Gear Review: Mirzon Enhanced Grip Module for SIG P320

With a serialized, easily-removed internal chassis, SIG SAUER’s P320 is a truly modular handgun. The ability for the end user to swap between slides and grip frames is a big selling point of the P320 platform, and the aftermarket continues jumping into the mix and upping the modularity factor. This spring we saw Mirzon at […]

Gear Review: Trijicon ACOG TA-44-C

By Arthur Parker If you were asked what the most proven combat optic in the world was, what would you say? If your answer was not the Trijicon ACOG, you answered wrong. Trijicon has been around since 1981, however, the beloved ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) was not introduced until 1987. The ACOG is a […]

Gear Review: SB Tactical SBA4 Pistol Brace

SB Tactical is the brace that started race, and keeps on winning it. The SBA4 is the newest version of the AR-15 pistol stabilizing brace that gave all sorts of shooters options they never had before. Unsurprisingly, this newest version, which is based on SB Tactical’s popular SBM4 brace, is feature packed and top notch […]

Gear Review: Teeny Rimfire Silencer Roundup

Outside of Hollywood, the purpose of a firearm suppressor is to reduce the volume of a gunshot to below the threshold of causing immediate hearing damage. While chasing the lowest decibel ratings is the norm for newcomers to silencer ownership, experience eventually takes most shooters in a different direction: a quest for the smallest, lightest […]

Optics Review: Atibal Apex 4-14×44 FFP Riflescope

TTAG is slowly ending my scope snobbery. Well, less TTAG itself and a lot more the opportunity to shoot through increasingly better quality budget glass. A while back I wrote about my go-to-review optic, the Atibal Nomad 3-12×44. That particular scope reviewed extremely well and kept me on the lookout for Atibal’s scopes in the […]

Gear Review: Right Now Range 2.0 Target System

Tyler Kee reviewed the Right Now Range (v1.0) in 2015, exclaiming that it was the “most words that have ever been written about cardboard.” Upon receipt of a test sample…of cardboard…I chuckled at the thought. This is literally a folded-up box of cardboard. And it’s the most fun I’ve ever had with cardboard. Can I […]