The Healing Power of Hunting

“Let’s go hunting.” It was as simple, and complex, as that. My brother, Randy, and I had been chatting on the phone. I think he knew I was in trouble. Of course, he knew that I had received my diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer. He also knew that the prognosis was bleak. And, I think […]

5 Winter Hog Hunting Tips and Tricks

By Travis Smola Deer season has mostly ended across the country. We can already hear some of you sighing that your best chances at that big whitetail buck are probably gone for the year. Or maybe you already tagged out like I did. But maybe you feel like you still didn’t get your full hunting […]

Now Mobile Deer Processors Come to You [VIDEO]

By David Schlake While most hunters know how to field dress a deer, many don’t know how or don’t want to fully process their own, prompting them to seek professional assistance. For those who do it on their own, the process is messy and time-consuming. And, for those who pay someone else to do it, it […]

Private Citizens Can Manage The Feral Hog Problem

By Miguel A. Faria, MD Perry, Georgia attorney Larry Walker penned an interesting article in the (Macon) Telegraph on wild hogs describing their increasing destruction of flora, fauna, and property — a scourge and a serious concern to citizens in more than 40 states. Moreover, the multiple stories about wild hogs rampaging across the land […]

The Morning After Thanksgiving Hunt

I’ve written before about getting busted by a doe on a Thanksgiving hunt and watching as one of the best whitetail bucks I’d ever seen ran off at full tilt. Looking back through the archives, I realized that I’d never gotten around to telling the story of the morning after that hunt. Still unsuccessful, but […]

7 Fantastic Gifts For the Hunter on Your List

Hunters are no longer the majority of gun people, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be remembered come Christmas time. Or, for that matter, on their birthday or graduations. Yes, you can use this handy gift guide for those times as well! What are some awesome gifts for hunters? Here are 7 stellar examples. Bear […]

59-Year-Old Texas Woman Killed in Feral Hog Attack

No, she wasn’t hunting. No, she wasn’t out in the sticks somewhere. Chirstine Rollins was visiting the home of a client in Anahuac, Texas, an exurb east of Houston just south of I-10 when she was set upon by feral hogs. From the scene the local sheriff found, it appears that she was attacked in […]

Guns Don’t Kill Hunters, Tree Stands Kill Hunters

It’s that time of year again. The woods are full of hunters looking for that prize buck. But with all of those people carrying all of those firearms, a few unfortunate incidents are bound to happen. The majority of the time, however, hunting-related injuries don’t involve guns. Take, for example, this story from the Palmetto […]