Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: Drop Safe Edition

Richland, PA Giant Eagle (courtesy

2 injured when gun goes off at Richland Giant Eagle Pennsylvania’s headline proclaims. “Two people suffered superficial wounds from what appeared to be pieces of ceramic tile when a gun accidentally discharged as it hit the floor of a Giant Eagle in Richland.” Drop safe much? Apparently not. Then again, I’m not quite sure what to make of this description of gun owner Gerry R. Good’s negligent discharge . . .

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Pro-Life = Anti-Gun?


“Pro-lifers have long denounced the use of instruments of death against the child in the womb, “Rob Schenck [above] writes at “We have boldly displayed the bloody photos of post-abortion fetal remains. Yet, we have ignored other victims of violent death. Among them are the real and potential victims of gun violence.” Wait. What? Pro-life = anti-gun? Here’s the President of the National Clergy Council’s line of thinking, such as it is . . .

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And the Roller Coaster Ride Continues 


By John Butler

Everyone knew it had to happen eventually. The big post Newtown boom in firearms sales had to come back to Earth. Credit cards would be maxed out. Savings accounts would be drained. People who had rushed out and payed double the MSRP (or more) for AR-15 rifles — any AR-15 rifles — would realize the ban they feared wasn’t going to happen and things would get back to normal. Except they didn’t. Gun and ammo sales stayed strong through 2013. Probably in part because the proponents of gun control, so baffled and bewildered by a total lack of national public support for federal level gun control, couldn’t shut the hell up about it . . .

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WaPo: MO 9-Month-Old Fatally Shot by 5-Year-Old Brother



Just because you have a right to do something doesn’t always make it the right thing to do. Take the grandfather of a young boy in Missouri.

He had a right to purchase and possess a .22 Magnum revolver.

He had the right to store his revolved in a loaded condition, unsecured, in a place easily accessible by children.

He had the right to invite his grandchildren to his house . . .

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OMG! I’m Shooting Guns! And Having a Good Time! OMG!

“I get it. I didn’t get it, but now I get it. Guns are really f**king fun.” That’s the conclusion of one of band of metrosexual hoplophobes who BuzzFeed rounded up to don tuxedos and (*gasp*) shoot guns. It will come as no surprise at all to most of you here that a good time was had by all. Rare is the individual — urban hipsters included — who can fire a heater for the first time and not come away from the experience with an ear-to-ear grin plastered on his or her face. In the after-action summations, you can almost hear the mental gears grinding as they try to reconcile their long- and firmly-held beliefs with the fact that they just had a hell of a good time. Baby steps. Baby steps.   [h/t Sean N.]


It’s Happened Before, It Will Happen Again


It has now been 15 months since the March 4, 2017 attack on Anytown Elementary School in Anytown, Anystate. As an anxious nation waits for the next attack, an attack the serial assurances of the Hillary Clinton Administration assure us cannot possibly happen due to the application of “brilliant diplomacy,” there are, for the first time, reliable answers to many of the unresolved questions about the Anytown attack . . .

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Who Says Gun ‘Buy Backs’ Are a Bad Thing?


I know this can be a devisive subject among readers here, but after seeing a reference to this “gun turn in” event, I thought of a few true beater pistols I have. They were given to me over the past few years by friends who thought I might be able to scavenge parts from them or whatever. These are guns I won’t shoot and would not even think of giving away, much less selling for fifty bucks. Come on. A .25 caliber Raven arms? FIE, RG… Nah. I missed The last “buy back” event because of a scheduling conflict. But I was free this weekend. I made it a point to be. Especially after reading the flier . . .

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Top Rabbi to EU: Let Us Carry Guns

Rabbi Menachem Margolin (courtesy

Dear XXXX,

I am writing to you on behalf of the European Jewish Association (EJA), its subsidiary organisations and the entire European Jewish Community, following the horrific terror attacks on the French Jewish community, in which four innocent civilians were murdered in cold blood for no other reason than being Jewish . . .

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Is It Mental Illness, Guns Or…What?


By Dr. Robert B. Young

More attention is being paid to the role of mental illness in mass shootings the last several years, reasonably so since nearly all the perpetrators seem to have experienced significant reality distortion. Yet mental illness actually plays very little part in the incidence of “gun violence.” That phrase should mean “violence using guns,” but has come to imply, as its anti-gun originators intend, that guns are somehow the cause of the violence. Addressing this question as if the problem is mental illness vs. the availability of guns sets up a false choice. Some, like my fellow physician, Dr. Kimberly Yonkers, in a recent Washington Post opinion piece keep mistaking that one tree for the forest. But far more factors underlie violence, gun-related and otherwise. The problem is not mental illness … and it isn’t guns, either . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Makeshift Gun-Free Zone Edition


A TTAG reader writes:

“Have you ever been so anti-gun that you took off a sign, flipped it over, put ‘No guns’ on the back, and put it back? That’s what my mayor’s doing. And he only did it because 1) I open carry at my local bank and 2) the bank manager refused to put up a no guns sign after a cop who just HAPPENS to be the mayor’s son told him he should. This is one reason why I open carry: to expose anti-gun politicians.”


Washington Post: “Guntry” Clubs Are Big Biz

Huh. I was under the media-fed impression that the gun culture and thus business was in a slow steady slide into oblivion. You know: more guns, less gun owners. I’ve read dozens of anti-gun agitprop-inspired articles claiming OFWGs fueled the gun sales surge. As they died off, gun ownership and gun rights “extremists” are doomed. Doomed I tell you! Doomed! And now the Washington Post, a newspaper that’s to gun rights what Erin Hetherton is to anti-onanists, has an article revealing (i.e., doing its damnedest not to celebrate) the surge in upscale “guntry club” gun ranges. Check out these demographics . . .

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