Gear Review: Lyman Auto Advance Target System

As first world problems go, walking downrange to change your targets is pretty horrific. Trekking hundreds of yards in Texas in August, battling heat and snakes? Fuggedaboudit! Thankfully Lyman has come to the rescue with their Auto-Advance Target System. This sweet piece of kit changes targets remotely, is affordable, and works out to 200 yards. […]

Gear Review: SilencerCo SCO15 Lower Receiver

With demand at an all-time high, SilencerCo chose the perfect moment to launch its new AR-15 stripped lower receiver, the SCO15. Silencer Shop got their hands on a couple of samples (if you’re interested in snagging one once they’re in stock, join the mailing list here) and I was lucky enough to borrow one and […]

Gear Review: SAFESHOOT Shooter Safety System

Firearms safety is always a primary concern (or should be), and while the big four firearms rules always apply, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve. The SAFESHOOT safety system is one such way. This system is designed and developed to increase firearms safety and awareness particularly in situations where you may not be […]

Gear Review: Leupold Tracer Shooting Glasses

It’s strange that while we spend a lot of time obsessing about the clarity of our rifle scopes or getting the perfect set of sights on our gun, there isn’t the same attention to detail when it comes to shooting glasses. Most people just buy a cheap pair of eye protection from the range or […]