Gear Review: ATN X-Sight Digital Day/Night Optic


There are few things in this world cooler than night vision optics, and next to a Batman-style grappling hook I can’t think of many gadgets I’ve wanted more since I was a little kid. Unfortunately, decent night vision of any sort and certainly night vision rifle scopes have always been prohibitively expensive. Cue the ATN X-Sights, a pair of digital scopes made for day- and nighttime shooting that pack in a ton of technology at a street price starting as low as ~$481 shipped. . .

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Gear Review: Vertx A-Range Bag


I carry a ton of crap with me every time I go to the range. From spare magazines and prototype holsters to cameras and fistfuls of ammunition, fitting all of that into a compact space (like the trunk of my Ford Focus) and getting it onto the firing line without multiple trips is the goal. I’ve tried all kinds of bags and sacks in an attempt to find the “perfect” range bag, and all have fallen short. Vertx is my favorite firearms-related clothing and accessories brand (I wear their pants every day), so when I realized that they also made a range bag I had to give it a try. Their current pride and joy: the A-Range Bag . . .

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Gear Review: AMSEC Gravity Spinning Bullseye


Years ago, Nick bought me a 10″ x 10″ steel target as a thank-you for introducing him to Texas. It was a big moment in my shooting life as I’d never actually shot at steel targets before. I was floored. Before I found out about the joys of steel, I’d bore holes in paper targets for hours with little or no feedback. In a post steel world, I got an immediate report on whether and where I’d hit or missed. After a dozen or so rounds, though, my feedback was reduced to binary hit or miss due to paint flecking off the steel. AMSEC’s Gravity Spinning Bullseye target changed my usage of steel in a major and very positive way . . .

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Gear Review: American Security Easy Carry Handgun Safe

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If you’re a regular TTAG reader, you may have read Chris Dumm’s review of American Security’s aptly-named Heavy Duty Handgun Safe last year. If you didn’t, spoiler alert: he liked it a lot, especially as a secondary safe used to keep a full-size handgun handy in your bedroom or car. It’s sturdy, pry-resistant and has a tough-to-defeat Simplex lock that can’t easily be defeated by punching it. Made from 10-gauge steel, AmSec’s Heavy Duty model is better built than Sophia Vergara, but weighs in at a Patton Oswalt-esque 24 lbs. Now, though, recognizing that some gun owners may want something a little more portable and a lot less likely to induce a hernia, AmSec has introduced the EZ Carry Handgun Safe . . .

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New From SportEAR: ProSounds X-Pro Premium Earplugs

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.21.29 AM

Too many shooters give too little thought to their hearing. That’s a good way to wind up with the TV turned up to 11 while you’re blissfully unaware of your wife shouting your name. Depending on who you married (and how long ago), that may be more of a feature that a bug. But if you like hearing the people who are talking to you without needing to read their lips, you need to give your ears some care while at the range and in the field. This being the 21st century, you have options from simple foam stopples to active electronic over-the-ear muffs all the way to custom in-ear electronic solutions that can run you as much as a used KIA. For those of us who are more budget-minded and want to preserve their auditory abilities, the hearing pros at ProSounds are out with a new, affordable, semi-custom plug that lets you turn your protection on or off with the press of a button . . .

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Gear Review: KCT Kydex MOLLE-Link Holster


I’m a big Kydex holster fan. Yes, I’ve used some great leather holsters and I’ll concede that for EDC, leather is the most comfortable. But for range days, hiking around, and general “beat it up” duty, Kydex is king. In my preparation for Run n Gun this year, and my a great stroke of luck at a competition prize table, I picked up a TYR Tactical Sniper Harness. It uses MOLLE webbing as the attachment platform along the belt. Fine for things like mag pouches and various other items, but I’ve never found a MOLLE compatible holster that I liked until now . . .

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Gear Review: Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x 42mm Tactical Monocular


I like to spend my time in the outdoors looking around. Occasionally, I find something far away that I want to check out, and reach for a magnified optic. Unfortunately, most magnified optics are in the form of a scope mounted to a rifle or a spotting scope that weighs a couple pounds. They aren’t handy or safe to be pointing at most of my intended targets. This is where a handheld unit like Bushnell’s Legend Ultra Tactical Monocular becomes a very valuable object . . .

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Contest Entry: Gear Review – Overwatch Holsters


By Bud Harton

I have to admit, second only to flashlights, I am a holster addict. It started way back in 1966 when I started carrying a Browning Hi Power in a World War II M3 ‘tanker’ holster while flying around and sightseeing in that sunny garden paradise, South Vietnam. As often happens, vacation getaways end and I came home and became a cop. That’s when the holster fetish really kicked in. . .

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Gear Review: Laser Ammo SureStrike Ultimate LE Kit and LaserPET Target


Back in the good ol’ days, my father shot his television. He was stationed at an Air Force base in New England at the time. This was the 70’s, and like many shooters he was using dry fire practice to improve his trigger control while watching David Carradine in ‘Kung Fu.’ He left to run an errand and came back, not knowing that my mother had loaded the gun in his absence. Yes, he violated safety rule number one. As dad settled into his chair to watch a little western karate drama, mom went to the kitchen where she had only a moment to feel horror as she heard my father shout, “I’ll get the bad guy for you!” . . .

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A First Pass at The Rehn Test

In a previous life, I was pretty committed to being a scientist. Well, an engineer actually. A minor distinction to some, but the cardinal sin is to confuse the two among a certain group of my friends. I entered college bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to learn what I needed to so I could go work for an Italian or Japanese MotoGP team making the next generation of fast motorcycles. Fast forward a few years to a bitter college sophomore curled up in the fetal position broken under the weight of abstract math and an electronics class that beat me up and took my lunch money . . .

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Gear Review: Magpul M-Lok Accessories


As I mentioned in my review of the Geissele MK8 hand guard, M-LOK is a natural progression from the likes of Picatinny and KeyMod. Advertised as having all the stability and strength of Picatinny with the no snag, low profile appeal of KeyMod, it seems to be a truly transformational standard. And because it was created, marketed, and disseminated by the big brains over at Magpul, it got market recognition that competing standards would have had to claw tooth and nail for. The problem with creating a new standard is that common accessories need to be created. Luckily, Magpul covered that as well . . .

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