Whataburger: No Open Carry In Our Stores


Whataburger is a well-liked and well established Texas burger franchise. You can’t roll through a small town in Texas without passing a Whataburger or two, and their delicious burgers are reason enough why. Heck, it was while sitting in a Whataburger drive-thru with Tyler Kee after my first morning hunting that I decided to move down to the Lone Star State full time. While Whataburger is a proud Texas empire, it seems that they aren’t embracing the forthcoming decriminalization of open carry with open arms . . .

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UK and US Hoplophobes: “Only Cowards Carry”

ScreenHunter_02 Jul. 07 10.40

It started out with mild curiosity sparked by a SHTFPlan.com headlineWith Knife Murders Spiking After Gun Ban, UK Urges ‘Save a Life–Surrender Your Knife. After all, this is the country that developed blunted “anti-stab knives,” after “doctors … lobbied … for kitchen knives to be redesigned [because] it could help to save lives.” What new foolishness were they up to in Piers Morgan Paradise? Why not follow some links, pull some threads and find out?

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Three Reasons Why I Should Be Disarmed


I’m heading to Beantown for a couple of days, then on the UK to watch my eldest daughter graduate from college. I’ll be disarmed throughout. I’m not happy about it. I consider a gun my best defense against a violent attack. If the excrement hits the rotating air circulation device while I’m away from my beloved Lone Star State, I’ll do what I can to protect myself, my girlfriend, my children, yes even my first ex-wife. But I’m no ninja. And the UK’s violent crime rate, the recent Tunisian terrorist attack and a general awareness of criminality fills me with no-firearm failure foreboding. And for what? Why does MA and the UK see fit to deny me my natural right to self-defense? Here are three reasons . . .

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Constitutional Carry Fail in New Hampshire


Yesterday, Democrat Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed New Hampshire bill SB116 which would have removed the licensing requirement for concealed carry. New Hampshire currently permits permitless open carry, but if you want to carry concealed, you must submit an application to your local CLEO (or Town Selectman if your town is too small for its own police force). SB116 had passed the New Hampshire Senate 14-9 in February on a strict party line vote – Republicans in favor, Statists Democrats opposed. It had gone on to the House in April where it had passed 212-150.  The house vote was more mixed with some Republicans voting against the bill and a few Democrats in favor of it . . .

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Texas Eatery Rewards Concealed Carry – The Trend Continues . . .

 (courtesy Facebook )

Brooks’ Place, a Cypress, Texas BBQ restaurant, decided to promote itself and the Second Amendment at the same time. “Present your CHL this Saturday the 4th of July and receive a FREE SANDWICH with your purchase of a sandwich or anything priced higher. Have both CHL and CONCEALED GUN and dessert is FREE too,” their Facebook page read. The results were entirely predictable . . .

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Show Your Independence – Carry on July 4

Reader Burt P. writes:

With the Independence Day 2015 Holiday approaching, much has been written of potential terror threats. State and local authorities have been notified by Homeland Security about reports of threats called for by various organizations.  National news has reported this also. Well, it’s Independence Day. Do we stay indoors, away from malls and celebrations? Or exercise our independence by going about our enjoyment of the day with our family? . . .

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CA Senator Diane Feinstein: Why I Oppose National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Senator Diane Feinstein (courtesy breitbart.com)

TTAG reader MK contacted U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein to ask her support for national concealed carry reciprocity. (I know, right?) The email he received from the California Democrat – who never met a gun control law she didn’t like – was less than enthusiastic . . .

Dear Mr. XXX:

Thank you for contacting me to share your views regarding the “Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015″ (S. 498).  I appreciate the time you took to write, and I welcome the opportunity to respond . . .

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University of Texas System to Ban Guns in Research Labs?

UTMB (courtesy decodedscience.com)

Texas lawmakers recently enacted “campus carry” for state-run colleges and universities. Critics of SB 11 claim it has more holes than a golf course; schools and universities are free to force gun owners to store their guns at “high risk” facilities (e.g., dormitories), and ban guns entirely from “higher risk” parts of their domain (e.g., hospitals). William McRaven, Chancellor of the University of Texas Systems, recently sent a memo to the 16 Presidents within the system on the new firearms-related regime [click here for a pdf]. The former Navy Admiral and anti-campus carry crusader included this tidbit in his missive, which reveals and reflects his view of the new law . . .

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Restaurant Gives Discounts to Customers Carrying Guns. It’s a Trend!

Chicken Express, located at 2 Warnock Springs Rd in Magnolia, Arkansas, is offering a free meal to people who present a concealed handgun license on Independence Day.  “On Saturday July 4th we will be giving a FREE #1 combo to anyone with a Conceal Handgun License.,” their Facebook page proclaims. “This will be DINE IN ONLY. You must have your License with you! We hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!” This is not the first restaurant to reward legal gun owners  . . .

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Pro-Gun Video: 11m Americans Carry Firearms. Or Do They?

Sweet video, riffing on TTAG’s I Am A Gun Owner Facebook gallery. Nice to see some minority faces amongst the proud gun owners flashing their gats in the Old Dominion. But really, no one knows how many Americans actually carry a firearm. Sure, we have hard data on the number of concealed carry permits the states have issued. The figure cited by the Virginia Citizens Defense League in the video above hails from gun researcher John More Guns, Less Crime Lott . . .

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