Liberte Austin’s Hunting Digest: Hunter Crushed By Elephant, Balloon Hunting, Super Redhawk Alaskan FTW

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Big game hunters in Africa are making headlines again this month, as the hunters themselves became the hunted. Last month I wrote about Scott Van Zyl, a big game hunter…

Nonimmigrant Aliens May Legally Buy and Possess Firearms in the US

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It’s long been known that nonimmigrant aliens may purchase and own firearms  in the United States for hunting or for sporting purposes. To legally purchase firearms from federally licensed dealers,…

Liberte Austin’s Hunting Digest

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Forget kindergarten cop give me kindergarten hunter! These danish kindergartners are going on a “field” trip to learn where their food comes from. I think American children should be learning firearms…

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Liberte Austin’s Hunting Digest: Mother’s Day Edition

Happy Mother’s Day! Here are some post-Mother’s Day (because everyday is mother’s day) gift ideas for the “non-Stepford wife”.   We outdoorsy women need a good raincoat . . ….

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Wildcatting a New Caliber: .25 SPC

“Wildcatting” cartridges is nothing new. Ever since the invention of standard cartridges, people have been making non-standard cartridges out of them. The motivations for these home-brewed concoctions vary widely. Everything…

Liberte Austin’s Hunting Digest: The Hogs of War, OFWGs and the Bear Necessities

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While Islamic dietary laws forbid the consumption of pork, the hogs in that country apparently have no dietary restrictions against the consumption of members of ISIS . . . Wild hogs kill…

New From Hornady: 300 WSM Loads

New to Hornady is the .300 Winchester Short Magnum. They’re jumping into the venerable caliber with two loads, one in their Superformance line and one in their Precision Hunter line….

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Kidnappers Release Saudi Princes Hunting Houbara Bustard (a.k.a., Viagra Turkey)

Turkey hunting season is a much-anticipated time of the year for the American hunter. Meanwhile, in the Middle East, arabs hunt for a similar looking bird called the Houbara Bustard. Similar…

New From Franchi: Affinity 3.5 Semi-Auto Shotgun – NRA Convention

Franchi’s Affinity 3.5 is a Playskool-style shotgun. With its oversized charging handle, bolt release button, trigger guard and loading gate, running the gun is child’s play. Which is just as…

Liberte Austin’s Hunting Digest: Money for Hunting and Your Vegans for Free

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Listen up vegans, tree huggers, fruitarians and herbivorous liberals . . . According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, since the late 1930’s, hunters, target shooters and the firearms industry…

Non-Lead Alternatives to Lead Ammunition Just Make Sense (Happy Earth Day!)

Reader Rory Bagley writes: As people have become more aware of the negative health and environmental impactsof lead bullets, there is more and more caution when using these types of bullets….

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Gear Review: Rocky ProLight Waterproof Snakeproof Hunting Boot

No foot, no horse, equestrians say. Liberte says new boots, no hunt. Chasing an animal through the wilderness with aching blistered feet is Hell on Earth; most hunters break-in new boots months before…