Gear Review: Odin Works KeyMod Handstop & Fortis Aluminum Rail Section


Written by CASES4CASES:

I don’t know about you, but with the plethora of Modern Sporting Rifle components and accessories available to today’s consumers (I’ll now proceed to reference RF’s recent reference of Stendhal syndrome) I get really excited when I find two products from different manufacturers that work extremely well together. Right now I’m feeling that excitement with this great match, and it’s terrific . . .

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Gear Review: Bigfoot Gun Belts 14 oz + Core Belt


Bigfoot Gun Belts is sandwiching a thin, spring-steel core in the middle of 14 oz English bridle leather to create this 14oz Leather + Steel Core belt. That sheet of steel is plenty bendy in your standard belt direction — you know, the curly way so it can easily wrap around your waist — but it’s extremely stiff vertically and relatively stiff torsionally, which is what we’re often looking for in a gun belt . . .

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Gear Review: Griffin Armament Recce 5 & Recce 7 Suppressors – Part 1


As an industry, I think we’re in a golden era for silencers. Ten years ago, our options were somewhat limited if we wanted to suppress our rifle(s). Fast forward a decade to this year’s SHOT Show and you couldn’t throw a business card without hitting a silencer manufacturer. As a guy who likes options, this pleases me greatly. Speaking of great pleasures, thanks to the generosity of the team at Silencer Shop, I was able to spend a few hours at a private range putting rounds through several of Griffin Armament’s silencers. As Griffin offers quite a few options, I’ve elected to break the results of that trip into several posts, the first of which will focus on their muzzle device attached Recce series . . .

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Gear Review: Gear Head Works CZ Scorpion Magazine Release


As I’d list the location and functionality of the CZ Scorpion Evo’s factory magazine release as one of the gun’s great features, attempting to “upgrade” it hadn’t really occurred to me. Despite this, when I saw Gear Head Works‘ replacement unit I figured I’d give it a test drive in my ongoing quest to try out a bunch of aftermarket Scorp accessories. To my great surprise, the “fast paddle magazine release” crushed my low expectations and actually has succeeded in upgrading the factory unit . . .

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Gear Review: Trijicon HD Night Sights


Our maximum leader and chief content creator often says that criminals are nocturnal animals. As such, any gun designed for usage in defense of self or home needs the ability to be aimed in the dark. During the daylight hours, said sights need to be crisp and easy to acquire as well. Triiicon HD Night Sights have long been the gold standard for no, low, and bright light sights for self defense handguns. Eager to see what all the fuss was about, I secured a set for my EDC M&P 9 . . .

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.30 Caliber Muzzle Brake Shootout


In response to popular demand, we’ve scaled it up a notch and have taken the 5.56 muzzle brake testing to 7.62. Specifically, 24 muzzle devices threaded 5/8-24 for use with .30 caliber cartridges joined in the fun, all of them getting tested for recoil reduction prowess on a .308. Come on in, the water’s just fine . . .

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Gear Review: CrossBreed IWB Women’s Appendix Carry Holster

Some gun enthusiasts consider firearms-related products aimed at women buyers nothing more than pandering. Sometimes it’s true (even if it’s unimportant). Sometimes it isn’t; the product offers females a genuine advantage over “standard” products designed for men. Is the Crossbreed IWB Women’s Appendix Carry Holster — hereafter known as the WACH — the former or the latter? According to CrossBreed’s website, “with its softer leather and smoother corners, the Women’s Appendix Holster was designed specifically with the female body in mind.” True story? . . .

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Calculating Muzzle Velocity and Trajectory With Five Shots (Or So)


For years now I’ve been a long distance shooter. For much of that time I’ve been missing targets at long distances. There isn’t any shame in missing. Most of you have missed more shots than you’ve made, except that one time you lucked out and actually hit that pop can that somebody else left on the target rail on the 300 yard line of your local range. That time, you had everything just right. So, as the title says, how does one go about figuring things out with only five shots? I’ll tell you one thing . . .Read More


Post-Massacre Pakistani Teachers Get Guns

Pakistani teachers tool-up (courtesy

“‘Pakistan is already an extremely violent and volatile country. It needs de-weaponization on a national scale. Instead of performing its constitutional duties, the government is encouraging people to deal with violence through violence. It only proves one thing: the state has failed,’ said Islamabad-based analyst Abdul Agha.” That’s one theory [via]. A theory which is failing to dissuade Pakistanis from tooling-up in the face of terrorists, including arming its teachers. Like this . . .

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