Accident or Negligent: There is a Difference

    Thanks to the agenda-driven news media, almost every television and digital outlet in America was fed the story of a negligent discharge that shut down a gun show in Raleigh, North Carolina last weekend. According to numerous reports, a shotgun was discharged when the owner was presenting it for inspection at the entry […]

Setting the Record Straight: the Enemy is the Enemy

Incredibly, there are still people in the outdoor and shooting sports community who are attempting to remain apolitical. They shy away from definitive terms like liberal or conservative. These folks still believe that, if you just try hard enough, you can win a logical argument with people whose decisions are driven by emotion. I’ve been scolded […]

A Memo to Those Who Should Know Better

I don’t know about you, but I for one am sick to my stomach of having to repeat the same facts and statistics over and over again. For years, decades even, we have beaten the drum and recited the same litany. Any man willing to sit calmly and listen to the facts, to history, will […]

Of Recreants, Apologists and Fair-Weather Friends

  Thomas Paine once wrote that “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country.” At no time in my life have those words, written in December of 1776, been more prophetic than they are today. During the last […]

The Failed Strategy of Defense

Never throw the first punch and Fire only if fired upon are two pieces of pseudo-tactical advice thrown out so often that people now merely parrot the phrases without ever thinking about what they mean. When examined at the most basic level, the advice is often given by those who will not actually be involved […]

Question of the Day: What Firearm Would You Make for Tsuyoshi Ozawa?

From “Vegetable Weapons is a photo project by Japanese photographer Tsuyoshi Ozawa. Since 2001, Ozawa has been traveling to various countries around the world, photographing young women holding make-believe firearms constructed using vegetables and other foods. After finding a portrait subject, he asks her to put together a hot-pot meal using veggies and ingredients […]

More Anti-Gun Prejudice: EzineArticles Bans Gun Pieces

For about twenty years now I’ve been writing about guns professionally, that is, someone has paid me to do it. I’ve written on all manner of firearms from inline muzzle-loaders to precision bolt-action rifles to squad-automatic weapons. Although I’ve never tried to be controversial, regardless, when you are talking about firearms there will always be […]

Useless Horror and the Slow-Learner Syndrome

It’s happened again, another lone nut-job has murdered innocent citizens. No I’m not going to add to the infamy of this piece of human debris that is for some inexplicable reason still stealing oxygen from our planet. This week I add one more to the innumerable reasons why I am glad I don’t subscribe to […]