Due Process for Accused Domestic Abusers With Guns? Nope.

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“More than a dozen states have strengthened laws over the past two years to keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers, a rare area of consensus in the nation’s highly polarized debate over guns.” That’s the AP’s take on the spate of gun laws that mandate firearms confiscation for people (mostly but not exclusively men) subject to an ex parte domestic abuse-related retraining order. To be clear . . .

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Pontiac Police Jail MI Home Owner for Shooting and Killing Burglar

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“Police get a call that a 23-year-old was trying to break in through a bedroom window,” fox2detroit.com reports. “But the resident, a 23-year-old living inside the house, shoots and kills him. ‘Somebody tried to get in the house after we had all went to bed,’ said David, the homeowner who allowed the gun owner to live in his house. ‘And evidently, and I don’t know what his purpose was.’ The intruder was wearing dark colors and didn’t know anybody in the house. There’s some controversy . . .

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South Carolina Legislator: Regulate Journalists Like Gun Owners

S.C. State Rep. Mike Pitts. John Bazemore/AP, via npr.org.

We’ve often heard it asked: what would happen if a law were crafted that would treat other rights with the same disrespect and contempt with which the right to keep and bear arms is treated? Well, wonder no more. South Carolina State Representative Mike Pitts (R) has introduced the “South Carolina Responsible Journalism Registry Law” for what might be called, tongue planted firmly in cheek, a common sense regulation on irresponsible journalism. NPR has the story . . .

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BREAKING: Federal Judge Rejects Obama’s Executive Privilege Claim for Operation Fast & Furious Docs

politco.com reports that “U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled Tuesday that the Justice Department’s public disclosures about its response to the so-called “gun walking” controversy [a.k.a., Operation Fast & Furious] undercut Obama’s executive privilege claim.” Translation: that train has left the station. Executive privilege this. Hand over the documents, bub. We’re talking about the docs that . . .

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Question of the Day: Is a “Gun Free Zone” Property Owner Responsible for A Disarmed Visitor’s Safety?

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“If a Tennessee grocery store bans guns on its property and a black bear or wild hog kills or injures a person who otherwise would be carrying his or her gun,” tennessean.com reports, “the gun owner would be allowed to sue the property owner if a newly introduced bill became law.” Uh, I don’t think Senator Delores Gresham introduced Senate Bill 1736 to protect licensed gun owners from bear or hog attacks. It makes property owners liable if they disarm someone and that someone gets waylaid by a two-legged varmint. It’s an idea that’s been floating around TTAG for a while. So, now that it’s in play (albeit without a chance of passage) how about it? Good idea? Workable? What?


Question of the Day: Are You Going to Watch Obama’s “Guns In America” CNN Town Hall Special?


CNN has been hyping their “Guns in America” town hall special – scheduled for 8pm EST tonight – like a time share salesman at a retirement party. And why not? CNN has been chasing Fox’s tail for years. The President’s appearance on [what some call] the Communist News Network, formerly the Clinton News Network] will give CNN K-Street cred and a big fat ratings/earnings boost. Or will it? I have a sneaking suspicion . . .

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Who is a ‘Responsible Person’ on an NFA Trust?

Ryan Cleckner (courtesy youtube.com)

This post is by Ryan Cleckner [above], an attorney who specializes in firearms law. It’s republished from ryancleckner.com with the author’s permission.

I recently posted an article exploring the new rules by the ATF concerning NFA trusts. One of the multiple changes discussed in the article, which include the removal of CLEO approval and new rules for handling firearms in an estate, is extra paperwork and approval requirements for “responsible persons.” These “responsible persons” on the trust will need to . . .

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