Gun Review: Cimarron Pistoleer by Uberti

Cimarron Firearms and Uberti of Italy have well-earned the reputation for great guns at great prices. Head to any Cowboy Action Shooting match and you’ll undoubtedly find the guns from these giants of the industry very well represented. That goes doubly so for Cowboy Action Mounted Shooting. For their newest release, the Pistoleer, Cimarron Firearms […]

Optics Review: Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Night Vision

Carry gun optics are rapidly becoming the standard. At least in the courses I attend, almost all of the instructors are using red dot optics on their pistols, and about half of the students are. Rifles and carbines either have red dots or low power variable optics, with red dots still making up the majority […]

Dueling Ruger New Model Blackhawks

This year I’m trying my hand at cowboy action shooting. Cowboy action shooting is at least a four gun sport; two revolvers, a shotgun, and a pistol caliber carbine. This makes the initial price of entry into the sport quite steep, especially if you intend to be competitive. A full compliment of slicked-up guns, gear, […]

Gun Review: SIG Sauer Virtus Patrol Rifle

The SIG Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol rifle. Seven thousand rounds. Eleven months. Modular. Minute of angle groups. Not an AR-15. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The evolutionary divergence of SIG’s flagship semi-auto carbine goes back 60 years, to innovation that originated from one of the greatest missed opportunities in the history of the firearms industry. Armalite, […]