Jon Wayne Taylor shows Israeli model and new shooter Michal Idan how to disassemble — and assemble — an Underground Tactical AR-15.

Nine Magazine and Reload Tips: (And One From Rob Pincus)

Col Benjamin Findley (not shown) writes [via]

1) When you grab or acquire a mag from the pouch or insert it into a mag well, always index and guide it into place by extending your support-hand index finger on the front strap of the mag;

2) Always safely keep the gun’s muzzle pointed downrange or slightly up to the air on your right side, while grabbing the mag from the pouch and performing the reload . . .


Police aren’t always the nicest people on planet Earth. To be fair, the people they interact with aren’t always peaceable, law-abiding types either. As for the officer above — who drew his gun on these motorists and assured the driver that he, the police officer, was ready to shoot — we don’t know the totality of the circumstances. Suffice it to say, gun owners have special reason to take care when stopped by cops . .


A lot of gun owners worry about their gun going “click” instead of “bang.” Yes, well, with basic maintenance and self-defense (i.e. hollow-point) ammo, the vast majority of modern handguns are incredibly reliable. As long as you test fire your gun and ammo on a regular basis, you have little cause for concern. That said, the desire to reduce the odds of a life-ending mechanical malfunction is perfectly understandable. The single most likely cause of failure . . .