November 2020 NICS Background check volume

Another Month, Another NICS Record – November Background Checks Jump 41%

Yawn. It's no longer considered news that Americans continue to buy guns at a never-seen-before pace. We've been beating down the doors of gun...
DC police Guns gun wall red

New York: Voluntarily Waive Your Gun Rights…Legally

Maybe this one shouldn't come as a surprise, but it does. A group of New York Assembly Democrats - Amy Paulin, D-Scarsdale, and co-sponsored...
Gun store sales

Missouri: Gun Sales R Us

We already know 2020 is the unofficial National Year of Gun Sales, but it's still awesome to see even gun-friendly states like Missouri stepping...
Pro Gun Rally Virginia

Mother Jones: Virginia Citizens Defense League and SAF are ‘More Extreme Than the NRA’

The far-left site Mother Jones has taken a look around the modern gun rights movement and has proclaimed that orgs like the Virginia Citizens...

Dr. Strangegun or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GLOCK

I got interested in handguns relatively late in life. My interest was driven by a desire to be ready, willing and able to defend...
JAMA Journal American Medical Association

The American Medical Association’s Three Roads to ‘Gun Safety’ Perdition

By Thomas E. Gift, MD Although for some years the editors of the Journal of the American Medical Association have clearly taken an approach to the Second...

Homeland Security: Illegal, Deadly Firearms are Just a Click Away

With a Biden administration just a couple of months away, the media appear to be helping push one of candidate Biden's gun control agenda...
gun store handgun sales

Retailers: 40% of 2020 Gun Buyers are First-Timers and 40% of Those are Female

By Jim Curcuruto The early part of 2020 has been unlike any other year for firearm purchases—particularly by first-time buyers—as new NSSF research reveals millions...
3d printed guns ivan

DIY Guns, Part 1: An Intro to Modern 3D Printing and Making Your Own...

  . Experienced 3D gun maker Ivan the Troll, head of PR for Deterrence Dispensed, will be taking us through the basics of 3D printing...

Alex Jones Gives New Texan Joe Rogan a Rifle and Media Matters is OUTRAGED

A few of weeks back, California refugee Joe Rogan had Alex Jones on his titanically popular podcast. It's an entertaining listen (or watch, if...

Cyber Monday Gun and Gear Deals

Aero Precision Magpul MBUS® Rear Flip-Up Sight - Black $39.99 ATN ATN X-SIGHT 4K BUCKHUNTER 3-14X $599 Brownells ...
Kimber and friends (courtesy Jeffrey Lynch for The Truth About Guns)

The Concealed Carry Lifestyle for Beginners

By Jeff Lynch I've always been a staunch conservative and firm supporter in our nation's Constitution, a document that continues to govern our people through...