Guns And Alcohol: When and How They Mix

It’s been a while since I’ve written here at TTAG. In fact it’s been well over a year since my last post. But I am happy to in form you that I’m back for a weekly column that I’m tentatively calling “Shots Reported,” and for good reason. One of the things I’ll be doing is […]

R. Lee Ermey, RIP

[reviewadinsert] I met the Gunny a few times at SHOT. If it wasn’t at the GLOCK booth where he was signing autographs, mugging for the cameras and making people laugh who had waited an hour or more for the privilege of saying hello and shaking his hand, he was at the GLOCK range day location, […]

Come On, Does The Extractor Type Ever Actually Matter?

The internet exists so that people can tell other people when they’re doing something wrong. Or that they’re doing is better than what everyone else has chosen to do. It seems that the more trivial the topic, the more heated the argument becomes. Case in point: the “controversy” over various types of extractors and their […]

Pennsylvania School District Puts Buckets of Rocks in Classrooms to Fight Off Active Shooters

“At this point, we have to get creative, we have to protect our kids first and foremost….” That’s the opinion of Dori Bernstein, the parent of a Blue Mountain (Pennsylvania) School District student. And how creative did Blue Mountain administrators get in providing protection for their charges? “Every classroom has been equipped with a five-gallon […]

No Dissent Allowed At National School Walkout Event

Schools around the country went out of their way yesterday to accommodate and support students cutting class to protest for civil rights infringement through more gun control laws. Even a struggling district like Baltimore’s (graduation rate: 61%) managed to scrounge up enough scarce funding to pay for buses to transport the truants to D.C. to […]

OMG! White Men! Buying Guns! OMG!

How many times have you heard firearm owners ridiculed as old, fat, racist, sister-humping hicks who are just too dumb to know any better than to cling to to their guns and their religion? It’s the gun-grabbing left’s invidious, bigoted default image of all firearm-owning Americans. The central illusion that undergirds their elitist self-image and […]

“Mine’s is Real”: TTAG Catchphrase of the Day

JWT reckons we should have trademarked “operators operating operationally.” Oh well. At least TTAG added to the gunblogosphere’s lexicon with OFWG. And there’s always the chance that can stumble upon a new catchphrase that will catch the imagination of The People of the Gun. I’m hoping “Mine’s is real” will do just that. Preceded by […]