Josephine Byrd, Champion of Right to Bear Arms in Delaware, Honored by NRA

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox delivered what was, far and away, one of the best speeches of the NRA Membership Meeting on Saturday. Granted, most of it was the usual political rhetoric one expects at these kinds of meetings, but it was well-delivered and he managed to avoid the sort of, uh, gaffes that others didn’t. The most interesting part of Cox’s speech came at the end, when he discussed the story of Josephine Byrd and Charles Boone, and their legal fight for the right to keep and bear arms . . .

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GLOCK 43 First Impressions


I attended a special GLOCK event last night where I got the opportunity to put some rounds through the brand new GLOCK 43. Like I’ve said, on spec, the handgun looks like it fills a much-needed hole in my personal arsenal — a handgun that can be either a pocket pistol or a holstered sidearm depending on the weather. Something I can slide in my pocket and forget about…until I need it. Now that I’ve actually had some trigger time with the gun, I think I can make a more informed decision. And that decision is . . .

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That Time I Pulled a Gun on a Cop (and Lived to Tell the Tale)

embarcadero fog

In the comments of the post about my experience with the ShotSpotter system in San Francisco’s Bayview-Hunter’s Point district I mentioned that while it was the most dangerous neighborhood in the city and for a few years we were accustomed to hearing near-nightly gunfire within a few blocks of the house, I had only held somebody at gunpoint once. And it turned out he was a police officer. Which worked out nicely. At the prompting of commenters Geoff PR and Sian, here’s what happened. . .

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Wal-Mart Active Shooter Training Video: “We Have A Right to Defend Ourselves”

Produced in partnership with Wal-Mart and Texas State University, the video is designed to teach employees how to deal with an active shooter situation and will be used to train over 1.5 million employees in the near future. It’s nice that they chose to go with a shotgun instead of an AR-15 or other scary looking rifle for the shooter’s gun, but what’s even nicer is the overall message of the video. There’s the typical “turn off the light and be very quiet and maybe he will go away” approach featured, but the most effective method portrayed in the video…

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Three Black Men Beat a White Man Over Mike Brown Shooting

“When one man sat down next to a second man in a St. Louis light rail car and asked him his opinion on the shooting of Michael Brown, it was not the beginning of a discussion,” reports deploying UK-caliber understatement. “It was the start of an assault, police said. The second man, who was white, didn’t want to answer the question. Then the first man, who was black, boxed him in the face. Two more African-American men joined in the beating, according to a police report about Monday’s incident.” The video has gone viral. The Justice Department is investigating the incident as a hate crime. Oh wait. No word on that yet. Maybe even ever. If so, that ain’t right. Anyway, here’s CNN’s blow-by-blow account of the crime . . .

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Gun Review: SIG SAUER MPX Pistol


The SIG SAUER MPX might be the most anticipated new “rifle” among TTAG’s readers. Sight unseen in the civilian market, they awarded it the highest honor last year naming it 2014’s Best New Rifle, and now after months of delays the first guns are assembled, boxed, and shipping out. Wanting to avoid the same kind of kerfuffle that surrounded the Remington R51 launch, we chose not to review the gun based on pre-production models and instead waited until the production version was available. Thanks to our friends at SIG SAUER we here at TTAG were given exclusive access to the first ever production MPX, as well as full access to their team’s collective knowledge and expertise. So, does the finished product live up to the hype? . . .

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Should British Jews Arm Themselves Now, Too?


After the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the murder of French Jews in a Paris market, calls in at least some quarters went up for Europe’s Jews to arm themselves. Relying on the local gendarmerie to protect the targets of aggressive Islamist terrorists didn’t work out well for Charlie Hebdo’s employees (who had police stationed outside their offices at the time of the attack). Why would anyone think that the average European, whether shopping for grocerieseating dinner in a restaurant, or just walking down the street, would fare any better? Yesterday the anti-semitic violence hopped across the channel to north London when a mob of yobs attacked a synagogue shouting “kill the Jews!” . . .

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John Farnham: ISIS Terrorists Will Not Commit Suicide At The First Sight of Opposition


John Farnham provides an “ISIS Update, from a friend in the System” [via]

“We review all ISIS/AlQaed a documents, publications and videos here. Key learnings:

1) They go to great lengths to identify and recruit potential jihadis from Western cultures. Their literature provides detailed schematics with regard to building bombs from local materials, and detailed instructions on how to smuggle them through security checkpoints. Mostly low-tech, but effective . . .

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Leave Guns To The Police: They’re Professionals!


People don’t need guns! They’re more likely to shoot themselves or a member of their family. Leave it to the police, the professionals. They’re highly trained! This is a common claim, and interestingly enough, those who make it are often making it in good faith. Most people assume the police are well trained in the use of firearms. Most, raised on a steady diet of TV and movie law enforcement, think the good guys are capable or dropping bad guys with a single well-placed shot from any distance, and often, they shoot to wound, which reliably stops just about any bad guy . . .

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Personal Defense Tip: If You’re Involved in a Deadly Defensive Gun Use, Leave the Body at the Scene

By Brandon via

A Ft. Myers, Florida man claims self-defense after shooting his neighbor with the neighbor’s own gun, and then driving his body to his attorney’s office over 40 minutes away. That’s the story coming out of Fort Myers, and it seems that the two neighbors have had problems in the past. The man, 52-year-old John Marshall, is said to be very shaken up after the incident . . .

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