Question of the Day: How Many Guns Are There in the US?

How many firearms are lost or destroyed in the United States?  Is the number of guns in the U.S. increasing or decreasing? The current estimate of the private stock of firearms in the United States is about 363 million (16 million were added in 2013). That number was calculated by the cumulative addition of domestic manufacture plus imports minus exports. This does not count guns shipped to the U.S. military. The figures are rounded to the nearest million. Firearms manufactured before 1899 are not included. The starting figure in 1945 is 47 million . . .

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World’s Longest NERF Gun [VIDEO]

When the anti-gunners’ arguments fail, they frequently go all ad hominem. Gun rights advocates, they claim, are compensating for their small penis size. Without getting into details about my own wedding tackle, I know a couple of firearms enthusiasts who are hung like a horse. Equally, as I’ve said here before, it’s a man’s testicle size that determines his character, not the length of his penis. I won’t trouble you with my own cubic centimeter count. And I haven’t taken calipers to any of my gun-toting friends’ testicles. Suffice it to say . . .

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Russian Roulette with a Maple-Flavored Whiskey-Filled Revolver. How Great is That? [VIDEO]

I’m not real excited about watching a couple of slackers sticking a gun in their mouth – even if they are slackers. Especially when it’s a faux plastic pistol holding a cylinder of Bird Dog Maple Flavored Whiskey. Wait. What? Googling the abomination (the whiskey, not the pink revolver) I found this at “My first experience with Bird Dog Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey was amazing, but I got so wasted off it I totally forgot I had it for a couple of months.” Sounds about right. As does this take from . . .

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What Europe Really Needs – Second Amendment Gun Rights

Reader Paul S. writes:

I’m an American currently on vacation in Europe watching news of yet another Islamist radical trying to kill as many as he can – this time on a train where reports abound of the staff hiding behind locked doors. Okay, other than fact that they forgot the passengers (insert French joke here). How is this different than the advice we receive for active shooter situations in the US? Take cover and wait for someone to come and protect you. We know how that story ends, but yet in too many places in the US – New York for example – that’s the only choice you have with CCW effectively unavailable to those not in law enforcement. While we still have a lot of work to do to ensure our most basic civil right, our right to self defense (that is what the 2A is about) is not infringed, at least we have the Second Amendment in the US . . .

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South African Police Blame Legal Gun Owners for Firearms-Related Crime


SOUTH AFRICA – ( – The South African Gunowners’’ Association (SAGA) has taken note of the advertisement on the official South African Police Service website [since modified] entitled “ILLEGAL GUNS TAKE INNOCENT LIVES.’ The advertisement stated that, “the majority of these illegal guns come from legal owners who were either negligent or robbed of their gun, which ends up with the gun being used for criminal activities.” While it is an indisputable fact that illegally possessed firearms are used in the commission of crimes . . .

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When Is A Non-Story A Story? When You’re An Anti-Gun New York Times Writer

The Last Stop for anti-gun agitprop? (courtesy

It’s not often that a story runs out of gas by the third paragraph. The Year After Death, Business as Usual at Arizona Gun Range is one of those stories. After briefly introducing a Spanish family visiting The Last Stop gun range – where a nine-year-old girl shot and killed an instructor trying to show her the ways of a full-auto Uzi – scribe Julie Turkewitz’s “exposé” takes a dirt nap. Like this . . .

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Sara Tipton: Teach Your Children Well


My son will be three in September. Recently, he’s been asking about my gun. “Where is Mommy’s gun”? and “I like Mommy’s gun” and “Can I shoot Mommy’s gun?” While I’ve already taught him about gun safety – and continue to do so at every opportunity – I figured it’s time to begin more advanced firearms eduction. Shooting Mommy’s gun? No. We start at the very beginning. I decided it was time for him to help clean my concealed carry gun . . .

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Ban Tanks!

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 12.04.18 PM

Even those on the front lines of the fight to defend and extend Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms tend to forget that the term “arms” doesn’t just apply to firearms. As the article 10 Crazy Weapons that are Still Legal in the US indicates, the Second Amendment also protects the right to keep and bear cannons, sap caps, crossbows, Katanas, grenade launchers, umbrella swords, one-handed flails, miniguns, chain whips and flamethrowers. I wonder how long tanks will qualify for that list, especially after this incident [via]. . .

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UK Artist to Filmmakers: Show A Gun, Destroy a Gun (Scorsese’s In!)

""Toy Gun" by Carl McCrow. The weapon was removed from the Democratic Republic of Congo and decommissioned before being painted with toy company branding. It is priced at £75,000 (around $118,000)." (text and photo courtesy

“British artist Carl McCrow is asking the world’s most successful filmmakers to make an unambiguous pledge: For every gun that appears in their movies, he wants them to destroy a real one,” reports. “His first taker? “Tomorrow,” a film executive produced by Oscar winner Martin Scorsese that will be released later this year and follows soldiers trying to reintegrate into society after returning from combat.” Yes, you’re right. This is the dumbest anti-gun agitprop ever conceived. Which is kinda cool. You know; if McCrow is goofing on the anti-gunners. And you know what? He just might be. Check this out . . .

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This Is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace: El Salvador Edition

El Salvador (courtesy‘s post One murder every hour: how El Salvador became the homicide capital of the world lays the blame for the country’s record-setting carnage at the feet of “weak government, dire inequality and a historical national tendency towards violence both in institutions and households.” To be fair, writer Jonathan Watts highlights the recently escalated conflict between El Salvador’s two major drug gangs and the police  but his analysis somehow completely misses the impact of El Salvador’s gun control regime. In fact . . .

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Drug Thugs Shoot U.S. Family Vacationing in Mexico


This past 31st of July, the Ramos family were enjoying a vacation in Michoacan, when they were attacked by gunfire by armed criminals, killing one of the occupants. It appears as though the van in which they were travelling was attacked in error by the criminals. The brothers, Bruno, 18 years old, and Jesus Ramos, 19 years old, their father Ignacio Ramos and their uncle Ramon Ramos returned to a park near the town of Periban, Michoacan, on board a Chevrolet Envoy colored white when then were attacked. . . .

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Henry Rifles Donates $200,000 to The Journey Home Project

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Henry Repeating Arms has been a big booster of veterans and the organizations that support them. Not long ago, when we asked Henry president Anthony Imperato if he’d help out Veteran Outdoors, he didn’t just send a rifle, he sent ten of them. So it probably shouldn’t surprise that Henry would help fund Charlie Daniels’ Journey Home Project that assists vets in re-acclimating to life stateside. And when Henry’s main man took the stage at Daniels’ 40th Anniversary Volunteer Jam this week in Nashville to present a check to Daniels for $100,000 (press release below), he offered to double the amount with one condition: he wanted to sing ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ with the big man himself. That’s when fire flew from Charlie’s fingertips as he rosined up his bow . . .

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