Poll: Americans Concerned About Self-Defense, Oppose Weapons and Magazine Bans

By Larry Keane America’s rifle – the modern sporting rifle – is growing in popularity. That fact only follows logic, as lawful firearm ownership in America is on the rise through the COVID-19 pandemic and further propelled by heightened social unrest, uncertainty and acts of criminal violence. There are an estimated 2.5 million new gun owners in recent […]

Fordham University Senior Punished for Posting Photo With Rifle, Commemorating Tiananmen Square Massacre

There’s no doubt that the Instagram photo of the rifle Austin Tong posted ruffled administrative feathers at Fordham University. We’ve seen plenty of instances of this kind of unhinged hoplophobic response to students putting up social media photos of themselves lawfully holding a firearm in the past. But there may be more going on here. […]

2020 Gun Sales Surge Making America’s Already Diverse Gun Owner Population Even More So

By Larry Keane Throw out the stereotypes on American gun ownership. They’re just wrong. Against the backdrop of historically high firearm sales, one major theme is shattering misconceptions that America’s gun owners are “old white men.” A surge in gun buyers across the country in 2020, more than 2.5 million since March alone, has boosted the diversity of the […]

A Sociological Examination of America’s Gun Culture Finds That It’s…Diverse

As the abstract for this bit of sociological analysis puts it, “This paper advances the literature on gun culture by demonstrating that: (1) gun culture is not monolithic; (2) there are multiple elements of gun culture that vary substantially between states; (3) over time, the recreational gun subculture has been falling in prominence whereas the […]

Everest Giving Away 9mm Ammo With New Memberships

Is your local gun store fresh out of 9mm ammunition? It’s probably easier to list the retailers who have 9mm in stock right now than those that don’t. Which is why the people at Everest are giving away a box of 50 rounds of parabellum with each new membership purchase. Everest launched earlier this year […]

Lancet’s Diagnosis of Millions of Americans Buying Guns: Fear, Loathing and Racism

By Dennis Petrocelli, MD The latest Lancet Psychiatry editorial mixes several poorly articulated ideas in a swing-and-a-miss effort to impugn American gun owners by suggesting that current gun purchase boom is fueled by cowardice in the face of economic adversity. Given The Lancet’s outside-the-United States focus, it isn’t surprising that it woefully mischaracterizes us. The Lancet’s screed titled, “Home […]

Celebrate Independence Day Like a Founding Father – With Guns, Big Ones

By Larry Keane Want to celebrate America’s independence like a Founding Father? Consider getting to a range. It’s what they would have wanted. The celebration of America’s independence, self-determination and revolutionary spirit is rooted in a heritage of responsible firearm ownership. John Adams, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and later the second President […]

Want to See What Real Civil Unrest Looks Like? Try Confiscating Americans’ Guns

Active attempting gun confiscation in this country will make the past month’s violence look like a Sunday picnic. Gun confiscation is a thoroughly unworkable policy, and probably the idea most likely to spur a violent resistance to American law enforcement. (Not that we haven’t seen plenty of violent resistance to American law enforcement already this […]