NM Governor: Sheriffs Should Enforce Red Flag Confiscations or Quit

Flanked by advocates for stricter gun control and supportive law enforcement officials at a signing ceremony, [New Mexico Gov. Michelle] Lujan Grisham said the [red flag] legislation provides law enforcement authorities with an urgently needed tool to deter deadly violence by taking firearms from people who pose a threat to themselves or others. Some sheriffs […]

What Will Your County Sheriff Do Under a Second Amendment Sanctuary Declaration?

By Alex Ooley Many states around the country, like Virginia, have been making a push to implement stringent gun control measures that include, among other things, universal background checks, magazine capacity limits, and so-called “assault weapons” bans. These attempts to regulate firearms are nothing new, but the efforts to implement these sorts of laws and regulations […]

Bloomberg on ‘Stop and Frisk’: ‘I think we disproportionately stop whites too much, and minorities too little.’

Michael Bloomberg has already spent over $300 million in his race for the Democrat nomination for President.  So far. But he can’t outrun his past advocating race-based policing, something that doesn’t play will with the far left wing of the Democrat party, a significant factor in the 2020 nomination process. Not too long ago, Mayor […]

Nashville Officer Charged With Murder Was Criticized Earlier for Not Shooting a Suspect

[ED: See the videos that make up the above composite here.] By Associated Press Newly revealed police records show a white Nashville police officer charged with fatally shooting an armed black man who was running away had been reprimanded by supervisors months earlier for not shooting another armed suspect in a similar case. Officer Andrew […]

Nevada County Wants to Recall Sheriff Who Promises to Enforce Red Flag Laws

Several people in the county seat of Winnemucca are leading the effort to recall Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Allen. The recall effort against Allen is simple. His constituents say he will not protect them against unconstitutional laws that seek to circumvent an individual’s rights provided by the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th and 14th Amendments. Allen states […]