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The Kali Key GEN2-A1 Easily Converts Your Semi-Auto AR-15 to a Bolt Action Rifle

Every day we see a new headline: “Lawful AR ownership is under attack.” More and more states and municipalities are forcing the registration or removal of “assault weapons” owned by law-abiding citizens. Laws that don’t outright ban ARs require feature modifications that make the rifles challenging to use safely. Both the House and Senate have […]

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How Does Plastic Body Armor Work?

Most people know of three options for body armor: steel, fiber (e.g. Kevlar), and ceramic. However, if you’re into military news, you may also have heard that more U.S. troops may soon be replacing their Kevlar-based equipment with a fourth option: lightweight plastic armor. More specifically, the type of plastic is UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight […]