EDITORIAL: It’s Time to De-Fund the NRA

The National Rifle Association — America’s oldest civil rights organization — is in an existential crisis today brought on by mismanagement, cronyism, and self-dealing by its leadership. Every week brings forth a new allegation, a new bit of evidence that the the NRA’s leaders are more interested in lining their own pockets and enjoying the […]

Gun Review: Kiote Rifles LRP in 6mm SLR

Last year, John Stewart of Kiote Rifles made my dream come true by building my “last rifle”. That Ruger No 1 in .375 H&H Magnum really is the last rifle I’ll ever need. Oh…but want is a different thing entirely. This year I found myself shooting varmints a little farther out, and decided to get […]

California Ammunition Background Check System Failures – Bugs or Features?

Who could have possibly seen this coming? The same ultra-competent bureaucrats who brought Golden State gun owners an online system that couldn’t adequately handle mandated “assault weapon” registration last year were tasked with putting together a new system for performing background checks on ammunition sales. And…surprise! The ammo background check process so far is impossibly […]

How to Get Started Hunting the Right Way

I used to shake a great deal when I saw deer wandering towards me across a vast fields of beans. Every inch they moved made my heart beat harder and it reminded me that I had to be patient. Back in those days I hunted with a .45 bore Kentucky rifle my great uncle had […]

CRPA and NRA Win Injunction Against Del Mar, CA Fair Board Gun Show Ban

By NRA-ILA On Monday, June 17, the California Rifle and Pistol Association attorneys with the support of NRA and others, secured a major victory in the fight against Del Mar’s attempt from banning gun shows. Following oral arguments, federal district court judge Cathy Bencivengo issued an order granting Plaintiffs’ request for a preliminary injunction, thereby […]