The Problem With ‘Gun Violence’ Research

From the NSSF: There’s no question that crime is a problem in need of multi-faceted solutions. The firearm and ammunition industry recognizes the shared goal of reducing crime and supports unbiased research that will help to meet that goal. However, a recent article in the Seattle Times illustrates the problem at the heart of the debate over violent crime: bias among […]

Harvard Law Prof Noah Feldman’s Intellectually Dishonest Take on the Rittenhouse Self-Defense Claim

Harvard Law professor Noah Feldman has written one of the most intellectually dishonest takes on the Rittenhouse shooting to date. He ignores major facts of what happened that night (there’s plenty of video evidence out there, perfesser) in order to craft an argument that claims — given the very real chance that Rittenhouse will be […]

Armed Equality Slams LGBT Groups for Supporting California’s ‘Large Capacity’ Magazine Ban

Last month, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down California’s “large capacity” magazine ban. It was a huge victory for gun rights advocates and a perfect illustration that elections really do have consequences. As predicted, and like clockwork, California’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, filed a motion with the court for […]