AR-15: Demonizing ‘Assault Weapons’

By Miguel A. Faria, M.D. What are “assault weapons” and why are they being demonized? To begin with, the appellation “assault weapon” is a misnomer, a disparaging political label. It was invented by Josh Sugarmann, a media-lionized gun control advocate, as a political tool to demonize semi-automatic firearms that frequently have a military appearance, but […]

Guns Don’t Kill Hunters, Tree Stands Kill Hunters

It’s that time of year again. The woods are full of hunters looking for that prize buck. But with all of those people carrying all of those firearms, a few unfortunate incidents are bound to happen. The majority of the time, however, hunting-related injuries don’t involve guns. Take, for example, this story from the Palmetto […]

Triggered: University of Virginia Cancels Veterans Day 21-Gun Salute Because of ‘Gun Violence’

The University of Virginia is clamoring for more safe spaces, locations on campus where individuals and identity groups can “feel validated and…build community.” In an atmosphere like that, imagine how disturbing the thought of holding a Veterans Day observance must be. Especially one that involves gunfire. That could have caused some of UVA’s less hearty […]

Bloomberg’s Fake News on DUIs and Gun Ownership

By Dennis Petrocelli, MD recently published a piece, “Drivers with DUIs Shouldn’t be Armed” which read: …gun owners with DUI convictions are a discrete and dangerous group. For lawmakers eager to make progress against gun violence, they’re too good a target to ignore. This editorial implies that gun purchasers with a history of a DUI charge cause […]

Washington DC 2A Rally Message – We Are the Gun Lobby

By Jeff Hulbert Saturday’s 2nd Amendment Rally on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol was a dynamic showcase featuring some of America’s most-watched and most-followed firearms activists as they urged all factions in the firearms community to unify in the face of recent stepped-up campaigns by anti-gun opponents. With a cloudless blue sky framing the […]