Self-Defense Tip: Call the Cops on the Cops

The money shot of any good open carry police encounter video: the “show me your papers” moment. I love the confusion on the cops’ faces when an open carry advocate politely informs officers that American citizens don’t have to show ID unless the cops suspect that a crime’s been committed. What crime do you suspect me of committing officer? Am I being detained? Priceless. Until it gets boring. Personally . . .

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Self Defense Tip: Don’t be George Zimmerman


I can’t take credit for that headline. Props to TTAG reader EN who emailed a link to George Zimmerman Involved in Yet Another Police Incident. Which goes a little something like this: “George Zimmerman cannot seem to stay out of trouble. This time, a driver told police Zimmerman threatened to kill him after a confrontation on the road. Zimmerman pulled up next to the driver, he said, and asked, ‘Why are you pointing a finger at me? Do you know who I am?’ according to the Associated Press. He then threatened to kill the man, he told police. The man, who declined to press charges, says Zimmerman was waiting for him at work the next day. It is unclear how Zimmerman knew where the man worked.” OK, so what can The People of the Gun learn from St. George? . . .

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‘Blade Runner’ Oscar Pistorius Guilty of ‘Culpable Homicide’


After a long trial and what seemed like an even longer reading of the verdict, Oscar Pistorius was found guilty today of culpable homicide, the equivalent in the South African legal system of manslaughter in the shooting death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The conviction could result in a sentence of up to 15 years in prison. But the South African track star may be counting himself lucky after he “dodged a bullet” in being found not guilty of premeditated murder and simple murder charges after killing Steenkamp when he shot through his bathroom door at what he says he thought was an intruder. He was also found guilty of touching off a negligent discharge in a restaurant in a separate incident. The lesson here: even a modified Biden defensive strategy is both dangerous and could land you in no end of legal hot water.


Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Carry Your Gun Illegally

Comerica park metal detectors (courtesy

Major League Baseball bans concealed carry in stadia wherever its teams are playing. This is not news. Nor should anyone be surprised to learn that plenty of fans have carried otherwise legal concealed firearms at MLB ball games, regardless. Yes, well, TTAG reader Michael in GA writes that the League is now deploying portable metal detectors to prevent fans from brings guns, knives and large pieces of metal to games. In fact, all Major League teams are required to use the enhanced security measures by Opening Day 2015. A fact that didn’t work out so well for our man Michael . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over. And Then It Is

Titan Tiger .38 special (courtesy

“According to police reports, the incident happened at the Tiger Mart, 901 East Meighan Blvd. [in Gadsden, Alabama] about 9:27 p.m. A 47-year-old man working at the store told police that a man ran into the store holding a gun. The gunman was described as a black man wearing a black shirt, black pants, gray gloves, a black ‘do rag’ and a red bandana covering his face, and red, white and black shoes. He was carrying a Titan Tiger .38 special handgun.” I believe the correct nomenclature is “doo-rag.” And as we’re a gun site, please note that Germany’s Weihrauch & Weihrauch makes the Titan Tiger revolver which appeared in the 1978 movie Dawn of the Dead. But back to the story . . .

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When Crazy Speaks Violence

The other evening, the idiot box aired a program about Maksim Gelman, also known as Mad Maks or the Butcher of Brighton Beach. Gelman, besides being nuttier than a squirrel turd, gained fame by going on a stabbing spree over two days in February of 2011. The interesting thing about this particular show was that they had interviews with both Maksim as well as his victims. It’s rare that you get to hear from a truly unhinged person, and boy did he love to do some talking . . .

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This is Why I Carry a Handgun


I teach high school English, a profession commonly thought to number among the most touchy-feely. I love books. And if that weren’t bad enough, I’m a professional, classically trained singer, a first tenor. Yes, the highest male voice. One of a few good–and rare–men, sometimes in tights. I regularly don a tuxedo and sing the works of the masters with a symphony orchestra, and I often get paid for singing. I occasionally wear a Renaissance costume — tights and all — and sing madrigals. I’ve been known to shed a tear at the occasional movie, and even during the many years on the police force in my misspent (relative) youth, people, upon learning my job, would exclaim in surprise: “You don’t look like a cop!” They couldn’t tell me what a cop looked like, but they were pretty sure it wasn’t me . . .

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In Case You Missed It: Domestic Abuse Edition

Last month, I wrote about former MMA fighter War Machine nearly killing his girlfriend, Christy Mack. Not much in the way of detail about the night in question has surfaced since then. The MMA fighter formerly known as Jonathan Koppenhaver (yes, War Machine is now his legal name) maintains that he walked in on Ms. Mack nude with another man. Mack says they were fully clothed and making nice. In either scenario, the proper response wasn’t overwhelming violence, the path that War Machine took . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Hang Up On the 911 Operator (V2)

You may recall that a 911 operator emailed TTAG to contradict an article advising people calling 911 to give the operator the salient details of a home invasion – your address, where you are inside the house, what you look like and where the bad guys may be – and then hang up. I stand by my advice. And offer the above 911 recording as evidence. Although it has a happy ending – “What was that?” “Did you think you could beat me half to death?” - riddle me this . . .

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“Cancel my NRA membership. I’ve been lied to for years. I’ve wasted money on guns, ammo, and training. All I’ve really needed was a can of wasp spray.”

TTAG reader JW sent the sarcastic message above. His emailed us a heads-up on a Today Show story that doesn’t once mention self-defense firearms: How to protect your family from home invasion. [Note: how to protect your family "from" a home invasion, not "during."] Here’s the set-up:  “According to the FBI, nearly 50,000 robberies within residences (the bureau’s classification for home invasions, not all of which involve violent entry) occurred in 2011, or about 135 per day. In July 2013, Susan Dawson came face to face with an intruder in her Fountain Hills, Arizona, home . . .

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Pro Tip: Carry a Gun…Even When Bowhunting


“I’d already hiked about three miles so I sat down to take a break before I tried to push some (game) back to (my son). I took my backpack off and sat my bow down and as I was sitting there I started looking around and … I saw a black head which I thought was a bear.” As a matter of fact, Washington state bowhunter Jerry Hause was right. That was a bear cub. Ruh roh. “Knowing…it’s unwise to come between a cub and its mother, he looked for a way to leave the area.” And that’s when a very protective Mrs. Bear charged him . . .

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Anti-Gun Hypocrite of the Day: Father Michael Pfleger (And His Three Armed Guards)


Chicago’s activist Catholic Priest, Father Michael Pfleger was on hand at Saturday’s Brady Campaign rally against Chuck’s Guns in Riverdale, Illinois. Pfleger is to firearms civil rights what Bull Connor was to racial civil rights in the 1960s. It wasn’t that many years ago that the man of the cloth called on the owner of Chuck’s Guns, John Riggio, to be “snuffed out” – using the lingo of his parishioners. Pfleger had used the same thinly veiled call for violence against Illinois legislators who voted against gun control. Pfleger didn’t call for anyone to be snuffed out yesterday, but he did enjoy the protection of three armed bodyguards . . .

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