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Police are issuing a warning to parents who are buying their kids toy or airsoft guns this Christmas.

Police are warning that because these toy guns look so real, they could be putting kids at risk if they are used improperly. Police this year are urging parents to use caution and educate their children about the dangers some of these hyper-realistic guns pose.

“The biggest thing is safety. In regards to even if they are using a toy, if it’s airsoft, or if it’s a pellet gun, if there’s some type of safety feature on it even something like paint on it to show that it’s not a real weapon, leave that on it,” said Chicopee Police Officer Erek Machowski, a trainer at the Chicopee (Massachusetts) Police Department.

Kids sometimes cover up these indicators, sometimes with just black tape. This can put their lives at risk. Police have gotten calls about kids brandishing guns in public. In these tense situations, it can be hard to tell if a gun is real or if it has been tampered with. Just look at some of the toy and airsoft guns police have confiscated from the streets recently.

— Alanna Flood in Real vs Fake Guns: If your life is on the line would you be able to tell the difference?

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  1. Well yes, kind of a no brainer, don’t remove the the orange tip and point an airsoft pistol at cops. Unless you’re trying for a Darwin Award.

      • Something worse has already come to Texas in numbers you won’t be able to deal with.

        California stupid.

        • That’s why I strongly suspect that Texas is fucked over the medium to longer terms.

          Idaho has similar problems but, like Wyoming it probably won’t last because the people from Cali don’t like the winter.

          Florida, IMHO, is a coin toss. On the one hand, they got a lot of blue staters that moved there. Flip side of that is that many of them came from NY and believe that Cuomo outright murdered their family members.

        • I dunno. All the Californians I know here in Texas are thankful to have “escaped” the onerous taxes and infringements of rights of their former home. Many are more conservative than some native Texans.

        • From what I see and hear they’ve pretty well taken over Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio and longer term residents see a huge number of negatives from this.

          If I’m not mistaken those are the largest four cities in the state and they’re all on a downward trajectory compared to, say, 2015 or 2016.

          There are two things to keep in mind here.

          1. Rule of Average Perception (my term for it).

          Imagine a scale of “livability” from 0-100. 0 is the worst shithole imaginable. 100 is basically utopia. If your state is, say, 70, and Cali is, say 10, people from Cali can come in, cut your number to 35 and not even realize they’ve fucked up because their standard of living went up 350% while yours dropped 50%.

          This is exactly what has happened to Colorado. Do not for one moment believe you are immune to it. Reversion to Mean is a thing, and voters do it within a few cycles. Especially if they’re comfortable.


          2. There are no blue states, only red states controlled by blue cities.

          Again, exactly what happened to Colorado. Also New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio and Iowa.

          Colorado was cherry red from the 1950’s until 2008 with the exceptions of 1964 and 1992 (2/14 = 14.3%). In the past 15 years, well I don’t imagine I have to explain it, do I.

          That’s due almost entirely to a few counties. Larimer, Denver, Boulder, Adams, Arapahoe and Jefferson. Other ski-country areas are blue but have basically no population.

          Essentially, on a county basis, the state is controlled by 6 of 64, 9.4%. But land doesn’t vote, people do and these counties don’t need high turnout to overwhelm the rest even if the rest do have high turnout.

          People who choose to live in a city or ‘burb are fundamentally different in psychological makeup, especially if they come from a very large urban area in a blue state. NY, NJ, MA and IL produce the same kind of people for example. This may be due to growing up/spending time in an area with a certain population density (See John B. Calhoun’s work on “behavioral sinks” in the middle of the 1900’s).

          Guard Texas jealously and zealously. Actively work at not letting these people revert to their average behavior from their past. If you fail to do this it’s very, very, very likely you will come to seriously regret your inattention when they revert and you get Californicated with a quickness (and no lube).

        • Florida, IMHO, is a coin toss.

          FL is deeper red now than it was during the Jeb Bush years… Most transplants from NY are actual conservatives that are tired of being taxed into poverty while their vote means nothing…

        • While it is not impossible that Florida’s situation with political immigrants is, in fact, different from nearly every other case on record the chances of this being the case are not good. The same is true of Texas.

          2-3 election cycles will tell the tale.

          It is, however, interesting to note that everyone can see this in states that are not their own but imagines that somehow their state is special.

        • Prior to 2021 FL Republicans were at a deficit statewide, since 2021 the margin of Republicans has increased to a 680,000 registered majority with 5.2 million, Dems are 4.5 million, Ind @ 3.7 million and 307 thousand toss their votes in the trash by voting for 3rd parties… Independents went heavily Republican in 2020 and the 2022 mid-terms…

  2. Which is the problem:

    -Airsoft guns
    -mis/stupiduse of said airsoft guns
    -police tendency to mag dump anyone holding anything or nothing at all


  3. Toy guns teach children the following:

    1) Point guns at people or things they don’t want to hurt.

    2) Put their finger inside the trigger guard.

    3) Pull the trigger while pointing a gun at people or things they care about.

      • Both of you can be correct. If the parents teach the kids properly, toy guns are a great tool. If the parents don’t, toy guns allow kids to practice bad habits.

  4. Ms. Flood, there’s a percentage of these “kids” who use realistic appearing non-guns to gain street cred.
    By brandishing, intimidating and committing adult crimes they earn their way into the local criminal culture. When one of these wanna-be thugs gets capped by an officer or civilian, I’m sure you will capitalize on their still, cooling bodies to push an approved Agenda.

  5. What’s MORE dangerous?
    Not getting your children comfortable around firearm.
    Or even worse?
    Misinforming them that they AREN’T their own first responders.
    Only a fool calls 911 during a life or death situation, then hopes for an instantaneous response and immediate engagement of the threat by responders.

  6. Just buy the kid a basketball so they chase it into the street and get ran over by a garbage truck. On a serious note it’s time again for Sunday School led by brother Kris…

    • “On a serious note it’s time again for Sunday School led by brother Kris…”

      Or, :

  7. James, another thing the antis don’t realize that even if the police are only a few minutes away that it only takes seconds for a bad guy/gal to do a lot of damage with a gun even, if it only has a 10 round magazine or be it a 6 hole revolver. Even a split second can mean a life lost or a person badly injured.

  8. As a kid in the 70’s, way before blaze orange muzzles, my grandmother warned me and my brother that if we were ever playing with toy guns and saw a cop, drop the toy guns immediately.

      • MADD, as you are a pot smoker who is not even supposed to have a firearm by Federal law, you would be my personal experience.

        • Fuck unconstitutional Federal law… Fortunately I live in the free state of FL but I’m sure you are right at home in the Kommie territory of NY… Your tough talk sounds good on paper…

        • MADD, as the Federal drug laws are NOT unconstitutional (see the Commerce Clause of the Constitution), you are wrong. But then again, that is not all you are wrong on.
          Florida may be “freer” than NY is a lot os ways, Federal Law still prevails. When you filled out your 4473, purchasing a firearm, you committed the FEDERAL crime of perjury which is a FELONY.

  9. Police are warning that because these toy guns look so real, they could be putting kids at risk if they are used improperly

    Using the cop’s perspective, you could say the same thing about cell phones and candy bars…

    “You’ll shoot yer eye out kid”…

    • MADD, When the officer tells you to FREEZE, freeze. It is really very simple. Even you should be able to figure that out.

        • MADD, take some of your own advice and maybe you should take mind as well. Clearly, you aren’t the sharpest tack in the draw.

        • So, are you jealous of anyone with an IQ above room temperature or is that just your go to when you can’t think of anything else?

        • MADD, If I had an IQ equal to my shoe size, I would still have more intelligence than you. Of course that is not saying much for me.

          You are the drug addict that claims he is not addicted (but you sue it every four hours) to one of the most addictive drugs (Oxy) in the world today.

      • And then the other tells you to get on the ground, and another tells you to put your hands up, and the last one tells you to turn around, and then they ALL mag dump into you because one of them sneezed and accidentally pulled the trigger so they all sympathetically fire.
        All of this happening while you are confused by the conflicting commands and the extreme aggression of the cops.

        But they all went home safe that night and that is all that matters (you assuming ambient temperature is immaterial).


        • JIMBO, so you get your hands up, get on the ground. IF you don’t comply you and make some STUPID move, you just might get full of holes.

          That’s right, Jimbo, the most important thing is for each officer to go home to his family safe.

        • JIMBO, so you get your hands up, get on the ground. IF you don’t comply you and make some STUPID move, you just might get full of holes.

          That’s right, Jimbo, the most important thing is for each officer to go home to his family safe and sound.

        • When someone is hollering with my hearing being totally fkd all I hear is loud sad trombone noises like Charlie Brown when the adults are talking.

          Cops start yelling commands at me I’m gonna drop anything I’m carrying and hold my hands up and open above my head moving slowly and hope to hell they don’t decide to mag dump me for ‘not complying ” to their unintelligible noises.

        • Me too Tesla.
          Yelling just sets the ears to ringing more.
          I’m going to get a ” I’m deaf DL” they do have them I found out, they are white if my memory is correct .
          That could stop a lot of the yelling and give me an excuse for my stupidity.

        • Nikita, maybe it is time to clean your ears out?

          Sounds like a typical ignorant cop reply… Never occurred to you the guy might actually have actual physical damage to his hearing, did it? I have a feeling you spent a lot more time babysitting convicts than you did dealing with the public…

        • MADD seems you have a petulance for stupid. A police officer is NOT a mind reader and does not have access to each and every person’s health records each time they respond to a call.

          I have a hunch you have spent to much time overthinking each and every scenario possible. Maybe it is time for you to grow up?

        • At 74 I’m as grown up as I need (or intend) to be… Maybe you should spend some time thinking (engage brain) before you put your mouth in gear… Too many of your responses are as if you didn’t even bother to read the post you are answering…

        • MADD, for someone who claims to be 74, how does it feel to be in a drug induced stupor all the time>?

          Speaking of “spending more time thinking (engage brain)” before I put my moth in gear, I have no problem with engaging my brain. you see, I’m not in a drug inducted stupor.

          How is it when your drug use you are able to purchase a firearm? Or is that another law you don’t feel you have to follow?
          Seems each time you respond you taste shoe leather or is it rubber?

        • I can see your years of experience as a good soldier for the Gestapo has put some really fucked up shit in your head… I do not sit around in a drug “inducted?” stupor (your word, probably meant induced) all day, I use as much as necessary to ease the pain I’ve lived with for years… My gun purchases were all made prior to my switching from a 30mg prescribed pain killer that I had to take every four hours that left me in a constant fog, and which took me 6 months to kick on my own (I quit smoking in 2 months after 30 years)… And please, do not try to project YOUR sexual fantasies on me (shoe leather? rubber? you are a sick fuck)… Do you try to dominate your family the way you attempt to bully people on here… What a fucking loser, dance clown…

        • MADD I can see your years as a FELON have not worn on you. You bet your posterior I am still a “good soldier” but not as you allege. Yeah you do sit around in a drug inducted stupor. you admitted it and now are denying? Which lie should be believed.

          Congrats on kicking the smoking habit, now work on your drug addiction.

          Sexual fantasy? JBOL! Still have your shoe leather in your mouth? I guess it’s better than cigarettes. No reason to dominate my family. My son believes as I do.

          Speaking of losers and clowns? I don’t dance to a drug induced fog…that would be you.Tell me how you are not addicted to Oxy when you have admitted to using it every four hours? Oxy is one of the most addictive drugs on the market.

        • Tell me how you are not addicted to Oxy

          Once again you pull shit out of context… I was PRESCRIBED that shit (30mg every four hours for EIGHT years) I PERSONALLY made the decision to remove that shit from my life, I spent six months of using diminishing doses until the last month which I spent in a hell of pain, cramps, burning up one moment, freezing the next, waking up in a bed soaked with sweat but I kicked it because I have a mental and physical strength that YOU can never understand… I DO NOT sit around in a stupor smoking all day (an ounce has lasted me nearly a year so far and still plenty left), in fact most days I try to put 200/300 miles on my motorcycle and weekends my wife and I do at least 600 miles weather permitting (can’t do THAT in a fucking stupor). I smoke a couple of times a day when the pain becomes unbearable and then only a couple of hits from a small bowl, only other drug I take now is Eliquis for my little Afib problem… THAT is how I am NOT addicted and if you think it’s not possible to get off of oxy then you are WAY less of a man than YOU think you are, weak minded with no heart… Go on with your sissy-ass bullshit I can imagine the stress you must be under with your Masters orders still bouncing around in your head, anyway GFY girly-man…You have become boring, you contradict yourself, have no idea of context, and project your miserable life on others… I’m going for ride, you just sit there and pass judgement on people whom you know absolutely nothing about… Must really suck to be you…

        • MADD, so now you claim you don’t use Oxy any more? So you are back to Pot?

          For your edification there are pain meds on the market that are not addictive and are not illegal and are effective. No, little fella, you are still a felon for lying on your 4473 forms.

          Sucks to be a slug like you, huh?

        • So, your astute comprehension still continues to astonish… I’m tired of your stupidity, fortunately I’ve got some adult stuff to do… Go brainwash your kid some more…

        • MADD, it is a shame your comprehension is so poor as to find excuses to smoke your pot.

          Seems, I am sorry to say, you have been brainwashed by the drug culture “justifying (sic)” your drug abuse calling it “therapeutic”. By doing some “adult stuff”, do you mean smoking another joint?

  10. Playing Cowboys and Mongols the toy gunms were always an argument of “I shot you.” The arrow from a home made bow left no doubt.

    • In my neighborhood the rule was whoever said “BANG” first got the drop and always won -no exceptions. If anyone argued they were ostracized by all the kids in the neighborhood for weeks and nobody would recognize they were even there if they tried to re-enter the group games.

  11. This is perfectly understandable when police have been conditioned by the gun control lobby’s propaganda. Many cops now suffer from a Freudian phobia of being outgunned by criminals armed with large caliber, long barrelled, high capacity assault pxnises that can fire dozens of rounds without reloading.

  12. I watch a couple Law Enforcement based TV shows, as well as LE body cam videos. It is amazing the number or criminals that are caught with air soft and toy guns in their possession. I’ve seen hundreds of examples, with a few resulting in dead perps. You just can’t fix Stupid, but you can bury it. As necessary.

  13. Your annual reminder not to do shit that occurs at a rate so low as to be statistically insignificant in the first place.


    And you have to love the subtle subtext of “Or else we’ll probably shoot your kids”, a .gov version of “Nice family you have there, sure would be a shame if something happened to it”.

    • Ya know back in the 1960’s we gotta a quite realistic Mattel snub nose revolver for Christmas. Shiny & metallic. Pulling that out some 60 years later “might” get you killed. Look at that 12 year old black kid in Cleveland. The po-leece just pulled up & plugged him.”He looked older”🙄

  14. Growing up with the 1970s. I remember when “war toys” was the current moral panic. Of all the adults around me.

    I have fond memories of my friends and I throwing plastic hand grenades at each other. Back then we used “grenades simulators”, cans or piece of wood, to simulate a hand grenade. That works too when you didn’t have the money to buy real toy hand grenades.

    Parents and society in general are failing in a moral way. For not teaching their children about war. And how to defend yourself when the fight comes to you.

  15. Years ago my neighbors kids all had airsoft. Cost me 350 bucks to replace my front window. Those little plastic balls were everywhere in my yard. Get off my lawn! Would’ve got me shot by those little sh*ts.

  16. @strych9
    “Actively work at not letting these people revert to their average behavior from their past.”

    My impression for years. It is not the “conservatives” who are fleeing Cali, or any Blue State. The migration is almost fully the Leftist Locust moving to Red States. As is genetic with Locusts, they invade, destroy the vegetation, and move on.

    There is one upside to Leftist Locusts migrating: there are only 50 states in the union, eventually there will be no new place available to invade.

    • They’re what some people call “default liberal”.

      They vote Democrat but don’t really know why. Their behavior is something you can change but you actually have to work at it a bit. This is the kind of work Conservatives have, so far as I can tell, never done.

      If they don’t get crackin’ at that work they’re going to regret it. A lot.

      • “If they don’t get crackin’ at that work they’re going to regret it. A lot.”

        Most importantly, “conservatives” must go about it politely, so as not to offend.

        • It depends.

          The best ways to shift such people’s opinions tend to be subtle and inoffensive, but there are places for a gut punch that can definitely be said to be “impolite”.

          There’s an art to it. PR and marketing firms do it all the time. You can see it in gun control groups, TTAG refers to it as “waving the bloody shirt”.

  17. When were were little kids in the 1960s and 1970s, we used to play outside with realistic toy guns all the time — all the kids did — playing “cops and robbers,” “cowboys and Indians,” and other games. Our toy guns were metal and didn’t have any orange tips on them, so they were even more realistic than today’s toy plastic guns, but guess what? Cops never shot any kids back then, never. Even though our toy guns were even more realistic than today’s toy guns (no orange tips), cops never shot us. Imagine that, every boy in the neighborhood played in their front yards with realistic toy guns without orange tips on them, and cops in the 1960s and 1970s didn’t shoot kids who were playing with them.

    What has changed? Toy guns haven’t changed (other than adding orange tips).
    Kids haven’t changed. What’s changes since the 60s and 70s are the attitude and training of cops. The attitude and training of cops has changed. Back in the 60s and 70s, cops were a cross between Sheriff Andy Taylor and One Adam Twelve. They served the community and knew that their duty was to serve and protect. Now, all cops think they’re paramilitary SWAT teams or mercenaries whose business is to shoot first, ask questions later. Instead of “serve and protect,” today’s cops think their job is to arrest or assassinate, beat or kill. When they roll up on a 10-year-old playing with a toy gun, they shoot him dead before the wheels of the cop car stop rolling, no matter how small the child is. Cops know that they can kill with impunity, as long as they have the excuse that the child was holding something that looked gun-shaped, orange tip or not. But when I was a kid, I (and everyone in my suburban neighborhood) had a huge variety of toy guns made of metal, none of them with any orange tips. Most were cap guns, some made noise from compressed air, all were made of metal, and none of them had orange tips. Kids haven’t changed; toy guns have become less realistic (all plastic now, with orange tips), but cops have changed.

  18. @Walter E Beverly II
    “Sam I have neve worried about “offending” any one. Truth is all that counts.”

    Being polite, non-offensive, and inclusive brought the Dims, Lefties, and Commies to almost absolute power in this country. If we want to win it back, maybe adopting their tactics offers hope.

  19. @trych9
    “….there are places for a gut punch that can definitely be said to be “impolite”. ”

    Being impolite/direct can result in hurting someone’s feelings. Hurting other people should be against the law. Or is it already, and I was taking my daily nap when it was enacted?

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