records”
            And now the auditor for Trump Media has been charged with fraud as well:

            “Trump Media’s accountant is charged with “massive fraud” by the SEC
            By Aimee Picchi
            Edited By Anne Marie Lee
            Updated on: May 3, 2024 / 4:25 PM EDT / CBS News

            BF Borgers, the independent accounting firm for Trump Media & Technology Group, is facing allegations of “massive fraud” from the Securities and Exchange Commission, which on Friday claimed the auditor ran a “sham audit mill” that put investors at risk.”

            I might suggest, if you ever have the opportunity to shake Donald Trump’s hand, you really should count your fingers afterwards.

            • All of which is a long-winded way of saying that my original comment was correct, but also Orange Man Bad.

            • “…..saw his net worth decline as a result of being president……”

              And that’s what he said you idiot! Minor49r – sometimes your arguments can at least last a couple of posts before you start sounding stupid but this one fell apart really fast.

              Don’t smoke and post.

              • “…..saw his net worth decline as a result of being president……”

                And that’s what he said you idiot! Minor49r“

                Wrong. You are relying on Trump’s own financial statements, somehow ignoring the fact that the Trump family has been found civilly liable for engaging in fraudulent business practices directly related to fabricated business valuations.

                His claims of $6 billion net worth before the election are bullshit, and we know this because a court appointed financial monitor is now at the helm and that’s why we’re seeing more accurate numbers for the financial position of the Trump organization.

                It was proven in a court of law before a jury of his peers that Donald Trump had claimed a 30,000 square-foot suite in Trump Tower, when it was actually less than 11,000 ft.², when he valued the property.

                That is just one of the many fraudulent acts that Donald Trump and his family perpetrated, leading to the outstanding court ordered judgment for fraudulent business practices regarding financial documentation.

                Y’all been snookered by New York City con man, how embarrassing for you.

              • “Wrong. You are relying on Trump’s own financial statements”

                Nope we relied on Forbes. That is the source that was good enough for you to cite. Why doesn’t it work when I cite it? You’re really terrible at trolling, Miner.

          • The left is not trying to bankrupt him out of revenge. There is that motive.

            But like the classical fascists they are the dems are using the power of the state to attack their only real threat to power.

            Their next tactic is to attempt to kill him.

        • “I am sure the sexual assaulting, business fraudster” millionaire…..sounds just like Joe Biden.

          Weird how you folks always crow about how rich, old white men are evil, then go ahead and vote in a rich, old white man as President. Can you explain why? Isn’t that hypocritical?

          Why is it that cops are murderers, yet only cops and military should have firearms? Can you explain that?

          Why do you folks holler about women having “safe spaces from men”, but then belittle actual women when they don’t want a man in a dress in their safe space/restroom? Can you explain that?

          I could go on, but just what I have here is enough. I really would love to see the mental gymnastics used to think any of that makes any sense.

    • MajorLiar,

      As opposed to your senile cretin giving his speeches in and for the grifting autocracy of the Ukraine, where he, his family, and his useless crackhead son get much of their grift?? Pot, meet kettle. But, then, you are a lying Leftist/fascist propadandist of a dishonest moron, so I suppose we shouldn’t expect any more from you. Read the latest jobs report, MajorLiar?? The one that was “unexpectedly” lower than normal, combined with incomes falling increasingly behind the pace of inflation? The ration of full-time jobs to part-time jobs continuing to fall? Tell us again about the greatness of Bidenomics, you drooling moron.

      • “where he, his family, and his useless crackhead son get much of their grift??“

        Yeah, and that’s all bullshit too. The Republicans have been investigating Hunter Biden and his family for years and have been unable to find any evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

        Republican chairman Comer has quietly ceased his bullshit impeachment attempts, and of course y’all just blow on by the negative results of the Republicans investigations.

        And the Biden administration‘s effective policies for lowering the rate of unemployment to a 40 year record is still safe, regardless of minor fluctuations in any given job report.

        Biden is not perfect, and the economy could be better, but we have one of the lowest inflation rates among the G20 nation, and our jobs market has continued to stay strong.

        And you claim Hunter Biden is worthless?

        “Hunter Biden had several jobs before Joe Biden became vice president in 2009. Hunter Biden, a lawyer who graduated from Yale Law School, became a partner at a law and lobbying firm in 2001. He stopped lobbying late in 2008, before the election. Before that, he had worked for financial services company MBNA, rising to senior vice president, and for the US Commerce Department. And President George W. Bush appointed him to the board of directors of Amtrak.“

        • Keeping this comment in mind if we ever have an impartial DOJ investigation into the matter.

    • Lesser of two Weevils.

      Killick! -where is that horrible man?

      I’ve read the whole series a couple of times. I don’t think they will ever make a movie as good as the novels but the Russell Crowe version didn’t suck too much.

  5. It’s a binary choice. If you think they’re the same on the gun issue, then vote for the peace and prosperity candidate. That one isn’t remotely debatable.

    Sure you can vote third party to declare your moral superiority. If you’re in a potential swing state, and you vote third party, then you have an underdeveloped brain.

    P.S. RFK Jr said he would sign a bill from congress to ban AR-15s. Also, old video has resurfaced of him putting down and looking down on red state residents.

  6. Yep! Compare him to any president after Reagan especially Dims. Barry n Big Mike er Michelle are possibly even worse than Slow Joe as they obviously call lots of shots in DC. IF they steal this election I foresee some really bad outcomes☹️

    • AquaAmbulator, it’s only barely into May and we’re facing :
      Unprecedented illegal alien numbers streaming into our country with STILL no voter ID, a Bird Flu strain that is crossing over to the bovine population that the Health Dept. and Homeland are ” looking into “, 2 proxy wars going on with another ready to start, ” student ” protests taking over a large number of universities, Bribem EO-ing multiple vote buying schemes with tax (our) dollars, runaway inflation and a boat anchor currency valuation, a mumbling, stumbling, bumbling public persona for Gramps, polls that are getting harder to fake being anything other than in the toilet… what makes you think they’d cheat ?

    • The bad outcomes are inevitable at this point no matter who wins. it’s baked into the timeline at this point, however it may happen sooner depending on which turd wins this fall.

      It’s not whether it will start but when. Take a good look at where you are today and where you will be in the coming years and ask yourself if that is where you want to be when hostilities break out and you are stuck there for the duration…

      • It is very likely to be a show regardless who wins. It’s more than if one gets it, this nation will be burned and changed. If the other one is elected, something of the American way will be preserved. But I cannot see life after 2020 with all that has happened since and not think that it’s already going down. What we will see after the election is a ramping-up. We are going to lose something. It’s a matter of how much. A great deal has already been lost.

        This is an extremely important election that will be a turning point. We are going full tilt to hard left communism if the left gets all three branches.

  7. After almost 4 years of rotting marxist demoCrap at the helm sailing America into their utopia toilet no matter how it’s sliced and diced at this point campaigning for and voting for POTUS DJT is a complete and total no-brainer. The sht4brains snot nosed crybaby azzholes on this forum pointing fingers at Trump, bashing Trump are even more pathetic than joe biden.

    TRUMP 2024.

  8. Anyone else remember the time trump laughed at a room full of republican governors for being afraid of the nra?

      • And you’re voting ivanka, jared, bill barr, chris wray, chris christie and maybe another appearance by kim and kanye for some more criminal justice reform?

        • If Trump is the nominee for the gop then not voting or voting a third party is giving the white house back to biden and company.

          You either want biden and kameltoe gone or not. It really is that simple.

          biden gets a second term and you will not have to worry about gun control. It will be everywhere.

    • Far too many DC politicians have been afraid of the NRA. It isn’t something to fear. The problem has never been the NRA. The problem is that so many in DC have lost their fear of the American people in general (until it’s time to vote). The issue is and has been the politicians that have no regard for the Constitution. THAT is when the NRA steps in. Part of my problem with this organization is that they will give money to Democrats. The very people trying to destroy them. Part of why Dems are upset with them is that they give more money to the Reps. But the left would get more if they would stop doing things that are illegal. Dems shoot themselves in the foot over this.

      They don’t make law. It just so happens that many of those that do are NRA members.

      • The semiliterate college students posting for course credit are always fun to see mid September. Used to think they were middle school kids with a weirdo equity teacher but at least for here (SUNY) it is very much college level.

      • I’ve been here for 12 or 13 years. Someone else took my original preferred name and got it b& back in the RF days, so I’ve been mostly lurking since then.

      • I’ve been here since about 2011/2012. I just haven’t decided on a new name since I lost my old one a few years ago.

  9. If Biden gets re-elected along with a democrat House & Senate, the US will have Australian-Style Gun Control by next summer.

    The Executive Orders will be Fast & Furious and POTG will never know what hit them.
    Packed SCOTUS will legalize everything Magoo does.


  10. Not a huge fan of Trump though most of his policys worked out for us. I suspect he has mostly learned his lesson from the bump stock/red flag screwups, but the major problem being day one as a lame duck since he can’t run for a third term. That means that his pick for the VP slot will be incredibly important because they will likely follow Trump. If he picks well we could well be rid of the NFA in a decade, but a poor pick would doom us in ways I prefer not to think about.

    • I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Glenn Youngkin (VA Gov) would be the best VP pick. It’s weird how people on the Right are begging to play the identity politics game. That works for the Left. It doesn’t work for the Right. Youngkin would be the smart pick. I’m surprised more people haven’t noticed that.

      • I am just hoping they borrow Florida’s surgeon general for our medical oversight. Man was spot on throughout the pandemic and beyond.

      • Yep, I like what I’ve seen with Youngkin. We will see who he picks within the next few weeks.

    • You make a very good point. Both guys by age alone make their vp choices very important. And as one of those tin foil hat people, I think if tptb wanted current vp as president she would be president. So the speaker of the house also matters. Good time for everyone to read up on hakeem jefferies.

  11. Trump isn’t as bad as Biden on guns.
    But he’s pretty bad.
    He’s a NYC Democrat masquerading as a Republican because, by his own words (watch the interview from the 90s), Republican voters are easier to trick.

      • Is it possible he would be capable of such a thing………yeah underestimate the man at your peril. Is it particularly likely no and with Scranton and Delaware’s village idiot as the alternative not much to lose if he is.


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