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The modern firearms industry’s mission couldn’t be clearer: profiting off the sales of weapons that can turn lone shooters into mass killers, or armed discontents into a homeland security threat. Documents produced by the industry’s top trade group even advise leaning into the panic buying that can follow mass shootings, by targeting a market segment it calls the “Anxious Buyer,” shorthand for folks who say they “want to buy a firearm before it’s too late.” The market research directs that assault weapons — “more frequently targeted for sales restrictions” — are the “best bets” for these would-be gun buyers.

The mass murder in Lewiston was a tragedy, but not an accident. It is a choice. And it’s one that the gun industry made, and has doubled down on — pushing tens of millions of massacre-ready weapons on the American public. By the industry’s own accounting, America’s domestic assault-weapon arsenal stands at more than 24 million guns — roughly one for every 10 adults — with a record 2.7 million introduced in 2020 alone.

The Lewiston attack was a logical expression of what gun manufacturers now market assault rifles for — deadly domination. The industry pitches “battle-proven” AR-platform assault rifles to civilians with imagery of special-forces troops and taglines like “Core Combat,” “Use What They Use,” and “Your Mission Awaits.” Such slogans dovetail with even more reckless marketing from makers of “tactical” accessories — who pitch “gear for your daily gunfight,” “assault packs,” and carrying cases with names like “Urban Warfare,” and even “Coffin.”

The industry’s alpha-male sales pitches promise buyers the power to “control your destiny.” According to law-enforcement records, [Lewiston shooter Robert] Card had been haunted by phantom voices — including taunts that he had a “small dick.” The Ruger SFAR, with its thick barrel, is marketed without subtlety as “Bigger and Stronger Where It Needs to Be.”

— Tim Dickinson in Mass Murder Is a Choice. The Gun Industry Made It

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  1. “merica’s domestic assault-weapon arsenal stands at more than 24 million guns — roughly one for every 10 adults ”

    I’ll be happier when that number stands around 240 million. Roughly one for every adult. An armed society is a polite society.

    • Nah. That’s just the guestimate of ARs manufactured. Number of semiautomatic rifles? Probably upwards of 100m+

    • I’d rather live in a society where the people hold ‘deadly domination’ over their government than one who’s government holds ‘deadly domination’ over them.

      • Who was it who said something like “Tyranny is when the people fear the government, freedom is when the government fears the people…”?

        And, as an aside, “I brought you into this world, I can damn sure take your ass out”… 😉

  2. In other news:
    Ford markets high octane performance cars that turn ordinary drivers into speed demons:
    Adrenaline Chasers: This Is Your Wake-Up Call
    The 2024 Mustang® lineup has the power, tech and style to keep ahead of the pack — just like you.

    • I thought they were going all in on e-muscle cars complete with virtual engine sounds.
      Maybe the subsidies weren’t enough and they changed plans just like all the proposed wind farm installations.

      “We can’t be profitable without taxpayer subsidization” is not a great company slogan.

      • The environmental movement is a giant grift. Remember John Podesta? He was Hillary’s 2016 campaign chairman.

        Podesta’s ‘green environmental company’ Joule Unlimited, closed after Hillary lost in 2016. Why? You know the answer. Their business plan was Hillary winning. Who was Podesta partnered with? Putin. Yes, that Putin.

        Dmitry Akhanov, the president and CEO of Rusnano USA Inc., a Kremlin-owned venture capital firm nicknamed “Putin’s child,” oversaw the Russian government’s investment in Joule and sat on its board along with two other Russians with ties to the Kremlin. Akhavov agreed that Clinton’s loss doomed the company.

        What’s Podesta doing now? Would you believe he’s the Senior Advisor to the President for Clean Energy Innovation and Implementation? Yes, really. Is it because he’s a clean energy expert LOL? You know the answer.

    • And Congress just passed a ‘Kill Switch’ bill for all 2026 and newer vehicles, it’s for the children don’t you know. BTW it took at least 8 RINO’s for the bill to pass. I hope Senate will block but it’s a rider on a multi-thousand page budget bill.

      • the muscle car era came…and went…you can’t go back again….

        What do you call all of the 700 plus horsepower factory race cars roaming the streets today? My 360-horse, tri-power, four speed 65 GTO was a beast “back in the day” but it ain’t got shit on my 600 plus horsepower, supercharged, six speed SVT Mustang “Terminator” Cobra…

  3. Simple solution for the left: Stop threatening to ban America’s favorite rifle after every shooting (even those committed with handguns) and the panic buying will stop.

    • VNVet– they can’t stop.. their agenda is the total disarmament of the American people- and the demasculinization of the American male..

      • Look what the religion of peace did to it’s male slaves. You can guarantee that is the fate for all white males.

    • Erase Negro from Jim Crow and insert AR-15 and you’ll get the mindset of tim dickinson and his Gun Control ilk.

    • If people, (and I use that term loosely,) like Tim Dickhead would:

      Stop allowing crap like ‘protesters’ to kick in doors of places like Grand Central Station without them being thoroughly perforated.

      Stop allowing crap like ‘protesters’ throwing Molotov Cocktails at buildings with LEOs and CITIZENS inside without them being thoroughly perforated.

      Stop allowing crap like ‘protesters’ attacking CITIZENS in the streets without them being thoroughly perforated.

      Stop allowing crap like ‘protesters’ stopping traffic, breaking windows out of vehicles then dragging out and beating the CITIZENS inside of them without them being thoroughly perforated.

      Stop allowing crap like ‘a group of teens’ attacking and KILLING a 17 year-old who came to the defense of a younger child that they had robbed and stuffed in a trash can without them being thoroughly perforated.

      You MIGHT be able to reduce the sales.

      Noticing a PATTERN HERE?

  4. LOLOLOL. When Biden’s border mess explodes and terrorists are cruising the streets killing people at random, this wanker will be praying for an “assault weapon.” It just won’t be in his hands; he’ll expect the cops and military to wield it on his behalf.

  5. “The Ruger SFAR, with its thick barrel, is marketed without subtlety as ‘Bigger and Stronger Where It Needs to Be.'”

    That’s the basic engineering solution to building a larger-caliber rifle on a smaller-caliber frame, you ign0rant fuck.

      • One symptom of a larger disease: the idea that “All psychology is reverse psychology, and every man who acts like all healthy men acted for the first 99% of recorded history does so because he’s unmasculine; the only people who are really ‘secure in their masculinity’ are soy latte eunuchs.”

  6. Hmmmm…. The size (or lack thereof) of our “dicks” doesnt weigh into our right to “keep and bear arms”… that’s a Constitutional issue, not a pseudo-psychological one.. You might really wonder at the mentality of whoever came up with that freudian slip.. I shoot and collect guns because it’s what I do, similar perhaps to those who collect and race cars… and yes, “they” are trying to end that hobby too, by legislating all-electric slo-poke cars…
    Who they coming after next? Those who keep large protective-type dogs?
    It’s also part of that “pursuit of happiness” thing we have a right to..

  7. “The mass murder in Lewiston was a tragedy, but not an accident. It is a choice”

    So close, but missed it by a mile.

    it is the choice of the shooter.

  8. Tim Dickinson is simply pandering to Leftists’ most common characteristic–they avoid responsibility. That rears its ugly head in two ways:
    1) Nothing is ever their own fault.
    2) Government has to protect them.

    The Leftist does not want the burden of protecting themselves–they want government to take the primary role of protecting them. And they want society to take a secondary role–agreeing to prohibit ownership and possession of firearms in a desperate attempt to somehow make society less dangerous. Last but not least, when both of those notions fail, Leftists proceed to blame something else–firearms and firearm manufacturers in this case.

  9. Never once, in all my 63 years, have I purchased a product based on the manufacturers advertising. I do research and then decide which best fits my needs. And the AR-15 platform will never fit my needs. If I need to reach out and touch I’ll use my .308 bolt. If I need to defend against multiple incoming targets I’ll use my SKS; because I can’t afford a quality AR-10. Say what you will about the SKS but IMHO it’s a fn Energizer Bunny and very capable to 100 yards.

    • When the equipment is already there and works as needed it is damn hard to justify new equipment if a budget is at all a restriction. Agreed on the sks it very much functions under all kinds of nonsensical adversity (especially winter related) with downright crap ammo. With that said AR’s are quickly filling the cheap milsurp void and have a lot of options that can easily work for newer owners.

      • you can customize the thing…much like you used to be able to do with cars…one of its main selling points

        • There is that point as well. Especially when replacing parts or repairs tends to be cheap as well as easy and often done by the owner and not a gunsmith.

  10. I agree, not once purchased a product based on advertisement. I usually take weeks or months of research before a purchase. Hell, I spend 6 months researching snowblowers before buying one, Bought the right one, 15 years and not one problem. The same goes for a firearm, It may not be the cheapest or the most expensive, however it needs to be reliable, accurate and last a lifetime. Kind of like choosing a spouse.

    • When there WAS a serious threat during BLM’s springtime “protest” in 2020 I was sitting in my living room with my trusty AR at the ready. It was my birthday. They were less than a mile away. ILLANNOY DIMSCUM© thinks I’ll be “safer” unarmed. Nothing whatsoever to do with the ubiquitous “gun industry”🙄😕

      • FWW
        I’ve been shooting since I was six years old, and I have NEVER really had any interest in an AR-15 style platform, (although I did have a chrome lined barrel SKS for a number of years before this, and then sold it for 3x what I paid for it.)

        Two things pushed me ‘over the edge.’

        They started broadcasting what was happening when George Floyd self destructed, and what was going on in Portland and Seattle shortly thereafter.

        It started looking like the phucksticks in Washington State along with Dimslee and Side Show Bob, might be successful in getting the sheep to vote on a ban. (They did.)

        BTW, those two dumb phucks sold more magazines and guns in Washington State than ANY firearms advertising EVER could have.

  11. Notice Rolling Stone doesn’t do comments. Probably because pointing out all the fallacies in this propaganda piece would take too much room!

    • Comments on such topics often outdo the article in thoughtfulness, depth of knowledge, and analytical thought. Doesn’t do to have the current thing programming disrupted by trivial diversity of thought and all.

    • I wonder if they used to have a comment section? Most places did until Trump won. Then they began closing them or tightly monitoring them. CNN even used to have a comment section. WSJ began allowing comments only on select articles. Many more comment sections went away during 2020 because they became too embarrassing for the ruling class. That’s when Yahoo suspended their comments. They’re back now. Will they stay on during election season next year?

        • Someone has had a bunch going hard on the chans for the 2020 election drama and the pro vax topics even now to the point that it generates multiple threads a day.

      • Regarding the yoohoo comments section. It is only available for certain articles. Anything they know they will get eviscerated on is off limits.

  12. I used to think I was dumb, then I started paying attention. This motivates me to finish my 300bo build….

      • You don’t like it when a company charges you an hourly labor rate higher than a Fleet Admiral’s, then sends unsupervised clowns who wouldn’t be accepted as E1s?

    • Rolling Stone doesnt do comments because their leftist BS would be called out and convince more people of the OPPOSITE view. They rely on emotion, not considered, rational thought based on facts.

  13. There’s a niche for non-deadly domination. All you need is a willing partner and a good set of fetish gear.

    Maybe the writer could fill us in on the details.

  14. Rolling Stone and publications like it, and the music industry that these publications cover, could disappear overnight and no one would be the worse off. Ditto movies and television. For all the hullabaloo, such things are completely unnecessary for a functioning civilization. Indeed, in Roman and medieval times, musicians and actors and their hangers-on were considered little better than prostitutes, and it was a scandal to even be seen with one.

    Deep down, people like Tom Dickinson and his ilk know this to be true, which is why they’re so shrill.

  15. “The industry’s alpha-male sales pitches promise buyers the power to “control your destiny.” According to law-enforcement records, [Lewiston shooter Robert] Card had been haunted by phantom voices — including taunts that he had a ‘small dick.’ The Ruger SFAR, with its thick barrel, is marketed without subtlety as ‘Bigger and Stronger Where It Needs to Be.'” …. (and the rest of your deceptive and not well thought out missive)

    So, its your contention that ‘marketing language’ created Card’s mental illness that drove him to commit his evil deed.

    If it were true that such marketing language has the effect of creating such mental illness than why were there not (if there are 24,000,000 MSR’s in the hands of civilians) 24,000,000 ‘mass shootings’ on that day or any other day?

    If its true that such marketing language has the effect you claim then why has every law enforcement with the same semi-auto rifle called a ‘patrol rifle’ not gone berserk and committed a ‘mass shooting’?

    If its true that such marketing language has the effect you claim for, somehow, ’Deadly Domination’ then why (according to the FBI) are rifles the least likely firearm to be used in crime including ‘mass shootings’?

    I tend to think your missive portrays more of a ’Stupid Domination’ of the left wing crazy virus they want to infect the rest of the world with.

    If it were true that marketing language had the effect you claim – then every ‘have a bigger dick, she will be satisfied’ pop up ad on the internet would be true and we’d have a world of guys walking around having to wear pants a size larger just to accommodate that larger member and there would be a lot of very sexually satisfied women. But, here in the real world we know that ‘pop up ad’ marketing language is not going to cause that to happen just like your made up firearms ’Deadly Domination’ marketing language is not going to cause a mentally ill person to commit Cards evil act.

  16. targeting a market segment it calls the “Anxious Buyer,” shorthand for folks who say they “want to buy a firearm before it’s too late.”

    Wait a second. Why are they anxious? Too late for what? Are they saying that Democrats make people anxious by threatening to ban firearms? Then they’re upset that manufacturers make more money because Democrats are threatening to ban firearms? Could they figure out how to remedy that situation?

    Also extremely related: figure out why the Puppet & Co. will go to Lewiston following the shooting, but he won’t show his face anywhere near the Covenant School that was shot up by a raging “tranz” spouting off Leftist, anti-white (colonizer/oppressor) rhetoric. Maybe, just maybe, Democrats are taking advantage of politically convenient mass shootings, while ignoring the uncomfortable ones. What would they talk about without their beloved mass shootings? They need high profile mass shootings. How else would they fearmonger? Gang violence in Democrat-controlled areas?

    with a record 2.7 million [guns] introduced in 2020 alone.

    What happened in 2020? Who was responsible for that? Gun manufacturers or Democrats? Democrats are the best gun salesmen. They could stop doing that, but they won’t.

    • defunding and neutering the police….rioting in the streets (2020)…and endless attempts to ban it…are three of the main reasons this gun is a hot seller…all brought about by the left…so in many ways they’re responsible for the burgeoning sales…yet they refuse to acknowledge it

  17. 1. Why do people like this always sound so breathlessly emotional? By the time I got to the end, I felt compelled to send him a fruit basket and a wellness check.
    2. The best sales men/marketing for firearms have been Obama, H Clinton, Biden, the pandemic, failed Democrat policies in big cities and Hollywood.
    3. The market is so over-saturated with AR platforms, most of us gun owners are like, meh. Unless it has some really new or radical feature, seen one, seen them all. The one I did see at a gun show had an incorporated bottle opener in the front two point sling mount. That was different. Not enough to separate me from my money.
    4. As always it is the person behind the rifle who is responsible for squeezing the trigger. Not the rifle. Not the ammo. Not the manufacture. The person.

    • prefer the older more classic models…these new guns look like something made by Black&Decker…not very attractive…

  18. Typical omissions, lies, and half truths you should expect from a mouthpiece of the Democrat Socialist party. They are even closer to the old line Communist propagandists than the always leftist inspired New York Times. Don’t look for facts or honesty or any attempt at objectively from that bunch.

  19. Mass murders can only get more numerous in the years and maybe only in the months ahead. If they happen in an election year the majority of Americans will become so fed up with living a daily nightmare of being too terrified to even go grocery shopping that they will eventually turn on the Republican Party which are prostitutes of the NRA. They will say “enough is enough” and finally the U.S. will get European and Asian style tough gun control laws.

    We have already seen in this last week “the people” turn on the Jackboot WWII style abortion ban in Ohio and put in a Constitutional Amendment to reinstate a woman’s right to choose and refuse to be a sex slave of the Far Right Republican Jackbooted Stormtroopers. Just as Hitler’s ban on abortion was eventually trashed so too were the Far Right Ohio Republican Nazi’s crushed on election day.

    The next big election victories will be some sane gun control.

    • How does someone as stupid as you breath without supervision?

      You just helped to sell another million AR15’s. Good God you are pathetic.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. Ohio’s abortion law isn’t in line with Europe. It’s in line with China and North Korea. The law they previously got rid of in Germany was not being able to advertise abortion services. You can still only get an abortion in Germany during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. You’re too slow to understand that you’re on the same side as the Nazis.

      Hitler was a eugenicist. The only abortions he didn’t like were the ones performed on Aryan women. Just like Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, Hitler didn’t care about life. He only cared about race and ableism.

      Margaret Sanger Introduces Her ‘Negro Project’ — June 25, 1939

      …Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich had already followed [eugenics programs] to their logical conclusions, by murdering multiple thousands of the weak and helpless whose handicaps disqualified them for a future in the Aryan utopia envisioned by the Nazis…In the United States, Margaret Sanger moved from promoting private means of “birth control” to avoid the consequences of promiscuity (of which she was an eager participant), to setting up protocols to assist states with eliminating the “dysgenic horror story” of blacks who reproduced “carelessly and disastrously.”

      • dude
        There was a small group waving some signs with BLM crap in a small town near us several years ago. The group was made up of three teenage-ish girls, and a 30 to 40 year-old looking woman, all WHITE.

        When I drove by, I rolled down my window and yelled out, “Do you know who Margaret Sanger was?”

        I noticed ALL of the teenagers got very confused looks on their faces, and they turned towards the older woman who was looking ABSOLUTE DAGGERS at me…

        Yep. That told me all I needed to know..

        • To Pug

          The women should have got your license number and called the police and had you arrested for threatening, menacing, disturbing the peace, unsafe operation of a moving vehicle and probably a few other offences any cop could dream up in seconds.

      • mass murders happen all the time in places like Chicago…usually without the benefit of an AR-15…if it’s sanity you want let’s start there…

      • the court got it right…we’re not talking about a constitutional right…let each state decide…but it will remain a hot button issue at the ballot box…

    • damoron,
      ” the U.S. will get European and Asian style tough gun control laws.”
      I’ll take one.
      Swiss flavored, please..

      • to Pug

        You really showed your complete ignorance of Swiss Gun laws as they would give the Far Right in Capitalvania a heart attack on the spot. Try Swiss Red Flag law, safe storage law, Background checks, mental tests, mandatory gun handling courses, and mandatory testing of Swiss gun laws and probably a few I missed as well.

    • The Americans living the daily nightmare are the ones living in Democrat controlled cities that pass soft on crime laws, vote for soft on crime DAs, defund the police.
      Those same Americans are living a economic nightmare created by the Democrats in the White House.

    • How are election victories going to get more gun control other than laws that are challenged in federal court. Where even if upheld in some circuits are then appealed to SCOTUS where the inferior court gets schooled on how the went wrong when interpreting SCOTUS presidents. The 3 judge & en banc panels in the 9th Circus, 7th & 7th, 4th, 2nd & 1st circuit courts have deliberately ignored the clear meaning of SCOTUS opinion texts in 2A cases. They ignore Heller’s text stating arms that aren’t both dangerous and unusual can’t be banned or for arms in common use for lawful purposes such as self defense*. Felons & mental defectives only have 2A privileges. Regulations are limited to a LIMITED number of sensitive places.
      *Several inferior court judges have ignored the syntax of such as self defense which is an example not extent of self defense.
      P.S. Caetano a post Heller case defines unusual by defining an arm with at least 200,000 in the peoples possession as not unusual. Therefore any arm possessed by 200,000 civilians are in common use.

    • dacian the demented dipsh*t,

      RIGGHHTT!!!! Barry Soetoro had a majority in the House AND the Senate for two years, and Senile Joe had a similar majority for two years. Where are all those “civilized” gun control laws they passed?

      We are at over a million gun sales PER MONTH for 50 straight months, MOST of those to ‘first time buyers’.

      You remain too stupid to insult. Someone needs to explain to you that those voices in your head are . . . in your (otherwise empty) head. You are so stupid, you give idiots a bad name.

    • dacian talks to hear his head rattle.
      Apparently dacian does not care about human life, “a woman’s right to choose”.
      Abortion is the taking of a human life dacian, what about the right to life?
      Women have the right to choose, e.g., they can choose to not have sex, they can choose to use some form of birth control before and during sex. They have choices, but the life in their body is not their life to with as they please. Child birth is God’s way of bringing new life into the world and the female of the species is the path by which new life enters the world. There is no difference in abortion and the killing of a new born. Both are murder.
      And you, dacian, have the nerve to talk about civilized people while supporting abortion of a helpless human being! You don’t know the meaning of civilized and must have copied and pasted the word.

      • Hush your mouth Herr Hauptmann Hush

        Foaming at the mouth religious fanatics have no right to stick your goddamn nibby noise into the private lives of other families or the right of a woman to have control over her own body.

        Just as Hitler’s abortion laws were finally trashed so too abortion bans were trashed in Ohio. The will of the majority of the people won out over the jackbooted Republican Nazi’s in Ohio who ran roughshod over the rights of the people and the will of the majority who were outraged at Roe v/s Wade being trashed by the religious fanatics on the Supreme Court who are trying to establish a Christian Caliphate no different than an Islamic Caliphate. Same religious nutcases just a different country,

    • No Dud Brain it is you who are yapping your ignorance again. Hitler did indeed ban all abortions and it was only done away with after Hitler got what he deserved in the end. The American Republican Nazi’s got what they deserved in Ohio at election time. Same Nazi’s just another era of marching jackboots. Your kind of people Dud Brain

    • dacian the DUNDERHEAD, You are right. Americans are FED UP, but not with people who are armed LEGALLY with a firearm. They are FED UP with your S0Cialist dimwits who let the criminals go with a slap on the wrist and a speech of “go sin no more”.

      Apparently you are one of those people who feel that baby killing is perfectly OK as long as it is for the convenience of a woman?

  20. Not only does “Size” not matter, “Size” isn’t even needed.

    Female organisms arise from massaging the clitoris and any object will do. Why do you think there are so many lesbians out there ? Mr. Dickinson is ignorant of sexual matters, as, apparently was Mr. Card.

  21. I feel sorry for the gun control fascists, without mental illness, hallucinations, drug abuse, poor logic, lies and an active fantasy belief system they would have no arguments at all.

  22. “…turn…armed discontents into a homeland security threat.”

    Precisely the intent of the founders as expressed via the Second Amendment. Some of the intended audience for the Second are starting to catch on.

  23. Well I think I’m getting stronger because when I was 18 it took two hands to hit the toilet holding down my big Dick Martin pi$$ hrd on. Now it’s an index finger and thumb affair. I’m getting stronger.
    The reason I bought a 50caliber Desert Eagle is on account of going to the restroom in a Black bar once.
    I look over at this guy an say “Gee I wish I could do that.” And he say, ” You are.” An I say ” Yeah but I’m pissing on three of my fingers.”

  24. 20 million assault rifles? No problem, The Feds could, just like in Australia trash and melt them down by the railroad car full in less time than you think and the sheep would turn them in willingly after they saw a few die right wing fanatic hards barbequed Waco style on the 6:00 News.

    • Right, who is going to go door to door to take them? The ATF, nope, not enough people and not trained for that. The FBI? Same problem. Don’t say the military because they can’t do it by law. On top of that if you think any government employees are going to sacrifice themselves to take guns you are nuts. Of course you are nuts, but that is pretty obvious.Maybe we can take your freedom of speech on that account.

    • Fantasizing about burning women and children to death, dacian?

      You fascists are all alike. Murder is your answer to every problem.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. You are still on that “assault rifle” kick, huh? Can’t you get it through your thick head, there is NO SUCH THING as an “assault rifle”. Seems you are having another melte down?

      What you are whinning about is the AR-15 rifle which is a sporter rifle. It is NOT an “assault rifle”, a term you Lefties conjured up in 1984 to instill fear in people.

      We are on to you, dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. You are a fraud.

      I see you still haven’t figured out the firing sequence of a cartridge. I guess you are NOT the firearms “expert” you claim.

    • after they saw a few die right wing fanatic hards barbequed Waco style

      Fantasizing about your HAMAS heroes again?

  25. We are at 1850, again. At that point, people were trying to avoid amending the Constitution in order to end slavery. Legislative battles were heated regarding evasions of the Constitution via “laws” that prohibited slavery in various places that were not yet states. Indeed, there were attempts at legislation to ban slavery in every state.

    Every infringement on 2A is an attempt to evade the constitution through illegitimate, simple legislation. The anti-gun mafia is constantly trying to gain emotional sympathy for yet another evasion of the Constitution.

  26. MSRs are popular because so many Americans want them, not because of some slick marketing campaign by evil gunmakers. Simple.

    • they found some marketing distasteful…so they seized on that…they’re always searching for “reasons”…but they remain clueless….

  27. dacidiot
    That would happen ONCE, MAYBE TWICE, then all hell would break loose.

    You forget about people talking about “No More Wacos?”

    The vernier of ‘civilization’ is actually quite thin.

    Just because YOU’RE too much of a weiner head to realize it, doesn’t mean that there aren’t those that that do..

    For example, at LEAST a THOUSAND armed people showed up in Snohomish Wa when Antifa threatened ‘action.’ They lined the streets and the little bastids took one look and bailed.

    Same in Post Falls Idaho. Shitheads came over from Washington, and they decided to just turn around and leave.

    Lynden Wa had a scheduled BLM march a while back, and there were at LEAST three times the number of locals than the BLMers present and ready to intervene if they tried anything stupid.

    There ARE a lot of sheeple, all right.

    Mostly wearing black, and go running to the cops when they meet any serious pushback.

    You know who they are. The month before, they were the ones out protesting to ‘defund the police,’ but go calling 911 when it looks like they might get the shit kicked out of themselves..

    What they don’t realize, if they defund the police, there won’t be anyone to protect them from US…

    • ATF barely survived Waco…and look what it led to…do we really want to go down that road again?…

      • FS
        -I- don’t, but it may be necessary, if the Feds keep pushing unconstitutional laws that usurp our rights.

        I am hopeful, that like Arizona, the LEOs will take one look at confiscation orders and tell the politicians something like ‘you want them? YOU go out and take them because come tomorrow, I still have to live next to my neighbor…’

  28. Get rid of some class of firearm. Sure, on the same day the military and law enforcement get rid of their firearms. All these anti gun bills carve out an exemption for police and favored government personnel.
    Never forget the worst massacres and exterminations were at the hands of government. Usually against disarmed populations.
    Next thing, I know there many surviving examples of what are considered antique/obsolete firearms from before 1900. Many in working, firing condition. And just a lethal today as they were in 1880/1890. Many are retired/former military weapons. Sure, I own a few AR type rifles. And could get along without them if needs be. An 1880’s vintage lever action rifle is just as useful today as it was back then. Going on a trip next month to check out an 1880’s vintage weapon. If the price is right, I may be looking for bulk 45/70 ammo.

  29. “Anxious buyers” are NOT running out and buying AR15s, they are buying 9mms, .380s, .40s and OTHER stuff they are told that “everyone else is buying”… NOT an “anxious buyer” (ME) just got a new full size Rock Island pistol in .45 ACP..

    • I will say up here 45acp was the third caliber to go from low stock to rationed wait list after 9mm and 38special (still low stock now). Probably a fair bit more owners and users of it due to magazine restrictions. At this point keeping a good stock of any caliber and the ability to reload them seems the most prudent course but then again I am apparently paranoid.

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