woman gun shoot range practice

The Women’s Revolver Myth Might Finally Be Dead

A few years ago, I was working at a gun show to promote a concealed carry course I was teaching. It was pretty obvious...
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Constitutional Carry: Know the Law and Know Your Rights

By Emily Taylor What used to be a legal oddity confined to the tiny state of Vermont is now the law in more than a...
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Trap Shooters: Stop Resting Your Shotgun Barrel On Your Foot! [NSFW Image]

As much as we try to minimize risk as gun owners, the shooting sports can still be dangerous. Accidents happen -- I've treated at...

How To Get Your Own FFL: A Brief Step-By-Step Guide

How do you get an FFL? There's a procedure to be followed in order to get there, as with licensure of any kind. Not...
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The 3 Best Ways to Reduce Felt Recoil for New Shooters…And Everyone Else

When I take newbies shooting for the very first time, the number one thing that they're concerned about isn't noise or the high velocity...
Streamlight TLR-8

Ask Josh: Do I Need A Weapon Light On My Pistol?

Newbie John H. is a recent convert to the way of the gun, having only played video games and engaged in a little paintball...

Ask Josh: Why Have Low Power Variable Optics Gotten So Popular?

Long-time High Power competitor and cattle rancher Doug N. hasn't been digging the industry trend toward low power variable optics (LPVO). ”I really hated it...
tap rack bang drill malfunction

Malfunction Clearing Drills: Tap, Rack, Bang and More

If you have a semi-automatic pistol, you've experienced a stoppage. If you just bought your first, give it time. It will happen. It may...
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Personal Defense: Get Fit for the Fight

By George Zener The fight-or-flight response is “a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival.” Lots...
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Personal Defense: Duty to Retreat, Stand Your Ground, Castle Doctrine – Do You Know...

By Emily Taylor If you own a gun, it is imperative that you learn these three legal concepts that will help you know when it...
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How to Buy a Silencer: 10 Easy Steps

A lot of shooters still don't realize that they can own silencers legally, or if they do know that, they're intimidated about the process....
NFA For Beginners: Form 1 to Manufacture an NFA Item

National Firearms Act For Beginners: Using Form 1 to Manufacture an NFA Item

When an individual or a trust/corporation (read about the Silencer Shop Single Shot Trust HERE) purchases an existing NFA-regulated "firearm" (silencer, short-barreled rifle, short-barreled...