Dickey: The World of the AR-15 is a Frightening Place Where All That Matters is the Gun

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AR-15 America's gun USA map
Courtesy Texas Metal Makers

A lucid, straightforward, and well-researched and -reported work, American Gun promises, via its back cover, “fairness and compassion.” By the book’s end, I found myself wondering why fairness is a worthy goal here. I don’t know what fairness we owe these manufacturers or the individuals who buy their products. There is no argument here—compassionate or otherwise—that can explain why an everyday person needs a weapon designed solely to kill as many people as possible in seconds. And that’s because no defensible argument exists.

And it’s not just mass shootings. Guns are implicated regularly in suicide, domestic abuse, and accidents. All of it needless. There are those who loudly maintain that their rights as responsible gun owners are infringed by any kind of regulation, and such individuals will always be the most culpable enablers of this violence. Behind them only slightly are the manufacturers themselves, who rely on paranoia and insecurity to drive sales and reap profits.

Meanwhile, on the message board website ar15.com, posters are debating Jason Aldean’s new belligerent single, “Try That in a Small Town.” The song and its music video threaten vigilante violence through jingoistic lyrics and dog whistle politics. “Not a big fan of the song but like the message. Leftists aren’t people anymore,” one writes approvingly. But for others, Aldean will never be truly on their side because of his comments after the Las Vegas massacre: “Isn’t this the same douche canoe who said guns ‘were too easy to get’ a few years back? fuck him.” In the world of the AR-15, not only are political enemies actively dehumanized and worthy of slaughter, but even surviving a mass shooting yourself is no grounds for sympathy or understanding. All that matters is guns—getting them, keeping them, and inevitably wielding them.

— Colin Dickey in The Curse of the Ar-15

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  1. “The song and its music video threaten vigilante violence through jingoistic lyrics and dog whistle politics. “Not a big fan of the song but like the message. Leftists aren’t people anymore,”

    Message sent:

    “Released on YouTube on Friday, the video for the song, “Try That in a Small Town,” features Aldean and his band performing in front of the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, the same site where a Black teenager was lynched in 1927.

    Henry Choate, 18, was accused of assaulting a white 16-year-old girl. He was jailed, but a mob of hundreds of white people kidnapped him from his cell. He was tied to the back of a car and dragged across town, and eventually hanged in front of the Maury County Courthouse.”

    • “Leftists aren’t people anymore”

      The ones who cheer Hamas beheading little Israeli babies?

      The ones who want to chemically and physically castrate juveniles to conform to their warped sexual views?

      The ones who think that red-state flyovers are a bunch of stupid rubes whose lives aren’t worth spit?

      “Leftists aren’t people anymore”

      He ain’t wrong.

      • Leftists=Democrat Party=Warped people=nutcases=responsible for more murders than any other group.

      • The ones who are losing their minds because they might have to travel one state over to murder their baby? The ones who are trying to make taxpayers pay for those murders? The ones who support Planned Parenthood who targets black mothers for abortion? The same organization who is “transitioning” to become the number one provider of “tranz” meds? Those people?

        • Dud Brain, our head Nazi Racist of the forum. The Nazi who supported Trump’s attempted 1923 style Beer Hall Putsch and a supporter of the original Nazi ban on abortions in Hitler’s Germany which is now the law of the land in most of the JackBooted Red States, a clear violation of the Constitution.

          Dud Brain who never misses a chance to promote hatred of all ethnic and religious minorities in the U.S. by his out of control racist posts.

          Dud Brain the Far Right Fantanatic that rails against higher taxes and then causes the Government to spend needless millions on the support of unwanted children born to mothers who then become destitute wards of the State.

          Dud Brain who screams from the rooftops about 2A rights and then does Herr Drumpfs bidding by trying to destroy the 1st Amendment which is the arch enemy of Nazism, Trumpism and Nixonism. Both Jackbooted Presidents called the Free News Media as “The Enemy”.

          Dud Brain who screams of personal freedom and Constitutional Rights and then promotes making sex slaves of Women and interfering in the private affairs of a Married couple by forcing them to have an unwanted child.

          Dud Brain who promotes the formation of a Christian Caliphate and the outlawing of all other religions and the forcing of all children of all religions or lack of religion to pray to his own flavor of the Sky God complete with Christian prayer, ritual, incantations, painting the body red and then dancing naked by the light of the Moon.

          And Dud Brain you propagandistic charlatan 90% of Planned Parenthood’s business has always been easy and low cost access to birth control which is also against Dud Brains warped Medieval beliefs.

          Dud Brain who promoted lies about Vaccines being dangerous to use and totally ineffective, especially the Covid Vacincines.

          As the FBI has stated many times the greatest danger to the American People’s Constitutional Rights are the Far Right Jackbooted Fanatics still trying to carry on the warped racist ideology of Hitler including relaxing or elimination of sane gun control laws, eliminating workers right to form a Union, and the elimination of all social programs including Social Security and Medicare to save a penny in taxes and then letting old people die like dogs in the street.

        • Fun fact, abortions have increased since Roe was overturned… And they wonder why the birth rate is not high enough to sustain population growth…

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, You are still using your Nazi nonsense ? I guess you forgot how fascism and Nazism are products of your socialist doctrine?

        • Looks like dacidiot dropped a full Bidet diaper load again, totally missing the toilet and splattering it all over the floor..

          Hey, dacidiot, who was Margaret Sanger, and what were her MAIN reasons for promoting abortions among which groups of people?

          I’ll wait..

      • “Leftists aren’t people anymore”

        And “Leftists” say the same thing AND worse about the Right, “kill ALL Republicans”, “Put em in reeducation camps”, “despicable”, “deplorable”, “Fascists”, “Nazis”, “MAGA Extremists” (fucks wrong with wanting your country to be great?)… Colin Dickey GFY with your crybaby sissy-ass “but THEY said I’m not human” waaah..waaahhh…waahh…

        OBTW: “Isn’t this the same douche canoe”? that’s a pretty interesting choice of words from an ass muncher who just had Its feelings hurt over being called non-human, way to be credible girly-man…

        • “(fucks wrong with wanting your country to be great?)”

          From their POV, it isn’t ‘fair’ that America is so wealthy while the third world is starving. How can you be such a heartless bastard that wants little kids to die of starvation?

          And be murdered by roving gangs of AR-15s that grow legs at night while their hick owners sleep. Those sneaky ARs!

          Those are the kind of mind-fucks they actually play on their mindless ‘droids.

          The real evil is they make it sound what they want is so *reasonable*, when in reality it’s fascism… 🙁

        • And be murdered by roving gangs of AR-15s that grow legs at night while their hick owners sleep

          Those sneaky bastards, I keep all of my ARs under lock and key at night (separated from those kommie, instigating AKs of course) except for an SBR that sleeps next to the bed beside the 12 gauge pump which is well trained and very loyal and would rouse me immediately if that little shit tried to sneak out…

      • He should check out the vitriolic commentariat at DailyKos and other progressive propaganda outlets. After 30 minutes reading those hate-filled comments, he’d probably drop a few bucks for a decent self-defense AR himself.

    • Nice copypasta.
      I can copypasta too.

      TN legislative makeup 1927

      Governor (D)
      State Senate 28D, 5R
      State House 80D, 19R
      US Senators All D
      US House 8D, 2R
      Electoral Votes went to Davis/Bryan D

      Proud Democrats lynching that fella. Proud Democrats.

      • Minor Irritant, I love how you lefties absolutely lose your shit over a song that’s been on air since May and completely ignore the hundreds of gangsta rap songs and “music” videos released in the interim… hypocrite much ??

        • I thought I was too but America electing my protoge, the great segregationist Joe Biden, to the office of the Presidency has brought me back to life.

          Safe spaces for all. Every minority, degenerate and ‘other’ will have their own special schools, neighborhoods, banks, doctors, etc… and they’ll demand it be so.

          I have a dream and it’s closer to reality than ever before.

    • Many whites were lynched for fighting racism

      “So there it is, the inconvenient truth. The truth that more than 1,000 whites were lynched and many of them were lynched because they were Republican, because they supported their fellow black citizens and because they opposed the lawless act of lynching.” — Montgomery Advertiser, 09/2017

    • You left out this part, miner.

      “In the past 24 hours I have been accused of releasing a pro-lynching song (a song that has been out since May) and was subject to the comparison that I (direct quote) was not too pleased with the nationwide BLM protests. These references are not only meritless, but dangerous. There is not a single lyric in the song that references race or points to it- and there isn’t a single video clip that isn’t real news footage -and while I can try and respect others to have their own interpretation of a song with music- this one goes too far.

      As so many pointed out, I was present at Route 91-where so many lost their lives- and our community recently suffered another heartbreaking tragedy. NO ONE, including me, wants to continue to see senseless headlines or families ripped apart.

      Try That In A Small Town, for me, refers to the feeling of a community that I had growing up, where we took care of our neighbors, regardless of differences of background or belief. Because they were our neighbors, and that was above any differences. My political views have never been something I’ve hidden from, and I know that a lot of us in this Country don’t agree on how we get back to a sense of normalcy where we go at least a day without a headline that keeps us up at night. But the desire for it to- that’s what this song is about.”

      So, again, your efforts have come up empty. Good thing I brought an apple.

      • hawkeye,
        Just like the neighborhood in Snohomish, Washington, where the residents prevented Antifa types from doing who knows what to the house of the female BLACK former Seattle Chief of Police that quit because she got sick and tired of the Mayor and Seattle City Council gutting her department with the ‘defund’ garbage..

        They armed up and BLOCKED the ‘protestors’ from accessing her property, and basically ran them out of the neighborhood after the Antifa types tried to pack in duffel bags full of who knows what, and when challenged, REFUSED to open them.

        • Truth doesn’t fit their narrative, eh?

          I recall when the antifa circus came to our rural city of 15k residents. They came in white rental vans from out of state, and set up a big production on the courthouse square. They worked themselves up into a lather, kinda like the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18), and were pretty much ignored or laughed at. There was one guy who honked and stuck his raised fist out his window as he drove by, but he’s a known doper with a long rap sheet, and folks didn’t change their minds based on his opinion. There would have been trouble for them if they had attempted anything nefarious.

        • “I recall when the antifa circus came to our rural city of 15k residents.”

          Pretty much the same here in Polk county, Florida, home of sheriff Grady “Because they ran out of bullets” Judd who tells Antifa – BLM rioters what kind of welcome they can expect down here :

          *snicker* 😉

        • This is the TL;DR version of Grady “Because they ran out of bullets” Judd :

          “The people of Polk County like guns. They have guns. I encourage them to own guns. And they are going to be in their homes tonight with their guns loaded, and if you try to break into their homes to steal, to set fires, I’m highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns.”

      • where we go at least a day without a headline that keeps us up at night.

        Hmmmm, what headline keeps folks up at night? I sleep fine, gotta be ready when THEY decide it’s time for Civil War part deux…

    • Message sent, for example, from the violent left wing and/or liberal > US: Trans-Identified Male Musician Calls For Murder Of Women Critical Of Gender Ideology At San Francisco Performance > https://genevievegluck.substack.com/p/us-trans-identified-male-musician

      Its been here all this time, just not reported on as much and kept quiet by a left wing complicit media and political structure , collectively overall in 2022 ~76% of murders, ~85% of rapes, ~97% of domestic-violence, ~73% or violent robberies, ~97% of assaults, ~72% of child abuses including sexual were committed by people who are left wing or left wing leaning politically or liberals or embrace left wing or liberal ideology either selectively or in part.

      and now you know what “Try That in a Small Town” is really pointing at. Its pointing at that collective violent left wing and/or liberal mental illness and ‘woke’, that became so evident with the supposedly ‘mostly peaceful’ BLM protests and its scam for money to support the lavish lifestyles of the BLM leadership. That same thing you advocate for and support Miner49er, that same left wing wing hate and violence and bigotry, and what you were rooting for in your support of hamas terrorist while posting under other names like ‘American Taxpayer’ among others.

    • Miner I am not convinced you are human with what I have seen AI pull off in comments sections so you are already starting weak.

    • MINOR49er. SO FRICKING WHAT? I could give a rat’s behind about your racist rants. Are you trying to tell us that before a music artist does a video he has to research the location to make sure no one did a bad deed there?
      Ditch the politically correct nonsense, will ya ?

    • minor49iq…When it comes to race based atrocities in America…A Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party or joining hamas.

      You and little colin dickey must get your jollies seeing unarmed, helpless Gun Controlled defenseless people being slaughtered by criminals, terrorists, etc.

      Bottom line…you two pathetic finger pointing bozos have no podium whatsoever…History Confirms It.

    • Dickey and Miner49er, and the left wing….their hypocrisy is astounding. They point to a song in front of a court house but they dare not draw attention to the thousands of violent crimes committed by people they facilitated and emboldened and even today come out and say its OK to do – since Biden took office.

      For example, two years ago … Pro-Palestinian mob attacking Jewish diners in LA.

        • Under FL law that asshole is (1) committing a B&E/home invasion or (2) attempting a carjacking and (3) is assaulting me, that would win him the dumbass of the day award which would be presented at high velocity from the muzzle of my 10mm which would probably also result in my not being able to hear for the rest of the day which would really piss me off..

      • …. and these are just a few out of thousands of examples that have occurred since Biden took office then suddenly the left wing Blue left wing’ers basically saying its OK for a mob to raid a store and loot it, its ok if they create laws to let violent offenders go scott free to roam among their prey and commit further violent crime, its OK if 1.2 million ‘got aways’ cross the border illegally and among them there are known terrorists and violent criminals and human traffickers, and the list goes on and on for all the things their agendas have bought, facilitated, emboldened, and even at times endorsed, for our country in violence and injury and death and threat.

        But yeah, in your left wing hypocrisy Miner49er you go ahead and complain about a song in front of a public building for which the history you claim had no connection to the song at all while you post under other names posting comments praising hamas for slaughtering 1,400 or more innocent people (men, women, children, infants) and using the people in gaza as human shields and killing them when they try to flee.

        And then the anti-gun industry complains about law abiding people having guns – your are the reason Miner49er, you and dacian, and all of your left wing and liberal idiots like you.

    • Leftists? Those guys sold out to a bunch of billionaires. Leftists don’t exist anymore in America. They are all fascists now.

    • to miner49er
      It’s people of your liberal/leftist racist views that disarmed black people. So they could more easily killed by white s0ci@list pr0gressive mobs.

  2. No comments at the original article page, so I’ll post this here.

    “All that matters is guns—getting them, keeping them, and inevitably wielding them.”

    It’s not all that matters, but it is an integral part of the formula. I’ve built, and given away, and own, several ARs, and I sleep pretty well at night.

    • Ah a liberty enjoyer I see. For me it was the kill as many people in as short amount of time as possible that made me laugh as I think the machete still holds that record.

        • Don’t forget the thousands and thousands of nuclear warheads designed to be pointed at metropolitan areas full of non-combatants and reduce them to ash and flash-burned shadows against what few walls might remain after the blast.

          Oh gosh, I wonder who has the most of those here! Could it be….naaaaaaw, our government would never ever possess weapons of mass destruction designed only to kill the most people possible in the shortest amount of time…right?

      • I grew up handling a “machete” although we called it a “corn knife.” It’s probably more than a hundred years old, and I still have it with my yard tools. One of my brothers is handy at carving, and he carved a new hand-filling wooden handle for it that is still serviceable after some decades.

  3. “not only are political enemies actively dehumanized”

    and also

    “By the book’s end, I found myself wondering why fairness is a worthy goal here. I don’t know what fairness we owe these manufacturers or the individuals who buy their products. ”

    That is the most blatant example of projection I’ve read in awhile. POTG supposedly dehumanize the hoplophobes, while at the same time, he is dehumanizing People of the Gun. But, yes, of course. In Politics, you always accuse your enemy of doing exactly what you are doing. We see it in Gaza today. We attack old people, babies, nursing mothers, and innocent children, then blame the enemy for exactly what we have done.

    Projection is a useful tool for the mentally and morally deficient.

  4. “I don’t know what fairness we owe these manufacturers or the individuals who buy their products.”
    Yeaah, well, so WTF. You want ’em, come get ’em. It won’t be pretty for either of us.
    Oh, wait, you won’t be coming- you’ll be sending your fascist jack-booted thugs… I’ve got a better idea.. send your ANTIFAg street thug who think they’re so baaad.. then we can have a real tussle.

  5. “Guns are implicated regularly in suicide, domestic abuse, and accidents.”

    So true! So, let’s do it by the numbers. Up to 2/3rds of gunshot deaths are suicides.

    Do you REALLY need a 30-round magazine and a semi-auto action to commit suicide?

    Do you REALLY need a 30-round magazine and a semi-auto action to commit domestic violence?

    No? Well, then, most gunshot mortality and morbidity isn’t about the extent of the lethality of the gun. It’s about the fact that a gun – ANY gun – is an acutely lethal tool.

    The argument is not about a “bigger” rock, knife or gun. It’s about whether we will kill our fellow (wo)man with a rock, a knife, or a gun.

    Or, perhaps I’ve got that backward. Maybe it’s whether a woman will commit man-slaughter in self-defense with a gun when a man attacks her with a rock, knife or gun.

    Let’s keep the little woman in her kitchen with her cutlery. Then mankind will be safe from her. Mankind will continue to use his physical strength and ingenuity to find a big enough rock – or a gun – to commit violence. As long as we can keep the discussion concentrated on the means of violence, we can continue to ignore the mental illness that motivates that violence.

  6. So, another “author” whom wraps himself in the comfy blanket of the First Amendment writes a hit piece about why he FEELS that an inanimate object protected by the Second Amendment should be banned because of, wait for it… FEELINGS.
    I feel that Colin Dickey should go f#ck himself.

    • You would have to want to be such a monster to willingly participate in the “elimination” of a significant part of your population.

      Makes you wonder what society makes people want to do this.

  7. I’ve noticed the anti-gun ranters, such as Dickey, are getting more verbose and vehement. Sign of desperation, I suppose. That said, I don’t own an AR simply because I have other weapons that suit me. And if this old Marine needs an AR, things will be so bad I’ll need a select fire rifle or better, so why bother with a semi. 🙂

  8. This clown will be screaming for an AR-15 when the refuse pouring across the border shows up at his doorstop demanding shelter and sustenance.

    • LOL you are optimistic about his spine. I would guess he would be calling the police and tweeting how it isn’t intolerance when ….

      • If he’s calling for the cops he’s still calling for an AR-15; he’s just not being honest and taking responsibility, is all.

      • Yeah I guess so! Dickey & Gersh KUNTsman need to hook up and hold hands. What a pair of weenies. My rifle never shot anyone Dimscum©🙄

    • He would demand that they keep them in Texas. Oh wait, they’re already doing that. I saw a poll the other day that said the number one concern among northeastern voters is…immigration! Everyone can now see that flooding the country with immigrants was always a lie.

      Noted low IQ follower and pathological liar Miner49er tried to tell me (a couple of years ago) that it would make us all richer. Of course he has no understanding of any issue. He only searches for something that confirms his bias, and copies it. Now we have the politicians who campaigned on being a sanctuary for illegals complaining about…illegals. It was always a lie.

      • The p0liticians were just offering empty virtue signaling to their voters. While they might offer sanctuary, they want it somewhere else.

      • It’s been wild hearing all my Orange Man Bad neighbors and coworkers start to come around to the idea of walls and deportation like they were back in the 90’s. Don’t care which party ends up doing it but it needs to be done and done thoroughly.

  9. “…the manufacturers themselves, who rely on paranoia and insecurity [due to rhetoric and governing from Democrats] to drive sales…” FIFY

    Remember when the commies laughed about the “Trump slump?” Trump was in power and sales slowed because there was less insecurity (until 2020 Democrat-promoted insanity).

    You can tell this guy is a serious writer because he’s quoting anonymous people from a message board. All serious writers do that. They probably teach that in journalism classes.

    • Or, slump due to everyone stocking up in 2016 before the “inevitable” Clinton presidency.

      The author here and/or in the book recognizes the sales value of gun bans, although blaming only manufacturers for exploiting them and not Democrats for [pushing them.

  10. “…no defensible argument exists.”
    tell that to the recently slaughtered.
    then describe exactly what tools their government is now supplying the survivors with.
    of course we don’t have the equivalence of hamas on our borders. they’re already amongst us, idiot.

    • we don’t have the equivalence of hamas on our borders

      Oh, but we do… Hezbollah has had a presence in Mexico for years working with the Cartels in their worldwide distribution of drugs…

  11. If these guns are so needless then why give so many to Ukraine? Why have them in Afghanistan in the first place? If no one needs them then why issue them to cops and the military? If their only purpose is to kill as many people as possible quickly then why do body guards have them? Why do the NFAC, BLM, or Antifa have them? Why do drug lords and gangs have them at the southern border?

  12. “There is no argument here—compassionate or otherwise—that can explain why an everyday person needs a weapon designed solely to kill as many people as possible in seconds.”

    Sure there is. The simple argument is: That is not why the weapon was designed and that is not how it is mostly used. It was designed to be light, use materials and manufacturing processes that the parent company was experienced with, provide a new product that the company hoped would be profitable and that they hoped would lead to increased opportunities for their business. You know, like every other product anyone develops and hopes to sell.

    FWIW, The weapon that was designed to kill as many people as possible in a few seconds is known as the “bomb” and it predates, not just the AR-15, but all firearms. Some are really big.

    In my experience, no one is nearly as obsessed with the AR-15 as those who don’t know what they are and want to ban them anyway.

    • Author appears to acknowledge that they’re easy to use effectively by people with minimal training. But, then willfully misses the connection that ease of use is a selling point for those interested in self-defense.

      • And a selling point to the military. I’m often a bit bemused by the fact that people think “military-grade” means super-deadly and uber-sophisticated. Military-grade rifles are rifles that an 18 year old kid who has never touched a gun before can be trained to use safely and effectively in a matter of days and can carry around with him/her along with a couple hundred rounds of ammo without getting so tired that they cannot fight. Thus, lightweight, simple rifle that fires a small round.

        • Military grade also includes design drawings/patterns that have been standardized so in the time of war, manufactures can easily ramp up and produce rifles to same dimensions, increasing the inter-change ability of parts from differing manufactures.
          And, per the Defense Acquisition Cycle, the contract is awarded to the candidate that met the most requirements at the lowest cost.
          Depending on how the requirements are written, they can be very high in terms of performance, weight, etc. or they can be very low.
          I have seen this up close and personal.

        • Epsteindidnotkillhimself , correct in your definition. My grunt logic knows the correct definition, however made by the lowest bidder sounds much funnier just before conducting an assault. The civilian weapons I own are a bit better, I didn’t use the lowest bidder 🙂

  13. The AR is the scary black gun de jure. If the leftoids manage to get rid of them they will find another make, model or type to demonize. With the ultimate goal of total disarmament of the general public and the only weapons in the hands of government agents/military. With the single party in control of government.
    Any firearm can be dangerous in the right/wrong hands.
    A few decades ago the most common method of suicide amongst males was hanging. The most common amongst females was and likely still is drug overdose/poison. Thing is, if someone has decided they really do want to self delete, they will find the quickest, and likely least painful but still effective method they can. Personally, I’ve always thougth of suicide as the cowards way out. With a few understandable and acceptable reasons for it. Usually involving certain horrible ends being avoided with a quick end. Late stage terminal cancer is not a nice end.
    Just from personal abservation I’ve noticed many of these anti gun/disarmament crowd have no idea what they are frightened about. But are mearly repeating what they have been told/fed by the “News” media and on social media, or from their favorite politicians or political commentators/pundants.
    What is usually ignored by these disarmament folks are the real issues involved with firearms and violence. First being those who have violent, criminal or evil intent don’t care what laws are passed, nor what weapons are legal or banned. Second being the simple fact the cat is long out of the bag on the AR, AK, SKS, or other type of semi automatic firearm. Been around and in the hands of civilians for around a century now.
    Funny how my fathers Garand that was modified back in the 1950’s to take Browning detachable magazines is acceptable, but the less powerful AR or AK is somehow more dangerous? Or is it scary because they resemble the military hardware they saw on the news?

      • What, you don’t have a 30 Carbine, 22Hornet,19 Badger, or maybe even a 204 Ruger ?… you now have a reason to go gun shopping, and an excuse to get into hand loading too.
        You’re welcome.

  14. have to laugh – the wimps are so upset about the AR-15, AKA The Poodle Shooter. Imagine if they ever found out about serious guns. Don’t get me wrong. I think they’re fine for customizing – just like Lego’s for adults.

  15. It is not that Leftists are not people. They are people.
    They are just sick. Sick as in messed up in the head.
    They think there are some 97 different genders.
    They cannot define what a woman is.
    They think words are violence.
    The think silence is violence, still trying to figure that one out.
    Use the wrong pronoun and they throw a fit or wet themselves.
    They think someone with a different view point than theirs is putting them in danger.
    They feel threatened by an inanimate object.
    So, yes, they are still people. They just need serious professional mental health and medicated to the point they should not be allowed to operate heavy machinery.

  16. The author is on another planet somewhere or just lying as he knows nothing of the danger of our present Marxist government importing terrorists through what used to be the southern border. One they unleash their hell on us with the $4B worth of M4 Rifles Obama has stashed away, this idiot will wish he had an AR 15 to attempt to save his own life. The Second Amendment was created to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government that is attempting to possess and destroy us which is the present danger in which we find ourselves. This guy needs to read the works of the Marxist Frankfort School such as Marcuse and Gramsci. Their plans are unfolding as plannings by the Marxocrats.

  17. I am willing to bet my last dollar that the parties being lynched wished they had an AR-15 and a few extra high capacity mags. It may not have saved their lives but it would have given them a chance.

    The reason you need an AR-15 is simple; For all the people killed by mass shooters and by criminals it pales in the masses that governments have killed over time either directly or indirectly. They have zero obligation to protect you and historically it has been a very mixed bag on being protected by the government.

  18. who is Dickey? why should I care about the opinions of Dickey? He has some obsession with AR pattern rifles? that’s OK-I mostly favor Kalashnikov pattern rifles and rifle based pistol variants so he should feel better…
    yeah ,he and those like him are dishonest, as hateful and bigoted as what they project on others…in their mind,you’re a racist for not caring about race,a Nazi for not supporting those who wish the murder of Jews; and hate children for not wanting to allow them to groom suggestibly vulnerable minors into life altering surgical and chemical mutilation.
    Color me unsurprised that those who wish you harm also desire your disarmament, disenfranchisement and being turned into a non- person in a fashion that evokes Stalin Era Soviet domestic control and suppression policies….they had The Organs Of State ie the NKVD,the Young Pioneer youth organizations in the schools ,educational officials on board with the policies and medical/ psychiatric officials who were willing to indoctrinate or medicate as necessary for the carrying out of an agenda.
    Virtually every one of our institutions have outed themselves as similarly willing eager accomplices to agenda- DoJ,FBI,IRS,CDC,AMA Educrats etc…

  19. The world of the AR15 is a frightening place. Yes, but not as frightening as crossing the Will Rogers Turnpike around 17:30 Friday.
    Big wheels keep on turning.

    • “Yes, but not as frightening as crossing the Will Rogers Turnpike around 17:30 Friday.
      Big wheels keep on turning.”

      Scamper as fast as your paws allow, Marsupial One. I would be really bummed if you got *splitched*… 🙁

  20. That is some bullshit. I tell the author to do better and not steal from another author and my comment goes to moderation and then deleted. Grace is violating fair use. She provides no commentary or analysis of her own.

    She needs to do better.

    I am trying to keep TTAG out of litigation.

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