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NYC Trauma Surgeon Wonders Why Can’t Politicians Stop ‘Gun Violence’?

A trauma surgeon in New York City, where shootings and murders have skyrocketed in the last eight months, believes it is the job of politicians to stop criminals from behaving criminally. The Daily News...
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Senator Manchin Wants All of Your ‘Suspicious Transmissions’ Reported to the Federal Government

Senator Joe Manchin, whom you may recall from his star turn promoting the failed Manchin-Toomey universal background check push after Sandy Hook, is still busy in the Senate. He's the "centrist" West Virginia Democrat...
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Georgia Should Be On Every Gun Owner’s Mind

By Larry Keane All eyes are on Georgia and the runoff elections for the final two U.S. Senate seats. The results will impact the firearm industry and the ability of Americans to purchase and possess...
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The Concealed Carry Lifestyle for Beginners

By Jeff Lynch I've always been a staunch conservative and firm supporter in our nation's Constitution, a document that continues to govern our people through Democrat and Republican administrations alike. I am and always will...

Bank of America Sells Out Gun Owners…Again…Still

By Larry Keane Bank of America, it turns out, is selling out their customers who bought guns or ammunition to federal authorities as people who should be investigated for ties to the criminal acts witnessed...
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After Providing Customer Transaction Info to the FBI, I’m Finished With Bank of America

By Cato Hodiernus I’ve been a customer of Bank of America for over three decades. Over the years, I’ve had various checking, savings, trust, and investment accounts with them, as well as loans, lines of...
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Failure Trifecta: Gun-Grabber Beto O’Rourke Reportedly Eyeing Texas Governor Run

By Larry Keane In Texas, someone who’s all talk with little to show is said to be “All hat. No cattle.” Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, with his gun confiscation schemes, wears a hat to block...
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Pro Tip: Your Car is NOT a Gun Safe

A little reminder courtesy of the Columbus, Ohio Police Department . . . "We are absolutely alarmed by the number of guns that are taken from cars that are parked and unoccupied," said Sergeant James...

Calibers for Beginners: .450 Bushmaster

The winds of change are coming to deer camp. States across the country are now allowing the use of straight-walled cases in what used to be shotgun-only zones for deer. Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and...
8 Best 9mm 1911 Pistols To Try Before You Go Custom

8 Best 9mm 1911 Pistols To Try Before You Go Custom

If you want a 9mm 1911 pistol, but didn't necessarily want to go whole-hog on a custom gun, you'll want to start with a decent gun that gives you all the good parts of...
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The Truth About The Distinction Between Military and Civilian Firearms

By Mark Houser It’s a common trope of American political discourse: a politician will emphatically declare his respect for the Second Amendment. He will deny that he’s “coming for your guns.” After all, he knows that gun-grabbing...
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Holiday Season Pro Tip: Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

The first thing my mainstream media alert feed was filled with this morning was reports of shootings. CNN reported that in Henderson, Nevada it seems some suspects drove around randomly shooting at people, leaving...