Rap Concert Mass Shooting Victims File Lawsuit Against Rapper

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A peaceful gangster rap concert in Wallingford, Connecticut was unexpectedly rocked by violence last December. Following the end of a Meek Mill rap concert two individuals were killed and two more…

John Boch: What I Carry and Why

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I have a confession to make. My gun accompanies me every day in every place it’s legal. No surprise, right? Different folks carry for many reasons. There’s a reason I…

Or You Could Step to One Side and Shoot Him. JTILTH

I’m not a Krav Maga expert, nor do I play one on the Internet. But this “choke ’em with the gun” defense looks unnecessary, difficult and ineffective. As far as…

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California Smoke Shop Clerk Shoots Armed Robber – Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Quick story. I was sitting in a cigar store in Rhode Island. All was right with the world: puffing on a My Father’s Cigar, RISD students strolling by, alcoholic wife…

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When Seconds Counted, Dallas Police Were Only 87 Minutes Away

Imagine waiting 87 minutes for a police response after calling 9-1-1 to report a home invasion in progress. It happened in Dallas in recent days. Thankfully, the homeowner escaped the…

Becoming a Victim Isn’t a One in a Million Chance

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by Steve Davis, President Guns Save Life I had a thrilling time at the 2017 Rangemaster Tactical Conference and learning from the top trainers and instructors from all over the…

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Chicago Sun-Times Profiles Gun Rights Activist Rhonda Ezell

The Chicago Sun-Times profiled gun rights activist Rhonda Ezell recently. As a plaintiff, Rhonda has cost the City of Chicago a great deal of angst and expense over the years….

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Why I Didn’t Replace My Gun When It Was Stolen

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes: My apartment was burglarized. It happened, as these things tend to, on a particularly stressful Wednesday a few weeks ago. From what…

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More Lives Are Saved by Defensive Gun Uses Than Taken by Criminal Gun Uses

Here’s a fact you’ll never see in mainstream media accounts of “gun violence” in America: defensive gun uses save more than twice as many lives than the number lost in criminal…

Violence? GTFO! Self-Defense Tip

In the video above, a man is tasered at Los Angeles International airport. Well, fair enough. But notice what onlookers do: nothing. They sit and stand around watching. Hello? Instanbul airport attack….

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Quote of the Day: Using Your Brain Box in Self Defense

“There are two sets of skills that we have available to ourselves, and those are soft skills, that is using the brain box, and then there are hard skills, using…

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Gear Review: 3 AR Pistol Grips from Trinity Force

Pure coincidence or numerical forces at work? Either way, we’ve got three AR pistol grips from…wait for it…Trinity Force. Hey, three Is A Magic Number, after all. TF offers a wide selection of…