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From SIG SAUER . . .

Using the heart and soul of the SIG CROSS receiver, the CROSS TRAX delivers a minimalist design to the CROSS rifle, perfect for deer hunters looking for a light and compact platform.

Featuring a 11.5” lightweight handguard, Leg Bone minimalist stock, MCX-RATTLER grip and low-profile bolt knob, the TRAX is available in .308 Win with a 16” stainless steel barrel.

If you are looking for the next generation of lightweight compact hunting rifles, look no further than the CROSS TRAX for your next adventure.


Caliber: .308 Win
Overall Length: 35 inches
Folded length: 26 inches
Barrel length: 16 inches
Weight: 6.1 pounds
Magazine: AICS
Stock: Folding minimalist
Trigger: 2-stage adjustable match
Twist: 1:10
MSRP: $1529

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    • Yep.
      And the manufacturers are using shorter barrels and funky stocks to cut down production cost but us consumers never see a price drop.
      Now they are commercializing 14 and 10.5 inch barrels for your hunting rifle. And some TTAGers argue they are just as good.
      No they are not.
      150fps makes a difference.
      And that’s dropping your barrel from a 24inch to 22inch.
      Does a .300Weatherby hit harder then a .300 Winchester? Sure does, that 150fps makes the difference.
      NoNoNo I want a funky plastic stock with a 10.5 inch barrel,,,,,,cause its para tac military cool, man.
      A B78 with a 28 inch barrel sure is pretty

  1. Not in the market for a lighter folding stock stow and go type rifle at the moment but a cool concept and curious how well it shoots.

  2. This type of rifle usually doesn’t do anything for me, but I can see some utility here. Especially if space is at a premium. Think truck, boat, ATV, small plane. What kind of locking mechanism does the stock use? I’d like to see a review, not just a press release.

    • Wish it was 20″ but slick package, regardless. I’ve always had awful luck going below 20″ on a .308 and maintaining impressive grouping, but I know that’s just my experience and not everyone’s luck. The other upside is 20″ would allow the end-user to re-work the muzzle as they wish for a specific can, etc. without having to pin-weld the length back.

      Unless it’s a platform with functional dovetails, brackets, gas ports, etc. on a barrel, I always have a preference for a little extra working length; even 16.5″ is a little better than nothing.

  3. Very cool. I have been extremely impressed with the standard Cross rifle. I’ve carried it on more hunts than any other rifle over the last year and a half. It’s taken deer and pigs and coyotes and javelina here, and a couple dozen animals in southern Africa.
    Since the Cross is very modular, you can now make your standard or PRS model a lightweight model, or vice versa. Especially with the CF barrels now on the market, you get a whole lot of options. An 18″ CF barrel in 6.5CM would weigh the same, recoil less, and make hits at range easier.

    • In 308? Not being a smartass honestly curious as I always thought AR10 weight especially in this price range would be closer to 8-9 pounds.

        • Should have looked up specs/price for the ruger sfar before the comment below as that would be a half pound or so heavier and within $400 or so. Very cool and something to consider once we tear down a few more laws over here.

        • Similar price range or a bit more for the weight loss? Also I guess the folding stock would be a differentiable feature depending on setups and whether it is desired.

        • Any? Thought it was just the AR18 and similar as the rest would need a buffer tube. I guess there is a way to have that fold but can only guess extra expenses for the setup

        • I’ve never used one, but there’s the Law Tactical folding stock adapter. I don’t know if it fits the SFAR which is also on my short list for a future .308 platform.

      • If I was inclined to spend $$ on a 308, this one would push me towards the SFAR if I could get a folding stock adapter for it. Probably end up with similar money as this bolt gun, but in semi-auto.

        • I think the SFAR is a few hundred more in msrp but any number of combinations of glass/accessories that could even that out. Either way amazing that such options exist on either side now.

    • It’s not your imagination but I don’t think the intention was to make them tactical. The rise of the commercial chassis gun is what’s happening and the modularity that people require ends up making them look that way.

  4. I like the thing, but why you’d go with a 1:10 twist on a 16″ or shorter .308 rifle is beyond me. You probably want a heavy projectile to make the most out of the little barrel you have, and thus have even less time to stabilize it. With a possible SBR/pistol version in the future and some people interesten in loading subsonics (yes, i know that 300blk exists but can’t affort 2 Sig rifles), why not just go with a 1:8 from the get go?

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