Uvalde school shooting video released
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We’ve written a lot of articles at TTAG about the shooting in Uvalde, Texas. But now, the better part of two years later, people are still looking at the facts from that day and trying to find more and better ways of preventing this kind of tragedy from occurring in the future. One source is the ALERRT report on the tragedy, which was analyzed at the Surviving The Streets YouTube channel.

In the video, we can learn a lot more about how the situation unfolded and learn or reinforce key lessons. This video is great because it not only shares the facts, but tries to put them in as much perspective as possible, including maps of the site, surveillance footage, and what people knew at the time they made decisions. (article continues after embedded video)

A number of important lost opportunities to stop the killing were identified, and I’ve added some of my own because I’m less “reasonable” than government officials.

Lost Opportunity #1: Citizen Responders

One very early opportunity to stop the whole incident came right at the beginning, when the shooter crashed his truck into a ditch near the school. Two men from a nearby business ran to help, but were chased away by rifle fire. I can’t blame these men for running, but what if one or both of them had been armed and ready to respond like Eli Dicken?

We have to remember that police, fire and EMS personnel are rarely really first responders, but often arrive on the scene after citizens have already been trying to help. So, this highlights our need to be more responsible citizens and stand ready to stop killers.

Lost Opportunity #2: Poor Patrol Rifle Standards

Another even better opportunity to stop the shooter came not long later.

A Uvalde police officer, armed with a rifle, saw the shooter outside with his rifle, and had an opportunity to engage with the shooter before he entered the building. But, instead of doing the right thing and acting fast to save lives, the officer instead radioed for permission to engage, despite knowing that the guy had already been shooting at people outside. This permission did not come in time (it NEVER should have been asked for).

The shot needed to stop the shooter would have been at 148 yards, which is well within the effective range of even a semi-competent shooter with an AR-15. This shows the importance of training for longer shots and not assuming that long shots are not relevant to defensive shooting. It’s not always you that needs defending, so this need for better marksmanship applies for both police and non-police.

Sadly, Texas law enforcement officers are not required to shoot accurately at beyond 100 yards for their patrol rifle qualifications. If that hasn’t changed since 2022, it should change immediately. Hits on man-sized targets at a minimum of 300 yards seems reasonable, especially with LPVOs and RDS becoming common on patrol rifles.

Lost Opportunity #3, #4, and #5: Unprepared School Staff and Facilities

While this epic failure was going on outside, teachers inside were doing everything they could to get students into classrooms and get ready for a possible shooter. A teacher attempted to close an open door, and expected it to lock, but it did not and the teacher did not verify that it was locked. Using painted rocks to hold doors open was common practice at the time, and the door was weak enough that it could have been broken to gain entry That’s a third opportunity that was missed to stop the shooter.

A fourth opportunity to stop him could have happened by engaging the lock to Room 111 in the school. Unlike other rooms, he was able to simply open the door and walk in several times because the door was probably not locked to begin with.

Additionally, the school’s staff was not armed and ready to repel the shooter. That’s a fifth failure to act that happened long before the shooting.

Dozens Of Additional Lost Opportunities To Reduce The Number Of Dead

It was only at this point, after several good opportunities had been squandered by an individual officer and society at large, that the killing of children commenced. But, there were more opportunities to stop the killing.

From 11:33 AM to 11:36 AM, the shooter had several minutes of unopposed killing, despite police being nearby and aware that he had entered the school. Did any of them beat their feet and get in there to stop the killing the way every post-9/11 and post-Columbine cop had been trained to do? Not for minutes.

Despite arriving in numbers, the officers’ initial attempt to take the shooter on failed, with the police retreating at 11:37 AM, despite several of them having their own rifles. Police may need to seriously consider providing better Level 3+ or Level 4 armor to at least some officers with patrol rifles, but more importantly, police officers should assume that they need to risk their own lives in these situations, like officers did in Tennessee the following year.

A minute later, the police determine that the suspect was contained and advise as much over the radio, but they aren’t aware that there are still children and adults alive in the room with him, some bleeding out.

At 11:41 AM, officers are unsure whether the door is locked, but advise that they have a tool to break in. Three minutes later, another round is fired. Minutes later, a police officer arrives and tells people that his wife is inside and has been shot, but hasn’t died yet.

Twenty long minutes after the shooter entered the building, police officers from a variety of departments had arrived on the scene. At 11:52, a ballistic shield arrives in the hallway (another great opportunity to engage). A second shield arrives at 12:03 PM. A minute later, a third shield arrives. Minutes later, police became aware that there were people alive in the rooms via 911 calls.

At 12:15, more ballistic shields showed up, along with BORTAC, a U.S. Border Patrol tactical team. Shooting continued at 12:21, and police did not engage. At this point, BORTAC advanced up the hall, but did not assault the room. Police spent the next 10-15 minutes continuing to talk about what to do. It’s clear by this point that BORTAC knew the situation and did not go in.

A breaching tool arrives in the hallway at 12:35 PM, but the assault doesn’t start until 12:50, well over an hour after the shooting began. During this time, it should be noted that police outside were physically assaulting parents who wanted to go in and do their jobs.

Civilian Disarmament Fanatics Want Us To Forget All Of The Above

Whenever anyone tries to tell you that gun control was opportunity zero, remind them that there were plenty of other opportunities and that gun control does not make us safer. Shooting back and stopping the action early gives us much better chances.

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  1. The best solution is to allow teachers to volunteer to be trained and carry guns in the schools. But TTAG writer Elaine D, a liberal gun owner is against that. Because she is afraid that school children will hug the teachers, and find out that the teachers have a gun.
    Oh my God!! Oh my God!! The terrible clutching of pearls.

    • Kids ain’t supposed to be hugging teachers. Too many teachers hugging kids these days in special ways. I used to think them being armed was a good idea but over these past few years I’ve changed my mind with the indoctrination and sexual perversion.

        • That’s your background perhaps, but my family and experiences were quite different. Lotsa love and lotsa hugs all over the place from childhood to adults and all of it entirely “proper!” I’ve dealt with child abuse in my profession, attorney. It is ugly and unforgivable, but there is no reason to completely abandon what in the vast majority of cases is an innocent expression of honest affection.

    • Chris, the actual best solution is to not be in a school. if the children aren’t there they can’t be involved in a school shooting. The way to do that is home school your children. Anyone can do it and the “staff” (the parents) can be armed as well as some of the students. It’s going to take a long time before schools are actually safe. Are you willing to take that chance with your children or grandchildren? Plus, they’ll get a much better education!

      • I remember very well the atheists who made fun of home schooling christians in the 1980s and 1990s. Now you have atheist parents sending their children to religious schools, or they home school their kids now.

        Nobody wants to listen to the Christians when they’re warning people, about the failing schools or the hom0sexual agenda.

        Yeah that’s right I said. Now go listen to President Eisenhower’s final address to the nation. Where he states the enemies of the United States are atheistic in nature.

        • I am sorry to say this, but much as I respect religious schools they are no guarantee against pedophilia by teachers or clergy. The problems of the Catholic church are best known, perhaps, but they have been experienced in most denominations. Home schooling is fine to a point, but at some grade level the subject matter in sciences, mathematics and languages will be difficult for most parents to deal with. The same can be said of subject matter taught in good vocational schools, so it’s not just academics.

    • My grandkids hug me all the time and IF, IF they find out that I am carrying, it’s not during the hug but generally hours later when something is said… total BS

    • The dumbest thing we did as a nation is allow the government to educate our children. The second dumbest thing is trust the government to protect our children.

  2. While in school. I carried a beretta 21A as my primary EDC. I suggest anyone who’s going to do this, really needs to practice long range shooting with a handgun.

    Some public school building hallways are at least 50 yards in length. Unless you can EDC a long gun? Which is possible if you choose the right gun.

    • 99% of school shooters (and most mass shooters in general) are lone wolves. Sure, if a shooter is keeping you pinned down along a 50 yards long hallway he (or she/it/whatever) isn’t shooting any kids or other victims any more as long as he is focused on you and keeping you pinned behind cover of a corner/doorway off of said long hallway with only your pistol.

      While that isn’t a win, at least it is a draw and stops the slaughter of Innocents until hopefully more help arrives with a rifle and/or can flank the shooter and put him in a crossfire.

      Besides, a lot of these shooters tend to self-terminate the minute they face armed resistance and their bloody-minded action is interrupted. I think once these nuts have as much as a minute to stop and think about what they are actually doing their minds shut down or the enormity of the evil they are perpetrating begins to sink in.

    • I have been teasing people on TTAG with my Every Day Carry rifle. I”ll tell you what it was now. I carried this on campus for years while I was in school.

      The Henry AR-7. With 6 loaded magazines.

      It fits real nice inside your average college backpack. It’s not very heavy, so along with the books and supplies. It’s an easy carry all day long.

  3. Failure all the way around.

    Those officers who where on the scene and especially the one on his cell phone lacked the testicals to intervene. Too many cowards. Anyone who fails to act when children are being shot is not worthy of being defecated on.

    • “Anyone who fails to act when children are being shot is not worthy of being defecated on.”

      On the contrary sir, I think they are very worthy of being shat upon, and it should be done publicly. Right on their face, followed quickly by termination from their job (at a minimum).

      • Purity (wonder how many of us altekachers got the great reference to Stanly Kubric’s great “Dr. Strangelove”??),

        Simply put, if one of my kids had been in that school, they wouldn’t live long enough for anyone to defecate on them (although I would defecate on their corpses, and then go p*ss on their graves). Like the colloquy between the cowboy and the judge, after the cowboy had killed half a dozen rustlers. “Dang it, Jeb, why’d you go and kill them all?” “Judge, they needed killin’.”

        All the police who were present, and COMPLETELY ineffective, in that event, need to die. I’d be okay with hanging them in public, and leaving them up so people could throw rotten vegetables at their decomposing carcasses, but that’s about as far as I’d go.

  4. Ms. Sensiba – have you read NM HB 127 and HB 129 yet?
    If so, do these play to your Lost Opportunity #1: Citizen Responders above?
    These bill will add restrictions to the constitutional rights – will this make Citizen Responders
    even less likely to be carrying and able to engage in an emergency situation?
    Can the Guv get these through ?

    • Yes, I’m watching those bills and will be writing more about all of them once some more legislative language comes out.

  5. “A Uvalde police officer, armed with a rifle, saw the shooter outside with his rifle, and had an opportunity to engage with the shooter before he entered the building. But, instead of doing the right thing and acting fast to save lives, the officer instead radioed for permission to engage, despite knowing that the guy had already been shooting at people outside. ”

    “A guy” had been shooting is not the same as “the guy” had been shooting. If the cop had not personally seen (lawless) shooting occurring he had no business shooting a citizen just because he had a rifle in hand (murder).

    • Prior to this time, the shooter had already shot at some people who tried to help him when he crashed into the ditch and had been shooting into the windows of the school. He was clearly not just some guy going on a walk with a rifle by that point.

  6. “May I please have permission to engage this actively homicidal maniac? Please?”

    Fuckin hell.

    • Neiowa is absolutely correct. Whether it is a uniformed officer with a rifle or a citizen carrying a pistol the law/rules are the same. Deadly force may be used ONLY to defend against an imminent, credible threat to your own life or an imminent, credible threat to the life of another person! The Uvalde officer saw a man with a gun. That’s all. The man was not shooting at or threatening to shoot at him or another person when the officer viewed him. Use of deadly force was NOT LAWFUL with the information he had! If he makes a mistake, the officer is the felon and probably the defendant in a wrongful death or personal injury civil action. With the blessings of 20/20 hind sight, the officer’s call to get more information (or permission) undoubtedly took too long, but the officer did it right!

    • I went to the Post Office yesterday. I forgot they had set up metal detectors. I had to walk back to my vehicle to disarm. People can still access the PO Box section without going through the detectors.

      • No detectors around here. I can’t even remember the last time, I went into the post office. Sans concealed carry firearm.

  7. You take the King’s Shilling you take the risks that go with it. Waiting for permission while kids are being murdered is not an option.

  8. The Uvaldie school security was an accident waiting to happen. Those responsible for security includes the drop the kids off parents, teachers and school board and they all pointed fingers at the police. The whole thing was a clown show and nobody is laughing. And worse DC Gun Control zealots used the tragedy to come after the rights of the law abiding…like fathead and his democRat ilk in IL came after citizens and not criminals.
    Fortunately following Uvaldie a man stood on the floor of congress and Defined Gun Control by its History with little to no appreciation from the Gun talking blowbags on this forum…

    • Back in the day, we didn’t need school security. My HS offered marksmanship classes using the shooting range in the basement. Many kids who drove to school had gun racks in their pickups. Shotguns and rifles were often hanging in those gun racks. The pickups were seldom locked. Kids took 30-06 rifles to shop class to perform gun smithing. I built cannons in shop class.

      The problem isn’t the guns. The problem isn’t a lack of security. The problem is the moral decay and the refusal of society to acknowledge the problems.

    • As we well know here in CA, the mere fact that a federal judge declares something unconstitutional doesn’t mean it’s gone or can be safely ignored. It’s simply regarded by tyrants in office as a challenge to keep pushing it.

      It’s been seven years(!!) now since federal judge Robert Benitez first declared our magazine ban unconstitutional, which ended up being declared a total of three times – including by a Ninth Circuit panel. Yet it’s still enforced, and standard mags may not be bought, sold, or brought into the State. Democrats laugh at court decisions they don’t like.

      • You damn skippy Haz. I guess it shows who’s actually in control, and it aint us. We have to follow the rules, or choose too…but if they dont like one they just ignore it. Realy disturbing

  9. The lesson is that the Police are worthless. Actually they are less than worthless since they were in reality running interference FOR the shooter -keeping anyone who could have from disturbing the shooter in his uninterrupted slaughter. The cops would have done more good if they were paid to stay home and sit on their worthless hands.

    Thin blue line… stop simping for the poo poo.

    • Lots of cops do good, and some do bad, and some do nothing when shit happens. The Uvalde cops should have been placed in the stocks for a week for cowardice in the face of the enemy.

      At this point I’m all for defunding the police. A return to frontier justice with swift hangings for criminals and a reduction in taxes? What’s not to like?

      • (replace in that sentence)
        “The cops would have done more good if they were paid to stay home and sit on their worthless hands.”

    • ” Actually they are less than worthless since they were in reality running interference FOR the shooter…”

      Not exactly surprising considering the mounting evidence that city police in Texas are moonlighting for NGOs in a manner that actually facilitates human trafficking (and have been since at least 2022) through the state and no one’s really talking about it, nevermind actually doing something to stop this.

  10. Man, imagine if they only had known about the fact that response speed saves lives. No way that was clear since columbine, virginina tech or any school shooting.

  11. Cowardice has no excuse. During the Texas Tower incident officers armed with .38s and a shotgun charged up tower steps and stopped the shooter. At Virginia Tech officers knocked down doors the shooter had chained shut and began shuttling the wounded out, putting pressure on the gun so he killed himself. Why does one agency charge a shooter and kill him and the others not? I dont really have an answer. There were mistakes of character and courage more than procedure.

  12. This is simply not true: “A Uvalde police officer, armed with a rifle, saw the shooter outside with his rifle, and had an opportunity to engage with the shooter before he entered the building.”

    That was narrative came out before the Texas House committee looked into this. That narrative is wrong. The officer saw a guy in black, yes. That guy was Robb Elementary Coach Abraham Gonzales. This was testimony given by multiple people to the Texas House Committee. Yes, he asked for permission to shoot. Was that bullshit? The House committee testimony was that there were a lot of kids near this coach, who was yelling at these kids to get into the building. I wasn’t there, my argument isn’t about tactics. And don’t take this as me defending these fucking coward cops. I’m just talking about this one aspect of the day there.

    People who write about this event need to read the House report, because it stamps out a lot of bullshit, while also finding fault at every stop along the way. This was a tragedy that went far beyond all the coward police. Murderer grew up without a father, mother was a drug addict. People knew that the murderer was a sociopath asking for trouble and no one did shit about it. Murderer was absent from school so much, no one tried to figure out WTF was going on with this kid’s life, the school simply kicked him out, no one was ever able to piece together what kind of threat he was. The border is such a GD joke, schools near or relatively near the border (Uvalde is about an hour and a half from Eagle Pass, for example) is have real lockdowns and emergency drills because there are human traffickers trying to outrun the cops all the F-ing time. Uvalde had 50 drills between Feb-May 2022, which caused some teachers to think this emergency was just another useless drill, so when they were in the middle of a real threat they blew it off.

    The failure was at every stop along the way: wide open border, destruction of the family, inept schools – a leftist’s wet dream caused this.

    • The information here is from a later report that both verified the facts and measured the distance. It’s a fact at this point.

    • I still doubt this, even after checking the report out. ALERRT hasn’t backed down from this, and the House report only cites testimony from the responding officers. Do you really think they’re going to go in there and admit that they screwed this up? I’m sorry, but I’m not going to take the testimony of those cowards over the ALERRT report without some real evidence to refute ALERRT’s findings. Committee testimony from people with every motivation to cover their own asses ain’t it.

  13. I blame the propaganda of the gun control lobby. All of the bloviating about how the police are outgunned by criminals armed with “assault weapons” has encouraged police paranoia. To many cops are fearful that they are outgunned by the the bad guys. All of the bloviating about “large caliber, long barrelled, high capacity”assault peckers” that can fire dozens of rounds without reloading has instilled them with a Freudian phobia.

    The truth is that criminals almost always employ handguns. More importantly, even military style, semiautomatic rifles like the AR-15 are NOT more lethal than more traditional weapons. Common hunting rifles have two to three times the muzzle energy of an AR-15 and correspondingly higher wounding capacity. A common 12 gauge, seventy-three caliber, shotgun can generate ten times the wound channel volume as the puny twenty-two caliber projectile from an AR-15.

    The bottom line is that our police need to grow a pair. Either testicles or ovaries, whichever is gender appropriate.

    • Meh…quit sending yer kids to a government propaganda center. My granddaughters are home schooled fwiw. Is that something everyone can do? Nope. My son works for the federal gubmint & makes a very good buck so his wife who did some teaching could stay home. When my youngest sons were little we never had a babysitter save us & grandma…

      • Definitely stop sending your kids to the government Indoctrination day-camps. I wouldn’t send my worst enemy’s kids to one.

      • I agree. More kids are being home schooled now. This is a good thing.

        That doesn’t change the problem though. It bypasses it.

      • Everyone can home school. Just have to decide and then work out the details. There are lots of resources…

      • Homeschooling’s fatal flaw in terms of being a solution is the number of people who can’t do it. It’s simply not scalable to the level necessary to really blow a lethal hole in the current corrupted system.

        If you think everyone can do this you clearly don’t know any of the [growing] class of working poor.

        It’s also the politically lazy way out, unfortunately typical of Americans in general and American Conservatives especially. Why is it lazy? Because it can’t work at scale and does next to nothing to whittle down the other side’s resources (which they get from you to use against you), resources which are fungible and therefore can simply be shifted around to maximize their leverage.

        Extracting resources from you and then using them against you is what the current system does regardless of how you play the game under the current set of *agreed upon* rules. They’re using .gov to wage a guerrilla war against you and you’re letting them do it.

        Is flipping the script by taking over school boards really that hard? No. It’s quite easy, actually. Does the Right even discuss this? No, because, again, political ignorance mixed with apathy seems to be the sine qua non of the entire Right hand side of the political spectrum.

        As per usual, the fight’s not that hard once you engage with it. It’s cloaked in boring acronyms, numbers and labels that make it seem exceedingly boring and therefore less useful. Really good weapons must be cool, right? Yeah, well the weapon here is making the best weapons boring AF so that people ignore them.

        Which, by the by, is how they’ve taken over the entire educational system and then turned it into a weapon of mass deception. They repeat the same basic tactic again and again because, somehow, no one sees through it for decade after decade.

    • “Three articles today. Slow day?”

      The pace of “Shooting News Weekly” is weekly, not daily. And the website is news/opinion, with no comment function.

  14. I watched the Video, it forgot a crucial point: Don’t hire a bunch of cowards for your police force.

    The officers that stood around in hallway should have to wear yellow stripes down the back of their uniforms for the rest of their careers.

  15. I’m surprised nobody has commented on this: “The shot needed to stop the shooter would have been at 148 yards, which is well within the effective range of even a semi-competent shooter with an AR-15”. From my own observations here in AZ, at multiple ranges, from formal established ranges to “let’s step out the back door and pop a few caps”, I find that is the VERY rare shooter who can hit much of anything past 25-50yds. Beyond pure marksmanship it is not unusual to find people that know anything about zeroing their scope or fixed sights or not to rest their rifle on the barrel. My bona fides: F-Class Mid-range High Master ang Long range Master. Additionally, I compete in NRL22 and Smallbore F-Class.

    • I’ve spent many enjoyable days hunting sage rats out to 1,000 yards. This was back in the day before laser range finders. Most big game hunters West of the Mississippi are in the habit of killing at well beyond a hundred yards. For any decent, center-fire rifle cartridge, bullet drop and windage at 148 yards are inconsequential compared to the dimensions of a human torso. A fancy head shot would be ideal, but even a guy shot would have incapacitated the shooter so as to enable repeated followup shots.

    • FYI – that wasn’t the murderer at that distance, it was a gym coach. The ALERRT report came out before any real investigation, yet this nonsense is still taken as truth.

      • another EXCELLENT reason not to have people taking snap shots at over 100 yards- identification.

        I can hit a man-sized target from further away than I can identify it.

      • The only thing I can find disputing that aspect of the ALERRT report is a statement from the mayor. If you have something newer and better, post a link. ALERRT was still insistent that the opportunity was there and that it was not a gym coach. Cite a good source.

    • I do 200-300 yards easy with my AR’s. A little bit of hold for specific parts of a man sized target at 300 yards cause I zero’d for 200 yards, but just putting rounds on target is easy. My wife can do it too, shes not really a rifle shooter and prefers pistol (pistol, she can do out to 40-50 yards no sweat) but when she first started with the AR with just basic familiarization with the AR she put rounds on target out to 200 – 300 yards routinely. And others with basic familiarization I’ve seen can do it too.

      So I’m not sure what shooters you’ve been seeing but 148 yards is well within the effective range of even a semi-competent shooter with an AR-15.

  16. If someone is shuting kids in a skool just let the parents go in to save them.
    FTP, they’re worried about getting shot, Moma bear isnt.

  17. The time has come to retire my beloved, tried and true, trustworthy, and faithful Glock model 22 that I’ve EDC’d for 20 years as of yesterday. We’ve been through a lot together. Saved my life and the life of my wife and taken some very bad people out of circulation in society and prevented them from harming others, had many a range session, been through various courses, been there with me through my days. Its got over 190,000 rounds on it now as of yesterday, had bits n pieces replaced in routine ‘preventative’ maintenance at various times just to make sure even though they didn’t need to be replaced as its just what I do to my EDC. It really shows its age too, with various scratches and dings and gouges, holster wear has polished spots on it till they are spots of mirror, and the finish once robust and solid has thinned and is worn in many spots.

    It is a gun that I have literally trusted my wife’s life, my life, and the lives of others to and it never, not once, skipped a beat and let me or them down. Rain, shine, cold, wet, dry, heat, range, training, dirty, clean, crappy ammo or not, carry, actual defense use, it took what ever I put it through and never stopped on me and always performed and fired that round true and accurate each and every time the trigger was pulled. It was comforting to put it in the holster each day, the carry presence reassuring that I could and would be able to defend even though I prayed I would not need to draw the gun. And I knew that although not every time I went out the door I would need to face a violent threat but I also knew for an absolute fact it just takes one time not being able to defend, not being prepared, and no matter if 911 was called or not that the violent threat still needs to be dealt with right then in that imminent moment when it shows up and I would be the only real ‘first responder on scene’ in reality no matter if police was just a few minutes away or not. So each time I put that gun in the holster, it was reassuring that I could be ready when the time came and several times the time did come and I was ready.

    “I’ll have it refinished.” … I thought for a bit then remembered that each and every scratch and ding and gouge and nick and worn spot on it tells a story. From that first small scratch on the right side of the slide at the very front got there a few days after I bought it to that small ‘nick’ gouge on the top of the slide just in front of the ejection port that happened while I was saving my wife from the two guys who tried to abduct her and would have killed her… and all the others, even the worn spots from holster wear, they all tell a story and history. So I’m not going to refinish it.

    But the time has come to retire it from EDC for various reasons, even though we will still get together for range sessions and it will still be around the house. Not sure if I will use one of my other Glock’s for EDC right now, or maybe one of the other brands I have. Thought about something newer in ‘technology’, maybe I’ll use my Hellcat or Walther or another one of my Glocks or something else I have but I’m kinda leaning towards switching out for a while on EDC with my Sig P365 X-Macro Tacops 9mm mostly because the custom holster I had made for it finally arrived and want to give it a try EDC as I’ve put it through its paces functionally and its been reliable. But, what ever I finally settle on for EDC it will not feel the same … and the ride and weight and feel will be different and I think I will still miss carrying that Glock 22.

    • It sounds like you might save a ton on ammo in the future. The Sig will carry easier too. Good call on not refinishing it.

  18. I’d put that Gunm behind a walnut framed sealed glass case in a place of Honor, you betcha.
    Glock you say????? Nah just get another one and throw that one in the trash.

    • 😂

      not gonna throw it in the trash.

      I’ll still have a few more range sessions with it, but not many, while I’m waiting for the custom made hermetically seal-able bullet resistant glass enclosed display case to be ready for pick up (about a month from now). Then it will be cleaned for the last time – placed on the stand in the case – case closed up and air evacuated, the gun will then be in a vaccum.

      I had some of these cases made for my dad’s favorite gun, my moms favorite gun, my wife’s dad favorite gun, and the 1911 my great grandfather carried in WW I – among other things such as, for example, my dad’s medals display and the American flag that draped his coffin.

      It will then, like I said, “still be around the house”. Haven’t decided on the specific spot yet in the hallway where we have the family, what my wife calls, ‘museum’. This is an area in our home where we have, basically, our family history displayed in pictures and letters and other memorabilia from both sides of our family and where those other display cases are.

  19. No permission was needed to kill that shooter.. it was an excuse for extreme cowardice.. any one of those officers could’ve made a move due to exigent circumstances.. no one would have prosecuted the officers..

    • “No permission was needed to kill that shooter.“

      It is good he asked permission, that wasn’t the shooter. It was a gym coach, trying to get the kids into the building.

      If you had taken the shot you would be a murderer now.

      • If a shooter was clearly ID’d or actively barricaded & killing children.. no permission is needed..

      • But if it was the shooter then asking for or waiting for permission would have been the wrong thing to do, period.

        That’s the context point here on the permission thing, a context you ignore like you do all context because you don’t know what context is and you are narrow minded, left wing anti-gun biased, and can’t think beyond your confirmation bias to actually discuss. So you do these little ‘hit-n-run’ cowardly posts.

        Yes, its a good thing the officer did not shoot the guy because it wasn’t the shooter. But what if it had been the (which was absolutely for a 100% fact in the area) shooter?

        Even though it wasn’t the shooter, the fact that the officer, if it had been the shooter, had to ask permission, had to have an extra time wasting step involved. And if it would have been the shooter then that ‘permission’ step and waiting for permission would have contributed to, and actually facilitated, the killers goal.

      • There is video of the shooter outside the school, and it you can clearly see the shooter, with a gun and the police officer!!

        So stop spreading the BS being spouted by the MSM!!!!

  20. The cops that stopped the parents of children being murdered need to be castrated, if they ever had balls to begin with. If anything screams gun free zones don’t work this was it. I promise I will be shot in the back by a douchebag cop before I will stand by and let our precious children die at the hands of satan’s little helpers.

    • “As I heard of a gunman, I instantly had a feeling my Dad would be a victim as he would put himself in harms way for the benefit of the kids and his staff,” she wrote. “It is absolutely zero surprise to hear he tried to approach and talk Dylan down and distract him long enough for some students to get out of the cafeteria. That’s just Dad.”

  21. They will give themselves a pat on the back in the actual report. Trust me we saw it after The Pulse.

  22. It’s truly amazing to see people who understand why bans on alcohol, recreational drugs, gambling, certain books, prostitution, abortions, unfavored political or religious groups don’t work, but believe banning easily made, easily smuggled guns will somehow succeed. Morons or liars, take your pick.

  23. Gun-grabbers baffled by 2023 violent crime data, are strangely silent.


    summary: “Data posted at the Gun Violence Archive website shows 2023 produced fewer homicides, suicides, and gun-related injuries than in 2022, which indicates expansion of permitless carry laws, allowing more people to carry firearms for personal protection, did not result in more bloodshed as anti-gunners predicted.” (read the article at link above)

    • Interesting information. However…..

      It is actually impossible to determine precisely which variable (or set of variables) resulted in the reduction of deaths. And…such stats (if indeed the single fact of increase in permitless carry states is THE cause) position RTKBA to be “needs” based, rather than natural, human and civil rights.

  24. The best way to fix these shootings is to find out about the perp and do something to him so he dosen’t go off the deep end. Most have shown signs of their mental rages and no one noticed or else ignored the symptoms

  25. The Uvalde school shooting response was an embarrassment to law enforcement. There doesn’t need to be a study to ‘analyse’ what went wrong — the cops fu**ed up big time. Any cop worth his salt should have gone in as soon as he heard shots being fired. After the 1999 Columbine, Colorado school shooting, American police have been taught that a rapid response to an active shooter is the best choice for minimizing casualties. No waiting for backup, no waiting for SWAT — go in alone if you have to. If an officer is afraid to do it (Parkland deputy), don’t be a cop, go sell shoes for a living. That’s why they give you a gun. The public depends upon you to protect them — don’t fail them.

  26. Who you going to call? Don’t wait go in and get the job done! That horrendous crime was the perfect example of what not to do!!!!! May those shitbags rot in jail!

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