Gear Review: Last Stand Target System


At the very beginning of this year, I reviewed The Last Stand system that allows a guy like me to create a target stand anywhere out of nothing but sections of rebar readily available at any home improvement store in America. I like the little pieces of gear a lot. The system is simple, rugged, and idiot proof. The setup is still out there, still absorbing abuse and sunlight, and not looking much worse for the wear. I liked the idea so much that I went out and bought a few more pieces of rebar and attempted to wire something similar together with bailing wire. No luck there. It turns out that when you’ve got the right pieces of gear, things just work better.

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Gear Review: TRUGLO 30mm Triton Red Dot Sight

P1370326 Usually, when you think of red dot rifle optics, it means one thing: big money. From Aimpoint’s wide selection to Trijicon’s RMR and even the Redfield line of Leupold red dots, small things don’t come cheap. TRUGLO has introduced a new 30mm red dot in the style of an Aimpoint PRO that they say offers the same functionality and usability at a fraction of the price. So the question today: do you really only get what you pay for? Or is there a better, cheaper option available in the TRUGLO? Read More


Gear Review: Right Now Range


Every now and again, a package arrives at my door and to the best of my ability, I just cannot figure out where it came from. Most of the time, I bounce some emails around to the guys and we figure it out. But sometimes I put the thing away in a corner and forget about it. The Right Now Range that’s been sitting in my shop for three months is one of those things. It just showed up after Dan met the company owner at SHOT, I later found). I got busy. I totally forgot about it. And then I unearthed it, slapped myself in the head, and took it to the range. After a day of poking holes in it, I’m very pleasantly surprised . . .

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Gear Review: TAC-CON Raptor AK Replacement Trigger


The AK family of firearms was never built for comfort or accuracy, they were always designed to put a premium on rugged reliability and ease of manufacture. That’s great for American shooters who want a gun that goes bang every time, but it also means there are some issues. One of the chief complaints about the AK is that the trigger is fairly “meh”, and a lot of people believe that with a better trigger their AK could shoot better than it does. TAPCO makes a replacement trigger, but installation can be a pain. That’s where TAC-CON’s new trigger comes in: a drop-in cassette that makes an AK trigger job easy as pie . . .

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Gear Review: Fighter Design Featherlight Rifle Sling


Not too long ago TTAG posted a review of the Five Best AR-15 Rifle Slings. I was glad to see the Vickers Sling among them, and dissapointed to see that the Viking Tactics sling didn’t make the list. The comments included some good discussion about single-point and two-point slings, and I noted that I use both for different applications. Then I got the word that one of my favorite companies, Fighter Design USA, actually produced a lightweight sling that quickly converts back and forth from a single-point to a two-point configuration. So I got one . . .

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Gear Review: HT Speed Draw Holster


I hate SERPA holsters. I think they’re difficult to use properly and without the proper training they increase the likelihood of putting holes where holes shouldn’t be. [ED: SERPA redesigned their release button after RF pointed out its specific design defect.] But there’s a problem: they’re convenient, and they work. They provide effective retention of the handgun, yet the mechanism is dead simple to disengage even under stress. Finding something that provides the same retention and ease of use with a different mechanism is rare, but they exist. HT Holsers took a stab at that problem, and their solution is the Speed Draw concealed carry holster . . .

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Gear Review: Ares Gear Aegis Enhanced Belt

A good belt is the linchpin of a solid carrying system. No matter how good your holster, no matter how good your gun, if you have a weak (and usually cheap) belt, you’ll always fight to carry effectively. In the past, I’ve used a CompTac belt with great success. It’s a solid belt with a reinforced Kydex strip that makes it very stiff, the key to a good belt. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to spend a few months wearing the Aegis Enhanced belt from Ares Gear, and I’m totally sold . . .

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Gear Review: Geissele 13″ Super Modular Rail MK8


We’ve been on a bit of a tear around here testing AR-15 hand guards, specifically the modular and free floating type. For the uninitiated, the market for hand guards is huge and there’s a dizzying array of options available for those who want to free their barrel from the pressure of being touched by anything but a gas block. This also exposes a great deal of real estate for those who want the flexibility to add accessories like vertical grips, lasers, and lights wherever they desire. But first, some history . . .

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Silencer Review: Dead Air Armament Sandman (S and L)


It seems like silencer companies are coming out of the woodwork these days. Everyone and their brother makes cans — heck, my local FFL has a shop-built silencer they’re hawking. But while the basic design is simple enough making something that works, works well, and works well every single time is a challenge. It pays to have someone who knows what they’re doing at the helm, and in the case of Dead Air Armament they might have the best shot of any of the new silencer companies at making a big splash. Not only are they leveraging the engineering knowledge of Bergara Rifles to make their stuff, they’ve got Mike Pappas (formerly) of SilencerCo fame keeping them on the straight and narrow. Their first product being released shortly is the Sandman silencer, and I had an opportunity to test it out before anyone else.

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Gear Review: Norman Gray’s Top 5 AR-15 Iron Sights

I "heart" Iron Sights

Arizona – -( In my time, I used iron sights on my military issued M-16A2 simply because EOTech and Aimpoint didn’t exist. Fast forward 26 years and every civilian shooter, soldier and law enforcement officer has one on their rifle. It’s truly amazing the technical advancements we have made in that time, but shooters don’t often learn from history. As tough as these sights may be, they are still man made devices and prone to malfunction or breakage and in a worst case scenario, bullets and shrapnel can severely shorten their lifespan. It’s these times when we can still rely on old fashioned low tech to get us through these unforeseen events and still be effective on the battlefield . . .

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AR-15 Muzzle Brake Shootout #2


Welcome back! Last November, we compared 35 different AR-15 muzzle devices. That shootout, like this one, pitted them against each other in a sled test to see which reduced rearwards recoil energy the most. However, this time around there are [almost] no flash hiders, linear compensators, or other devices not actually designed to reduce recoil. A total of 37 brakes and compensators joined in the fun for roundup part deux, although 8 of them are carry-overs from the first test, including the previous recoil eliminating winner. . .

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