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Our friends at Franklin Armory hit us up the other day wanting to make sure TTAG visitors were among the first in the gun community to check out their new product announcement. We don’t want to steal their thunder, so, well, just check it out for yourself, especially if you’re a government official…


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  1. April Fools, I’ll take something that does not exsist. Can’t wait to hear all the about binary triggers. It’s funny to listen to poors complain about something they can’t own.

    Better hope none of them hear about the super saftey, then we will really have some fun.

  2. April fools 😁

    Just wait, the anti-gun will come out with all sorts of stuff now about machine guns and the sky is falling. ATF will organize another hit squad to raid the company and murder people. And Biden will go on national TV telling the weak minded about 8 rounds per bullet traveling faster than laws of physics allow. And suddenly Katanji Brown will be saying “see told ya so…look at that … 1,000 rounds a second.” and Miner49er will be once again showing us he doesn’t understand what context means or what actual research is.

  3. I wish FA would come out with a binary for something other than AR’s & AK’s. I’d love one for my LC45 Ruger.

    • “I wish FA would come out with a binary for something other than AR’s & AK’s.”

      It seems the extent of their interest for binary is the AR & AK platforms and the Glock 17 Gen3 pistol >

      Personally though, I don’t like the idea of a gun that fires even if you could change a ‘mode’ to keep it from doing that when you release the trigger so a binary isn’t something I’d be interested in.

      • They support lots of platforms, but you have to drill down into the alphanumeric named triggers to see what it is. Scorpion, MP5, ACR, B&Ts, Ruger 10/22, PC carbine, stribog incoming. Since they have other Ruger products there is probably a decent chance for the LC carbine too if the volume is there, and depending on how proprietary Ruger made that trigger?

      • Just don’t pull the trigger and hold it. then you won’t have to worry about the 2nd shot. Anything that deserves 1 one gets two rounds of an extremely fast double tap.

    • You mean like their Scorpion triggers (CZ-C1 and S1), HK triggers (HK-C1 and S1), Ruger 10/22 triggers (22-C1 and S1) and others in addition to their AR and AK triggers?

      • I’m not familiar with the CZ, HK, etc. The Ruger LC (5.7 and .45) incorporate a modular FCG into the grip frame, similar to the Sigs, and is the serialized component.

        • So what you’re saying is you’re ignorant of the the subject matter you were bitching about. Does that about sum it up?


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