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Gear Review: 300 Below Tactical Triad Cleaning Kit


300 Below has been in business since 1966, doing primarily cryogenic tempering of car parts, tooling, sporting goods, gun barrels, and the like. Next week, 300 Below will be introducing its new firearms cleaning and lubrication products, all of which are available in a kit called the “Tactical Triad.” TTAG received early notification of this pending product release and, even better, some of the goods to check out. Naturally, I had a couple dirty firearms and a filthy suppressor just itching to be cleaned . . .

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Ammo Review: American Eagle Suppressor .22 LR & 9mm


It’s been almost two years since I moved back to Washington from an 11-year hiatus in California. The instant 10% “raise” due to the lack of a state income tax was great, but the real moving present to myself was a suppressor. It took me a couple months to get everything squared away here, then another 10 to actually take possession of my new toy once I wrote that $200 check to the ATF. It’s no exaggeration to say that I then spent the last eight months looking for a .22 LR load that will reliably cycle the action of a semi-automatic rifle and remain subsonic. Despite the scarcity of .22LR these days, I was able to find and test a handful of loads…and none of them worked. They were either too weak to cycle the action, too non-standard to cycle the action, or powerful enough to cycle but therefore reliably supersonic. Enter American Eagle’s “Suppressor” ammo . . .

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Ammo Review: American Eagle Suppressor.45 ACP


On my weekly trip to the gun shop, I happened to peruse the shelves and noticed a few boxes of American Eagle Suppressor ammo in .45. Intrigued, I picked the box up and noticed that it was proudly advertised as “subsonic” and “made for suppressor use.” I turned to the OFWG behind the sales counter with the box in my hand and said, “But isn’t all .45 ACP subsonic?” He said, yes it is. “Okay then,” I said, “so what the heck is this stuff?”  ”Well, that’s even better and quieter than regular .45 ACP.” Mmmmkay. Now, I may have been born at night . . .

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Book Review: How To Shoot Like a Navy Seal

If you think that Chief Petty Officer Chris Sajnog’s How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL sounds like yet another attempt to shamelessly cash in on the Navy SEAL cachet, you’d certainly could be forgiven for that impression. If you actually go to the book’s website, it’s highly reminiscent of the hard-sell approach favored by your typical internet snake oil salesman: multiple huge fonts, different colored text and action buttons (“Yes, CHIEF! I want to learn how to shoot like a Navy SEAL”). And when you find out this 120 page book will cost you $47 in print and $27 in Kindle format, you have to wonder if it’s yet one more on-line scam (The video FEMA doesn’t want you to watch!) . . .

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Gear Review: Streamlight TLR-1 Game Spotter


In what seems like eons ago, a package arrived from Streamlight with a TLR-1 Game Spotter. Since then, I’ve mounted it on pistols and rifles. I’ve managed to drop it, beat it against hard objects, use it for hours at a time, and generally abuse it extensively. It has survived six months of hard use and come out on the other side still ticking. Oh and it’s still running on the original batteries! The Game Spotter is an insanely bright weapons-mounted light that claims to throw a beam of green light some 300 meters or so. They also say that green light preserves night vision and aids in spotting game . . .

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Gear Review: Off the Grid Concepts MKI Holster


By Christopher Bermudez

A little over three months ago, I started seriously looking for a dedicated appendix carry holster. Before I go any further, this is an article designed to tell you about a holster, not to change your mind about appendix carry. So if you want to learn more about a holster maker with great customer service, great kydex, and competitive pricing, read on. If you want to tell me how carrying in the appendix position is going to cause damage to my genitals or femoral artery, go watch a Brian LaMaster’s YouTube video, pat yourself on the back and post something to that effect below. (I actually find a lot of what Mr. LaMaster has to say to be insightful and spot-on, but I disagree with him on appendix carry so I will most likely die in a gunfight.) . . .

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Ammo Review: PCP Polymer .308 Winchester Ammunition

PCP Ammo, c Nick Leghorn

It’s a brave new world out there. Things are changing, and new manufacturing process are turning things that we would normally scoff at into reality. One of those new products is polymer cased ammunition, replacing the expensive brass cases with cheap plastic and saving not only a ton of weight but also rare(ish) metals. PCP Ammunition is the first to market with a prototype polymer ammunition, running at the moment in .308 Winchester only. We were handed a box to test out, and so I headed to the range with chronograph in tow to find out if the ammo is any good.

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