Gun Review: FNS-9 Compact 9mm Handgun

FNS-9C- brutal (ourtesy Rhonda Little for The Truth About Guns)

FNH makes a mountain of money milking the military market with firearms in a kaleidoscope of calibers and configurations. Perhaps that’s why the Belgian gunmaker hasn’t been chasing American handgun buyers with the kind of fervor of, well, anyone else. The long wait for FN’s entry into the striker-fired everyday carry handgun market indicates a laissez faire attitude towards the job of winning converts to John Moses Browning’s vieux amis. Then again, some things are worth the wait. Does the new FNS-9 Compact finally knock GLOCK from its perch at atop of the U.S. carry gun sales chart? One thing’s for certain . . .

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SAF Sues District Of Columbia Over Restrictive CCW Process


“The Second Amendment right to bear arms includes the right to carry functional, loaded handguns in public areas for the purpose of self-defense. This right, like others, is subject to some degree of regulation, but its status as a right precludes the government from regulating it out of existence or forcing individuals to prove their entitlement to its exercise.” So reads a lawsuit filed today by Alan Gura and the Second Amendment Foundation against the District of Columbia. As reports, “The city’s “may-issue” permitting scheme was passed by the D.C. Council last September after a federal judge overturned the city’s longstanding ban on carrying handguns in public.”  . . .

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A Hard Lesson


Reader Peter C. writes:

I got my Massachusetts Concealed Carry Permit when I was 21, but carried only infrequently for many years. On the morning of March 10, 1991, I received a phone call from one of the members of my rod and gun club, informing me that our club president, Bob L., had been shot to death in the kitchen of his apartment, several hours earlier . . .

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Go Ahead And Carry Off-Body…When It Makes Sense



In his article Carry On-Body or Not At All, Johannes Paulsen makes some arguments against carrying a weapon anyplace but affixed to your body. And he has a point, but with a little imagination we can see that there is more to the issue. So let me now argue with Johannes and hope that he is of good humor. It’s amusing to consider that a gun carried anywhere but right against you reduces the thing to a talisman, a meaningless trinket that we hope will ward off evil. Wrong answer. Unlike a talisman I can aim and fire my gun, which is considerably more effective than pelting you with my rabbit’s foot . . .

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Who Is Coming To Save The Day?


With the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish deli in Paris, the inheritors of the benefits of the enlightenment in one of the seats of western civilization have been, reluctantly, forced to reconsider our glaring vulnerability to asymmetric tactics. All open societies are particularly vulnerable, but in the age of Obama, where illegal entry into the nation is not only ignored, but encouraged, and where the National Command Authority not only refuses to name our intractable enemy, but embraces the foremost state sponsor of Islamist terrorism, it’s only a matter of time before the most horrific forms of terror are visited on us, and in large numbers . . .

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Carry On-Body Or Not At All


Off-body carry is a lot like treating a gun like a talisman. If just having a gun somewhere nearby would ward off criminals, then it’s great. But if you actually need to use your firearm, well…not so much. Actually drawing and presenting a firearm from an off-body carry solution is generally more difficult than most people appreciate. Give it a try sometime. Stick an (unloaded or training) gun in a briefcase, purse or backpack, close it as you would if you were walking down the street, then try to draw and present under time pressure. Then try to picture how long it would take you to do that under real stress . . .

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Question of the Day: How Often Do You Carry?

Carry on!

Our collective hearts go out to our ballistic brothers and sisters who can’t exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to bear arms. New Jersey, Connecticut, Hawaii, California – wherever gun rights are being degraded and destroyed, we’ll be there, fighting for your rights. Via internet. OK, so, how often do you carry a gun? I’m a firearms schlepper from the moment I get dressed to the moment I lay my weary head to rest, including lounging around at home. Then again, I don’t work or shop in a gun-free zone. What’s your EDC frequency (Kenneth)? Open and/or concealed?


OMG! NH Bill Would Expand Right to Carry! OMG!


Three New Hampshire states representatives have proposed a bill that would remove restrictions for persons who can legally own a firearm to carry it them in a concealed fashion without needing a separate license, reports the Concord Monitor. “New Hampshire law requires gun owners to obtain a separate license from their local law enforcement officials if they want to carry the firearm concealed, in a holster under a coat, for example. The new law would eliminate the licensing requirement, allowing anyone who can legally purchase a gun to carry it out in the open or concealed.” . . .

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D.C. Issues First Concealed Carry Permits

The Washington, D.C. concealed carry permitting process is done on a may issue basis, requiring 18 hours of training, a $110 application fee and “proof” that you have a “need” to carry a firearm in the nation’s capitol. “Needs” include facing a personal threat, handling large amounts of cash, or having a disabled relative who needs defending. And you can’t carry in parks, on public transportation, in schools or government buildings, or in protests around the White House or Capitol Hill, and you have to stay 1000 feet away from government officials or foreign dignitaries. Oh, and until recently, there was only one guy in the entire city who was certified to give you the 18 hours of training, though the city has since certified a few more. But things are finally starting to change, however incrementally . . .

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New From PWS: Enhanced Duty Slide for GLOCK

Primary Weapons Systems has released a replacement slide — the EDS or Enhanced Duty Slide — for Gens 1-3 GLOCK 17 and 19 pistols. Swapping this slide onto your gun is supposed to improve the trigger pull to a crisp, consistent, 4 lb. break. Sure enough, PWS’s factory-fresh demo GLOCK felt just like a normal GLOCK. Ten seconds later we’d swapped the slide and the trigger pull was excellent. I was shocked just how crisp it was with almost no creep at all and a very nice break. The slide also brings front cocking serrations, great looks, and DLC coating to the table. More details and photos follow. . .

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New from Crimson Trace: Green Everything


Crimson Trace is best known for their eponymous red lasers, but they have been steadily branching out into green lasers as well. The power hungry and clunky green diodes have been a problem, but it looks like CT has finally made it economically viable to put green lasers into the same packages as the existing red lasers. The one I’m most excited about is the Rail Master, a standalone laser device that slots onto any available rail. Also in the works are green lasergrips for a bunch more guns, including . . .

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