Newsflash: Journalist Realizes FOID Processing Delays Hurt Legal Gun Owners

Journalist Scott Reed over at the Jacksonville Journal-Courier has apparently realized that delays in processing Illinois' FOID cards hurt law-abiding gun owners. Illinois is...
Brace Built Modern Carbine MC6 AR-15 rifle

The Truth About The Distinction Between Military and Civilian Firearms

By Mark Houser It’s a common trope of American political discourse: a politician will emphatically declare his respect for the Second Amendment. He will deny that...

Obscure Object of Desire: Remington Model 241 Speedmaster .22 Rifle

Whenever I handle an old gun -- and I mean an old gun -- I wonder what firearms I’ll leave to my kids and...
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American Independent: Never Mind, Americans Really Do Want More Gun Control

In an interesting turn of events considering the recent Gallup Poll reports that American support for gun control is declining noticeably, the American Independent...
Virginia gun owner militia open carry

The Vigorous Exercise of the First Amendment Can Make Second Amendment Rights More Necessary

Interpreting the Second Amendment by analogy to the First has the specific advantage of importing a well-reticulated body of First Amendment principles to help...
Oregon gun control sanctuary county

Oregon Gun Sanctuary Counties Tell Police to Ignore Most Gun Laws

Oregon Live has come along to let us know that two counties in Oregon have put new ordinances into place to that direct law...
Louisville police riot fatal shooting

Yablon on the NRA’s Unholy Alliance With Cops and Gun Owners

Former Bloomberg lackey Alex Yablon has taken to the pages of The New Republic to review a new book by racialist University of Arizona...
University of Michigan campus carry guns

Campus Carry Goes to the Michigan Supreme Court

This Week in Gun Rights is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal, legislative and other news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights. Michigan...

As Americans Stock Up on Guns, Support for More Gun Control Craters

By Larry Keane If polls are to be trusted any longer, there’s one out from Gallup that shows gun control zealots aren’t paying attention to America’s growing...
black gun ownership

America’s Tense Political Atmosphere Is Leading to Increased Black Gun Ownership

Gun ownership is most common among white men, particularly those who live in rural areas and those who describe themselves as conservative, according to...

Gallup Poll: Support for Gun Control Laws Dropping in 2020

Despite how the presidential election is playing out, Gallup Poll reports a significant decline in support for gun control laws. In fact, apparently support...
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The Concealed Carry Lifestyle for Beginners

By Jeff Lynch I've always been a staunch conservative and firm supporter in our nation's Constitution, a document that continues to govern our people through...