Gear Review: Vortex Torque Wrench Mounting Kit

Back in June when I was at C.a.R Firearms talking to Fred Hastings about how he uses a digital protractor at his workbench, I was introduced to Vortex’s Torque Wrench Mounting Kit. Fred has a nice selection of torque wrenches which include the usual (and some unusual) choices, but his go-to choice is the fairly […]

New From Aimpoint: CompM5 Red Dot Sight

Aimpoint says their new-to-the-civilian-market CompM5 red dot sight was “originally created to meet the needs of a specific official end user.” Since the compact, light weight optic is waterproof to 150 feet and can stay on for five years on a single AAA, any guesses as to who that original customer was? The larger, heaver AA-powered […]

Gear Review: Primary Arms Advanced 30mm Red Dot

When it comes to affordable optics, many of the house-brand offerings from Primary Arms have been TTAG favorites. Whether it was their 4-14×44 Mil Dot FFP Scope, their 6x scope with .22LR reticle, their 1-6x ACSS scope, or their 2.5X Prism Scope with ACSS Reticle, Primary Arms products typically (but not always) have gotten high […]

Gear Review: Maven S.1A Spotting Scope

My first exposure to Maven was at the Gunwerks L201 Advanced Long Range Shooting Course (reviewed here). On the range, helping us spot out to 1,440 yards, were half a dozen spotting scopes from a well-known manufacturer plus one standout I had never heard of. One look through it and I knew I had been missing […]

Scope Mounting with a Digital Protractor: Pro-Tip

C.a.R Firearms is a small shop that specializes in custom work and related services (think build vs. assemble) located south of Seattle. Every time I’m there I make a mess, drooling over fantastic, precision-built guns — either their creations or customer-owned. But mostly, I enjoy visiting C.a.R Firearms because the proprietor, Fred Hastings, and his staff […]

New From Revic Optics: PMR 428 Riflescope

From the guys who brought us the powerful and quite badass Gunwerks G7 BR2 rangefinder comes a riflescope with ballistics solving power built right in. Angle, compass direction, temperature, and pressure are all accounted for by the scope, and a display visible above the reticle shows what range the turret is dialed for. Likewise, windage […]

Gear Review: Shield Sights RMS (Reflex Mini Sight)

Shield Sights isn’t yet a household name in the U.S., but it should be and likely will be soon enough. SHIELD has been around for about 30 years making optics, suppressors, suppressed weapons, stocks, and more primarily for the British military and special forces. They made the red dots for Trijicon back in the day […]

New from Primary Arms, Advanced 30mm Red Dot

Primary Arms makes some pretty good optics for the money. And their lineup now includes a 30mm red dot. The new Advanced Red Dot has some great features and a lifetime warranty. MSRP is a reasonable $129.99 and mounts run $14.99 when purchased with the optic. From Primary Arms: Our full size 30mm red dot […]

Gear Review: Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic)

Aimpoint’s PRO — Patrol Rifle Optic — is an extremely rugged, always-on red dot optic designed for duty use by law enforcement, military, and the armed citizen. Freeze it, torch it, drop it, SCUBA dive with it, leave it on for three years straight, if you can afford the four- to five-hundred dollar cost of entry […]

New Optics From Trijicon at NRA Annual Meetings

Trijicon is in Atlanta at the NRAAM in force, with lots of new wares on display. MRO Patrol, thermal optics, and a 1-8x AccuPower riflescope. Photos and details follow . . . MRO Patrol is seen above. The 2 MOA dot was bright and extremely crisp. Field of view seemed very good. IR-HUNTER Thermal Riflescope. […]