Washington Gov. Jay Inslee
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
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In the same week that Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin vetoed 30 measures that would have greatly curtailed the rights of lawful Virginians, all the way across the country a much different scenario was unfolding.

On March 27, Democrat Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a handful of anti-gun measures that will only hurt lawful citizens and not affect violent criminals.

Perhaps the worst measure, HB 2118, places a number of expensive, punitive requirements on Washington firearms retailers and will likely run many of them out of business. Under the new law, any FFL that does more than $1,000 of sales per year must run annual background checks on their employees, carry $1 million liability insurance, install steel doors or bars at the business and meet onerous requirements for storage and security systems with 24-hour audio and video surveillance.”

Another newly signed law, SB 5444, expands the so-called “sensitive places” where lawful citizens can no longer open carry. The new places include public transportation areas, libraries, zoos and aquariums.

Other bills that were signed by Gov. Inslee were HB 1903, which further victimizes gun owners for theft of their own property if they don’t report the theft of a firearm within 24 hours; HB 2021, which expands the authorized and/or required destruction of firearms acquired from gun buyback programs held by state and local government entities; and SB 5985, which codifies the unconstitutional provisions of Washington’s recent ban on commonly owned firearms into the section of state code on background checks.

Of course, the governor’s signing of the bills brought mixed responses, depending on the respondent’s political motivations.

“These bills will make Washington families safer,” said Kate Stockert, a volunteer with the Washington chapter of Moms Demand Action. “Across his three terms, Gov. Jay Inslee has honored his word of protecting Washingtonians from gun violence. Under his leadership, our state has become a national leader in gun safety, and by signing these bills into law today he cements his legacy as one of the strongest governors against gun violence.”

Republican state Sen. Keith Wagoner, a member of the Senate Law and Justice Committee, had a different viewpoint.

“Once again, the Democrats pass firearm legislation that only hurts people that are already obeying the law,” Wagoner said.

Alan Gottlieb, executive vice president of the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation, has said his organization is already working with its attorneys on a potential lawsuit to challenge the new laws.

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  1. Well, what do you expect? Deep South state vs. Pacific NW state. Not that Virginia has been great, but it is getting better.

  2. I’m totally embarrassed to admit I live in Washington State. Thankfully Inslee isn’t running for Governor again and to that, I say GOOD RIDDANCE! Unfortunately that rat faced weasel of an AG Bob Ferguson IS running. I almost need a barf bag at the thought of that. Moving across the border to Idaho sounds terribly attractive at times.

    • Bob ‘Goes The Weasel’ would make Dimslee look like a piker.
      BTW, aside from a few enclaves on the West side of Puget Sound, I refer to the roughly 20 mile wide swath around Puget Sound as The Peoples Repubelick of Pugetopia. Most of the rest of the state is still pretty much sane.
      Unfortunately, with MAIL IN VOTING in place, we will NEVER be able to dislodge the SCUM that inhabits Olympia.
      For anyone not familiar with the start of Washingtons’ Slide into COMMUNISM, I suggest you research the gubernatorial election between Gregoire (D) and Rossi (R) years ago.
      Rossi WON the FIRST and SECOND ballot counts, but ‘magically’ ‘missing’ ballots were found in King County, and lo and behold, the DEMOCRAT wins on the third count, basically proving a principal that has been loosely attributed to Stalin….
      It’s not who votes for who, but who it is that COUNTS the votes..
      BTW, even in the saner areas, being armed is still a good thing:

  3. Two things:
    1. California has already enacted the same safe storage and video taping requirements in FFLs that went into effect January 1, 2024. I can safely say that all of the brick and mortar stores are still in business.
    2. The restrictions as to new “sensitive places” appears not to apply to concealed weapons permittees.

    Washington is not a leader, it is following California’s lead. At least Washington did not go whole hog by applying carry restrictions to permit holders as California has.

    • Mark N, your buddies in Comifornia are violating the US Constitution specifically the 2nd, 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. But you are OK with that?
      “Sensitive places”? What kind of nonsense is that? What makes a city or county park any less sensitive than say WalMart? What these dumb “laws” are doing is creating target rich environments for the criminal element. And you are OK with that? Comieforna IS NOT a “leader”. They are in fact making people victims.
      God save us from Neanderthals and Leftist hoplophobes.

  4. I love Washington, but despise the politicians that have no regard for the state or federal Constitutions. Hopefully, we can vote them out, but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. Definitely zoo’s.
    A zoo just can’t have any ole dad and son shuting the brown bears. Brown bears don’t grow on trees yah know.

  6. So those who are law abiding must jump through more hoops to exercise their Constitutional rights, but those who choose to disregard the law can do as they please. So tell me again who benefits from or is helped by these laws.

  7. Warriors:
    Flag before life love compassion self or remorse.
    We, my brethren, have pledged allegiance to our Flag and What It Stands For. My ‘Generals'(the politica’s)it seems do not hold the same values that my allegiance to ‘our’ Flag and the Country that it Stand For does.
    What are We to do?
    I take orders.
    I take orders to benefit the Flag.
    None in power seem to care about The Flag( a simble of The United States of America.).
    And my Generals only seem to give orders of surrender. ?.

    25th , funny lookin tea leaf.
    Support, Defend, Suppress.
    Tooth brushes, toothpaste, and candybars.
    What’s an XRay9?

    • I suppose that should have been . Support (candybars) Defend (toothbrushes) Toothpaste (suppress).
      ….. I’d really like to have a kick ass president and a congress behind him.
      This infighting is really playing right into a bad bad.

      • No reply on that, figures.
        However somewhere?? Might have been Tulsa?, or Independence Ks.— a Dad and son snuck into the Zoo after closing time and shot the Brown Bear the Zoo had.
        That sucked cause I used to throw pennies at it, I couldn’t believe that bear could see them pennies in the water it was sitting in. Itd play with them pennies, flip flop. till the pennies was just what they started out to be, dead , and the bear
        got bored cause it was locked up and couldn’t play with salmon. Really kinda sad. Humans are some bad fukcd up sons a britches.

  8. I closed my FFL and moved to Arizona from Washington last year.

    The state requires a $125 fee for a state FFL. Each year I had to drive downtown to the sheriff’s office to submit my application (no, it is not a renewal) and give another set of finger prints. The danger from the homeless and addicts was just too much to park 6 blocks away and walk. Other counties are not a problem but King County does not let any other branch take fingerprints like they do for concealed holders.

    Yes, you can wear a sidearm and put it in a lockbox at the courthouse while doing business but surviving a justified shooting in King County would be like New York.

    The new requirements would be costly. The assault weapon bans are ridiculous.

    Washington is a lost state like California, Oregon, and Colorado that signed onto a cooperative agreement to do the same things during the Covid fiasco.

    • I used to joke about moving to Idaho, after living in Washington on both sides of the Cascades for a total of over 67 years.

      Now, we are having a serious discussion about it, especially after Dimlsee signing the “Rat People Out Hotline for Hate Crimes..”

      (I’ve heard some people refer to it as the Soviet of Washington, and that’s not far off of the mark..)

  9. ah Bob I’m Here For gun. Ferguson.
    King county controls Washington state thru mail in ballots. King County keeps counting ballots until the needed results are in.
    until in person voting is restored there is no hope in Washington state.

    • You mean no hope for the country. Asking for ID is racist.

      Remember that time a popular (the most votes in history for a sitting president) presidential candidate was in the lead on election day (and night)? Then they sent everyone home, sometimes lying to do so. Oddly enough, they kept counting in the middle of the night after they sent everyone home. The next morning, the guy that was losing on election day was suddenly winning, in complete defiance of known bellwether states and districts that have predicted winners for longer than I’ve been alive. How often does something like that happen? How often would it be possible to keep on happening?

  10. It’s easy to fool non gun people that can’t differentiate between lawful gun owners and “man with a gun”. Passing laws to reduce total availability of guns makes sense when you don’t know the difference. Fewer guns means fewer crimes to those who can’t think for themselves.


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