Guns for Beginners: Eliminate Unnecessary Gun-Handling

John Farnham writes:

Ft Collins, CO –-( An armed civilian in his 20s, on volunteer guard duty, unintentionally fired a shot from his AR in OH. Unnecessary Gun-Handling. Fortunately, the muzzle was pointed downward at the time, and the single errant bullet hit the pavement. It made a divot, but caused no additional damage nor injuries. The incident took place outside a military recruiting center. Someone apparently had asked to look at his AR. The voluntary guard, while attempting to comply with the person’s request, was in the process of “unloading” his rifle when the negligent discharge (ND) occurred . . .

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AMC Plays Active Shooter Warning Clip Before Films

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.15.26 AM

AMC theaters has introduced a pre-movie clip warning patrons to be on the lookout for “suspicious characters.” No, not in the movies. In the theater. Quite what constitutes a “suspicious character” is anyone’s guess, but you can’t fault them for trying to get viewers out of Condition White ignorance (the very state of mind movies are designed to create). Then again, what’s going to happen when a movie-goer drops the dime on a fellow audience member? Immediate evacuation? Who’s going to investigate? And if SWATing is a problem – and it is – why not in the theater? Good idea or bad idea?


One Shot Almost Enough to Save Woman Whose Gun Jammed

Tracy Williams does not appear to have had much experience with firearms. It was a desperate situation that drove her to buy a gun and take a CCW class: she’d broken up with a boyfriend with a long criminal record. He’d kidnapped her. She’d escaped and filed charges. He was out on $75,000 bail when he attacked her three weeks later. During that period she had obtained the firearm and a concealed carry permit. North Carolina requires an eight hour course, including live fire, and an $80 non-refundable fee to obtain a permit. Here’s what happened next, via . . .

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This Is Why We Carry: Maine Police Stand By During Murders, Arson


By James England via

Civil society is based on one thing and one thing alone: the rule of law.  We abide each other, our neighbors, and strangers all upon the basis that the law will be enforced to protect us and enable good commerce. A lot of gun control advocates will tell you all about how the police are sufficient to protect you. They’ll say that if you’re robbed or mugged or attacked, just roll over and play dead. The police will fix everything. There’s no need to own a gun or carry a gun on you – that’s barbaric. And then we run into cases like this one . . .

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What About The Civilians?


Reader Larry Smith writes:

With the murders of four Marines and a Navy Corpsman in Chattanooga, there has been a lot of hue and cry to allow the arming of military personnel to protect themselves in similar situations. On February 25, 1992, Donald J. Atwood, deputy secretary of defense under President George H.W. Bush, signed a DoD directive that modified three previous DoD directives. An abridged version states . . .
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Personal Defense Tip: Know Your Gun’s Limitations…And Prepare For The Worst

By Salvatore DeGennaro

Every so often we hear about one of those incidents that makes us, as concealed carriers, cringe. Usually they happen to law enforcement officers. Such incidents tend to happen when some lunatic decides to go rodeo on a poor patrol officer during a traffic stop or other routine interaction. The scary part: when the officer barley survives to tell the tale after pelting the assailant with staggering amounts of gunfire to bring an end to the rampage . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Knife Beats Gun

This video is from 2011 in Nicaragua. It’s a domestic issue; the knifeman’s wife left him for another man. The knife comes out at about 4:04. The police dodge and run, and avoid injury, but they do nothing effective to stop him or contain him. In about 10 seconds, an officer draws a weapon, likely a revolver, but does not shoot. Reinforcements arrive. I count at least five officers. One officer has an AK variant. The knifeman removes his backpack and crosses a wire fence.  He gets into a better defensive situation. At one point he rubs his hands with dirt, probably to improve his grip . . .

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There’s A Reason They’re Called The Armed Forces


So far in 2015 our enemies killed four US military service personnel in Afghanistan and three in Iraq. On one day this year a terrorist killed five US military service personnel within the continental United States. That’s right, there were more U.S. servicemen killed here in the U.S. than in either of the two wars we’re currently fighting abroad. That’s easy, ugly, math. As reported by the Marine Corp Times our current administration is dealing with this threat by closing offices and telling recruiters not to wear uniforms . . .

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Home Defense Tip: Get a Dog


A few years back, a coworker awoke to a guy climbing through his bathroom window. Not surprising, considering that he lived on the ground level of a building in an area of town that was in the process of urban revitalization. He came to work the next day and asked me if I thought he should get a gun. To which I replied . . .

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Content Contest: Sometimes You Just Have to Take the Beating


By Tim Ellwood

I used to work for a major gun company back at the turn of the century. My job as a regional sales manager consisted of driving around a three-state area, going to gun shops. (It sucked, but someone had to do it.) I had taken over the North Carolina,Virginia and Tennessee territory and moved to central North Carolina from Florida. I was in western North Carolina and had a meeting scheduled at a shop first thing in the morning. Best thing to do when you have a early meeting is to bring doughnuts . . .

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