5 Best Shooting Drills to Make the Most of Your Range Time

Firearms drills are an absolute blast. They sharpen your skills, give you a challenge at the range and can change the way you think...

5 Reasons You Should Build Your Own AR-15 Rifle Now

By Key Stone Scout This past Christmas I wanted to get my two LEO brothers gifts without draining my bank account. This was mostly because...

Concealed Carry Basics: Proper Appendix Inside the Waistband Draw and Reholster Technique

https://youtu.be/tGr9BqaQYEA By Dylan Casey I first started to carry a firearm daily around six years ago. About a year ago I switched to the appendix carry...
AR-15 forward assist

What Is The AR-15 Forward Assist And Why Do I Need It?

The AR-15 forward assist, a mechanical feature found on most AR-15 pattern rifles, is something that newbies might not totally understand. You'll find the...
Joe Biden

HELP SAVE THE SECOND: Meaningful Steps Each of Us Can Take to Save Our...

Clearly, the coming Biden regime intends on launching its own little jihad on American gun owners' rights.  Even without Congressional lawmaking, slow Joe can...

Want to Be A More Accurate Shooter? Practice Good Trigger Management

  Good trigger management is one of the first things I work on with my students. It's a fundamental part of shooting that will lead...
Concealed carry gun pistol

3 Ways to Come Out of the Concealed Carry Closet

The decision to carry a concealed firearm is an important, deeply personal one. You are carrying. You are responsible for your gun and what you...
cleaning a suppressor

How to Clean a Suppressor

Do you want -- or need -- to clean your suppressor? It's not always necessary depending on your particular can and the caliber you're...
Avoid Rookie Mistakes With Your AR-15 Rifle

Shooting Better With Your AR-15 Rifle: Avoid Rookie Mistakes

A flexible, modular design and decades of robust sales have pushed the AR-15 to the top of long gun heap, making it America's favorite...
ar-15 upgrades

AR-15 Upgrades: How to Make Your Rifle Better For Not Much Money

When I got my first AR-15, I was bewildered. There were so many choices for me to modify the rifle, and because much of...
magazine change pistol

Self Defense Tip: Carry a Spare Magazine

A lot of gun owners worry about their gun going "click" instead of "bang" when they really need it. With basic maintenance and using...
shooting range training target practice pistol

Three Must-Have Gunfighting Skills

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYZ8LvIYOkA As we pointed out in Three Things Every Concealed Carrier Should Always Carry, a gun, a comfortable holster and a phone are the basic tools...