Gear Review: DARA Holsters Custom Double Mag Carrier


Springfield was nice enough to loan me a XD(M) 4.5 in 9mm for a long term test and evaluation. Up until just a few months ago, I’d rotated through the 4.5’s younger brother, a GLOCK 19, and a FNS depending on the day of the week, and the changing winds. But I wanted something bigger and with more capacity. Why? No reason, really, other than to say that I was carrying a gun with 19+1 of 147 gr. goodness. And because I shoot it much better than anything else. Also, when I remember to do it, I bring along a spare mag loaded to the top with another 19 rounds making my total loadout 39 rounds. But why stop there? . . .

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Gear Review: Replay XD Prime X Camera System


I’ve watched over the last couple years as more and more competition shooters have started wearing and using “action cameras” to record their runs in competitions. It’s a smart practice, since not only can you later dissect your every move and find ways to improve but you can throw that video up on YouTube and make your sponsors happy — not to mention promoting the competition shooting sports. 3-gun is one of those sports where it’s a whole lot more fun and exciting watching from a first person view, and just having a camera following you doesn’t provide the same kind of heart-pumping video. Everywhere you look in firearms the same thing is happening, from hunters recording their kills to average Joes filming their range sessions. Finding the perfect camera for every situation is tough, but Replay XD might have hit the nail on the head with the Prime X Camera System.

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Gear Review: DARA Holsters & Gear Custom IWB Holster


I used to work with a guy who would occasionally reference the one that got away. A woman so good, so pure, and so joyous that he spent the rest of his life a confirmed bachelor (in the Victorian sense). In a startling coincidence, I have also had one get away. Not a woman, of course, but a holster. She was a Don Hume, and a real beauty at that. Fitted perfectly for my Glock 19, it was the most comfortable I’ve tried, allowing me to carry a nearly full-sized pistol in the appendix position. I don’t know what made it so good, but I regret every day that I let it go. And all the Kydex girls in the world will never compare to that homely looking Don Hume . . .

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Gear Review: 2A Holster Mag Carrier


There are two categories of gun owners. Those who have had a magazine-related failure with their gun, and those who haven’t shot enough yet. Given a sufficient timeline and enough rounds, your magazine will fail you. And your pal Murphy will inevitably assure you that a failure will occur at the worst possible time. As such, carrying an extra mag for your EDC pistol is a very wise choice. As is practicing reloads under stress. The problem is that an extra magazine is sort of a pain in the rear end to carry. But very few companies offer a magazine carrier that is anything other than a sad afterthought. Except for the guy(s) at 2A Holster . . .

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Gun Review: GLOCK 34 Gen 4


This is a reader gun review. 

By Renegade Dave

If you’ve ever shot a defensive pistol match, you probably came away with a couple conclusions. The first is that “tactical” vests are probably the worst/most obvious “concealment” garment a civilian could ever hope for. The Second is that the GLOCK 34 is as ubiquitous as bad do-it-yourself memes. Even as the current iteration of the long slide gets longer in the tooth, it still sits atop the pile of other plastic wonder nines and also-rans in the competitive circuit . . .

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Gear Review: Redfield Accelerator Red Dot



I had just been looking at the Redfield Accelerator when Nick wrote about the Meopta Meosight III red dot. He mentioned the accelerator a few times in comparison and I liked what I saw and read. Then Christmas came and I got a gift card for Fisherman’s Marine and Supply. I go there a bit too often as they always seem to have powder, primers, and ammo. So the day after Christmas I was off to the store and picked one up . . .

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Gear Review: Lyman Crusher Master Reloading Kit


By Mike Morrison

I’m still fairly new to firearms and like many over the last few years, decided the best course of action would be to start reloading to cut costs and shoot more. After lots of research, reading forums, blogs, and watching YouTube videos, I realized reloading might not achieve either of those ends, but it still looked worthwhile. To that end my generous in-laws gave me a Lyman Crusher Master Reloading Kit with the Crusher II single stage press (yeah I’ve got great in-laws, but that’s another blog post) . . .

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Gear Review: Law Tactical Folding AR Stock Adapter

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 8.46.00 AM

I’m one of the many Americans who take an AR just about everywhere. Like the thousands of servicemen who kept a .30-06 around after the wars of the first half of the 1900s, I am knowledgeable, functional, and trusting of my service rifle platform. So I usually have one in my truck. Part of the reason is that I spend a good amount of time driving in some very remote areas, and part of that is because of feral hogs. I have my own personal jihad against the tasty invaders . . .

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Gear Review: SWFA SS HD 1-6×24


When I was putting together my gear plan for the Pecos Run n Gun, I knew I’d need a speciality optic. One of the stages goes to 400 yards and my eyes have never been my strong point. Originally, I had planned on using the SMRS from Bushnell, but I wasn’t enthusiastic about packing around a pound and a half of scope so I needed another option. I already owned a Leupold Mark AR, but I felt it didn’t have enough magnification and I’d watched Nick bump the uncapped windage turret on his scope during last year’s hunting season. Subsequently, Nick missed a nice buck. Lamenting over my predicament over lunchtime tacos with my shooting buddy, I got a very generous offer to borrow a SWFA SS HD 1-6 x 24 . . .

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Accuracy Update: PWS Modern Musket

When I reviewed the PWS Modern Musket Upper, I got some feedback in the comments that I hadn’t been fair in my ammo selection. Specifically, that I didn’t give it a fair shake with heavier projectiles. I got similar feedback from the folks at PWS who basically told me that every gun they’ve ever made has shot XM 855 poorly. So I hit up Dan for some ammo money and bought some better gun food to test. Sure enough, I got better results this time . . .

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Gear Review: TT Gunleather Snap Removable Slide Holster

TT Gunleather Holster (black leather with elephant skin trim).

The sun was almost directly overhead, leaving no shadows in the dusty Arizona landscape. “Make ready!” boomed the harsh voice of the kind-looking rangemaster with the white mustache, khakis, and stainless steel 1911 underneath his black baseball hat.Round chambered, check. Half-empty magazine removed, replaced with its sibling, topped off with 17 rounds. I returned to low ready. “Up! Look! Press!” . . .

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Gun Review: STI Trojan

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 10.16.07 AM

(This is a reader gun review contest entry, click here for more details.)

By Justin Sullivan

John Moses Browning’s quintessential handgun design has found its place in just about every major manufacturer’s lineup. Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Remington, and many others have all announced new “me too” 1911 models in the last year or so. Conversely, STI is no newcomer to this platform. A quick glance into the holsters at any major shooting competition will most likely reveal more STIs than any other single action pistol available. While they are perhaps better known for their double stack “2011” models, they also manufacture 18 different single stack designs in varying calibers and barrel lengths. The Trojan, while one of their less expensive models, is anything but ordinary . . .

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