Gun Review: Ruger Mini-14 Tactical in 300 BLK


The Ruger Mini-14 is one of Ruger’s flagship rifles. First designed in the late 1960’s as a smaller civilian version of the U.S. Military M-14, the rifle has been used by generations of hunters and target shooters. It’s also been featured prominently in movies and TV shows throughout the years. This rifle was the AR-15 of the 1970’s and 1980’s, the semi-auto firearm of choice — and for good reason. There’s just something quintessentially American about the look of the Mini-14, and now Ruger has released a version in my favorite caliber: 300 AAC Blackout. Is it the awesome “peanut butter in my chocolate” moment that hunters like me have been waiting for? . . .

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Oh Noes! People Hunting With ‘Assault Weapons’!


We recently noted that White House press secretary Josh Earnest beclowned himself by proclaimed that, “You don’t need an assault weapon to go hunting, it certainly is not part of anybody’s family heritage or family tradition.” Not that Josh has probably ever fired a gun, let alone a scary “assault rifle.” Against all odds, you, the People of the Gun, took him to task for that ill-informed assertion. And reader AB sent these snaps to demonstrate his family tradition of modern sporting rifle hunting . . .

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A Gun Control Advocate Tells You What He Really, Really Wants

Gun locker (courtesy

Gun control advocates’ crusade for “gun safety” is a sham. Although they won’t admit it – lest they lose popular support – the antis believe that guns are only safe when they’re in the hands of the police and/or the military. Which is a really scary thought, what with the Holocaust, ISIS and the unfathomable suffering of Mexico’s unarmed rural population as our guide. But it’s not a thought that occurs to John Sutija, writing for . . .

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Question of the Day: Is .357 Magnum Enough for Deer Hunting? 


My dad has an old Dan Wesson .357 (above). It’s in pretty good shape, and while visiting him recently, I asked if I could borrow it to take to the range for some, um, ‘testing.’ You know, just to make sure it works. It just makes sense for me to do the testing for him, since I have to drive 30 minutes to my local range, while he has to walk all the way to his back yard. Fortunately, he must’ve been in a good mood–visiting with his granddaughter tends to have that effect–so he eagerly retrieved the revolver and bade me well with it . . .

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Review: Winchester Long Beard XR Ammunition


I love hunting. It’s hard to choose which game I like best: turkey, duck or sheep. But there’s no doubt which animal’s the hardest to harvest. For those of you who have never shot turkey before, it’s all about the calling. When a tom starts responding to your calls, you’re suddenly Dr. Doolittle. You’re having a conversation with another species. It’s all lies, of course . . .

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Rev. Creech to the NRA: Uphold NC Sunday Hunting Ban

Reverend Mark Creech (courtesy

Dear National Rifle Association,

I want to begin this correspondence by saying that I believe very much in what you’ve stood for over the years. Your organization has worked tirelessly to defend our nation’s Second Amendment. Although I never took the time to join the NRA, I am a fan and believe the nation is indebted to your great work. As you know, there is currently legislation under consideration in the North Carolina General Assembly that would repeal North Carolina’s 145 year-old Sunday hunting ban . . .

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Back to Africa: My Last Hunt


It has been a fantastic 15 days. Superior Safaris has been amazing. Eli’s concession is about as wild as it gets and the amount of game we saw was incredible. What we didn’t see is easier to list than what we did: elephant, leopard, And cheetah. We came well armed and with a wish list of our desired animals. I came wanting to test RF’s Bighorn spike driver in .500 S&W. It tested well. From Jackal to Nyala. I also brought my Sako in .375 H&H for any long range work . . .

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Question of the Day: Four Reasons to Hunt With A Gun Rather Than a Bow?

Bambi must die! (courtesy

Taking a break from defending the thin blue line, offers 4 reasons to bow hunt vs. using a hunting rifle. They are: 1. In many regions, bow season is longer and more plentiful; 2. A bow strengthens different skills; 3. Nothing’s more quiet than a bow and 4. Even the playing field. Wait. What? “If you are talking about legally hunting an animal, a bow and arrow would be preferable to a gun if you believe in giving the animal a fair chance at survival.” And less of a chance of an ethical kill? Anyway, while it’s not an either or thing, I reckon TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia can’t let this broadhead – I mean broadside go unanswered. What are four reasons to hunt with a gun rather than a bow?


Back to Africa: Man-Eater of the Cahora Bassa


After some fantastic plains game hunting in South Africa and the incredible wild game meals that followed, it’s off to Mozambique, to the second largest man-made reservoir in Africa. the Cahora Bassa. This involves quite a trek. Packing everything we may need, driving four hours south to Johannesburg, a two hour flight to Tete, then a three hour truck ride west to the reservoir, then an hour boat ride north to camp. Our remote lodge is well appointed. I’m amazed that everything here that is man-made was brought in by boat. Our “camp” is where the Duonga River flows into the Cahora Bassa. I do believe we found the middle of nowhere . . .

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Back to Africa, Where the Animals are Tough


Eli van der Walt, owner of Superior Safaris

Here I am, in an extremely large, un-fenced concession in South Africa. My friend Eli van Der Walt has started his own hunting business, Superior Safaris. His concept is to open things up and make them more like the old times. Spot and stalk, drive till you find fresh tracks, or just start walking into the bush veldt. I’m doing a combination of all of them as I’m in the hunt for a nice kudu and gemsbuck. One of my hunting buddies, Jeff from Del Rio, Texas, is after a bit more. His buffalo hunt was about as exciting as they get . . .

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Jon Wayne Taylor Takes the GLOCK 20 for a Ride – And Shows It the Door


I love GLOCKs. In theory. The idea of a generic-looking polymer pistol that takes a licking and keeps on kicking [butt] appeals to me on the sub-atomic level. In practice, not so much. Truth be told, I can’t shoot them for shit. Like Goldilocks trying to get comfortable on Papa Bear’s bed, I’m always fussing with a GLOCK’s handle, trying to get a proper grip. I don’t have this problem with a whole range of other polymer-framed striker-fired pistols, from the Belgian FNX to America’s Smith & Wesson M&P. So why not just give-up on GLOCK and move on? Glad you asked . . .

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