U.S. Air Force Tools-Up for Terrorists

Tech. Sgt. Matt Copley of Dover AFB talks with Master Sgt. Patrick Carr Feb. 1. Copley completed the first Unit Marshal Program training course at the base and now is authorized to carry an M9 pistol while on duty. — USAF Photo/Senior Amn William Johnson

“In August 2006 an Islamic extremist group targeted Dover AFB for an attack that was never carried out,” doverpost.com reports. “In May 2014, the base was put on lockdown following reports, later shown to be unfounded, that a suspicious person with a gun had been seen near an airplane hangar.” Yesterday, Colorado’s Dover Air Force Base launched operation “Eagle Shield” to counter/prepare for terrorist attack and/or “workplace violence.” Dover AFB implemented it as follows . . .

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Once Again with Feeling: Correlation Does Not Equal Causation

Professor Michael Siegel (courtesy youtube.com)

Correlation (a connection between two or more things) does not equal causation (cause and effect). For example, per capita cheese consumption correlates closely with the number of people who died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets. It does not necessarily follow that eating cheese in bed increases the risk of becoming tangled in your bedclothes and dying. So when you read this [via wfmj.com] — “American women living in states with high rates of gun ownership are more likely to be shot and killed by someone they know than those residing in states with fewer firearms” — it’s important to skip down a bunch of paragraphs and read this . . .

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Incendiary Images of the Day: Josh Renville Dontcha Know Edition

Josh Renville (courtesy startribune.com)

High school student Josh Renville (left) wanted his scowling (a.k.a.. bad ass) yearbook picture to include his AR-15. As reported by startribune.com, Fargo North High School Principal Andy Dahlen had not one, not two, but three reasons why that wasn’t going to happen: “Weapons are banned on school property. Another rule prohibits publishing materials in school-sponsored media that violates federal or state law or promotes violence, terrorism or other illegal activity. A third policy forbids clothing that promotes weapons.” Josh’s old man was none too pleased . . .

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This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: Australian Flame Throwing Shopkeeper Edition

“Two men with what appeared to be firearms tried to rob a store in Queensland’s Alexandra Hills at 6:30 a.m. local time Saturday,” mashable.com reports. “Not taking that lying down, store owner Dan Rigney took up the weapons available to him to defend his shop: fly spray and a cigarette lighter. In other words, a makeshift flame thrower.” Funny or die? mashable think so . . .

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Gérard Depardieu in Hot Water Over Gun-Friendly Watch Ad

Gérard Depardieu is now a citizen of Russia? The actor who starred in Green Card, a not-entirely-terrible comedy about emigrating to the U.S.? Funny old world, innit? Comrade Depardieu is taking heat for starring in an ad for a Swiss-made Oligarch-friendly Cvestos watch.  GQ dissed its “nauseous wordplay and pathetic production quality.” Le Figaro trumpeted “Gérard Depardieu ‘smokes deers’ in an absurd advert.” I reckon it’s a suitable hammy addition to the Depardieu canon. So to speak.


Inside the Twisted Mind of a Gun Control Advocate: Trymaine Lee

Trymaine Lee (courtesy msnbc.com)

“My family has experienced its own measure of gun death,” former crime reporter Trymaine Lee [above] confesses at nytimes.com. “In the mid-1970s, a couple of years before I was born, a disgruntled prospective tenant murdered my grandfather over a $160 security deposit. Decades later a young woman put a bullet in the back of my stepbrother’s head. Years later, two cousins, brothers, would be touched by the plague: One was shot down and the other is serving a long prison sentence for a separate incident, a botched robbery turned murder.” Now you might think that someone who’s experienced that much murdereous mayhem would . . .

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Germans Arming Themselves Against Violent Muslim Refugees- Legally and Illegally

(courtesy pamelageller.com)

German blogger Claudia Bommer of Die Waffe(n) der Frau writes:

The international media has covered the mass sex attacks in Cologne and other cities in Germany, commited mainly by “refugees.”  Although TTAG is a website dedicated to news about gun-related topics in the US, publisher Robert Farago found the crimes serious enough to cover the story. He expressed his anger that Germany has left law-abiding citizens disarmed against criminals. Where is the discussion about self-defense in Germany, he asks. He wrote that it seems to be nowhere, even though it should be centre stage. That’s not exactly true . . .

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Gun Hero of the Day: Chloë Grace Moretz?

I had to wikipedia this young lady. I hope it didn’t hurt, because I like her. But I’m not so sure Chloë Grace Moretz is the best person to represent safe and responsible gun ownership. Her reference to “clips,” her inability to ID a pistol’s slide (go figure), and her decision to put a .45 and a shotgun in the hands of a newbie are kinda lame. But let’s cut Chloë some slack, ’cause a good gun guy is hard to find (or so my main squeeze tells me). And Ms. Moretz is a successful actress happily, publicly celebrating guns in Hollywood. Gun hero of the day? Sure. Why not?


Danish Girl Arrested for Pepper-Spraying Molester

Pepper Spray (courtesy bestpepperspray.net)

“A Danish teenager who was sexually assaulted near a migrant asylum centre has been told she will be prosecuted after using pepper spray to fend off her attacker,” dailymail.co.uk reports, dancing around the attacker’s immigration status/religious affiliation. “The 17-year-old told police she was targeted in the coastal town of Sonderborg by an English-speaking man, who knocked her to the ground and tried to undress her.” Hang on . . .

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Gun Control Backer George Soros Banks Big Bucks From Guns and Ammo

It takes a Russian TV channel to expose anti-ballistic billionaire George Soros’ firearms and ammo-related investments? Da! Unfortunately, the preternaturally perky presenter believes that “both sides” of the gun control issue are “idiots.” We’re talking ’bout “the stupidity that is guns in America.” Apparently, American gun owners are being played by our capitalist overlords. Who knew?


Random Thoughts On Dogs And Property Rights

My daughter and her "best buddy"

I’m allergic to dogs. Not horribly, but my throat will get itchy and my eyes burn. The saliva is really the biggest issue; dog spit leaves me with a welt wherever a nose or a lick touches my skin. Not a big deal, we had an outdoor dog. But as my daughter got older, I noticed she would go outside just to pet and play with our pit bull, Lola . . .

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CT Senators to Connecticut Food Association: Ban Open Carry!

Caraluzzi's supermarket (courtesy grocery.com)

Wayne Pesce
Connecticut Food Association
433 South Main Street, Suite 309
West Hartford, CT 06100

Dear Mr. Pesce:

We write today to urge you to adopt a policy that would prohibit the open carry of firearms in your member stores. In doing so, you would be sending an important message about your commitment to the safety of your employees and customers. This would follow similar actions by many food retailers, such as Chipotle, Sonic, Chili’s, Target, Panera Bread, Starbucks and Whole Foods . . .

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