Norma’s New 9mm MHP Personal Defense Ammunition

Norma’s long been known for their excellent hunting rounds. Now they want to be known for personal defense ammunition, too. They’ve just announced a new 108 grain 9mm MHP round featuring an all-copper bullet they say is “likely the most expanding 9mm bullet in the world.” Here’s their press release: Norma Introduces Personal Defense Handgun […]

OpSec: Your Social Media Posts Can Be Used Against You

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes: While Truth About Guns isn’t a social media site, with its busy comment section and active readers, it almost functions as one. So it’s worth mentioning that readers should be aware (not necessarily “beware”) of the possible consequences. According to a post at US Law Shield, prosecutors […]

Trump’s Extra-Legislative Order to Ban Bump Fire Stocks is Illegal

By Roger J. Katz Although President Trump could and should have left the matter of bump fire stocks to Congress, Trump’s unilateral action, banning civilian ownership and possession of bump stocks is unlawful. That isn’t an open question. The answer to that question, under constitutional law, is clear and categorical. Trump cannot lawfully do so. But, he took that action anyway. The […]

Meet Dragon Man, the ‘Most-Armed Man’ in America

[ED: As this profile from 2017 reveals, “Dragon Man” has quite a collection. Do you know anyone with a collection to rival his?] Meet the “Most Armed Man” in America.  He goes by “Dragon Man” from Dragon Man’s Range outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. His brother taped a 20-minute video of the grandfatherly gent walking […]