Record Wisconsin Rat Hunt in 1957

rattus norvegicus

Most rat hunting is done with dogs, commonly with varieties of terriers that catch and kill the vermin. The human hunter’s job: flush the rats from cover. The rat hunting record for that method supposedly occurred in England in the 1820’s, when a rat terrier killed an incredible 2,501 rats in seven hours in a barn infested with the rodents. The dog was the renowned Billy, whose career was legendary. I haven’t found contemporary records of the 2,501 rat killing, but they may exist. Most of his records are for killing 100 rats in a rat pit against the clock. Billy’s best was 100 rats in 5 1/2 minutes. I haven’t seen any records for human hunters killing rats . . .

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Pig Trapping: Lessons Learned


As it relates to the world of guns, the term ‘epidemic’ is thrown around willy nilly. Normally, it follows the phrase “gun violence” and is used by politicians seeking to curtail the rights of law abiding citizens like you and me. Down here in Texas, the word epidemic is more closely associated with the words “feral hog” and describes the widespread outbreak of the porcine problems that our ranchers and farmers face on a daily basis. While using helicopters and thermal night vision gets a lot of attention, the truth is that those methods are woefully inadequate at reducing the number of pigs in the wild. More effective, albeit “boring” methods must be put in place for ranchers, farmers, and landowners looking to thin the herd . . .

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Indiana, Deer Harvest Up, Legalizes Hunting with New Cartridges (Including .300 Blackout)

Deer felled by .300 Blackout (courtesy

By Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Indiana hunters harvested 123,664 deer during the 2015 season, according to newly released data. This is a 3 percent increase from the 120,073 deer taken during the 2014 season. The antlered deer harvest was 10 percent higher than the 2014 harvest, while the antlerless harvest was 1 percent lower than in 2014. The overall 2015 deer harvest ranks as the 10th highest in Indiana history. The 2015 antlerless deer harvest ranks 11th highest. For the first time, all harvested deer were checked in electronically . . .

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New from Wilson Combat: .338 Federal Caliber Rifle


Email blast from Wilson Combat (Remember: no one uses an “assault rifle” for hunting.)

When you need impressive power and range with the advantage of quick followup shots the .338 Federal in a Wilson Combat AR rifle is a potent choice. The .338 Federal from Wilson Combat is ideal for any medium-large game hunting in North America including trophy wild hogs, elk, moose and bear. Considered by some ballistic experts to be the ideal cartridge for North American big game . . .

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International Union for Conservation of Nature Report: Trophy Hunting Preserves Wildlife

Russian trophy hunters (courtesy

According to their website, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is “the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organisation, with almost 1,300 government and NGO Members and more than 15,000 volunteer experts in 185 countries. Our work is supported by almost 1,000 staff in 45 offices and hundreds of partners in public, NGO and private sectors around the world.” [Click here for an intro video.] You may – or may not – be surprised to learn that the IUCN’s international eco-warriors support trophy hunting. In fact . . .

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CNN’s Anti-Hunting Propaganda Machine Visits Botswana – And Likes What It Sees

This teaser video introduces Map Ives, Botswana’s head of rhino conservation. Mr. Ives reveals that he gave up hunting in 1983 after noticing disappearing wildlife. CNN’s Bill Weir finishes the thought: “But since his country banned hunting here the animals have relaxed and multiplied.” Yes, well, back in March 2014, reported that “Botswana’s President Khama has banned all hunting nationwide, even for Bushmen who hunt to feed their families – but an exception is being made . . .

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IWA 2016 German Gun Show

Nick is pretty busy these days, what with testing guns and building a $10m gun range on the immediate outskirts of Austin, Texas. So I’m not surprised that the first I’ve heard of IWA 2016 is in this video from the Fieldsports Channel. There’s plenty of firearms-focused appeal here (a.k.a., gun porn), including pimp pin-striped gun stocks and a gi-normous British night site/range finder thingie with WiFi streaming. Too bad the Brits don’t have a larger domestic market. I wonder why that is . . .


Hunting and Gun Reform Bill (H.R. 2406) Passes House, Heads to the Senate

Alyssa Scene 2
On 26 February, 2016, the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2015, also known as H.R. 2406, passed the U.S. House of Representatives and sent to the Senate. It was a party line vote; 230 Republicans voted yes, four Republicans voted against the act. One-hundred-sixty-one Democrats voted against H.R. 2406; 12 Democrats voted for it. Thirty representatives did not vote; 17 were Democrats, 13 were Republicans. The bill contains numerous reforms . . .

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Donald Trump Jr. Shoots Elephants: Incendiary Image of the Day

Donald Trump Jr. (courtesy Facebook)

The above photo’s making the rounds on Facebook. Donald Trump Jr.’s holding a severed elephant tail. I don’t want to lower myself to the level of the “discourse” The Donald displayed at last night’s presidential debate so I won’t say anything about anyone’s hands/penis size, or being surprised to see a picture of Jr. in the daylight. I will say this: many gun owners are reassured by Jr.’s love of firearms freedom. Jr.’s definitely a “gun guy.” By relying on the son to stop the sins of the father, though, is a bad bet. With Trump, everything’s negotiable, even your gun rights. Agreed?


New from Leupold: VX-3i with Twilight Max Light Management

(courtesy ammoland,com)

You don’t seriously expect me to publish Leupold’s presser about their VX-3i scope with its Twilight Max Light Management System without making a vampire joke, do you? Does it make game sparkle in the sunlight? What do they want for it? Blood? OK, seriously, we’re now in a new age of “active optics.” For hunters who want to explore this brave new world, the embedded presentation on Leupold Light Management [after the jump] isn’t heavy reading. Suffice it say, learn to shoot with iron sights first, then go all optically operational. Because batteries and bashing about can lead to a blackout and you want that buck, ballistically . . .

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Hwange National Park to Slaughter African Lions Due to Lack of Hunters


Nearly a year ago, the world erupted in outrage when an American hunter killed “Cecil the Lion” in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Hunters were demonized, a man’s livelihood was destroyed and major corporations changed their policies to keep people from enjoying legal hunting. Baffled conservationists in African countries warned that pressuring hunters to stay out of Africa would harm wildlife. The gibbering gibbons of the anti-gun and anti-hunting movements continued their persecution of hunters. Now the same park in Zimbabwe where Cecil met his end may need to slaughter 200 lions due to the drought of wealthy hunters. From the National Post . . .

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