The Science is Settled: Research Shows Gun Control Laws Do Not Reduce Violent Crime or Suicides

By Robert B. Young, MD Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership sees lots of “studies” marketed as gun control justification that we don’t have time to report on in detail, though they all should be. Thankfully, they often are reviewed by other Second Amendment advocates. We thought we’d catch up on a few. “California’s comprehensive background check […]

5.11 Launches 5.11 ABR (Always Be Ready) Academy at Company-Owned Stores

5.11 Tactical is expanding beyond selling clothing and gear. They’ve just announced that they’ll be offering free training classes they’re calling ABR (Always Be Ready) Academy in their company-owned stores around the country. The classes will cover five general topics; trauma care, self-defense, everyday/concealed carry, fitness and outdoor adventure. Here’s their press release . . . […]

After Nationwide Power Cuts and Looting, Venezuelans Regret Giving Up Their Guns Even More

Before Hugo Chavez took a dirt nap, he enacted the Control of Arms, Munitions and Disarmament Law.  It banned everyday Venezuelans from owning guns or ammunition, and confiscated those that were privately owned. More recently, as the inevitable effects of Bolivarian socialism have wrecked their once-prosperous country, Venezuelans have wished they had those firearms back […]