Is the University of Idaho Encouraging the “SWATting” of Legal Gun Carriers?

                                                                  Matt Dorschel, (left)

Last week, the University of Idaho – where concealed carry is legal – held a forum to discuss guns on campus. The main presenter was Matt Dorschel, university executive director for public safety and security. While the forum attracted only a few students and faculty, the policy presented was radical . . .

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MN Man Named (But Not Shamed) for Concealed Carry Near School

A sign of the times? (courtesy

“I’m going to protect my children anyway I can,” Matthew Halleck tells Like millions of American parents, that means carrying a concealed weapon as he schleps his daughter to and from school. Unfortunately, Mr. Halleck missed the advice given by TTAG readers to citizens exercising their natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms: concealed means concealed. When a homeowner across from Harriet Bishop Elementary school in Rochester, Minnesota glimpsed Halleck’s gat poking out of his pants, she decided to “out” Halleck with the sign above . . .

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Gun Review: SIG SAUER P938


In recent years there has certainly been no shortage of sub-compact, “pocket-sized” 9mm pistols to choose from. Market demand has spoken, and manufacturers have answered with available products. However, if you’re a “cocked & locked,” hammer-fired kind of a gal (or guy) you’ve been almost completely overlooked. Thankfully, one of the only options out there happens to be a pretty good one — the SIG SAUER P938 . . .

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Secret Service: The Logical Implications Of Gun Ownership


I’ve often written about the anti-gun, anti-liberty mindset. As experience teaches, that attitude is most prevalent among most members of the political left. By way of initial disclaimer, I’ve also written that some who hold political views that generally place them firmly left of center are also gun owners, and to lesser or greater degrees, supporters of gun ownership and the Second Amendment. Such people should obviously be welcomed into the ranks of those that own, and enjoy the use of, firearms, and almost universally, they are. Yet, to the statist/progressive mind, gun owners are a seemingly monolithic block, a group of people with easily definable and identifiable characteristics. Among the most obvious of these is a barely concealed compulsion to use firearms in violent ways, particularly against those who don’t think in the same ways . . .

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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America at Ann Arbor Kroger: Bad Landing, Wrong Airport

Kristin Moore (far right) and several volunteers stationed demonstrators near entrances of the Kroger at 400 South Maple Road helped get signatures and raise awareness to their Moms Demand Action gun control cause." (Caption courtesy Photo courtesy of Moms Demand Action)

Tom Lambert, Vice President of Michigan Open Carry, Inc., writes:

Yesterday the [diminutive] Michigan chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) protested outside of a Michigan Kroger. One of the resulting articles, Michigan Open Carry says protesters at Ann Arbor Kroger off base [via,] last night gave us a few gems. In the article the MDA rep Kristen Moore is quoted as saying . . .

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The Nature Of Gun Grabbers, Here And There

Australian "mandatory gun buyback" (courtesy

My September 9 article, “This Is Why I Carry A Handgun,” provoked substantial commentary, lively as always. Most interesting, perhaps were the comments of “1735099,” an Australian who often comments at my home blog, usually to inform me of my backward and uncivilized ways–and those of my country and countrymen–particularly where the Second Amendment is involved . . .
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DC City Council Wants to Name and Ostracize Legal Gun Owners

I talked yesterday about the recently passed emergency concealed carry law that has been enacted in Washington, DC. As you can tell from the video, the council members certainly don’t like it. One member went as far as to state that they flat-out don’t want carry and don’t even want guns, but are being forced to change by both the courts and Congress. Frankly, if this extremely divided and partisan Congress can make up their mind that you’re in the wrong, you know you’re really in the wrong. What really astounded me though was one council member’s statements about whether gun owners should have a right to privacy. His opinion: that right doesn’t exist. Because he wants to ostracize them . . .

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BREAKING: Washington DC Approves “May Issue” Concealed Carry Licensing


Word came late last night that Washington, D.C. had approved legislation to begin issuing concealed carry licenses in the District. The legislation (full text here) brings the District into compliance with a Federal court ruling that clarified that the Second Amendment applies not only within the home but also outside the home — in other words, that concealed carry is a Constitutionally protected right. The major hurdle for obtaining one of these licenses is the fact that the Chief of Police in Washington, D.C. needs to be convinced that you should be issued a permit, and “may” issue that permit depending on their mood at the time. From the newly passed law . . .

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Question of the Day: Off-Body Carry. Yes or No?

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.17.39 AM

I am 100 percent against off-body carry. Gun owners who carry off-body run the risk of A) not having a gun when they need one, and B) losing their gun when someone nicks their briefcase, gym bag, handbag, etc. Worse still, a child could delve into their bag, get their gat and trigger a tragedy. Slightly less worse (but a lot worse for you) an off-body gun could get hung-up inside its container; you could fail to extract your gun in a timely manner when facing an imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm and . . . lose. While the market’s welcoming stylish, well-made, practical off-body carry solutions like the bag above, and Colion Noir carries off-body, I say humbug. There’s more than enough on-body carry solutions for every possible outfit and circumstance, for women and men. Am I wrong? Is off-body carry one of those “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” deals? Give me one example where it’s the only and/or the preferred choice.


The Sleeve: Feeling Safe v. Being Safe


Across the nation, educators and others are, for the first time, actively thinking about how to deal with the threat of active shooters. Rather than merely slapping up ‘gun free school zone’ signs with all the earnest hopes and good intentions that go with them, they are actually paying attention to real threats and possible solutions. There is, however, good news and bad news . . .

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