Calibers for Beginners: 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells

Many a tyke got their first taste of a ‘real gun’ when they put dad’s slug gun to their shoulder and under the old man's supervision, pulled the trigger. The awakening, for so many...
Wilson Combat Beretta 92G Centurion Tactical

The Idiot’s Guide to Becoming a ‘Gun Guy’

By Everyday Gunner I'm fairly young. I'm relatively stupid. And I really have no idea what it takes to break into the stereotypical OFWG (old fat white guy) gun crowd. However, I've been working to...
Indoor shooting range training

Safety Tip: How to Survive a Public Shooting Range Session

By Nick Savery When I first started shooting I began at a public indoor range. I wasn't a member of a club and I didn't have any guns of my own to shoot. I practiced...
pistol handgun ready conditions

The 5 Carry Conditions – How Do You Carry Your Handgun?

"Carry condition" isn't a subject as hotly debated in the gun community as, say, stopping power or GLOCK vs. 1911, but it's up there. What is a carry condition? It's the state of readiness...
Old Pistol Ammunition

This is Why You Really Should Rotate Your Carry Gun Ammunition Regularly

Many folks -- cops included -- load up their self-defense sidearm, and then those tools silently serve and protect their owners from bad people with evil in their hearts. Unfortunately, most of us don't...
left handed gun

Sinistromanual Pro Tip: If You’re a Lefty, Learn to Shoot Right-Handed

Reader Curtis in IL writes: While we're well past Left Handers Day, if you’re a southpaw like me, you know the burdens we bear. Besides being smarter and better looking than everyone else, we’re constantly...
shotgun mini shells comparison uses

Shotgun Mini Shells: A Shotgunner on Their Advantages, Drawbacks and Best Uses

I love shotguns. I always have and I come from a family who used shotguns for hunting deer, shooting birds, and defending the homestead. In the Marines, I was one of the few Marines...

Meet the 375 Raptor: a Heavy-Hitting, Short Action Cartridge

Arne Brennan, creator of 6.5 Grendel and other cartridges, designed 375 Raptor in a quest to do for 308 Winchester what 300 Blackout did for .223 Remington. Namely, neck it up to run larger,...
Father Son Camp Illinois New Shooter kids shooting learn to shoot

Central Illinois Father-Son Camp Makes Memories For Hundreds of Boys and Young Men

Any day you can help make memories for young people new to shooting ranks as a great day for them and for you. Once more I had the chance to volunteer to help some...

Pro Tip: Choose The Right Bullet For The Job

Late last month a few guys and I went to Lonesome Boar Adventures in Mountain Home, Texas to do a little hunting. Thinking we'd be shooting mostly coyotes at medium-to-long ranges, wild boars from...

Korean War Era Ammo: Even Stored Under Sub-Optimal Conditions, Every Round Fired Almost 70...

This past weekend, I had a chance to fire an M1 Carbine I recently found in the bottom of a lake. My diving crew friends also recovered some ammo with the gun. Uncle Sam's...

How to Get Started Hunting the Right Way

I used to shake a great deal when I saw deer wandering towards me across a vast fields of beans. Every inch they moved made my heart beat harder and it reminded me that...