How to Handle a Store That Makes Itself a ‘Gun-Free’ Zone


Reader Blake Hiatt writes:

I have been in the market to purchase a pendant that matches some earrings I purchased for my wife. My regular jeweler had not been able to give me a hand, so, I decided to try another jewelry store. As luck would have it, a brand new “Jared” opened not far from where my wife and I live. I noticed, as I was entering the store, a “no guns allowed” sign” My first instinct was to turn away, but, in the end, I went in . . .

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Australia Set to Expand Warrantless Searches for Guns

New South Wales police (courtesy

“Police forces across the nation stand to be granted extraordinary powers to tackle gun crime, ­including the ability to search suspects without a court warrant, amid rising concerns over the links between organised crime and terrorism,” reports. “Other states and territories are now considering or drafting laws comparable to those introduced in NSW allowing officers to search anyone subject to an existing firearms prohibition order without obtaining a court warrant.” A quick note about “firearms prohibition orders” from a New South Wales Ombudsman report on their use . . .

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How to Talk About Gun Control Over Thanksgiving

The President of the United States would like the American people to talk about gun control around the Thanksgiving table this week. Not the abject failure of his Middle East policy or the State Department’s worldwide terror alert (be afraid, be somewhat afraid). Fair enough! Let’s talk turkey about gun control over turkey. You have two options . . .

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BREAKING: Obama To American People on Terrorist Threat: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

“Right now, we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland,” President Obama pronounced in a televised statement from the White House after schmoozing with his national security team in the [non-Blitzerian] Situation Room. The same man who said ISIS was “contained” just hours before ISIS gunmen slaughtered more than a hundred Parisians. “If you see something suspicious, say something,” the President proclaimed. “That’s always helpful. But otherwise, Americans should go about their usual Thanksgiving weekend activities — spend time with family and friends and celebrating our blessings.” Armed and alert. He forgot that bit.


Quote of the Day: Armed Self-Defense Is a Threat to Human Rights Edition

Gisozi memorial, Kigali, Rwanda (courtesy

“From a human security perspective, civilian possession of SALW [Small Arms and Light Weapons] poses a threat to individuals’ human rights. There is a strong correlation between levels of firearms ownership and death rates, and vulnerable parts of the population, such as the poor, children and women, are often victims of firearms, and this not only in conflict situations. SALW proliferation can also become a significant obstacle to development as it usually strongly disrupts economic, political and economic situations, such as health care resources. It is also crucial to stress the harmful influence of pre-existing or emerging cultures of violence in societies, which are both a cause and an effect of firearms availability.” – Regulation of Civilian Possession of Small Arms and Light Weapons [via, sponsored by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade]


Incendiary Image of the Day: The NRA is a Terrorist Organization Edition

The Daily News is no friend to gun rights. So it’s no surprise that the fact that Congress itself has slammed the so-called FBI’s terrorist watch list as an inefficient, unaccountable system – one that denies Americans their Fourth Amendment rights – escaped their notice. But their recent campaign against the NRA’s opposition to “closing the terrorist loophole” represents a new low, even for them. More than that, this image represents a major escalation in the left’s vilification of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization and, by extension, those who agree with the NRA’s work to defend and extend Americans’ gun rights. This will not end well – especially if Hillary Clinton becomes president. Keep your powder dry.

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UK Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer: Disband MI5 and Disarm Police Squads

UK Shadow Exchequer John McDonnell reckons the UK should get rid of its secret service (toodle pip, Mr. Bond) and disarm The Land of Hope and Glory’s armed police squads. He signed a paper calling for the end of MI5 and removal of firearms from police squads drafted by the Socialist Campaign For a Labour Victory. Or did he? In the wake of the ensuing furore, the SCLV says McDonnell only blessed their “general principles.” Yes well, look at this . . .

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Colion Noir: Gun Owners of America, Unite! [VIDEO]

Gun guru and firearms fashionista Colion Noir is fed-up with dissension amongst The People of the Gun. His call for unity takes the form of a discussion with himself. Multiple selves, in fact. Pretty funny stuff. The kind of insightful humor that made Dallas’ favorite son famous, and would make his series more valuable (just sayin’). The rest of Noir’s season closer maintains its sky-high production values, and promotes the values of individual freedom we all embrace. As for Colion’s assertion that “you’re not going to see a discussion like this kind of program on cable television,” must try harder.


New Battle Rattle for “Unarmed” British Police

British policewoman (courtesy

I have no idea why people cling to the belief that British police are unarmed. Sure, the average “bobby” on the beat doesn’t carry a sidearm, but they wear bullet resistant vests, carry tasers and batons and have immediate radio access to fully tooled-up armed response units. Then there are the fully armed police walking around “sensitive” parts of The Land of Hope and Glory (e.g., Buckingham Palace, Heathrow Airport and The City). As for the young lass above, reports . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: 0.00002% of the UK Population Supports Repealing Handgun Ban (That We Know Of) Edition


TTAG reader Adfbfda Dfabfdab sent us a link to The screen cap above indicates less than robust support for reinstating an Englishman’s right to armed-self defense. That said, I’m sure the number of signatories will have increased by a dozen or so since my Wednesday morning screen scrape. While the longest journey starts with a single over-used metaphor, I caution readers hoping to see gun rights return to The Land of Hope and Glory to dial back their expectations (even from this low point). Having spent 12 years living in the UK, I can safely say the island nation’s populace have more or less abandoned their belief in – and desire for – sovereign citizenship. Which makes perfect sense when you have an actual sovereign. Just sayin’ . . .


Harvard Crimson: Paris Attacks Have Nothing to Do With Gun Control

Ryan O'Meara (courtesy

Writing for The Harvard Crimson, Ryan O’Meara slams presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proclamation that an armed populace could have positively affected the outcome in Paris last week. “While preventing any tragedy is obviously important” O’Meara concedes, “gun control is about stopping criminals and the mentally ill from getting a gun in the first place . . . The attacks in Paris are what happens when trained soldiers from a terror state sets their sights on death and destruction.” Hang on. Gun control can stop criminals and crazies from tooling-up but not terrorists? Equally, if someone’s trying to kill you . . .

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Why We Need to Be Armed Against Terrorists

Paris shooting (courtesy

The argument against “allowing” civilians to be armed against terrorists: they would be completely ineffective. Worse, they might shoot the wrong person. Or be shot by responding police. And there is a “danger” that “untrained” civilians would accidentally shoot someone in the normal course of carrying a firearm. The possibility that an armed civilian would shoot the wrong person or the cops would shoot an innocent armed civilian during an active shooter event is what it is. But the rest of the objections are just plain wrong. Fatal negligent discharges in public are as rare as hen’s teeth. As for the effectiveness of armed defense against terrorists, I’ll let TTAG commentator JR in NC explain . . .

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