Can The Police Stop a Texas Open Carrier to Check for a License?

A raging debate nearly derailed the new Open Carry law in Texas (which will take effect on January 1). It centered around the so-called “Dutton Amendment” or “Dutton/Huffines Amendment.” Briefly stated, the amendment forbid police officers from stopping and detaining an open-carrier to check them for possessing a handgun license – if their suspicion that a crime is being committed is solely based on the evidence that they were carrying a gun.  This amendment was excoriated by Austin Police Chief Acevedo when it was first adopted . . .

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Lessons On Truth From the Twisted Mind of James Holmes


Time and again we’ve been told that active shooters choose to attack certain places over others because those targets are either posted as “gun-free zones” or fall within the definition of a “gun-free zone” under federal law. The thinking goes that these murderers choose these targets specifically because they would be target-rich environments where the shooter would face low prospect of encountering resistance. But do they? Sure, a rational and reasonable person might think that if they were going to conduct such an attack, they might follow that logic. But a rational and reasonable person wouldn’t be considering such an attack in the first place. We should consider that those who carry out mass shootings are perhaps not thinking the same way the rest of us would . . .

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New Texas Law: No More Arrests for Concealed Guns “Forgotten” in Carry-On Luggage


We’ve heard the same story hundreds of times. In the rush to get to the airport, some gun owner forgot to double check their carry-on luggage. Hiding inside: a loaded handgun that they meant to remove and leave at home, but forgot. Until the TSA fishes it out of the bag for them and calls the fuzz. This happens almost every day in Texas — we actually lead the nation in concealed handguns found at TSA checkpoints. Normally instances such as this would result in felony charges (it is illegal to bring a concealed handgun into the secured area of an airport), but a new Texas law will put an end to that.

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Question of the Day: Is Open Carry Especially Good for Women?

I’ve known Nicki (a.k.a., “Liberty Doll”) for about a year. She’s an advocate for gun rights; you can feel her passion for firearms freedom on her Facebook page. After getting a dog, Nicki became aware that she was being watched. At first, she dismissed the feeling. Then she saw a man in a Ford cargo van following her. Stalking her. Nicki filed a police report. In the video above, Nicki says she wants to open carry. To send her stalker a message: I will not be a victim. Is that right? Is open carry a deterrent against criminal predation for women? Or is she and other women better off carrying concealed to maintain the element of surprise?



OMG! A Concealed Carrier! At a Baseball Game! OMG!


“Well this is terrifying. During Monday night’s Astros-Orioles game at Minute Maid park, a fan reached for a foul ball, and in doing so revealed a concealed firearm tucked into his waistband. Here’s a still photo (above) via Andrew Joseph of the Arizona Republic.” That’s hyperventilating over the sight of a pistol on a hip. In Texas. Yes, Major League Baseball’s policy is to prohibit the practice of Second Amendment rights in all of its stadia, no matter how firearm-friendly the locale. But wait! Don’t parks now feature airport-style metal detectors at all fan entrances to enforce the embargo? . . .

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TX Campus Carry Bill Passes Senate, Goes to Governor


The Texas House just voted for the final time on Senate Bill 11, the Campus Carry bill. Representative Fletcher opened discussion with a spirited statement that the media had blown this bill all out of proportion, that it affects only a very few people (those CHL holders who are still attending college). He said that he’s received many calls from “many moms”, and went on to assert that all this bill truly does is protect our CHL licensees. He made it quite clear that the moms’ fears were ungrounded and inflated. He pointed out that people are already carrying concealed weapons on those college campuses, in the common areas . . .

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BREAKING: Campus Carry PASSES in Texas

Austin, Texas state house (courtesy

Moments ago, we received word that SB-11 (Campus Carry) has finally passed the Texas House, clearing the last legislative hurdle before heading to the governor’s pen. The bill was dangerously close to falling off the end of Texas’ short semi-annual legislative session, but it has now officially passed in both chambers and moves on to the Governor for his signature when he has a spare moment. The bill has changed since its first introduction as STB outlined yesterday, but its still a step in the right direction in texas.


BREAKING: Texas Senate Approves Campus Carry


The Texas Senate just voted to give final approval to Senate Bill 11, the Campus Carry bill, as modified by the conference committee. The vote was 21-10, which was pretty much along party lines, with only one exception — Democrat Juan Chuy Hinojosa voted for the bill. The bill now still needs a final vote in the House, which stands adjourned until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow . . .

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Being George Zimmerman: A Cautionary Tale

George Zimmerman was in the news again recently when the famous Floridian “was involved in a shooting.” Which he was – in the same sense that Abraham Lincoln and JFK were involved in shootings. Zimmerman was the subject of an assassination attempt. Once again, the Florida native’s experiences offered a lesson to those of us who carry firearms: a defensive gun use can be a life-changing event that reverberates for one’s entire life, for both good and ill. Given Zimmernan’s re-emergence and the benefit of hindsight, here’s another look at that now famous but scandalously misinterpreted defensive gun use . . .

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Question of the Day: Where Do You Stow Your Carry Gun?


I often struggle with safe, yet effective storage places for my concealed carry weapon when I’m not carrying.  For example, I don’t wear it not while showering. So where to put it?  It seems a little silly for me to put it in the safe because I’m just going to be strapping it back on in a few minutes. So I usually choose to put the gun and holster it’s in on the top of the medicine cabinet in my bathroom.  I have two little kids and should one of them come in, the last thing I want is them grabbing mommy’s gun . . .

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Maine Senate Passes Constitutional Carry Bill

Civil Liberties advocates have a reason to (cautiously) cheer as the Maine Senate passed L.D. 652 by a vote of 21-14, which would bring full Vermont-style Constitutional Carry to the Pine Tree State. The Portland Press Herald reports that the vote was largely – though not entirely – along party lines: three members of the party of Jackson supported the bill; two members of the party of Lincoln voted against it . . .

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BREAKING: Judge Scullin Orders D.C. to Issue Concealed Carry Permits Immediately

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.33.39 PM

Armed American Radio’s Facebook page reports “The Second Amendment Foundation WINS again in DC. Moments ago Judge Scullin [above] denies DC request to stay and orders DC to begin issuing permits IMMEDIATELY. Judge Scullin has had enough of DC playing games and violating his orders and rulings. Another pro-rights victory!” The Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottleib issued the following statement . . .

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