Incoming from TASER: TASER Pulse

Courtesy TASER

We’re well aware that many people don’t want to carry a firearm. Fair enough. But that’s no reason not to carry a self-defense weapon of some kind: defensive cane, knife, mace, pepper spray or a TASER, for example. Technically speaking, the last item on that list is a “conducted electrical weapon” (CEW). Practically speaking, it has its limitations, the most significant of which relates to the fact that CEW’s were designed for law enforcement. Let me explain . . .

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Concealed Carrier Fired After Saving Woman’s Life at GM Facility


‘You shouldn’t have had a firearm here. After this is done he needs to be escorted off the property. He’s not welcome back here.” That was the reaction of an un-named General Motors employee after Didarul Sarder used his lawfully concealed handgun to safe the life of Stephanie Kerr after she’d been attacked and stabbed multiple times by another woman at GM’s technical center in Warren, Michigan earlier this week. Sarder was a valet for a subcontractor at the GM facility when the incident occurred. And while Government Motors may not think much of his decision to carry on the job (in Detroit…go figure), the local mayor and police chief have good things to say about him . . .

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How Many Rounds Are Fired in the Typical Gunfight?


By James England via

A common question a lot of concealed carriers and gun owners ask is how many rounds are fired in a typical gunfight. This is such a broad question that the only way to begin to tackle it is by breaking it into pieces. Another big problem in trying to find the answer to this question is that statistics aren’t uniformly kept for all incidences involving self-defense. More specifically, it’s difficult to find reliable (read: independent) statistics on self-defense by law-abiding citizens and not law enforcement officers. That’s why we’re going to start with law enforcement. While the model for self-defense shootings for concealed carriers will be very different than law enforcement officers, law enforcement is likely the nearest correlation we have. Thankfully, the FBI tracks those stats . . .

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Review: Gun Self Defense for Women

Doc Reviews usually reviews mainstream media. His foray into firearms fail is a welcome addition to his canon — although why he fails to mention Doc’s wife-beater T shirt is beyond me. We hope to engage Doc’s talents for further explorations into the world of YouTube gun videos, both positive and negative. Saying that, snark rules. Especially when it’s punctuated by a belch. [h/t DrVino]


Texas Man Who Pulled Gun On Bikers: I’d Do It Again


“Ricky Thornton, the pickup truck driver [who pointed a gun at a biker in a video gone viral], told that the bikers had been driving recklessly prior to the events shown in the video. ‘Anybody in their right minds going to know there’s a little more to it than just him walking up to my damn truck,’ Thornton said. “Thornton, a 54-year-old mechanical contractor from Irving, said bikers were weaving in and out of traffic, cutting off other drivers and popping wheelies on the freeway. One biker leaned on his truck at a stoplight before the events of the video, Thornton said. A biker also almost wiped out in front of his truck while he was driving, he said. At another point . . .

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ISIS Terrorists and Fighters = Drugged-Up Pain-Impervious Zombies?

As the video above reveals, the idea that a violent criminal/terrorist may be too drugged-up to feel pain is nothing new. Back when PCP was the bête noire of the anti-drug set, Rhode Island cops advised aspiring gun owners to empty their guns into an attacker, just in case. So when trumpets REVEALED: Factory that makes ‘Terror Potion’ turning ISIS fighters into drug-fuelled Jihadi junkies, it’s best to understand that plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose (same sh*t, different day). It’s still shoot — and keep shooting — until the threat stops. That is all.

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Gun Hero of the Day: Virginia Republican Del. Todd Gilbert

Republican Del. Todd Gilbert (courtesy

“Virginia’s Republican-led House of Delegates has approved a bill that would allow people who are protected by a protective order to carry a concealed handgun without a permit,” reports. “The House approved Republican Del. Todd Gilbert‘s bill with a 68-29 vote on Wednesday. It heads to the GOP-controlled Senate. Genius! If Michael Bloomberg’s anti-ballistic BFF, Virginia Governor Terry McCauliffe, vetoes the bill, he will be seen as anti-gun in a War on Women kinda way. If he doesn’t, even better. HB 766 — Concealed handguns; carrying with a valid protective order — stipulates . . .

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U.S. Air Force Tools-Up for Terrorists

Tech. Sgt. Matt Copley of Dover AFB talks with Master Sgt. Patrick Carr Feb. 1. Copley completed the first Unit Marshal Program training course at the base and now is authorized to carry an M9 pistol while on duty. — USAF Photo/Senior Amn William Johnson

“In August 2006 an Islamic extremist group targeted Dover AFB for an attack that was never carried out,” reports. “In May 2014, the base was put on lockdown following reports, later shown to be unfounded, that a suspicious person with a gun had been seen near an airplane hangar.” Yesterday, Colorado’s Dover Air Force Base launched operation “Eagle Shield” to counter/prepare for terrorist attack and/or “workplace violence.” Dover AFB implemented it as follows . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: LA CCW Stops Mass Shooting

Crime scene, Treme, LA (courtesy

On the afternoon of 31 January, 2016, some ten ATVs were getting gas at the intersection of Claiborne and Esplanade Avenues in New Orleans, Louisiana. Richard Macklin pulled up in a white Volvo. Police said Macklin became upset; the ATV riders were blocking the gas pumps. He pulled out a firearm and opened fire, sending more than a dozen rounds into the crowd. Three were wounded. One of the wounded was armed . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Avoid Road Rage

I don’t know about you, but the second someone points a gun at me is the second I move and draw my firearm. Or just GTFO. I see no point continuing any “discussion” past that point. [Click here for another view of the incident.] That said, I’m unlikely to find myself this situation; I don’t confront (or flip off) people who drive obnoxiously. Nor do I drive obnoxiously (provided you don’t consider fast driving inherently offensive). Remember: the only gunfight you’ll guaranteed to win is the one you don’t have. The earlier you can start not having one, the better. If you know what I mean.


It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use: St. Cloud, Florida Edition

“A family was terrorized for nearly 12 hours on Thursday in their home in St. Cloud,” reports. “Four gunmen tied up a mother and her daughter before robbing the family, investigators said. The mother’s boyfriend was kidnapped and beaten before investigators found him tied up in the back seat of the family’s car.” It should have been a defensive gun use — although it’s easier said than done when you’re facing four determined gunmen. Yeah, about that . . .

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