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Gear Review: Point Blank Vision Body Armor


In my search for body armor I gathered a lot of information and I wanted to have a couple options. So I ordered some basic IIIA soft plates for my plate carrier and a custom made Point Blank Vision concealable vest. Because the Point Blank vest is custom made, it took about a month to arrive. For each vest, measurements for the intended wearer are taken, and then they are built to those specifications. But I’ll get more about that later . . .

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Gear Review: TAC-CON 3MR Trigger


The 5.56 NATO Ammunition for this review was provided by Liberty Ammunition.

Things really don’t get more entertaining than blowing through a full magazine of ammunition as fast as you possibly can. It’s why people pay tens of thousands of dollars for full-auto firearms: the giggle is worth the bucks. For those of us who can’t afford a properly stamped machine gun, however, there are other options. The SlideFire bump-fire stock has been a runaway success, but some people don’t like the way it looks or feels. Enter the TAC-CON 3MR trigger, a drop-in trigger replacement that promises to let you shoot faster without changing anything else about your gun . . .

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Gear Review: Timney Tavor Trigger


Timney Triggers is now shipping its trigger pack replacement for the IWI Tavor. I was so freakin’ happy with Timney’s trigger for my Mosin that there was no question about getting my mitts on this thing as soon as it was ready. I had one concern though: how much of a difference could it actually make, considering the entire trigger bar and linkage in the Israeli bullpup remains untouched? . . .

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Gear Review: DPMS Multi-Tool


Lets face it, you probably have an AR-15, maybe a couple of them. And if you don’t already have one, you’ve probably thought about getting or building one. If you aren’t aware, there are a few specialized tools you need to build an AR-15 or take one completely apart. The main things you may run into are the barrel nut, castle nut and free float rail components, but you may also need something for compensators or flash suppressors. I’ve used many tools to grapple with these, ranging from specialized tools, to off-the-shelf Craftsmen wrenches. Many off-the-shelf tools are OK for things like the compensator/flash suppressor and the other various pins and screws. But for dealing with things like a castle nut and free float rail installations, you really need specialized tools, and one that will hold up to some use . . .
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Gear Review: Speakeasy Briefs

Speakeasy Image

This wasn’t actually going to become a TTAG post, but I was inspired by our IGOTD winner, Dallas Archer, who chose to conceal an NAA Mini-Revolver in a very private place on in her person. Rewind one year — almost to the day — and a new company called Speakeasy Briefs is generating funding on Kickstarter for their boxer briefs with a hidden (assuming you’re wearing pants) pocket on the front. Ideal for stashing a flask, wallet, passport, rolled up sock, “protection.” Ah…protection. I’m fairly certain Speakeasy meant condoms, but when I think “protection” I think of the ballistic sort . . .

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Gear Review: JWH 10/22 Bolt and Charging Handle


I’m a diehard Texan. Born here. Raised here. Converted a few of the staff to Texans. So I’m a gullible idiot for anything Texas-related. I’m also a big dweeb for .22 rifles. If there’s a fire, and only one of my rifles can be rescued, my 10/22 is going to be slugging it out for first place with my Garand. At the time of this writing, I’ve owned my 10/22 for nearly 18 years, fired uncounted rounds and shot a mess of small varmints. And thanks to writing for TTAG . . .

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