Sutherland Springs Church Massacre Followed Shooter’s Domestic Dispute With In-Laws

Devin Patrick Kelley had a history of domestic turmoil. It was the reason he’d been court-martialed, served time and discharged from the Air Force. And it was apparently yet another “domestic situation” that sparked yesterday’s mass murder and a Sutherland Springs, Texas church. According to the Washington Post, The massacre here that killed more than […]

Question of the Day: Are You Armed At Church?

I find it hard to believe that an entire West Texas church congregation was unarmed. I suspect that someone in the Sutherland Springs’ church was packing heat. Someone who died before he or she could return fire. Regardless, this heinous attack highlights the paramount importance of situational awareness. Armed or not, the sooner a good guy or […]

Gear Review: Klik Belts’ Belts

While there’s nothing sexy about a belt review, a good belt really is the foundation of your carry setup. Duty, competition, and everyday concealed carry may have different belt requirements, but for all these uses and more, Klik Belts has you covered. As it turns out, Klik Belts’ HQ is only a few miles from […]

Three Reasons Not to Carry a .45 Caliber 1911

I used to carry a .45 caliber commander-sized Wilson Combat X-TAC (above). These days, I carry a 9mm commander-sized Wilson Combat EDC X9. Only not everyday. A lot of time I pocket carry a Ruger LCP II instead. Here’s why . . . 1. 1911’s are too heavy When it comes to shooting, it’s good thing […]

Question of the Day: Is NRA Carry Guard (and Similar Programs) “Murder Insurance”?

In the video below, Rashad Robinson declares that the NRA’s Carry Guard program is “murder insurance.” The Executive Director of Color of Change is aghast that gun owners can buy a policy that protects them against the financial burden of defending themselves after discharging their firearm. “It’s incentivizing people to shoot first and ask question […]