Salon on NRA Veep Wayne LaPierre: “People Die Because of this Man”

Wayne LaPierre (courtesy

First New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi demanded that the U.S. State Department list the National Rifle Association as a terrorist organization. Now Salon continues the bloody-minded assault by targeting Wayne LaPierre, calling the NRA veep a murderer. “Although 26-year-old Christopher Harper-Mercer pulled the trigger on the gun that killed nine people at Umpqua Community College in Oregon on Thursday, Wayne LaPierre, the fanatic executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, also has blood on his hands . . .

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Back From Lancer Systems’ Media Days 2015


Lancer Systems invited a handful of gun writers to join them at Virginia International Raceway to learn about the company and put its products through the paces. Full disclosure: I joined in part because I’m a fan of the firearms-related Lancer products that I had used thus far and I’m surprised they don’t have more traction in the market. Additionally, I also wanted to find out a lot more about Lancer’s other business units and, hey, who could turn down the opportunity to shoot at one of the nicest outdoor range facilities in the country? A few posts will come out of this trip, so stay tuned, but first I’ll take you through a run-down of Lancer Systems as a company and share some of the 2-day experience. . .

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Reasons to Be Cheerful: NBC Reveals U.S. Gun Biz Stats


No doubt NBC‘s editors charged their researchers with researching the U.S. firearms industry to prove that the lack of gun control is all about the money – seeing as its filed under “Oregon College Shooting” and all. The New York-based news net doesn’t say so, but c’mon. I was born on a Tuesday. Not last Tuesday. If the peacock’s media moguls thought that the stats would bolster the anti-gunners civilian disarmament campaign, they’re right! But, at the same time, the numbers clearly and unequivocally reveal that the desire to exercise the natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms is alive and well and living in America. Make the jump for the good news . . .

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This Is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace: Canadian Cops Evacuate Homes for Ammo Box

Canadian ammo box scare (courtesy

“RCMP said about half a dozen homes were evacuated around Canoe Road in southwest Airdrie Friday night,” reports. “A new homeowner was moving in, and saw a device that seemed suspicious in the shed in the backyard. Police said it looked like an ‘ammunition box.’ Police, fire crews and ATCO Gas officials are investigating, and had called in weapons experts to determine if the item is dangerous. RCMP and Airdrie officers were blocking sections of roadway at Canoe Road and Canoe Circle at around 5 p.m.” One assumes this “emergency” is over, if not the underlying anti-gun animus and ignorance that caused it.


Don’t Waste My Time With Cat Video-Style Arguments On Guns

Credit: Tom Toles, via

An old friend of mine posted the Tom Toles comic above deriding the Second Amendment on Facebook, apparently in reference to the Umpqua Community College attack. I wrote a response to him that became a bit TL,DR for Facebook, but I thought I’d submit it for consideration by the TTAG readership. Here goes:

A similar scoreboard could be totaled up for almost all of our bill of rights. (Let’s forget, for the moment, the fact that the cartoonist is apparently ignorant of, among others, the Battle of Athens, Tennessee apparently doesn’t consider slaveholders to be tyrants or the fact that even passionate gun control advocate David Hemenway endorsed the suggestion that there are around 100,000 defensive gun uses in the country each year . . .

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Dyspeptic Gunsmith: Arming Civilians Not Necessarily The Answer to the Loss of Liberty

TTAG commentator Dyspeptic Gunsmith writes:

From talking to a couple dozen combat vets of Iraq and Afghanistan, I think it is a highly dubious proposition that armed civilians in the Islamic world will fight off terrorists and thugs. In Central and South America, I don’t think that the people would maintain any sort of freedom if you could wave a magic wand and make the cartels disappear overnight. Look at what people vote for – just look at Venezuela for an example. Here’s an example of how mere guns don’t magically result in liberty . . .

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This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: They Become Refugees Edition

In all the hand-wringing about the flood of Syrian refugees into Europe, no one has mentioned the possibility that an armed Syrian populace could have prevented the exodus, if not the conflict. Wait. How could an armed populace hold out against tanks, bombs and chemical weapons? Ask the Taliban. Equally, show me a mass migration of a million armed refugees. Meanwhile, here’s a story [via borderland] of large numbers of disarmed, defenseless civilians fleeing death a little closer to home: Mexico . . .

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TN Bail Bondsman Points Shotgun at Bystanders During Apprehension. Fair Enough?

“A Tennessee man had a gun pointed at him by a man who appears to have been a bail bondsman while he was video recording them arresting his nephew Tuesday morning,” reports. Yes, well, one of the crew ogelters behind a shield labeled “police.” The man who took the video says that “This happened today in East Memphis Tn, they just took this post off Facebook so nobody could see it but ima keep posting it and y’all keep sharing it they locked my nephew up and was pointing the gun at me and his pregnant baby mother.” Fair enough? Or . . .

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Gun Heroes of the Day: Pro-2A Police

As a survey revealed, the majority of U.S. police officers support an armed citizenry. Why wouldn’t they? With their hands-on experience dealing with criminals, they know how effective personal arms can be. They don’t live in protected, “green zone” enclaves. They have non-police friends, family and associates. Many if not most have had positive experiences with armed defenders. In short, police and Sheriff Departments are a rich source of natural allies  for defenders of American gun rights . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Sign of the Times? Edition

No trespassing sign (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

There are two schools of thought regarding firearms-oriented warning signs. First, they work. If burglars see a sign like this one, they’ll chose an easier target. Second, they don’t work. A ballistically threatening sign signals a home invader that there are valuable guns on the property. If the bad guys have their eyes on the prize, they’ll either wait until the armed homeowner leaves or . . . they won’t. If they don’t, they’re likely to come in guns-a-blazing. How great is that? Still, this one’s clever, no?