Question of the Day: Are You Ready to Fight With Your Knife, Too? [VIDEO NSFW]

Well that was gory. Still, I don’t suppose one should be overly squeamish when fighting for your life. That’s when you should go all-in, no-holds-barred, hoping that the resulting blood spatter belongs to your opponent. To that end, most gun guys carry a knife as well as a gun. I don’t now about you, but my knife-fighting skills are just this side of non-existent. Ninja juggling one of my way cool survival knives (which I use for kitchen prep), JWT told me there are two schools of thought . . .

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When Ideology Trumps Self-Preservation


Reader Alexander Strugatsky writes:

Recently, I visited the Holocaust Museum in D.C. Among its multitude of exhibits – artifacts, photographs, films and news publications – covering the birth of Nazism through its demise, along with tens of millions of people and, of course, the concentration on the extermination of six million Jews, was a glaring void. It was so blatantly obvious that there is no possibility of attributing it to an oversight . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Home Carry, People…Home Carry

“[Mike] Lash and his wife, Whitney, and their two children had just come home from vacation on August 16 when there was a knock at their door. According to the account given by the Lashes to ABC News, Lash answered the door and saw two young men who told him they had just moved in down the street and experienced car trouble. The two men said they needed a jack, according to Lash.” Unarmed (home carry people), he opened the door . . .

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What’s Wrong With This Picture: Detroit Schools Edition [VIDEO]

“A local company has developed a secure gun vault that would be used to store weapons in schools.” That’s the description underneath this video about the Templar Integrated Security Solutions‘ firearms storage system from Detroit’s What it doesn’t tell you, what you can’t see: the holes in the system. I can spot a couple of major “challenges” straight away, starting with . . .

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When Can You Pull Your Gun? That Depends . . . [VIDEO]

In most states, you may threaten or use lethal force if you or other innocent life are in imminent danger of death or grievous bodily harm. The fine print: imminence must be imminent (the bad guy or guys must be in the act of threatening you) and the threat must be credible (a bad guy waving a knife from across the street won’t cut it, so to speak). Ultimately, it comes down to the “reasonable person standard.” Would a reasonable person think your actions were reasonable – given the totality of circumstances. Google and read your state’s “deadly force statute.” Meanwhile, know this: real life isn’t as cut-and-dried as it appears in the video above . . .

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More Random Thoughts on Fighting Grizzlies – And Other Lethal Threats [VIDEO]

Sixty-six-year-old Larry Yepez is a Marine and a Vietnam veteran. “I got shot through this wrist, and I got hit here in the foot, and I got some shrapnel metal here in the back,” the Purple Heart recipient told CBS 47. Last Thursday, at 4am,, Yepez walked out his front door – and straight into a grizzly bear. “I saw him, and I yelled, ‘Hey get out of here.’ And he continued to come towards me.’  The bear then jumped on him and knocked him down…. ‘He had his mouth here, and that’s when . . .

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Sara Tipton: Yes, I Shoot In High Heels

Sara Tipton

I’m often asked why I make such poor footwear choices at the range. Men seem especially confused when they see me shooting in high heels or dresses. They seem to think I should be decked out in mossy oak camo with my feet shod in military style combat boots. While this might make sense, especially for those concerned about the burns from casings, I wear what I wear. I shoot in a dress, in high heels, in a ponytail, with my hair down, in skinny jeans or in yoga pants. I just shoot in anything I happen to be wearing that day because . . .

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Random Thoughts About the Idaho Grizzly Kill

Our man Weingarten recently posted on the recent Grizzly kill in northern Idaho (not far from Ruby Ridge, FWIW). Reader RA wrote-in with his .02.

My family has a cabin in Island Park, Idaho just outside of Yellowstone Park. While there are lots of bears in the area (according to Idaho Fish and Game 800-1200) my wife has only seen 1 bear in the 40 years she has been travelling up there. In the 11 years we have been married I have never seen a bear in by the cabin, however we do hear stories of them being in the general area. Last fall while hunting in the area I was able shoot a big grizzly with my trail camera [above]. Hearing about bears in the area is one thing . . .

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Americans Should Be Able to Carry A Gun on An Airplane

If you believe Air Marshals are a good idea, then you should believe that armed citizens on airplanes are a better idea. For one thing, as reveals, the U.S. Air Marshal system is in shambles. The headline pretty much says it all: Sleep-deprived, medicated, suicidal and armed: Federal air marshals in disarray. The exposé is based on information provided by the newly formed Air Marshal Association, so it’s skewed towards the negative. Nevertheless, it’s a frightening portrait of an anti-terrorist defense force that’s highly compromised . . .

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It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use: Morgan Freeman’s Granddaughter Edition

Edna Hines (courtesy

“The step-granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman was stabbed to death on a street by her deranged boyfriend in Washington Heights early Sunday,” reports. “Police officers found E’Dena Hines, 33, lying in the middle of W. 162nd near St. Nicholas Ave. with several knife wounds to her chest around 3 a.m. ‘Get out devils! I cast you out Devils in the name of Jesus Christ! I cast you out!’ the 30-year-old man repeatedly said, according to George Hudacko, 65, who saw the attack and called 911. ‘I watched someone get murdered, and there was nothing I could do,’ Hudacko added.” So there were two people who could have . . .

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