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From Bushnell . . .

Bushnell®, an industry leader in performance optics, announced today the introduction of a new reflex sight – the RXS-100. Designed with user-adjustable brightness settings and multi-platform versatility, the new RXS-100 offers outstanding value at an unheard-of price point.

The RXS-100 is compatible with optics ready pistols and is a desirable option for rifles, shotguns and other firearm models. At the core of the RXS-100 is a crisp 4-MOA Red with eight brightness settings and battery life that provides over 5,000 hours of runtime on the mid setting.

“With the introduction of the RXS-100, we are able to offer users a reliable, affordable reflex sight that has all of the features they requested for under $100,” said Derek Osburn, Director of Optics for Vista Outdoor. “The RXS-100 stands out from other red dots currently on the market by providing a clear, bright dot that has been designed to withstand the harsh recoil experienced when slide-mounted on pistols. We are excited to be able to bring this combination of quality and value to the reflex market and continue Bushnell’s long-standing legacy of purpose-built products.”

A perfect option for pistols, rifles and shotguns, the RXS-100 works across all common red dot mounts with a DeltaPoint® Pro footprint and weaver-style mounting options with the include riser. The new sight utilizes an energy efficient, point source LED to create a collimated beam for a clear, strong 4-MOA red dot. This key feature of the RXS-100 is uncommon in reflex sights at this price point which typically feature less expensive masked LED designs.

The RXS-100 also features a 12-hour auto-off timer to extend battery life. The side-loading battery is designed for easy replacement without removing the sight from the firearm, so zero is retained. Durability of the sight is accomplished by a rugged, aircraft-grade aluminum housing that keeps glass and electronic internal components protected against recoil, as well as rough field use. An oversized hood helps reduce glare and enhances lens durability against impact.

In addition, RXS-100 offers a convenient layout and design, including detented windage/elevation adjustments with 1 MOA per click and digital controls with push-button actuation for brightness setting adjustments. To maximize light transmission, RXS-100 has True Tone coatings that mitigate blue tint on the glass.  Other items included with the red dot include basic mounting and adjustment tools, a protective form-fit cover, cleaning cloth and CR2032 battery.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for RXS-100 is $99.99. For more information, visit

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    • Thank you for finally not WRITING IN ALL CAPS, because that is considered kinda rude.

      And everybody knows people from north Texas aren’t deliberately rude, …Right? 🙂

  1. BTW…..
    IPX7 waterproof (1 meter for 30mins)
    “Ironclad lifetime warranty” that isn’t ironclad (5 year on electronics)

  2. I’ve beat the crap out of multiple TRS-25s without any issues; pistols, high recoil rifles, 3 1/2in bird guns… I’m excited for these.

  3. I’m certainly going to consider buying one at that price point for one of my AR’s. 4 MOA is adequate for my needs and abilities, and mounting this on a quick release would enable me to quickly switch my 5.56 AR Scope that’s set up and sighted for 200 meters to a CQB weapon, without breaking my piggy bank.
    Kudos to Bushnell for making what appears to be a much better optic that is affordable.
    I’ll admit I would love to be able to buy the Top of the Linr, but the reality is my retiree’s budget doesn’t allow spending that amount of money.

  4. All you have to do is find one in stock. I did see one on Amazon for sale from a third party seller for twice (!) the MSRP but I don’t need another lower end red dot that bad.

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