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I recently had a chance to inspect a Zerotech H.A.L.O Enclosed Sight, it seems great. We will test one asap. For now, enjoy the press release.

Here is some info from Zerotech:

ZeroTech Optics Unveils the Revolutionary Aspherical H.A.L.O Enclosed Reflex Sight

ZeroTech Optics is excited to announce the launch of its cutting-edge reflex sight launched at Shot Show 2024, the H.A.L.O (Heavy duty Aspherical Lens Optic) TRAE28. This state-of-the-art optic is set to redefine standards in reflex sights, combining unparalleled durability with extraordinary performance.

Key Specifications of the H.A.L.O TRAE28
• Magnification: 1x
• Objective Lens: 28mm x 20mm
• Footprint: RMSc
• Reticle: 3 MOA Red Dot
• Material: 7075 Aluminum
• Brightness Settings: 10 Adjustable (including 2 NV settings)
• Durability: Shockproof, Waterproof, and Fog Proof
• Auto Sleep/Auto ON: Motion Sensor
• Illumination Control: Buttons +/- with lock feature
• Battery: CR2032 – Top Loading
• Battery Life: 50,000 Hours (Mid setting)
• Turret Index Value: 1.5 MOA/Click
• Adjustment Range: 80 MOA for Windage/Elevation
• Eye Relief & FOV: Unlimited
• Lens Coating: Fully Multi-Coated
• Operational Temperature Range: -20°c to +70°c
• Dimensions & Weight: L: 44mm, H: 33.2mm; Approx. 78 Grams (Battery Included)
Redefining Durability and Performance:

The H.A.L.O reflex sight is engineered to withstand the toughest shooting conditions. Its
construction makes it shockproof, waterproof and fog proof, making it reliable in
any environment. The top-loading CR2032 battery design is a significant enhancement,
allowing for battery replacement without the need to remove the entire sight, thus
maintaining zero.

Advanced Features for Precision Shooting
Featuring a 3 MOA Red Dot reticle with 10 adjustable brightness settings, including two
night vision settings, the H.A.L.O offers superior visibility in various lighting conditions. The
auto sleep and auto-on (shake awake) functionality, powered by a motion sensor, conserves battery life while ensuring the sight is ready when needed.

The optic’s unlimited eye relief and field of view, coupled with a multi-coated lens, provide a clear and broad visual field, essential for rapid target acquisition and situational awareness.

The turret’s 1.5 MOA per click adjustment enables accurate windage and elevation

“The H.A.L.O reflex sight is a culmination of our commitment to innovation and excellence,”
said Chris Watkins, CEO & Founder at ZeroTech Optics. “We’ve pushed the boundaries of
technology to offer shooters an optic that not only withstands extreme conditions but also
enhances their shooting experience with its unmatched accuracy and reliability.”

The H.A.L.O TRAE28 reflex sight will soon be available for purchase through authorized
ZeroTech Optics dealers and on the company’s website. For more information, visit

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  1. The red dot might mean more to me with a rechargeable 2032 or simply something with wireless recharging.

    • So far, charging or wireless charging introduces a lot of failure points. I would rate E anything is in the beta stage at best.

      • My wirelessly charged electric toothbrush has worked flawlessly for years. Just change out the brush head regularly and keep clean and there will never be an issue. The LED in a red dot will never require as much energy as the motor in a toothbrush. This is not that complicated. It’s just that no one does it. But even without wireless charging, most of these things don’t use any kind of battery that can be charged at all. I know 2032’s are not that expensive but if they want me to see them as ‘advanced’…well, this isn’t.

        Your likely thinking about the charger/battery in smart phones. Something much more sophisticated than a red dot will ever need to be.

  2. I don’t even really use my irons inside of 10 yards. Point and shoot. I just don’t get why anyone would want these electronic video game toys on a defensive pistol.

    Whatever. I just don’t get zoomers either. Always trying to buy competency and skill with electronic gadgets when the only effective path to it is practical application and repetition on the weapon system itself.

    • As a non-zoomer with eyes that are good but not as great as they were when I was that age, I love my dots. I can hit where I want quickly. They do not replace any fundamental skills whatsoever.

      You need to make a head shot from 30 feet away and you just “point and shoot”? Uh huh. Good luck. I’m not saying you need to switch to a dot. What the hell do I care what sight you use? I’m saying I bet that is exactly what you wouldn’t do if you really found yourself in a bind. You’re so anti-dot you’re typing a bunch of nonsense.

      • Hes just stating fact. It is true that zoomers (overall as a demographic) do tend to try to ‘buy’ competency and skill with electronic gadgets when the only effective path to it is practical application and repetition on the weapon system itself.

        I also, like him, tend to use irons. But I do have dot sights on some of my guns and like them, but I don’t use one on the carry gun.

        And as for your “You need to make a head shot from 30 feet away and you just “point and shoot’? Uh huh.” > where did you dream that up imaginary scenario? Apparently you can’t make a 30 yard shot with irons.

        And if you had ever been in an actual defensive situation you would understand that you don’t waste that maybe eye blink moment in time trying to make a head shot at 30 yards with a pistol even with a dot sight and go for any part of the target you can see.

        So now the qualifying factor is you need to be able to make a head shot at 30 yards? I can make head shots at 30 yards just fine with irons, on a target on the range and so can my wife and others can too so its not some magical thing that one needs to whip up a ‘dot sight’ spell for.

        But having been in several defensive gun use incidents with one in particular coming to mind I can tell you that head shots at 30 yards; Although would have been great in that situation because the fire fight to rescue her started with me still 30’ish yards away and having to advance on them under fire, well, head shots at 30 yards is something you don’t need to be focusing on as a primary saving measure. And although if its possible to do that head shot at 30 yards with a 100% assurance of not missing such a smaller target while that adrenaline is pumping and you moving around a lot (over 98% of defensive gun uses the defender is moving around a lot and so is the bad guy – and its not like the youtube rangers and movies portray it with their smooth operator like actions, its not like those make believe scenarios the mall ninjas run – 98% of them are pure chaos and lots of moving and quick shots and 98% of people never even see their dot sight in those cases and there is an actual biological reason for that and most likely you will not either and aiming is instinctual in those moments) – if that’s possible then by all means you go for that 30 yard head shot with your dot sight, but that doesn’t mean with that same possibility a person using only iron sights can’t. But what ever happens, remember this, no matter the technology used when it comes down to pulling that trigger in that DGU incident that shot might be the only one you get at any one moment in time and then its all up to defender core competency and skill that one can not buy.

        So you go ahead and be critical of what he said – but he’s telling the truth.

        • 30 feet not 30 yards. In addition NT posted he doesn’t use his sights at all 10 yards and under which is what PD was questioning.

        • yeah I know he said 30 feet. My error, I kept thinking yards because I do 30 yards with iron sights just fine.

          I don’t use my sights either at 10 yards (or 15 yards), for reactive drills on man sized silhouette, for practice and there is a reason for that. Honestly, I think everyone should learn this, and there is a reason for that too.

          And here’s the reason, the human stress response to an actual sudden threat:

          For a sudden imminent (as in right that very moment) defense incident, (almost always) these take place 15 yards and under because the threat has usually gotten close to you before they are revealed or they are in a position for a distance they can cover quickly when they decide to attack and this is usually 15 yards or less by the time a person realizes something is going on and 15 yards is about the normal far distance the average person begins to realize deliberate ‘intent signals’ (e.g. bad guy staring at you, reaching for something, matching your direction of travel, heading right towards you, etc…) in their direction. In such a situation less than 5% of people will see (perceive) their iron-sights or the optic-dot or a laser-dot before they pull the trigger for the first shot and less than 8% will see these before they pull the trigger for the second shot (if its needed), less than 13% of people will see these on the third shot (if needed) — even if they present properly — but rather they will point and shoot ‘instinctively’ and for most people its rapid fire shots.

          It is caused by the body ‘stress response’ (AKA ‘fight or flight’ response). The ‘stress response’ can make you not think or perceive clearly (not perceive clearly for things other than the threat alone) during and for a bit after the event is over, its the effect of all the adrenaline flooding the body, the brain and body in over drive, and a massive release of cortisol with the hypothalamus activating the sympathetic nervous system and suppressing the parasympathetic nervous system. There are lots of effects, and it affects people differently, but one that affects all is a sudden narrowing of vision focus and perception to just the threat alone excluding from viewing perception all other ‘things’ for a period of time that can run (depending on the person) from sub-second times to several seconds.

          After the amygdala sends a ‘fight or flight’ (‘stress response’) distress signal, the hypothalamus activates the sympathetic nervous system by sending signals through the autonomic nerves to the adrenal glands. The glands respond by pumping epinephrine (AKA adrenaline) into the bloodstream. This hormone response triggers the release of large amounts of cortisol. As this happens the sympathetic nervous system takes over and suppresses the parasympathetic nervous system. The persons body may even move on its own without them telling it to and they may not even be aware of it unless they keep track of their body state consciously. The parasympathetic nervous system is what helps a person determine their body state, and think and perceive more clearly, by ‘calming’ the person down but this system is suppressed by the sympathetic nervous system during the ‘stress response’. In a person with a correctly functioning sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system the ‘calm down cycle’ can happen pretty quickly in this visual aspect so after the first or second shot the visual perception begins to clear up some and it becomes more likely the person will begin see (perceive) their iron-sights or the optic-dot or a laser-dot.

          This ‘stress response’ effect happens to everyone ion such situations – ordinary people, police, military, skilled ‘operators’ – everyone.

          So, for cases like this its better to train with iron sights and get used to where they are because that ‘memory’ also coincides closely with the natural ‘point and shoot’ instinctive shooting ability that you will most likely be using for those first couple of shots in such a situation because most likely you will not even see your iron sights, the dot sight, or a laser dot before you need to pull the trigger for those.

          That’s why I don’t use my sights either at 10 yards (or 15 yards), for reactive drills on man sized silhouette, for practice – to hone the instinctive shooting skill.

          And I can tell you from personal experience the human stress response is a real thing in such situations.

    • I think that trend is coming from rifles. While shooting competency with irons is important, MOST (not all) people in 2024 consider a red dot or similar optic mandatory along with a white light and sling for a defensive rifle. I think that same mindset is trickling down to handguns now that the tech has proven itself and more people have hands on experience with it.

      The technology and robustness has improved so much that you have people like Lucas at Trex arms saying he’s open to not even carry iron sights on his edc glock anymore because he’s had his rmr on for years without issue on numerous guns. He argued that and the fact that if the glass is occluded, you couldn’t use irons anyway, and if the battery somehow died (you have like weeks of low power notice before they shut off completely anyway), he could use the window. People trust the tech, and once you get used to them it’s definitely faster/easier than irons.

      I see them becoming more and more common, especially on carry guns. The arguments on are going to be about open vs closed emitters, size, battery life, etc… Not irons vs. rds. I currently only have one RMR handgun and carry a gun with irons too, but I’m not opposed to trying out some of the new options from Holosun, Trijicon, and others this year.

  3. I still don’t know what it does different, what mount it fits, or an estimated cost from the article.

    • Well they did mention the mount, RMSc. Which makes it one of the very few micro-gun options with a fully enclosed dot. That’s…yeah, that’s about it. Oh, and you don’t need to pull the optic and re-zero to change batteries which is common fare in RMSc.

      No auto-bright option and no circle-dot (or plain circle) makes it a nope for me.

  4. I say give it to Sage Dynamics and see how it tests out. If it passes there, then it will be on my “considered” list.

  5. How in this day and age can you do a media advertisement and not have the product on your website???? ( Or give a price point)

    Says a lot about the company……………..


  6. “The turret’s 1.5 MOA per click adjustment enables accurate windage and elevation tuning.”
    They not only admit it that it has 1.5 MOA clicks, but they even brag about it?
    That’s 50% worse (less precise) than any other red dot I’ve seen on the market!

    It guarantees that nobody will ever want to mount this on a rifle.
    Yeah, believe it or not, some of us prefer compact, lightweight optics for our compact, lightweight rifles (e.g. the 10/22 Takedown), but that 1.5 MOA adjustment range rules it out for rifle purposes.
    Also, green dots are better for astigmatism, so not having this available in green is another drawback.

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