IWI Tavor X95 300 BLK vs Chrysler 300

Ever wonder what parts of your car are cover, and what parts are just concealment? Against subsonic and supersonic 300 Blackout? Well, we didn’t answer all of that but we…

Pharmacy Robbery: Would You Shoot This Guy?

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In the video below, a solitary armed robber enters a pharmacy and, eventually, liberates some cash. (Not before the clerk pretends she can’t open the drawer.) Let’s say you were…

Train Your Kids in the 4 Rules of Gun Safety from the Git-Go: Self-Defense Tip

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“In the middle of the night on Dec. 30, 2011, I received a call that my son, Noah, 13, who was sleeping over at a friend’s house, was in trouble,”…

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Alaskan Black Bear Kills Teen Runner During Race: It Should Have Been A DGU

 A 16-year-old was killed by a black bear on a organized race in Alaska yesterday. The runner had plenty of time to use a defensive firearm. From adn.com: The runner…

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Would You Shoot This Guy?

Does this security guard’s action constitute an imminent threat of grievous bodily harm or death? (Make the jump for the full video.) If not, what does?

Political Violence? Attack on Truck Displaying US, ‘Make America Great Again’ Flags

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Indianapolis might be one of the last places you’d expect be a hotbed of political violence, the setting of a successful sitcom, or the locus of much excitement at all,…

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Congressional Baseball Hero Cop Griner Gave Shooter Verbal Command Before Being Shot

Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner (above right) is a hero. One hundred percent. She stepped up and took on an active shooter. She did her job, prevented loss of life…

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Congressional Baseball Shooting: A Belt Is Not A Tourniquet

“Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) used his belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding of a staffer shot early Wednesday during a congressional baseball game practice,” thehill.com reports. “I took…

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Manhunt Continues for Murderous Georgia Prison Escapees

Federal, state and local law enforcement continue to hunt two violent Georgia violent prison escapees. The manhunt goes on a day after they overpowered guards during a prisoner transport near…

You Might Want to Reconsider That Mouse Gun: Self-Defense Tip

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In the screen cap above (full video below) you can see no less than four robbers entering Le Jardin, a wine bar in West Kirby (UK). In fact, there are…

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Pulse Nightclub Shooting One Year Later: LGBTQ Community Arms Itself Against Attack

By Nicki Stallard Orlando Florida, the Pulse Nightclub, 2:00 AM, June 12, 2016. Hundreds of club goers were ending what should have been a fun night out when a traitorous radical…

Aim! Self-Defense Tip [VIDEO]

You can’t miss fast enough. In this case, an armed security guard (the one who didn’t initially scarpered) took out a bad guy with a head shot and then ….