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Self-Defense Tip: Everyone Gets Firsts Before Anyone Gets Seconds. Maybe.

In the video above, Dom Raso does some game theory on who Rambo should have shot first and whether or not the cinematic victory was even possible. Raso rags on Rambo’s draw, grip and flinch. What he doesn’t mention: Rambo shoots TWO rounds at the first bad guy before serving one dose of lead into the remaining threats. Not necessarily the best plan. Generally, if an armed self-defender faces multiple threats it’s boarding house rules: everyone gets firsts before anyone gets seconds. “You want to slow everyone down as fast as possible,” Armed Response Training gun guru David Kenik tells TTAG.  “That way it’s less likely that someone will shoot/stab/attack you while you’re shooting someone else.” Then again . . .

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Thank You For Not Carrying?

Siobahn Denise Hall (courtesy

First, here’s the official version of the story via “A woman was arrested Wednesday after hitting a vehicle with a tire iron and attempting to rob two men, police said. The incident occurred around 9:45 a.m. at Yankee Meadows Reservoir, according to the Iron County Sheriff’s Department. Siobahn Denise Hall, 29, [above] followed two men driving off I-15 who were headed toward Yankee Reservoir, police said. The men were St. George residents who were driving to Yankee Meadows Reservoir to fish. Hall blocked the exit road with her car and then got out of the vehicle. She began hitting the victims’ car with a tire iron and demanding money, police said. The two victims exited their vehicle and were able to subdue Hall. A passerby saw the incident and drove to the Iron County Sheriff’s Office to alert police.” Now here’s the victim’s version . . .

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Random Thoughts About Booger Hooks and Bang Switches

Gun Guys author and TTAGonist Dan Baum is setting-up a new gun safety organization. No really. Gun safety. Not gun control. His group will urge Americans to lock-up their guns (when not on body) and teach all family members the four rules of gun safety. I’m down with that. As I’ve said before, I reckon muzzle control is the One Rule to Rule Them All. But trigger finger discipline is a very close second. When it comes to self-defense . . .

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Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson Takes Texas CHL Class

Cody Wilson at Red's Range CHL class (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

[NOTE: There will be a comprehension test after this post]

On Sunday I took a field trip to Red’s South in West Austin to sit in a concealed carry instruction class with seven fellow citizens. After wandering to a clapboard classroom at 7:45 am, I began an eight-hour triathlon of cram-school instruction and practical and written examination. We broke for lunch and a clever commercial intermission sponsored by Texas Law Shield. Oh, and along the way I confronted the schizophrenic foundations of the gun community’s civil personality . . .

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“Chicago commuters can’t run, can’t hide, and can’t carry. I think that’s called fish in a barrel.”

That’s TTAG reader JRW’s take on this story from “Two armed men robbed multiple passengers on an Orange Line CTA train heading into downtown Wednesday afternoon. The robbery happened at 4:13 p.m. on the train as it traveled between the Halsted and Roosevelt stations, police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala said. Two armed suspects took various items from multiple riders, Zala said. No one is hurt and no one is in custody. Police are reviewing surveillance video in the case, Zala said.” One of these days, a legal concealed carrier – carrying illegally on a train - will Bernhard Goetz some thugs like these. It won’t be pretty, but it will make news. Especially in the wrong circles.

This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: Starbucks Gun-Free Zone Edition


“Just before 5:30 a.m. Monday, employees of the Starbucks in the 1800 block of W. Broad St. called police about a suspicious man outside the store. According to police, the suspect then ran into the business, and attacked the two employees,” reports. “Both baristas sustained facial injuries, with the suspect kicking an officer who arrived on scene. A 65-year-old employee is now facing a difficult recovery from serious injuries, and remains at VCU Medical Center in intensive care. Police reported that the suspect . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Carry in NJ if You Can’t Carry in NJ

Shaneen Allen (courtesy

A Philadelphia mother of two is facing three years in prison after she mistakenly entered New Jersey, where she was stopped for a traffic violation and found in possession of a handgun loaded with hollow-point bullets,” reports. A number of readers emailed this story. To a man, they consider it an outrage that a mother – a mother! – should be looking at jail time for the “innocent” mistake of assuming the New Jersey honored her Pennsylvania concealed carry permit. “The gun charge was not proper to begin with at all,” her attorney, Evan Nappen, told, echoing our Armed Intelligentsia’s take on the matter. “She made an honest mistake.” No and maybe . . .

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