The Last Word on Why You Should Use an AR-15 for Home Defense. Or Not.

Sgt. Maj. Kyle E. Lamb (courtesy

Over at, Sgt./Maj. Kyle E. Lamb is crystal clear on the supremacy of the AR-15 platform for home defense. Anyone who thinks a 1911 is up to the task just isn’t thinking properly, apparently. “If you are among those who say, ‘If I can’t fix the problem with my eight rounds of .45 ACP, it can’t be fixed,’ I say please grab a big old mug of black coffee and wake up from your dream. No one knows who, what, when, where or why the fight will start—blowhard statements only degrade an intelligent conversation.” Yup, this is gonna get ugly . . .

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Gunshot Wound on the Range! What You Need to Do

This past weekend was the monthly 3-gun shoot at the Best of the West Shooting Sports near Austin, Texas. I’ve been trying to get back into fighting condition for competition shooting (using iron sights, as previously mentioned), and so I was looking forward to a fun day on the range challenging and honing my shooting skills. That’s what I was expecting…but what I experienced instead was a challenge for my emergency medical skills. I’d never treated a gunshot wound on a range before, and I’d like to go over what happened that morning, both as a way to give y’all a framework for dealing with these events and as a debrief for myself to see if there’s something I missed or could have done better . . .

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On Killing

An interview for StoryCorps of 86-year-old WWII veteran Joseph Robertson reveals how, even after about 60 years, he is regularly haunted by images of a young German soldier whom he had no choice but to shoot and kill. “I still see him in my dreams,” says Robertson . . .

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Giffords and Kelly Want More Gun Control in Oregon

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 8.22.25 PM

Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly aren’t happy enough with the newly-enacted universal baakground checks in Oregon. They want to see Democrats pass even more legislation while they can. Giffords was in Salem, promoting the passage of SB525 which is designed to ensure those who have a restraining order against them don’t get access to firearm. Or ammo . . .

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Infantrymen Laser Training Lax?

The above video arrived via a PR blast from LaserMax. “In advance of the Armed Forces Day weekend, LaserMax official Training Coordinator, SSG Joseph D’Ambrosia, US Army (Ret.), recently conducted an in-depth live-fire training course, Close Quarters Combat: Carbines and Lasers, for a group of active-duty US Army professionals preparing for deployment to Afghanistan.” LaserMax giving back. Got it. Love it. But the video raised a bunch of questions. For example . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Again, Distance is Your Friend

There’s a lot to learn from this surveillance video. For one thing, notice that the man who was shot was perfectly ambulatory after the ballistic insult. More importantly, this video shows that armed self-defense is the ultimate answer to a racist attack. Or an attack on homosexuals. Women. Old people. Muslims. Anyone. All Americans who want to be able to defend themselves against the threat of death or grievous bodily harm should consider exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected gun rights. [Void where prohibited by law?] How they should do it in this situation, well, that’s another matter . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Go Looking for Trouble

Who was it that said nothing good happens after 2am? A lot of people, actually. And they’re not wrong. Which is why the first part of the description is relevant here. “Recently, there have been some thefts at my friend Ian’s house. So I have been taking it upon myself to sit on his porch at night in an effort to catch the crooks in the act. Last night I was there until around 3am, and on my way home, I heard women crying, and men yelling at them on Main Street in Keene New Hampshire.” What happens next: the subjects demand that cameraman Chris Cantwell discontinue his documentary efforts. When he refuses, they attack. He all but shoots them. But doesn’t. I’m thinking . . .

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Victim Who Disarmed, Shot Robber is Honored by Police


In Lexington, Kentucky, the police department has given an award to Zara Adil, a young woman who disarmed one of two armed robbers, shot him, sent the other robber fleeing, and then fought the wounded robber for the cash register.   It was all recorded on video.   The police caught the suspects, and believe that they were responsible for more than a dozen robberies.  It doesn’t take many violent criminals to create a lot of crime.  Armed citizens are often the ones who stop these crime sprees.

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My Worst Nightmare

Hollywood, SC crime scene (courtesy

“A sheriff’s deputy responding to a home invasion shot the homeowner in the neck Thursday because he refused to drop his gun,” reports. “Two deputies from the Charleston [SC] County Sheriff’s Office encountered the man at the rear of his mobile home in Hollywood, South Carolina, after two other men fled on bicycles, Sheriff’s Maj. Eric Watson said in a news release. The man was either leaving or standing at the back door of the house and was armed, Watson said. One of the two deputies shot him after he refused to drop his gun, he said.” The solution members of our Armed Intelligentsia are sure to suggest: drop the gun when cops tell you to. It’s not that simple. Here’s an AP update . . .

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