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From Colt . . .

Colt proudly introduces the CBX Tac Hunter—a bolt-action hunting rifle loaded with accuracy-enhancing features, making it the perfect companion for avid hunters. The rifle is meticulously crafted to deliver tight groupings and reliable performance, instilling hunters with the confidence needed to take down targets at all distances. The CBX Tac Hunter boasts a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $999, inclusive of a sub-MOA guarantee, presenting an unbeatable combination of affordability and accuracy.

The Tac Hunter stands out as a hybrid rifle, offering the precision, ergonomics, and reliability of a competition rifle within a lightweight, field-ready platform. This ensures that hunters can succeed in the field without breaking the bank. Colt acknowledges the diverse preferences of hunters, reflected in the Bolt Action Rifles wide range of customizable options.

The rifle is available in versatile .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor cartridges, featuring 20- and 22-inch sporter-profile barrels, respectively. This configuration balances ballistic performance and carrying convenience, creating the ultimate field rifle. Muzzles are 9/16”-24 UNEF threaded, equipped with a thread protector for attaching aftermarket accessories. The 6.5 Creedmoor variant, with its longer barrel, adds an extra 0.3 lbs., totaling a weight of 7.2 lbs., while the Black Nitride treatment protects the carbon steel, button-rifled barrel.

The smooth bolt action mechanism is expertly engineered for effortless operation, featuring a 60° bolt throw for faster cycling, critical for follow-up shots. The user-adjustable (2.5-5lb) trigger allows a customized trigger pull to match the shooter’s preference. The receiver is designed to accept Rem700 pattern scope mounts and bases with #8-40 threads, accompanied by Colt blue thread protectors.

Safety is paramount, and the Bolt Action Hunting Rifle incorporates essential safety features. A 2-position tang safety ensures quick operation while preventing potential accidents. The more vertical pistol grip enhances ergonomics and trigger control, featuring stippling on the main contact areas. The Length of Pull (LOP) can be changed from 12.75 to 14.25 inches using spacers (3 included), catering to hunters of all sizes. The rifle also includes an ambidextrous mag release and a 5-round AICS magazine, ensuring versatility.

Colt invites enthusiasts to experience the unmatched performance and reliability of the Bolt Action Hunting Rifle, now available at Colt dealers nationwide.


  • CALIBER/GAUGE: .308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor
  • FINISH: Black Nitride
  • FINISH TYPE: Black
  • STOCK: Synthetic
  • STOCK/GRIPS: Gray Polymer Tac Hunter
  • BARREL: 20″, 22″
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 39.75″, 41.75″
  • RATE-OF-TWIST: 1-in-10″
  • MAG DESCRIPTION: 5 rd. Magpul AICS
  • SIGHTS: No Sights
  • THREAD PATTERN: 9/16×24
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Threaded Barrel
  • SAFETY FEATURES: 2- Position Tang
  • ADDL INFO: Ambi Mag Latch
  • ADDL INFO: 60 Degree Bolt Throw

MSRP = $999

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    • “Hunting” you say….. but in all seriousness the AICS magazine capability paired with sub moa would be nice so long as the shape otherwise agrees with the shooter.

        • I can imagine, odd question but did anyone ever crank out a magazine fed lever rifle or did such a thing get hit by the ban hammer?

    • A little over ten years back I owned a Colt M2012L that was a Cooper hybrid and shot really nice out of the box, right up until it got stolen out of my jeep. I wonder who IS subcontracting the recievers for these.

      • Given that Colt is owned by a company known for its rifles, why would they farm out the receivers to the competition?

        • CZ Group has owned Colt for only a couple of years since acquiring them out of bankruptcy, and CZ has worldwide sub suppliers – their shotguns for instance are built by both Czech and Turkish subcontractors and nearly all pistols are imported. In recent years there have been complaints about cheapening some of their rifle line.It may be called CZ USA, but I don’t believe anything is actually made in KC or Little Rock other than the P-10s and sporadic Scorpion production. Not real sure if Colt Canada which built AR based products still exists. Maybe someone more familiar with them will chime in.

        • Hey Peanut Butter,
          Pretty sure the Colt revolvers are made in the new Arkansas plant, maybe 1911 assembly also. As far as the MSRs go, I have a rellie that works at the Diamondco (sp?) / Colt Canada plant that I’m sure that CZ at least runs if not owns. They don’t really manufacture rifles as finish machine forgings and parts from separate suppliers and assemble to various specs. I asked if he could build something unique ” one piece at a time” ala Johnny Cash, but they practically get strip searched on the way out of the plant. Drats.

  1. “Tac” (tactical) this, “Tac” (tactical) that, I tired of this “Tac” crap.

      • By “they” you surely mean “mall ninjas” I mean they’re the only demographic this model is intended for …. someone’s gotta take that 200+ yard shot from the escalators at the center of the mall down the east wing to the entrance of JC Pennys.

    • Forget if it was Mossberg or Ruger but one made a scout rifle that took standard AR magazines. Don’t think it managed sob moa and the feed system was not exactly standard. AICS magazines can be irritating to pay for but the Magpul version works well and is fairly readily available.

  2. Nice piece for hunting and off-season shooting. And so is the Remingtion Police .308 which would be my choice.

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