Bodycam Video Shows Dolal Idd Fired First on Minneapolis Police, Yet Protests Persist

In the land of George Floyd, new protests kicked off last week after Minneapolis police shot a man who tried to kill them. Dolal...
Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot

Chicago, Murder City USA: 792 Homicides, 3455 Maimed, 4174 Shot in 2020

Chi-town Mayor Lori Lightfoot's city-wide shooting gallery saw 792 killed, and 2455 additional residents maimed by gunfire last year. It represents the most homicides...
BodycamATF agent james burk arrested image of ATF Agent Burk. Source: COlumbus Police Department.

ATF Agent Sues City of Columbus, Ohio, 2 Cops For Detaining, Tasing Him

Agent James Burk of the ATF is suing the city of Columbus, Ohio and two police officers for using excessive force against him. He...
Portland ted wheeler mayor

Mayor of Antifatown Has a Plan to Do Something About ‘Gun Violence’

With less than two weeks remaining in 2020, Mayor Ted Wheeler, Police Chief Chuck Lovell and Office of Violence Prevention Director Nike Greene announced...
coronavirus gun sales

Despite the ISP’s Best Efforts, Illinois Leads The Way in 2020 Gun Sales

Imagine how many guns Illinois residents might have bought in 2020 if the Illinois State Police hadn't been dragging its feet on FOID card...
Marshals Shot New York City

No One Told a Massachusetts Fugitive That It’s Illegal to Bring a Gun Into...

By Michael R. Sisak, AP A fugitive who shot a Massachusetts state trooper in the hand during a traffic stop two weeks ago was killed...

Disabled Florida Man Learns That Yes, You Really Are On Your Own

It's something we've repeated time and time again: you are on your own. You are your own first responder. No one is coming to...
Wauwatosa mayfair mall shooting

BREAKING: ‘Deranged’ 15-Year-Old Suspect Arrested in Wisconsin Mall Shooting

Law enforcement in Wisconsin announced that they've arrested a 15-year-old suspect related to the Wauwatosa area Mayfair Mall shooting that took place on Friday.
Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal

Mystery: Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office Can’t Find 210 Service and Confiscated Firearms

Oh dear. It can be so difficult to keep track of things like guns, can't it? It seems that the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office --...
Philadelphia police commissioner Danielle Outlaw

FPC Sues City of Philadelphia Over Shutdown of Gun Permit Unit

From the Firearms Policy Coalition . . . Yesterday, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and two individuals filed a new federal Second and Fourteenth Amendment lawsuit...

This is Why Joe Biden’s ‘Shoot Him In The Leg’ Advice Is So Insufferably...

Noted firearms and tactical expert, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., recently drew on his deep reserves of wisdom and experience to advise police officers that they...
Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker

Lawsuit Forces Wake County, NC Sheriff to Expedite Pistol Permit Processing

The declaration of a pandemic was just what the anti-gun doctor ordered earlier this year, giving jurisdictions around the country a ready-made excuse to...