We the people tattoo ar-15 protest

Tucker: Gun Rights Should Limited Based on Modern Guns’ Increased Lethality

There is room for looking at the lethality of modern firearms when considering the constitutionality of gun regulation. The court implicitly acknowledged this in its Heller decision when it stated that machine gun bans were acceptable. It's a...

Silencer Review: SilencerCo Hybrid 46M Modular Big Bore Suppressor [VIDEO]

Once again Silencer Shop has loaned us the newest suppressor to hit the market so we can put it through its paces for y'all. This time that means testing out SilencerCo's new modular, big...

Gear Review: Crimson Trace CTS-1400 Compact Red Dot Sight

Crimson Trace dived into the optics market pretty hardcore. Everything from red dots and prisms to variable optics. I've already reviewed one Crimson Trace optic, and they decided to send me another. The CTS-1400...
Rugged Suppressors Mustang22 Modular Silencer

Silencer Review: Rugged Suppressors Mustang22 Modular Silencer

Rugged Suppressors is known for their durable, quiet, modular suppressors with the best warranty in the industry. The Oculus22 has been an industry leader for years and, with its all 17-4 stainless steel construction,...
Crimson Trace Brushline Pro 3-12X42mm BDC

Gear Review: Crimson Trace Brushline Pro 3-12X42mm BDC Riflescope

Crimson Trace is a household name among shooters. Their lasers and laser grips have adorned innumerable handguns and several major firearm manufactures have included their laser aiming grips on their guns right from the...

Things That Don’t Suck: 221B Tactical’s Asset Tactical Jeans

  By Waysun Johnny Tsai About ten years ago I was sponsored by a couple of large tactical gear manufacturers. They would send me pants, shirts, boots, socks, underwear, hats…you name it. The good thing was,...
Olight Baldr Pro Tactical Light & Green Laser

Things That Don’t Suck: Olight’s Baldr Pro Tactical Light & Green Laser

We've had really good luck with Olight weapons lights in the past. They're well built, intelligently designed, and priced reasonably. For a good overview, see some of our other posts here, here, and here. Every...
SIG SAUER MODX-9 Modular 9mm Suppressor

Silencer Review: SIG SAUER MODX-9 Modular 9mm Suppressor

Modular silencers have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. They provide "the best of both worlds" in that the user can choose between shorter, lighter, and louder or longer, heavier, and quieter. SIG...
Pack and Load Range Ammo (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

Gear Review: Pack & Load Range Ammo and Loader by The Right Tool Company

Loading AR magazines takes time. Sometimes we need that time to relax and get our minds right, and sometimes we just need to get shooting. The Right Tool Company has developed a nifty little gadget...
Elastic Precision Semi-Auto Rubber Band Guns

Gun Review: Elastic Precision Semi-Auto Rubber Band Guns (MP5 / 1911 / PPK)

Two unexpected surgeries recently confined me to home -- during duck hunting season no less. I soon found I needed something to scratch the gun guy itch. Video games don't do it for me;...

Gear Review: Crimson Trace CTS-1000 Red Dot Sight

Crimson Trace made a name for itself by creating a wide variety of visible laser systems. Their lasers built into various grips made them quite famous and provided a secondary aiming point for shooters....

Silencer Review: Dead Air Primal .46 Cal Suppressor

Given the price tag of a suppressor plus the $200 tax plus the 9- to 12-month wait time for approval, there's a lot of appeal to buying a silencer that can be used on...