Michigan Open Carry: New Gun Law Not So Great

From Michigan Open Carry: The Good – SB 584 seeks to create a shall issue exemption to the concealed pistol free zones listed in MCL 28.425o (and on the back of every CPL) for anyone who takes an additional 8 hours of training, or who is a certified instructor. While this is not the complete […]

Question of the Day: Is NRA Carry Guard (and Similar Programs) “Murder Insurance”?

In the video below, Rashad Robinson declares that the NRA’s Carry Guard program is “murder insurance.” The Executive Director of Color of Change is aghast that gun owners can buy a policy that protects them against the financial burden of defending themselves after discharging their firearm. “It’s incentivizing people to shoot first and ask question […]

Washington Post Columnist Colbert King: I Own a Gun But NO WAY I’m Going to Carry One

Through a miracle of modern jurisprudence, Washington, D.C. has transitioned from a complete handgun ban to “shall issue” concealed carry. (The government now must show good cause why they shouldn’t issue a carry permit to a citizen.) This in The Washington Post’s own backyard! No surprise, then, that the rabidly anti-gun rights rag gave editorial space to […]

Former ATF Agent to NRA/Congress: Don’t Blame Bureau for Bump Fire Stocks, We Can’t Ban Them, Here’s What You Have to Do . . .

Michael Bouchard (above) is mad as hell at the NRA, or as his letter to Congress calls them “some [who] attempt to cast blame on ATF for not banning devices like the ‘bump slide’ used in the Las Vegas shootings.” The ATF’s former Director of Field Operations and current head of the Association for Former/retired ATF […]

Jeff Knox to NRA: Rescind Bump Fire Stock Statement Now!

Jeff Knox of The Firearms Coalition writes [via ammoland.com] The Executive Vice President of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, and Chris Cox, the Executive Director of NRA-ILA, the association’s lobbying arm, issued a joint statement in response to the horrific atrocity perpetrated last week in Las Vegas. The bulk of the statement was . . . practical and […]