Adam Savage Hearts Ray Guns: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

Steampunk guns are aesthetically palatable to a mainstream audience because they’re fun! Which is welcome. Anything that lowers the emotional barrier to entry for firearms freedom fence straddlers and hoplophobes helps the cause. Which includes NERF guns, of course. In fact, a lot steampunk guns look like NERF guns on acid. Still, you couldn’t get much further from a GLOCK if you tried. Have you tried? If not, a word of advice: buy a glue gun. And don’t let a steampunk cop see you with it in Baltimore. That is all.


One Million Texans Now Have A License to Carry

SIG SAUER Texas commemorative 1911 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“Texas has quietly reached a milestone,” proclaims. “More than a million residents now have handgun licenses, one of the biggest citizenries in the country authorized to carry concealed and unconcealed firearms . . . These license holders, just 3.7 percent of the state’s 27 million residents, are a symbol of the nation’s culture wars and a subject of scrutiny, state pride, controversy and curiosity.” New York Times writer Manny Fernandez puts the stat into numerical perspective . . .
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One Woman’s Perspective on Working in a Local Gun Store


By Alex Knapp

You’ve read articles and blog posts about what it’s like to work in a gun store, but you may not have read one about from a woman’s perspective. What is it like working in a gun store as a woman? Don’t get me wrong — I love my job and the people 97% of the time. But the remaining 3% is the part I’m not too fond of. Now some of what I encounter are the same issues the men who work in gun stores have, like customers pulling their loaded firearm from a holster for me to look at their “sweet-ass 1911” just like the one we have on the shelf. Or someone asking for a price on a new gun, then proceeding to tell me that while my price is better than every other shop in town, they’re going to order it from an online store that’s $20 cheaper. . .

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More [Gun-Related] Proof That Our Schools Are Letting Our Kids Down

If we believe Billye High’s account, her son brought a gun to school with the intention of killing himself, to end his suffering at the hands of a gang of bullies. If true, it appears that school administrators decided to punish the victim — banishing him from their school rather than address the bullies — which led to this near tragedy. That’s just one way to view this story. I also consider the government-run, politically correct education system guilty of . . .

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TTAG Publisher to Speak at Bullets & Bourbon 2A Instapundit Confab


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Last year I paid good money — and lots of it — to attend the first annual Bullets & Bourbon Second Amendment “celebration” at the super-deluxe Rough Creek Lodge in Glenn Rose, Texas. It was worth every penny. This year, from December 1 – 5, B&B’s comping my room and board in exchange for speaking to the assembled throngs on the state of the firearms industry. Actually, it’s an intimate affair, affording a few well-heeled friends of firearms freedom a chance to rub shoulders, drink bourbon and shoot guns with The Blogfather himself, Glenn Reynolds, and some of the sharpest minds in pro-2A conservatism. Not to mention lifting weights with Mark Rippetoe (go figure.) You are invited. Click here to learn more.


Anti-Gun British Photographer Targets Targets

Target (courtesy

“I was given a 10-minute induction, and then we took four guns into the range,” British photographer Jane Hilton reports at, “a pump-action shotgun, a semi-automatic rifle, a Glock [police-issue pistol] and a .44 Magnum revolver, which is what Clint Eastwood used in Dirty Harry. I was terrified, especially when they told me you must never pick up a gun and turn around to talk to someone. My hand was shaking. I’d never held a gun in my life, and I couldn’t believe someone would give me live ammunition.” And here’s how Ms. Hilton chose to present “American gun culture” to her hoploophobic homies in The Land of Hope and Glory . . .

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John Farnam: “Unintentional Discharge” Is Better Than “Negligent Discharge”

Gun condom (courtesy

John Farnam writes [via]

My good friend and colleague, Dave Grossman of Grossman Training Academy, correctly points out that we unwittingly create the false expectation that all “bad outcomes” can be prevented when we globally use the term, “negligent discharge” (ND) to describe all gun accidents. “Negligence” is a legal term, and we blindly concede legal liability when we use it casually and automatically . . .

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Tips on Gun Show Etiquette from Someone Who Runs One


From ‘Overheard at a Texas Gun Show’ by Matthew Diffee at Texas Monthly

By Marlon Knapp

My compadres who work with me at the Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Association check-in table have asked me to compile a short tutorial on gun show etiquette. We understand you’re excited about going to the gun show and we are excited to see you. Those of us who work gun shows (not necessarily sellers) have unique opportunities to interact with people, including some who might not normally visit a traditional gun shop, those who are regular patrons, and those who are brand new to the shooting sports. No matter their experience level, though, people sometimes make mistakes, which when firearms are involved are deadly serious . . .

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