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President Joe Biden and his re-election campaign team oddly continue to make his “successes” on “gun violence” a top messaging priority as the 2024 campaign begins to ramp up. At speeches, the president bellows “We’re not done yet!” and vows to “continue the job” of implementing more gun control restrictions that only penalize law-abiding Americans and are ignored by criminals.

He launched a new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, staffed by former gun control activists, and his administration continues to bludgeon and suffocate lawful firearm retailers under “zero tolerance.” President Biden did, after all, call the firearm industry “the enemy” when he launched his campaign for the presidency in 2019. Since then, he’s done nearly everything he can possibly think of, including numerous executive orders, to carry out his mission to destroy the Second Amendment and the industry that provides the means to exercise that Constitutional right.

A big problem for President Biden, according to new polling and as reported in TTAG earlier this week, is that not very many people approve of his efforts. In fact, Americans of all stripes disapprove of what the president has done and in an election that will come down to very small margins in a handful of swing states, it’s clear the #GUNVOTE will matter in 2024.

Low Water Mark

The new polling, released by Youguv and The Economist, made one thing abundantly clear: voters on all sides are overwhelming in their disapproval of President Biden on how he has handled firearm issues during his presidency. That’s why the president’s continued focus on pushing more gun control is a headscratcher for someone clinging on for his political life.

According to the poll, just 29 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s performance on guns, marking a seven-point decline from the last time the poll was conducted in February. The 54 percent disapproval mark is up four points from the same previous poll.

“The latest results, taken from a poll conducted between March 24th and the 26th, put Biden at his lowest approval rating on guns since last summer,” analysis from The Reload revealed. “Biden’s poor marks on gun policy come as he continues to pursue an agenda of restricting access to firearms.”

The crosstabs of the in-depth polling spell more troubles for President Biden, demonstrating further that his “whole-of-government” approach of attacking the firearm industry has been an abysmal failure and should be abandoned. Voter disapproval of the president’s efforts on gun restrictions is common across gender, race, age and income. Unsurprisingly, only five percent of self-described Republicans and 24 percent of independents approve of President Biden’s job on guns. But only 25 percent of Democrats disapprove of his handling of guns as well.

All of this voter dissatisfaction of President Biden’s handling of guns and crime is coming at a time when the firearm industry is seeing historic levels of gun purchases, from all demographics. This mirrors the polling, too, as the vast majority of Americans said they viewed guns as a vital issue. More than 80 percent of respondents said the issue was important to them. As more Americans saw their local officials implement defund the police policies and bail reform soft-on-crime laws that jeopardized their safety, they turned to the Second Amendment and chose to purchase firearms. Over the past several years, nearly 30 percent of all gun buyers have been first-time purchasers, according to NSSF industry data.

Allies Getting Angrier

President Biden likes to blame Congress when officeholders block his gun control activist agenda. But that’s the way the system was designed to work and elected officials are standing up for their bosses – the voters. This has meant the president has been forced to do more on his own, through executive orders and policy directives, to try and assuage his gun control activist supporters.

Even his “Fine-I’ll-go-it-my-own-way” attitude isn’t placating the president’s gun control doubters. Within the historically low approval ratings is baked-in dissatisfaction from gun control allies who don’t believe President Biden has done enough.

National gun control groups have repeatedly made their displeasure with the administration known. “He hasn’t really been a leader,” has been the sentiment from March for Our Lives. Giffords gun control has said, “We would like to see more from the Biden administration.” Gun control activist Fred Guttenberg previously put the administration on notice regarding their powers of executive action, saying “They’ve done probably, through executive action, not everything they can do…” Even Manuel Oliver, whose son was tragically killed in the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting and supports gun control efforts, protested at The White House during a ceremony when the president was announcing more executive actions on gun control. Oliver was angry the president hadn’t done more.

“You have to do more!” shouted Oliver at the president.

Voters Watching

As the campaign slogs on heading into the summer, voters continue to watch what’s happening around them. In numerous major cities across the country, crime is still high and Americans from all backgrounds and across all demographics continue to jump off the fence to take ownership of their Second Amendment rights.

The blistering firearm sales pace has kept up with the demand, reaching 56 months in a row of more than 1 million FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verifications processed at the retail counter. That includes large percentages of African American buyers – specifically African American women – and Hispanic American gun buyers as well. Asian Americans are flocking to the gun counter. Liberal gun owner groups have become popular as they hold group meetings at neighborhood gun ranges. Jewish Americans have purchased firearms in large numbers as antisemitic threats and attacks have picked up, especially in the months since the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack into Israel.

Large numbers of these constituencies have usually, predictably, voted Democratic. But they’ve also recognized what being a responsible and educated firearm owner can do for the safety and security of one’s family and business. Through this process, they’ve experienced firsthand how gun control laws impact their ability to purchase and possess firearms legally and how criminals continue – and will continue – to ignore those laws.

All these aspects have converged to give President Biden the historically low approval ratings on his handling of firearms, gun control and crime. As the numbers of new gun owners continue to grow still ahead of election day, the #GUNVOTE could be the difference in who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., come next January.

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  1. Jimmy Carter can relax. He’s no longer the worst president in American history.

    biden took that title and is proud of it.

      • Yep, thank Wilson for the income tax. He was mentally unfit in his last months in office. Thank FDR for the ATF and the NFA and much of the vast swath of federal expansion we still endure. Also mentally unfit in his last months in office. Biden hasn’t been mentally fit for office any time in the last twenty years. Starting to see a trend here?

        • the wilson chapters in “dead wake” detail his depressions and willingness to lean on his wife and, after her passing, his next for advice. wilson was a pussy.

      • Wilson reinstated segregation in the federal government & orchestrated WW1. Oh and spread Spanish Flu worldwide. That was a biggie🙄

        • I always wondered what level of bribes Wilson got for getting us into WW1. Our effort was wasted as Germany now riles Europe, for the most parts.

        • Germany has been successfully nutured (by self as much as by the french/eurowussies). The only thing they had going for them post WWII was industrial production (which for years funded the idiots at EU). This is now all bad and they are passing the french for stupid enviromarxists, Sad to the level of oncegreatbritain.

    • *Recent history, though technically Obama ended up doing much more lasting damage that we’re still dealing with. Outside of the healthcare promise, Obama practically ran as a slightly left leaning modern Republican (lowering deficit, marriage between a man and a woman, no more stupid wars, controlling the border, etc.). He didn’t fully show his hand until his second term. Even then, he held back. Now that Joe is taking the fall, Obama is running the Administration the way he always wanted to.

    • i’ll take oblammo for one hundred, alex. fdr had alot more years to screw things up more than any other, but the great unifier (vomits in mouth) is on his third term.

    • Nah, Carter got us into Afghanistan; that giant clusterflock is on him as is the treaty that prevents recycling our nuclear waste in breeder reactors for actual clean energy that can meet our peak needs.

      Biden is just a joke, like Trump but with an intern running the X account and not being mean.

    • Yeah, American workers finding employment is just so bad, makes it that much harder to get them to work at dangerous, low paying jobs.

      “Unemployment Falls to 3.4%, Lowest in 53 Years, Jobs Report Shows
      U.S. added 517,000 jobs in January, snapping five-month string of slowing employment growth
      David Harrison
      Updated Feb. 3, 2023 4:43 pm ET“

  2. “He launched a new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, staffed by former gun control activists”

    nope, let me correct that for you Larry, since none of these are actually “former” gun control activists it should read…

    “He launched a new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, staffed by gun control activists”

    …. that, the tax payer is paying for, and these people are given defacto ‘elected official and title status’ creating policy and activity that is Marxist Soci- alist communism in intent.

    In short, essentially Biden created a ‘Ministry of Rights Prevention’. Its not just the 2A they are going after, people need to understand that… its also the 1st, 4th, 5th and eventually the rest. Going after the 2A is so they can establish a precedent that government can determine what a right is, or if it even exists, or control who can or can not exercise a right – ’cause they say so. Without the 2A right and gun ownership ’cause they say so’, the people become defenseless in a meaningful way, so then ‘government’ is free to simply do as they please without fear of meaningful resistance from the people.

    This is not a new trick people. History is full of examples of this, the ‘government’ creating a ‘weaponized against the people government’ and it always starts with specific things ‘bad’ and they build on that to eventually make a people defenseless to subjugate them. Its the basic Marxist Soci- alist plan to eventually install communism. Its all through history…the Romans did it, Feudal Europe did it (and it still exists there today in its modern day form with lots of window dressing), Hitler did it, Mao did it, …. lots of others that did it, and now Biden is doing it and dressing it up with a fancy title to call it “White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention”

    • Rights in America must be purchased.
      I could have a machinegunm if I had the money to buy that ‘Right’ from the giverment.

  3. Its not a good thing that so many folks want him to “do more”. Thats what a got out of the first part of the article. Those folks sure aint gonna swing over to the “do less” side all the sudden.

  4. Voters are ignorant by design. Leading up to the 2020 election, Trump was dead even with Biden on border/immigration polling (not in 2024). 20% of voters said they wouldn’t have voted for Biden if they had known the laptop story was true instead of “Russian disinformation.” Assuming no election fraud, the truth about the laptop story being reported would have gotten Trump elected. Why would anyone still trust the media after all of their exposed lies?

    “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.” -Jonathan Gruber, ObamaCare architect

  5. and the eo’s stick until a new admin gets in.
    i talk with libtards often that agree current policies are horrible, but even still lil’ donnie is a bridge too far. the ones who think the present admin is doing positive things are the real demented sickos. so many are duped by propoganda. even willie mctell would see through this nonsense.
    no compromise on 2a, but ‘publicrats should soften on ‘bortiion. i know… but it’s policide. when you talk to women, and lots of young ladies intend nowadays to never spawn, and they scream about this passionately, well, you don’t have to soften your views but it will be necessary to relinquish some to win.
    great men and good men, never both. trunk is a good man and a great president.
    france and mexico banned mail in ballots.
    let’s hope nebraska gets cloture on their all in electorate. big help.

  6. Most votes of any candidate in history!
    Single handedly saved democracy!

    Personally the more time I spend among my fellow man the less enthused I am with democracy. Mob rule by morons is not good policy. Even this republic is too democratic for my taste.

    • More black votes than the first black president, despite lifelong racist comments! If you don’t vote for the Puppet, then you ain’t black! Everyone loves Uncle Joe, the Uniter!

      • Dude,

        Heck, his daughter “loves him long time!!”.

        Only a complete, total, booger-eating moron can NOT acknowledge that Senile Joe is, and ALWAYS has been, a booger-eating moron. He was stupid 40 years ago – now he’s stupid AND senile. But, he’s still a serial child-predator, so give him that. He can still lech on young girls, even years past the point where he could even git it up in the first place.

    • Only veterans should be allowed to vote. The Franchise is just too precious to be entrusted to those who have not volunteered to put their own body between their Nation and its enemies.

        • Southern,

          Yep, but . . . be careful. RAH was ALL OVER the lot during his life about his political/social philosophy. Later in his life, he was MOSTLY conservative/libertarian, but he has written shite that is objectively flat-out socialist idiocy.

          But, yes, Starship Troopers made his voting criteria clear. Michael Z. Williamson went further (Freehold, Weapon, etc.) and based citizenship on prior service. Not sure I would carry it that far, but there IS some objective wisdom in putting control in the hands of those who are willing to sacrifice for their beliefs.

  7. Doesn’t matter what president , the poor get poor’er and the rich get richer.
    They play issues to get the voters believing the next President will make a change.
    How many years have they been playing this game? 250 or so.

    Vote louder.

  8. No one in the 2A community likes Redflag and Safe-Storage Laws much either -yet here is Larry Keene from the NSSF who has supported them as well as all the backstabbing RINOs who passed the Bi-partisan Safer Communities Act with A grades on the NSSF legislative report cards.

    snakes gonna snake

  9. Biden, the worst president in modern history.
    Just hoping we get to election day to vote him out.

    • Epstein,

      Just keep in mind that, EVEN NOW, somewhere near 40% of people seem to believe Senile Joe and his puppeteers are just fine. Combine that with the Dimocrat Party fraud machine, and Senile Joe MIGHT get re-elected (it would be interesting to see how they covered for that senile idiot for four more years . . . if I could view it from a distance).

      Joe’s a moron, and senile, but . . . people DO vote for his idiocy. So who’s the fool, the senile idiot, or the idiots who vote for him???

      • Bread amd Circus.

        The common man is much too common. Giving everyone the vote was a huge mistake. The Founders should have limited the Franchise to those who have shown that they have put their nation before their own personal needs. Only veterans should be given the Franchise to vote.

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