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From German Precision Optics

German Precision Optics (GPO) announces six new riflescopes to its line of premium optics. Designed for today’s discriminating hunter, the new SPECTRA™ 6X riflescope lineup offers precise, reliable and top-of-the-line performance to meet the demands of any situation hunters may find themselves in. A 30mm main tube, proprietary GPObright™ high-transmission lens coating technology, iControl™ illumination technology, PASSIONdrop™ hydrophobic exterior lens coatings and a double HD glass objective lens are just some of the features you will find in these models. Models in the 6X line include the SPECTRA™ 1-6x24i, 1,5-9x32i, 1,5-9x44i, 2-12x44i, 2-12x50i, and 3-18x56i.

Both the SPECTRA 1-6x24i and 1,5-9x32i riflescopes are compact and lightweight, with magnification from 1x to 9x between to 2 models, which allows for quick shooting on fast-moving targets at close range, and a choice between 24mm and 32mm objective lens diameter. The GPO G4i reticle enhances the ability to make fast and accurate shot placements. The SPECTRA 1,5-9x44i also offers a wide magnification range for a scope of its size, but has a 44mm objective lens for enhanced light gathering, and the GPO G4i Drop reticle for precise long-range shot placements.

For medium- and long-range hunting, both the SPECTRA™ 2-12x44i and 2-12x50i feature magnification from 2x to 12x and either the BRWi ballistic reticle or the G4i, with your choice of either a 44mm or 50mm objective lens for enhanced light transmission. For the ultimate in light transmission and low-light accuracy, the SPECTRA 3-18x56i features magnification from 3x to 18x, a massive 56mm objective lens, and the exclusive GPO BRi reticle, which gives you a fully illuminated ballistic reticle with illuminated holdover markers, for the ultimate in long-range precision in low light.

Exclusive to GPO, the proprietary iCONTROL™ illumination system can be adjusted between barely visible for low-light conditions or extremely bright for daylight usage. The system automatically powers down the illumination when the electronic module has been stationary for more than three hours and alerts the user when the battery has 15 percent power remaining.

With the introduction of the Spectra riflescope lines, GPO has modernized the hunting turret systems for the shooting enthusiast who wants both a ballistic turret for easy dialing but also protection from the elements of outdoor field use with a capped ballistic turret. With a low-profile knob that has easy-to-read dial numbers, the aluminum cap fits snugly over the top. This system has clockwise rotating cm click turrets with solid knurled knobs easy to grab in any hunting environment. A blank turret is provided in every box for customization.

The new SPECTRA 6x line of riflescopes are crafted from a solid, one-piece dust-proof, waterproof, nitrogen-filled body that offers constant point-of-impact and the ultimate in strength and durability. All SPECTRA™ 6X riflescopes come with an instruction manual, cleaning cloth, bikini scope cover, CR2032 battery, and throw lever. All GPO products purchased in the USA include the GPO, USA’s Spectacular Lifetime Warranty™. Full details on this industry-changing warranty can be found at Currently available at retailers nationwide and at, MSRPs are: 1-6x24i, $799.99; 1.5-9x32i $899.99; 1.5-9x44i $899.99; 2-12x44i $899.99; 2-12x50i $949.99; 3-18x56i, $1099.99.

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  1. Nice price points – in line with Vortex, Athlon, SwampFox and a host of others in this highly competitive magnification / size range.

    Since the GPO release doesn’t specify…I’m guessing second focal-plane scopes.

  2. Noice! Yeah I expected $2000 or more. Kuam su glaubin(German phonetic spelling for “hard to believe”. )Per my grandma from the old country😎

  3. The 1-6x has a garbage duplex reticle, even if that’s a fiber optic aiming point. Try again, guys.

  4. “All of our design, engineering, and quality management is done internally in Germany.”
    German precision manufactured in China.

    • Yep, seems a lot of companies are dodging the made in chicom bullet with double speak.. for Christmas my son gave me a cobratech knife. ” Yeah Dad, and it’s made in Texas” I didn’t have the heart to tell him , assembled in , made from chicom materials. Demolition Ranch guy is doing the same with his knives only he went a little overboard with the illusion.

  5. why a 1.5x lpvo
    now you cant use it cqb like a red dot
    and if you cant use it cqb like a red dot
    then why bother
    who ever says “i need just a teeny tiny little bit of magnification on the lowest power setting”
    just get a 2-8 or a 3-9


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