Gun Hero of the Day: Colorado State Representative Patrick Neville


“Patrick Neville was a 15-year-old sophomore at Columbine High School in 1999,” reports. “He was on his way to a fast food lunch when the shooting started. Two students, armed with guns and pipe bombs, had stormed the Colorado school, on their way to killing one teacher and 12 students — some were Neville’s friends. Neville, now a Colorado State Representative, says that many of Columbine’s teachers and faculty acted heroically that day. But . .

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We Need To Honor Chris Kyle’s Memory


Yesterday, RF asked the question, “Where is Chris Kyle’s headstone?” After the comments got particularly nasty, the entire thread was pulled and I’m glad it was. But I’m also glad TTAG asked the queston, because Chris Kyle deserves a headstone. In truth though, I should have been the one to write the article, and ask the question. I visit Chris’s grave site about once a week, and I have since just after he died.  It’s close to my office and for the first year after he was murdered, it was pretty rare that I saw anyone else there. That’s normal, that was OK . . .

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Diversity in the Gun Culture: A View From Behind the Line


By Travis Pike

A a NRA-ordained firearms instructor I have had the ability to really see the diversity in gun ownership. I’ve also gotten to see a surprising amount of anti-gun sentiment. I also get lasered a lot and the profit margins are basically nonexistent so you better just enjoy teaching. But the purpose here isn’t to point out the flaws and idiosyncrasies of being a firearms trainer; the topic is the diversity in those seeking firearms training. Anecdotes don’t equate to scientific proof, but I can’t be the only firearms trainer out there to notice this trend . . .

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Emily Miller Gets Her DC Carry License; Infernal Regions Endure Cold Spell

No, I am not making this up: Fox 5’s chief investigative reporter Emily Miller was provisionally approved for a license to carry a concealed firearm within the District of Columbia. Miller is apparently the fifteenth such person to apply for and receive a license after following the byzantine process to become licensed to pack heat in our nation’s capital. She will now need to complete a District-approved training course . . .

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Manchester UK Gun Club Director “Spared Jail”

“A gun club director has been spared jail after he was caught flouting his weapons licence,” we learn via the good folks at And what, you ask, constitutes “flouting” firearms-wise in The Land of Hope and Glory?  “Police firearms licensing officers found Frank Wright, 67, was keeping ammunition in his bedroom when it should have been locked away in a box in his loft. They also found he had dangerous ‘hollow point’ ammunition – designed to expand on impact – which he wasn’t allowed to keep at all.” Note: his guns were legally secured. The ammunition was not. Spock, damage report. . .

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Question of the Day: Winning?


A TTAG reader writes, “I received an email blast from the NRA-ILA regarding Wisconsin state senate and assembly bills to remove the 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases. If these bills get passed and signed into law it would be a HUGE step in the right direction in preserving our civil liberties. It would also give presidential candidate Scott Walker a chance to prove his worth to the rest of the country’s second amendment supporters. Though this bill does not confront the inherent infringement and unconstitutionality of background checks . . .

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NYT Blogger Reveals Pig Ignorance on Guns. Again. Still.


Calling members of the mainstream media on the firearms-related myths, misstatements and misinformation they’re so well known for spouting can be a Sisyphean task. No matter how many times you swat them over the net, they bounce right back with another gem (or three) that only further illustrates either their cluelessness, their calumny or both. The latest scribe to beclown himself is New York Times‘ editorial board member Jesse Wegman. In a blog post archly titled ‘Wait, Guns Do Kill People?’, he writes, “Last July, William DeHayes was practicing some innocent gun-slinging tricks in his kitchen in Brooksville, Florida, when he accidentally shot Katherine Hoover, the wife of his old friend, point blank in the temple as she sat eating at the kitchen table. . . .

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Don’t You Hate It When That Happens? Dunham’s Sports Edition

Dunham's Sports (courtesy

TTAG Facebook page reader Michael Tallent sent this to us:

I was passing by today and randomly stopped in to look at the pistol selection at Dunham’s Sporting Goods in Shelby, NC. Every handgun in the case has a trigger lock on it. Cool. Theft deterrent. OK. I ask to see a pistol from the case and I am informed that per store policy, I must have a valid ID and a Pistol Purchase Permit (oh the joys of NC’s antiquated system) or a Concealed Handgun Permit to even hold it. I have never heard of such foolishness, but we establish that I meet the requirements and he removes the gun from the case . . .

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Random Thoughts on Motorcycles, Marriage, Flyover States and Gun Bans

photo 1

As I’d alluded to in my discussions of laying down arms and enjoying some live country music, Mrs. Kee and I are on vacation. We rented a nice car (I see why RF drives a Mercedes), took some time off from Austin, and headed over to The Natural State to watch some country shows and eat some good food. Back when I still rode motorcycles, a trip to Hot Springs was my first “big” trip. I was 15 and riding a very well used (and loved) Kawasaki Ninja 250. I learned a lot about decreasing radius turns and conservation of momentum riding that bike up and down Highway 7 between Hot Springs and Southern Missouri . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Pray Tell Edition

(courtesy The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Facebook page)

The left-leaning mainstream media and the race card waving-Justice Department were desperate for the Chapel Hill shooter to be motivated by religion. When it turned out he was an atheist who defended Muslims on his Facebook page, a man angered by a parking dispute, their disappointment was palpable. This isn’t the bigoted right-wing “gun extremist” you’re looking for. Cartoonist John Cole was undaunted, taking editorial solace in the fact that the pro-gun shooter used … wait for it … a gun. So Cole created this little gem, attempting to lump the killer with all armed Americans, and all armed Americans with him. The irony of profiling gun owners was no doubt lost on his audience. Well, not all of them . . .


Evolve Plays Off of ‘Playthings’ Gun Safety Spot’s Success


Evolve, the gun safety org, scored a certified hit last summer with their ‘Playthings’ spot (7 million views, MSM attention). The lulz-worthy, squirm-inducing PSA made the point that if kids find it – and they usually do – they’ll play with it. On your hip or in your safe, thus endeth the lesson. The idea was to take a different, more humorous, non-traditional approach to spreading the gun safety gospel with the hope of reaching people who may not be served by campaigns like those run by the NRA, NSSF and others. Now they’re expanding on the ‘Playthings’ theme with a series of print ads designed to make the same point…some more successfully than others. Press release after the jump . . .

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Civil Rights Attorney Arrested With Gun at Cleveland Airport

Cleveland civil rights attorney David Malik was arrested at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport for possessing a .22 caliber handgun and a box of ammunition in his carry-on bag. “I participated in a target shooting class recently with a certified CCW instructor and I simply forgot to remove it from my bag,” Malik said. “I used the bag to pack for my trip. It was a stupid mistake.” Malik is a prominent civil rights attorney . . .

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