Incendiary Image of the Day: Moms Against Everything Edition

(courtesy Moms Against Everything Facebook Page)

TTAG reader HB sent us a link to the Moms Against Everything Facebook page. I suspect that very few Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America members have seen the parody page, or would find it amusing if they did. But funny it is, from the “about” descriptor (“Non-partisan grassroots movement of moms created to demand action against guns. We will NOT let facts get in our way!”) to the comments (“I knew she was into something stronger than box wine!”) to the hashtags accompanying the images (#MomsAgainstMiddleFingers). Speaking of which TTAG salutes the page’s creators and recommend that our readers add to the “like” round count at their earliest opportunity.


U.S. Army Prepares to Pacify Really Big Cities

"City Wars: U.S. soldiers conduct urban training at Camp Blanding, Florida. Army planners believe future battles will be fought in 'megacities' of 20 million or more people." (Caption courtesy, photo courtesy Sgt. 1st Class Mark Bell/ / Army)

“When the Army looks to the future, it sees cities,” reports. “Dense, sprawling, congested cities where criminal and extremist groups flourish almost undetected by authorities, but who can influence the lives of the population while undermining the authority of the state. And the service is convinced that these ‘megacities’ of 20 million or more people will be the battleground of the future.” Paging Alex Jones! I assume the Army’s preparing for mega-city warfare in cities outside the U.S., and that U.S. soldiers would refuse to “pacify” American conurbations, but capability is capability. Check out the Army’s big city game plan . . .

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This Is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: Everyone Becomes a Spy

M16 (courtesy

“The home of Godzilla actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson [not shown] and his wife, Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson, was raided by police on Thursday evening (August 28) after a passerby saw a machine gun through the window in London, England,” reports. Only it wasn’t a rock. It was a rock lobster! Sorry. I mean, it wasn’t a machine gun. It was a “fully decommissioned M16 assault rifle [not shown] that was provided to Mrs Taylor-Johnson by the international charity Peace One Day as part of an art project entitled ‘Peace One Day M16’.” Yeah, that so works on a post-modern level . . .

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Dan Baum: Shooting is Good for Kids


The sturm und drang has been flowing freely since Charles Vacca met an untimely end earlier this week after allowing a 9-year-old girl to fire an Uzi with the giggle switch engaged. Reactions have fallen somewhere on the spectrum between ‘you deserve to be dead, you moron‘ to ‘all gun owners should be imprisoned and their children taken away.’ But taking a more measured view of the value of teaching children to shoot is Dan Baum, author of Gun Guys: A Road Trip. He’s out with a piece at today, ‘Letting Kids Shoot Guns is Good for Them,” in which he extolls the virtues and benefits of teaching kids to shoot . . .

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Who’s Interested in Common Sense Gun Control?


Reader Steve Sacco has had some extra time on his hands lately:

While my real work is running in the background and I’m waiting for it to complete, I thought I’d play with Google Trends. Google Trends is a tool which allows you to see search activity over time for certain words and/or phrases. This is the first time I’ve used it. So, let’s ask The Google how much interest there is in “gun control.” According to the antis, this is a burning question being asked by everyone. According to Google, with the exception of a couple of spikes in 2013, I see a distinct downward trend in interest . . .

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The Most Beautiful Slo-Mo Gunfire Video in the History of the World Ever?

I’m a big fan of Shiva the Destroyer. According to the wikipedia hive mind, “Shiva is the standard of invincibility, might, and terror as well as a figure of honor, delight, and brilliance.” For me, Shiva represents the duality of destruction as creation. The fact that Shiva is a Baldwin is relevant; there is incredible beauty in destruction, and yes, violence. As demonstrated by action movie director Sam Peckinpah, whose love of slow-mo ballistic mayhem helped elevate him from hack to auteur. Also on display above, in the Slo Motion Lab video of various bullets intersecting with various solids and liquids. I’ve said it before: I’d give my right testicle to have a really high speed camera for our reviews. Sigh. 


What the Hell is Wrong With Nebraska?

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.16.05 PM

Smith & Wesson’s downward adjustment of its earnings outlook piqued the curiosity of the ink-stained wretches at So they put an intern to work combing through the FBI’s NICS reporting and compiled this map showing background checks per 100 people by state in 2014 through July. The results are largely unsurprising. First, throw out Kentucky as their deep purpleness is due to the fact that the state runs monthly checks on all concealed carriers. For some reason. And no one here will be surprised to learn that the states with the lowest NICS checks are . . .

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The Three Hottest Women Shooters

Kirsten Joy Weiss, Performance Shooter (courtesy The Texas International Firearms Festival)

The fight for gun rights is a legal battle. And a political struggle. But make no mistake: the fight for firearms freedom is, at its root, a culture war. As long as the culture accepts the idea that guns are bad, that the people who possess them are bad, that cops and the military are the only “good guys” who should have them, our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms are under threat. And just as the only cure for hate speech is good speech, the only cure for a negative image of gun owners (as crazies and criminals) is a positive image of gun owners (as happy, law-abiding folk). In this conflict, comeliness counts. In other words, good-looking people are good for gun rights. Here are three of the best . .

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Firearms Top New York’s eBay Hit Parade


“The data analysts at eBay put together an incredible map of the 50 states showing what types of products are purchased in each state most often,” reports. “The list was compiled between 2013 and 2014 and adjusted for population. Despite its tough gun laws, New York bought more firearms and supplies than any other type of product.” Texas, too, but you already knew that. But did you know that Wyoming resident, hunter, sharp shooter and Texas International Firearms Festival spokesperson Kirsten Joy Weiss is an amazing artist? Maybe guns and art go hand-in-hand in the Equality State, accounting for their eBay fave (art supplies). Yeah, let’s go with that.


It’s Time for a Right to Carry Amendment


Reader MarkPA has an idea:

I propose that state groups petition their legislatures to call for an Article V convention to draft a Right-to-Carry Amendment to the US Constitution. To illustrate, I offer a tentative draft text to be debated and refined by the convention: “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be denied for want of need.” . . .

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Sons of Guns Officially Cancelled


Following the most recent arrest of Will Hayden for the alleged rape of his twelve year old daughter, Discovery Channel has decided to stop production of the next season of Sons of Guns and cancel the series. That’s the news via Fox News, which posted the announcement earlier today. Discovery Channel still lists the program on its press website, but I’m guessing that will change before long. Filming of new episodes was put “on hold” following Hayden’s first arrest, but the latest statement from the network seems to officially put the brakes on the whole production . . .

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