NBA Player, Trying to Assault Girlfriend, Shot and Killed After Breaking Into Wrong Apartment

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Let’s say you’re a NBA player. While you weren’t drafted out of college and you’re way down on the league salary scale, you’ve finally made the big show and you’re pulling in nice bank by any reasonable standard. And now that you’ve made the big time, you have to keep up appearances by fathering at least one child with someone to whom you’re not married…let alone living. Now it’s your daughter’s first birthday and you decide to fly into Dallas for the event. But her mother pisses you off somehow and you decide to straighten her out, making an un-announced visit to her new apartment. Unfortunately (for you) you’ve never been there before . . .

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Training Tip: Practice for All the Situations You Can Think Of. And Some You Can’t


A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes:

It’s early morning in Dallas. I’ve just begun to continue my rounds at one of the posts where I work security. I can feel my upper gum burning from the Odens ice snus I popped to stay alert and awake. I sip my water to stave off the burn when I catch headlights out of the corner of my eye. Nothing unusual, it’s a fairly busy street even at this hour. As I walk to the large iron gate to continue my rounds I stop and look at my watch to mark the time, 0545 on the money. The first shot rings out, loud and far too close for comfort. My head snaps up, I yell my favorite word (MOTHER#%+&ER) and I begin to move to the side fast. The vehicle I had seen a split second ago . . .

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Motorcycle Carry Explained. Or Not.

Gun rights aren’t absolute, the narrator opines. Is he saying they shouldn’t be absolute? That they should be but aren’t? Or that gun rights aren’t absolute because they must be tempered by responsibility? And then there’s the assertion that “duty to inform” laws are a good idea, and bikers should declare their firearms to a police officer any time they’re stopped, regardless. And other factual inaccuracies. The main takeaway? Don’t depend on YouTube for legal advice. Biker or not, check the actual law in your area/


Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Assume Your Attacker is a Rational Human Being [Video NSFW]

Gun gurus warn against drugged-up perps who possess super-human strength or imperviousness to pain. Be that as it may, it behooves any armed American to understand that an attacker may seem “normal” but be out of his head on drugs. You cannot assume that an attacker will act rationally when you present them with a logical alternative to ballistic perforation. As always. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. Create as much of it as possible, as soon as possible. And don’t hesitate to shoot if you are imminent in danger of death or grievous bodily harm. Remember: a perp may choose to attack when it makes no sense to do so.


When Javelinas Attack: It Should Have Been a DGU

While growing up, I read all kinds of advice saying that Javelinas aren’t dangerous. I read, over and over, that all the old stories of them attacking humans were old wives tales. Not documented, never happened. So I was a bit surprised to come across an article with reporting an unprovoked real world attack by a herd of javelinas. It was life threatening for a woman and her dogs . . .

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Jorge Sprave: Speargun for Self-Defense!

I wouldn’t recommend a speargun for self-defense; a jury might consider it a bit . . . cruel. Then again, gun laws deny millions of law=abiding citizens their natural, civil and (in America) Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear firearms. If that’s the way you roll, for whatever reason, needless to say, Herr Sprave’s +p++ and two-shot version offers improved penetration. It’s a clever innovation for those of you who think you might have to recreate Thunderball on land. Just remember to laugh maniacally.


A Cheap Gun is Gun Enough for One Homeowner


The RG23 is the quintessential cheap handgun and never had a good reputation. Many owners have claimed a lack of reliability, so I suspect that quality control wasn’t in the same class as the old Smith & Wesson revolvers. The rough trigger makes accuracy difficult, even for experienced shooters. The steel inserts in Zamak alloy construction are corrosion cells waiting to happen. The revolvers are so inexpensive, they are not economically worth repairing. They sold, in 1969, for 19.95.  The current price on the used market is around $50. But, they are guns . . .

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After Action Report: Range Accident at Massachusetts’ Fort Devens Firing Range

Fort Devens Firing Range (courtesy

By John Farnham [via]

Range Accident! On the East Coast last week, during a live-fire, state-sponsored, police pistol training exercise, two experienced and competent instructors were handing-off a G23, one to the other. Both were standing next to each other, on-line, and facing downrange. One, holding the pistol by the slide (muzzle downrange), handed it to the other . . .

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SC: A Felon Has Rights to Self Defense


Felons do not give up their right to self defense simply because they have committed crimes in the past.  They often live a very dangerous lifestyle, and as the most common victims of homicide, they may need effective self defense more than other people. A recent case in South Carolina shows that the justice system is realizing this truth.  It investigated the shooting where Quintonio Porter, a convicted felon, shot and killed his friend, Jarrius Harding, in the middle of a gunfight . . .

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