Frank DeSomma, RIP

Frank DeSomma founded Phoenix-basd Patriot Ordnance Factory in 2002, makers of quality rifles, pistols, as well as GLOCK and various AR platform parts. reports that DeSomma was killed in an automobile accident last night. Authorities say 57-year-old Frank De Somma was driving a Jeep on Carefree Highway near Interstate 17 on Thursday evening when […]

America’s Gun Makers Couldn’t Have Dreamed Up a Better Advertising Campaign Than What’s On The Nightly News

Gun-control advocates have long argued that trained police and military, but not civilians, have cause to be armed. We’ve been told that owning a gun is a dangerous fetish — not to mention useless in the face of a state armed with tanks and thermonuclear weapons. A civilized society relies on law-enforcement officers to safeguard […]

Top 3 Reasons You Should Buy a Hi-Point Gun

Hi-Points are to firearms design what Olive Garden is to Italian food. They’ll get the job done and…that’s about it. No surprise, then, that Hi-Point’s guns rarely appear on the top of anyone’s want firearms list. Our reviews have been a mixed bag where HP’s guns are concerned. The C9 pistol didn’t fare well. But […]