New From FN: FDE & Black Series

Our man Foghorn couldn’t make it to SHOT Show this year. I honored TTAG’s first T&E guy by getting the scoop on his favorite thing: slightly modified guns released as exciting new products. At SHOT 2018 FN brought the noise with their “FDE & Black Series” . . . Yup: lots of firearm models each […]

New From Armaspec: AR Sound Mitigation Buffer

I’m a huge fan of JP Rifles’ Silent Captured Spring. Its smooth and quiet operation makes the AR-15, well, smoother and quieter. Less toy-like. But it’s expensive at about $139. Armaspec appears to have developed a solution to quiet operation and high cost with their Sound Mitigation Buffer (SMB). It costs a cool . . […]

Forward Defense Munitions L5 Caseless Ammo 5-Bore Rifle

SHOT Show’s NEXT area is an exhibit hall for start-ups and small companies. It’s always full of interesting products and fresh ideas, and Forward Defense Munitions certainly had something unique to show off . . . The L5 uses charge block ammunition that’s fed left-to-right through an action very light on moving parts. Instead of […]

Cutaway Guns: Obscure Object of Desire? [VIDEO]

I kinda liked the plastic take-apart organs in my biology class. But I wouldn’t want to display one in my kitchen. Or anywhere else in the house, really. As for cutaway guns, meh. Especially gigantic examples that make me feel like I’m four years old (size-wise). As for the smaller cutaway guns . . . […]

New from Nosler: M48 Long Range Carbon rifle

Yesterday we gave you the heads-up on Weatherby’s new Mark V CarbonMark Rifle. In case you forgot, that bad boy sports a 26” #4 contour carbon-fiber barrel with a cut-rifled, hand-lapped 416R grade stainless steel core. Made by Proof Research. As is the 26″ barrel of the new Nosler Model 48 Long Range Carbon rifle. Why? Because carbon fiber barrels […]

New from Weatherby: Mark V CarbonMark Rifle

Press release [via] Weatherby has created an entirely new breakthrough in rifle performance by combining their venerable, 9-lug magnum action with a stunningly-precise, carbon-fiber barrel. To make the Mark V CarbonMark a reality, the legendary American rifle maker chose the leader in carbon-fiber technology, Proof Research, to custom build their exclusive barrels chambered in .257 […]

New from Brownells: Retro AR10

The only thing cooler than a retro AR15 build is a retro AR10 build. Or so Brownell’s hopes . . . Brownell’s newest old rifle is their first complete rifle for sale: a faithful recreation of Eugene Stoner’s iconic AR10. Faithful as in period correct in every detail. The new old rifle comes with the […]

New from DSArms: SA58 FAL Pistol

After three days scouting SHOT for AR/tactical rifles, they all started to look the same. So when I passed by the DSArms booth my eyes immediately fixated on the wall . . . o’ . . . guns . . . DSA Arms recently released their SA58 FAL Pistol with a folding SB Tactical brace. […]

New from Ki`ote Rifle: LRP and Overwatch Models

TTAG is proud to have published head gunsmith John Stewart’s series on what to expect from a custom bolt action rifle. For 2018, the King of Ki`ote Rifle has released two standard models to start customers on their journey to the ultimate precision rifle . . . Ron Grobman and I both got to spend some […]