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We ran the announcement from GrovTec for their new Tri-Base buffer tube sling mount for AR-15 rifles back in February. It’s basically a clamp with three quick detach cups that fits on your mil spec buffer tube.

The selling points here are 1) it’s fully ambidextrous, 2) it’s made in the US and, best of all, 3) it doesn’t require you to disassemble your AR-15 to install a sling mount. It’s perfect for those of us who prefer a single point sling and don’t want to mess with replacing the lower’s end plate or hassling with a staked castle nut.

I loved the idea, so I got one.

Only one problem. I forgot that my AR has a commercial buffer tube. If you’re not familiar, that means it has a slightly larger diameter than a mil spec buffer tube. It also meant I couldn’t use my new sling mount.

Lucky for me, I hadn’t returned the Brace Built Modern Carbine yet that JWT had recently reviewed. It has a mil spec buffer tube, so at least I could give the Tri-Base mount a try.

It will take you less than a minute to install the mount. (Dan Z. for TTAG)

Installation took approximately 30 seconds. GrovTec includes a hex key with the mount so you won’t even have to open up your tool box.

Dan Z. for TTAG

I didn’t install the mount on this gun permanently, but if you’re doing that, you’ll want to use a drop of Blue Loctite on each screw. The fit was snug and perfect.

Dan Z. for TTAG

The TriBase mount gives you three QD cups to choose from when mounting your sling.

Single point sling mounted in the Tri-Base mount’s center QD cup (Dan Z. for TTAG)

I also got a GrovTec Single Point Bungee sling. While mounting it in the center works . . .

Mounting the sling on the left side cup worked better for me. (Dan Z. for TTAG)

A left side mount works better. At least for me. With three mounting options, both lefties and righties will find a position that works for them.

MSRP is $47, but I’ve seen them online for as low as $30. It’s a quick, easy way to add a flexible sling mount option to your AR platform rifle and it definitely doesn’t suck.



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  1. Appreciate that mention country of origin (made in the USA). I’ve been bitching about this for 2yr. All the crap tested here but no mention when it is made in chicomland.

    Country of origin should be the standard ALWAYS. China is the enemy of the free world. F the SOBs.

    • If you toss all your Made In China items you probably wouldn’t have a lot of creature comfy products left in your home including the device you are using to post your opinion. I hate to rain on your parade but a lot of products listed as Made in The USA include components made elsewhere.

      • That hopefully will change if the Congress and the President repeal laws detrimental to producing products in the U.S. and pass new laws that give businesses more incentive to stay here. This should be a wake up call even for the Dems. But, what do I know? The Dems might want to tank the economy in their hatred for Trump and us “deplorables.” Could be a situation such as happened in the Bible to the Egyptians who sold themselves into slavery to the pharaoh due to a famine. But, I believe God has Trump as President for such a time as this!

      • I put a lot of effort into reading labels and demanding to know country of origin. If it does not plainly state MADE IN USA, I consider how I can get by without it, whatever it is.

        It is absolutely true that buying from Communist China has been made unavoidable. Worth the effort though, no matter how few the successes may be.

        My current pet peeve is garlic. Try and find bottled garlic that reveals where it is from. The company will have a USA address but provide no info on origin.

        Think about that, food ingredients sourced from Red China.

        How is that even remotely acceptable?

    • Agreed about the mention of Made In USA. I have a feeling that the term “Made in China” will develop a negative stigma over the coming months as we get past this pandemic debacle and try to get back to business. I’ve always chosen American products over Chinese whenever possible, gladly paying more $$ to support American jobs.

      • “I have a feeling that the term “Made in China” will develop a negative stigma over the coming months as we get past this pandemic debacle and try to get back to business. ”

        That’s starting to happen, and why China is so eager to claim their virus is US in origin…

        And speaking of Vhyrus, anybody seen him?

  2. GrovTec rose from the ashes of Uncle mike’s after that company got turned into another Chinese subsidiary when Bushnell bought them. GrovTec is a firearms accessory company run by shooters and hunters, and they make all of their hardware her in the USA.

    • RE: eb10…Are you trying to tell this forum that GrovTec owns factories that mine the steel, produce aluminum, mine the raw materials, makes the coatings necessary for a finished product that is 100% Made in The USA? Instead of assumptions you should contact the CEO Of GrovTec and ask if there are no foreign connections whatsoever to the manufacture of their products?

      • If they grind, polish, and coat the glass here in the US, that qualifies in my book…

        • Clarification –

          I want the core technologies made in the US. Anodizing aluminum I don’t care if that comes from China, but I do want the light path American made, *if possible*…

      • What I’m saying is, they source their steel from US sources, manufacture their metal products in Oregon (which is, despite the state government’s best efforts, still part of the USA), and package their products in US-made packaging.

  3. Have used Troy M4-SM buffer tube sling mounts for years…a more integrated look/style, $45 current MSRP, made in USA. Very happy with mine.

  4. I wonder how many who assume Made In The USA means Made In The USA would walk into a slim pickens gun store today and frown at SKS that was Made In China? I wonder how many would frown at a case of 7.62×39 steel core Made in China ammo?
    Where something is made sometimes does not matter unless you are a hard nosed bigot or someone who relies on a Gunsmith for a clean and lube, etc.


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