Baltimore Hiring More Ex-Cons to Combat “Gun Violence”

Baltimore Safe Streets drug and gun bust

“Baltimore officials are expected to authorize the expansion of the anti-violence Safe Streets program to a fifth city location — likely the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood, the site of Freddie Gray’s arrest,” reports. “The Board of Estimates, which is controlled by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, plans to accept a $180,000 one-year grant from the Abell Foundation to employ ex-felons to stem crime in the West Baltimore neighborhood. The grant, along with federal dollars, will fund the program until June 2016, city officials said.” Not to mention $770k in Baltimore taxpayer funds. This despite Baltimore “Violence Interrupters” Caught Dealing Drugs, Possessing Illegal Guns (image above), If I were a cynical man . . .

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Scotts Valley, CA City Council Rejects Gun Store Licensing

"ormer DARE Instructors Chief John Weiss and Lieutenant John Wilson with then Juvenile Detective Scott Freeman following a 2008 DARE Graduation." (courtesy

TTAG reader DT writes:

Scotts Valley [CA] City Council voted 5 to 0 to deny Ordinance No 189 (gun store licensing) in a victory for gun owners and free enterprise. The Chief of Police was completely discredited as was SVPD Lt. Wilson (above center, named as the proposal’s author). NO gun store owners were contacted prior to putting the matter before Council. The Chief claimed that an April 2015 attempted gun store burglary supported the notion that gun stores are criminal targets and they lack adequate security because the store’s alarm wasn’t triggered . . .

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BREAKING: VA Tries to Confiscate Disabled Vet’s Guns, Stopped by Citizens and Sheriff Standing Guard


President Obama has said time and again that his greatest disappointment was that he was unable to enact new gun control legislation to further restrict the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms. In an effort to do an end run around Congress and enact some of that legislation, the Obama administration enacted some new policies that would make it impossible for some disabled vets to purchase guns and might even lead to their existing firearms being confiscated. That very nightmare scenario — the VA forcibly confiscating the firearms of a disabled veteran — almost happened in Idaho yesterday, but the VA was stopped in its tracks by a grassroots group of local residents. And the sheriff. And some politicians. All of whom stood on the man’s front yard to prevent the confiscation.

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Texas Law Shield: Top Five Reasons Legal Gun Owners End-Up In Jail

Republished with permission from Texas Law Shield:

As a law-abiding gun owner, you might ask yourself: “Why would I end up in jail when I carry my firearm legally and know how to use it correctly?” Unfortunately, as our experience has taught us, even legal gun owners are not out of the reach of the long arm of the law. Here are five reasons legal gun owners often end up arrested and in jail even though they think they have done nothing legally wrong . . .

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Texas Judge: 2A Doesn’t Guarantee a Right to Manufacture Firerarms

Cody Wilson enjoying a modest little Margaux (courtesy The Truth About Guns - both the picture and the wine)

Cody Wilson and the Second Amendment Foundation are fighting the good fight against some extremely restrictive ITAR regulations that have put the kibosh on Defense Distributed’s 3D printed firearms files. It looks like the first skirmish in that battle has gone to the government, with a Texas judge denying a preliminary injunction that would have allowed Defense Distributed to distribute their CAD files online again. TTAG has exclusively obtained the judge’s order, and while an immediate appeal has already been filed, there are still some real gems in here that show how the legal system thinks about the Second Amendment and free speech in general. Hint: it ain’t good . . .

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Dyspeptic Gunsmith: Gun Rights on Indian Reservations

Tony Larvie, chief of police for the Bureau of Indian Affairs Crow Agency office  (courtesy

OK, since I live in Wyoming and am reasonably close to the Crow Reservation, I’m going to dispel some myths for people here.

1. You should NEVER assume that state law applies on a res. NEVER. The reservations are their own sovereign nations, and they are not bound to recognize state laws except where they agree to do so. Getting pulled over and whipping out a CCW issued by a state (whether MT or another state) when you’re on a back road or reservation property might not get you the results you want . . .

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Media Challenges Waco Twin Peaks Gag Order As Questions About DA and Judge Emerge


“The Houston Chronicle has jumped into the fray over a gag order issued in the case involving 177 bikers charged in Waco for their alleged roles in a melee that left nine people dead and 18 wounded,” the paper self-reported Friday. “The Chronicle’s parent company, the Hearst Corporation, is one of 16 news media companies that are supporting a biker’s fight against the gag order. Others include the Associated Press, New York Times and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.” . . .

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BREAKING: Amazon, Walmart Agree to Stop Selling Toy Guns in New York, Pay Hefty Fine

Angelina Jolie and son Pax (courtesy

Following the shooting of Tamir Rice (who was holding a toy gun that looked real at the time), there has been a push by the usual suspects to ban toy guns. Instead of teaching kids that walking around outside with something that looks like a deadly weapon is a bad idea, the Attorney General of New York has decided that the way to “fix” this “problem” is to try and crack down on the sale of these inanimate objects. Because that’s been so successful in the past. Now it appears that the toy companies have agreed to Herr Schneiderman’s demands . . .

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Washington Post: “Watch what happens when regular people try to use handguns in self-defense”

What is it with The Washington Post? The paper is obsessed with dissing Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Hardly a day passes without the paper supporting new gun control legislation, both generally and specifically pissing on gun rights. When a gun control org commissioned and released a new study called Firearms Training and Self-Defense highlighting the difficulty of armed self-defense, the WaPo’s Christopher Ingraham seized on it to “prove” that non-law enforcement civilians are incapable of using their firearm to good effect when faced with violent attack. Click here for the original study. Here’s Ingraham’s take . . .

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Florida Firearms Owners Privacy Act Does Not Gag Doctors

Howard Simon, ACLU (courtesy

Here’s the official description of the Florida Firearms Owners Privacy Act [click here for the full text]:

Provides that licensed practitioner or facility may not record firearm ownership information in patient’s medical record; provides exception; provides that unless information is relevant to patient’s medical care or safety or safety of others, inquiries regarding firearm ownership or possession should not be made; provides exception for EMTS & paramedics; provides that patient may decline to provide information regarding ownership or possession of firearms; clarifies that physician’s authority to choose patients is not altered . . .

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