Is Arming EMTs A Good Idea?


Robert forwarded an article earlier this week about a couple of EMTs that were ambushed in the line of duty. The were stabbed and pretty badly cut up. His question: should we arm EMTs? It’s a fair question, and given my background I think I’ve got enough experience to take a stab at an answer (no pun intended) . . .

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What I Carry and Why: Dan Zimmerman’s GLOCK 43


[ED: In response to reader requests, this is part of a series of posts by TTAG writers revealing their choice of carry guns.]

Hi, my name is Dan and I’m a lazy concealed carrier. I pack every damned day, but don’t subscribe to the carry-the-biggest-gun-you-possibly-can school of thought (though I know I probably should). I make the comfort vs. caliber and capacity calculation each morning and usually shade toward the former, especially now that I’m operating in the balmy to blazing clime that is Austin and vicinity. So when it comes to heaters, the heat is a big factor in what I carry . . .

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What I Carry and Why: Ralph’s S&W 642 Airweight


[ED: In response to reader requests, this is part of a series of posts by TTAG writers revealing their choice of carry guns.]

Sometimes I carry a .40 caliber M&P, and sometimes I don’t. It depends on what I’m wearing, which is determined by the weather, which in Massachusetts can be charitably described as “variable,” or realistically described as “atrocious.” What isn’t variable or atrocious is the Smith & Wesson Model 642 Airweight revolver that I carry every day, everywhere, even when I’m toting the .40 caliber pistol . . .

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It Should Have Been (And In The Future Will Be) A Defensive Gun Use: Indy Restaurant Offers Concealed Carriers Discount


Want to know the safest place in Indianapolis to eat these days? Hmm, we’ve got a taste for cajun. How about Papa Roux? “The Eastside restaurant owned by (Art) Bouvier was robbed Saturday night, the first time that’s happened in the popular Cajun eatery’s eight years of business. Now, Bouvier is offering a 25 percent discount to customers who can show a handgun license.” It’s too bad it took getting held up to convince Bouvier that encouraging concealed carry was a good idea, but it’s good no one was hurt. We’re guessing he’ll have more business and a lot less trouble with the riff raff going forward. Although we can think of one local who may not become a regular.


What I Carry and Why: Nick Leghorn’s GLOCK 43


[ED: In response to reader requests, this is part of a series of posts by TTAG writers revealing their choice of carry guns.]

I went to college at Penn State, which was, at the time, ranked the #1 party school in America. I didn’t see much of that unless you count LAN parties. For most people on campus their 21st birthday was marked with a pub crawl, vomiting in public, passing out, and cursing the hangover the next day. For me, I spent my 21st mailing off an application for a C&R license and vising the local police station to get a concealed handgun permit. In the years since, I’ve carried a number of firearms, but I can honestly say that I’ve found my perfect carry gun in the GLOCK 43 . . .

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What I Carry and Why: Tyler Kee’s M&P 9


[ED: In response to reader requests, this is part of a series of posts by TTAG writers revealing their choice of carry guns.]

I’ve been writing about guns longer than I’ve been carrying one so most of my “What I Carry” journey has been hashed out here over the last four years. I don’t have a fancy rocking chair, I don’t even own a 1911, and only recently did I buy a new truck. As it goes, my carry gun is utilitarian down to its core. Before I get to what I carry today, I think it might be fun to talk about what I don’t carry and why . . .

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The Washington Post: Most Americans are wrong about whether concealed carry makes us safer


According to a Gallup poll, most people feel that the United States would be safer if more Americans carried a concealed weapon (presumed to be a firearm). “Safer” was the more popular choice by a significant margin: 56 to 41 percent. When blogging the poll I predicted that the mainstream media wold ignore it. Wrong. The Washington Post’s notoriously anti-gun Wonkblogger (note that’s a “o” not an “a”) felt compelled to counter this remarkably pro-gun rights stat. First, by pointing out that the Gallup question tied concealed carry to training and licensing – which some states have punted our of respect for the Second Amendment. Second, by marshaling all the studies they could find refuting respondents’ faith in concealed carry . . .

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What I Carry and Why: Jeremy S’s Beretta Nano

[ED: In response to reader requests, this is the fourth in a series of posts by TTAG writers revealing their choice of carry guns.]

I’m not sure my rig’s tires had even cooled off from the move back to Washington from California before I was putting fingerprints on digital paper as part of the Washington CPL (concealed pistol license) process. After living in the Bay Area for over a decade with better chances of my wife acting as wingman while I hit on one of RF’s comely daughters than of acquiring a CCW permit, I didn’t own a suitable carry pistol. The approximately 30-day turnaround on the Washington CPL gave me a month to finalize that choice, and the time was spent putting rounds through the few candidates I hadn’t yet played with . . .

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What I Carry and Why: Jon Wayne Taylor’s STI Duty One and Kahr PM9


[ED: In response to reader requests, this is the third in a series of posts by TTAG writers revealing their choice of carry guns.]
Being a friendly and caution-minded person, I usually carry two guns. One of them is a custom STI Duty One 4.0 with an aluminum frame in .45ACP with Heine Straight 8 night sights and the other is a Kahr PM9 in 9mm with night sights as my backup. I’ve got a lot of confidence in these guns, and that’s why I carry them. But it wasn’t always this way . . .

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This Is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace – When They’re Stabbed in Israel Edition [VIDEO NSFW]

(courtesy armedlaughing,com)

It’s a little known fact: Israel has strict gun control laws and very few licensed concealed carriers. According to the Times of Israel, only 2.5 percent of the population can legally carry a firearm. (Long gun open carry is restricted to members of the IDF.) Well, that’s how it was before the recent stabbing attacks on the populace smack dab in the middle of the country. “There’s no doubt that recent events show that every citizen is now a potential target for shooting or stabbing and that’s why I have applied for a license to own a pistol,” Dotan Cohen, a 40-year-old accountant who lives near Gan Shmuel, where a recent attack occurred, told . . .

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