Detroit Police Release Video Showing Hakeem Littleton Drew a Gun and Fired at Officers Before They Shot and Killed Him

Community members in Detroit, whipped into a frenzy by some “community organizers” rallied against law enforcement over Friday’s police-involved shooting. Fortunately in this era of bodycams, the truth is obvious to those willing to see it. In this case, bodycam footage showed Hakeem Littleton drew and fired two shots at police with a .25 Auto […]

Seattle Ice Cream Shop Bans Cops Carrying Guns

Business must be booming these days for a chain of Washington State ice cream shops, because Molly Moon’s had no problem banning uniformed police officers from bringing guns inside their shops. The owner of the chain, Molly Moon Neitzel, claims that armed police officers in her stores make some of her employees feel unsafe. So […]

Atlanta Mayor: Enough Shooting is Enough…But Don’t Send In the National Guard

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Bill Torpy wrote last week, “Violence is off the chain in Atlanta.” And that was before the holiday weekend’s mayhem which included 31 people shot, five of them fatally. One of those was an 8-year-old girl whose death prompted Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to pronounce that “enough is enough.” “You can’t […]

Want to See What Real Civil Unrest Looks Like? Try Confiscating Americans’ Guns

Active attempting gun confiscation in this country will make the past month’s violence look like a Sunday picnic. Gun confiscation is a thoroughly unworkable policy, and probably the idea most likely to spur a violent resistance to American law enforcement. (Not that we haven’t seen plenty of violent resistance to American law enforcement already this […]

Florida Sheriff Says He’ll Deputize Lawful Gun Owners to Fight Violent Protesters [VIDEO]

Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels, no stranger to making viral videos appealing to tough-on-crime politics, released a video (click here to watch) Tuesday that said he will make “special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county” if he feels the county is overwhelmed by protesters. The three-minute video shows Daniels standing in front […]