Gear Review: Timney Calvin Elite Trigger for the Remington 700


With the recent news that Remington is (kinda) recalling every Model 700 rifle ever made to replace their triggers, I figured that now would be the perfect time to review another offering from Timney Triggers. I reviewed their standard Remington 700 trigger nearly two years ago, and it hasn’t left my rifle since the day it was installed. However, the guys at Timney tipped me off that there might be a better choice for those looking to squeeze that last little drop of accuracy out of their gun: the Calvin Elite model.

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Gear Review: MultiTasker Series 3 Multitool


The AR-15 platform is an incredibly versatile firearm, able to be adjusted and customized to meet almost any mission and fit just about any shooter. But in order to make all that customization possible — and even just to maintain the gun — you need a veritable crate of specialized tools. There have been some attempts in the past to create “one tool to rule them all,” giving you all the gadgets you need to fix your gun in the field (like the Leatherman MUT), but I always find that there’s something missing when I need it the most. I haven’t run into that problem with the MultiTasker Series 3 . . .

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Gear Review: Geissele SSA-E Trigger


Hi, My name is Tyler, and I’m a trigger snob. I’ve been a trigger snob my whole life. I feel it is arguably the most important part of any gun, and if anyone asks about potential upgrades, I tell them to spend good money on good triggers. There are a lot of AR trigger manufacturers, and one day, I’ll test ‘em all. But one company always comes up first when it comes to quality triggers for the AR platform – Geissele . . .

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Gear Review: Geissele Armorer’s Package


I’m a man on a mission. A special tools mission that is. I guess it started with my first action block. A polymer affair that clamshelled over a standard flat top upper. As soon as it arrived, I eagarly invited a friend over to assemble his box of AR parts so we could try out my new tool. He brought all the pieces including a Noveske barrel, the necessary gas block bits, and a non mil spec upper receiver. Which is where the problems started…

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Gear Review: 5.56 Muzzle Device Shootout


King Armory contacted TTAG and asked if we’d like to review their KA-1222A muzzle brake/flash hider. As there are just way too many options from way too many manufacturers to review them individually, the project quickly escalated into doing a bit of a “shootout” with muzzle devices from multiple companies. Hopefully we’ve achieved a decent mix of well-known units from well-known manufacturers as well as some from smaller shops that many folks may not be familiar with. Basically, the intention here is to highlight a variety of muzzle device options — we gathered 35! — state my blunt opinion on machining, fit/finish, and utility plus any items of note, along with relevant stats. Since many of these devices specifically claim to reduce recoil I created a test rig to measure just that, and a winner has been declared . . .

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Gear Review: Geissele Super Gas Block


Gas blocks for the AR 15 come in a variety of different flavors. From the venerable A2 style to adjustable types to the ones with a Picatinny rail on top. The world is your oyster when it comes to the type you desire, but the lightweight low profile gas block seems to be all the rage. It should be functional, minimalist, and as light as possible. Oh, and it shouldn’t impede the installation of a free floated hand guard in any way..

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Ammunition Review: Eagle Eye Precision Match .308 Win


It isn’t often that a new ammunition manufacturer comes onto the market, and even more rare is one that makes claims as big as Eagle Eye. They don’t simply claim to be “match grade” and then leave you gessing as to what that means, they print their guarantee right on the box: 1/2 MoA groups from every box of ammunition. It’s a bold claim, and they sent me home with a couple boxes of ammunition confident that the product will speak for itself. I put it through the standard ammunition testing that we do here, and the results are pretty cool.

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Tavor Aftermarket Trigger Shootout: Geissele vs. Shooting Sight vs. Timney


Thanks to a loan from a friendly member of the Bullpup Forum, I was able to get my hands on a Geissele Super Sabra Tavor trigger as well as an aluminum-bodied ShootingSight TAV-D and test them back-to-back against the offering from Timney and my Delrin-bodied TAV-D. And, of course, against the factory unit. I took a bunch of measurements, did a lot of shooting, and have come to the following conclusions . . .

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Gear Review: Liberty Torch QA Silencer


The more I learn about silencers, the more I start to agree with Kevin Brittingham– fast-attach is a terrible idea. There’s no way to make it as accurate, effective, or long-lasting as a direct thread can, and what you’re left with is a series of compromises. But there’s still a market for quick-attach suppressors, the idea of buying one can quickly mounting it to all of your guns is extremely appealing, and so to service that market Liberty Suppressors introduced the Torch QA . . .

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Gear Review: Leupold VX-1 Rimfire 2-7x28mm


Most companies don’t make a rimfire-specific scope. Instead they simply crank out a bunch of scopes rated for centerfire calibers and call it a day, ignoring the unique challenges that come with putting optics on a small caliber gun. Leupold is not one of those companies, and released a rimfire-specific optic in their VX-1 line of rifle scopes specifically targeted at people looking to put a nice piece of glass on their barrel . . .

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Gear Review: Echo-Sigma Emergency Roll Away for Two (ER2)


By MD Matt

Emergency preparedness is big business. From doomsday preppers to the walking dead, surviving the dark times has become as much about entertainment as practicality. Surging public interest has driven an entire industry of zombie survival, tactical readiness, bug-out bags, and disaster thwarting products. Some are good, some questionable, and many downright ridiculous. Novice preppers looking for a preconfigured emergency solution are faced with a dizzying array of conflicting advertising. Wading through this storm is often frustrating. What do I actually need? Am I buying quality products? Am I spending too much? Would I be better served building my own kit? . . .

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