The Heckler & Koch P7 is the Best Pistol Ever


Many of the products you purchase were designed by engineers, but heavily tempered by the demands of the finance and design departments. “Make us a product that does X, but we need the total cost to be under Y and it has to fit in this shell made by the art department.” But the Heckler & Koch P7 seems to have avoided those constraints. In my considered opinion,  it’s result of giving some talented engineers free rein to create the absolute best, safest, most technologically-advanced pistol ever. At least, the best possible pistol for a police officer or other “gunfighter.” The P7 has many notable design features, including many “firsts,” some of which have never been duplicated and some of which have become ubiquitous. Despite being out of production, this is why it’s still the best pistol ever made and why you need one. . .

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Gun Review: Walther CCP


I love the Heckler & Koch P7, as it offers so many engineering features to geek out over. Some of those features appeared on a handgun for the first time with the P7, only to become ubiquitous thereafter (3-dot sights, for example*). A few of those great features have never been reproduced on another pistol. One of them is the gas-piston delayed blowback system, which hasn’t seen use again until the Walther CCP here** and its resurrection is a big reason why I was so excited to get my hands on this new Walther Concealed Carry Pistol. Does it deliver on Walther’s promises of soft recoil and easy slide manipulation? . . .

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Question of the Day: Should Clerks and Cashiers Carry Concealed or Open?

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Stand-your-ground laws prohibit civil suits against armed self-defenders cleared in criminal court. The prohibition doesn’t cover their employers. As you might imagine, insurance companies won’t touch that one with a ten-foot-pole. So, while independent businesses like jewelry stores and privately-owned Stop ‘N Rob convenience stores “allow” employees to tool up, the number of franchised businesses willing to take that risk is, basically, zero. But if Hess, Checkers, Pizza Hut, etc. employees could carry, should they do it openly or concealed? Have you ever seen any business (other than a gun store) with open carry employees?


Gun Stolen in Armed Robbery. Concealed Carry Fail?

“The victim was near Henry Clay and Coliseum around 9 p.m. when he was approached by two attackers who hit him with a gun,” reports. “They then put him face down on the ground, frisked him, and stole the victim’s concealed weapon.” It’s a rare but not unknown event: bad guys robbing a concealed carry weapons (CCW) permit holder of his or her defensive firearm. In this case, the vic’s inability to bring his gun to bear on the bad guys had a little something to do with the fact that he was pistol whipped in the head before he could draw. But what if the victim had been openly carrying his firearm . . .

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Sandy Hook: Lessons and Legacy


Two years after the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School, some things have changed, but much—particularly misinformation—has remained the same. Sandy Hook Elementary School is no more; it has been demolished. This is a common, if illogical response to jarring events. Perhaps by obliterating the place, we can obliterate the memories, exorcise whatever ghosts hide in its darkest recesses. As generations pass, memories fade. Unfortunately, it isn’t so easy to obliterate misconceptions, even lies about events. Particularly when there is a narrative and people are invested in perpetuating it, truth and fact become secondary. They are always barriers to understanding greater and more important “truths” . . .

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Why Texas Won’t Get Constitutional Carry

Keeping and bearing arms is a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right. If Americans don’t need a license to exercise their right to free speech why do they need one for keeping and bearing arms? Because guns! Guns are lethal! The antis assert that your average citizen can’t be trusted with lethal force. Not without vetting. Training. Supervision. Government vetting, training and supervision. Oh, and licensing. After all that, then citizens can keep and bear arms. Maybe. This is the “acceptable” face of American gun rights. And it’s wrong . . .

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Living In A World Always Under Construction


Whenever an incident like the entirely justified shooting of Michael Brown by former Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson is forced into the public consciousness, predictable–and dangerous—assertions spring up. Such assertions are fueled and informed by ignorance, righteous imaginings of how things ought to be, novels, TV and movies. While they’re entertaining and dramatic, the actions suggested are virtually always practical, tactical disasters . . .

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NY Grand Jury No-Bills Convicted Killer for Bringing a Gun to Court

Terrance Washington (courtesy

“Terrance Washington was on his way to Brooklyn Supreme Court on Nov. 26 to face an assault charge for allegedly breaking a man’s arm with a bat,” reports, “when a court officer operating a security X-ray machine detected the loaded .22-caliber handgun in his bag, court papers state. Washington, 41, was slapped with felony gun charges. But he was never indicted because the grand jury bought his excuse — that the bag wasn’t his and he didn’t know there was a gun inside, law-enforcement sources said. ‘He said it wasn’t his bag and he borrowed his cousin’s bag. That’s why the gun was in there,’ said a law-enforcement source.” Ignorance is no excuse under the law. Unless it is. Too bad Mr. Washington wasn’t a ham sandwich. Right? [h/t DD]


This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: They Get Stabbed On Trains

Let me say this out front: I do NOT want to hear from antis who say that this story – of a mass stabbing on an AMTRAK train – would have been worse if the perp had had a gun. I don’t want to be shot OR stabbed. Nor do I want either fate to befall ANY innocent life. I want all Americans to be able to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms to defend themselves and other innocent life. Period. Actually, there’s more. If the perp had used a gun in his heinous attack, I would have wanted a gun, too. As the antis’ desire to disarm criminals is a pipe dream, there is no reason disarm or even make it difficult for Americans to tool-up. Even on trains! Speaking of which . . .

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One Solution to Police Brutality: Open Carry

“When I was in Washington DC, that’s when Virginia first passed its concealed carry into law and we in law enforcement thought, ‘Oh man, it’s going to be terrible, it’s going to be the wild west, agg assaults and murders are going to go up.’ There wasn’t a blip on the radar.” That’s San Antonio Police Chief William McManus explaining [via] his lack of tsuris regarding Texas’ forthcoming move to open carry. But there’s more to open carry than simply nothing bad happening (Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s worst non-nightmare). As writer H. A. Goodman suggested, open carry could act as a deterrent against police “over-zealousness.” I think that’s right. When I opened carried in Rhode Island . . .

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Judge Asks for En Banc Review of Peruta Concealed Carry Case

Edward Peruta (courtesy

In the Peruta v. County of San Diego, the Ninth Circuit Court ruled that the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department couldn’t mandate that concealed carry license applicants must prove “just cause” for exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. After the ruling, the San Diego Sheriff’s office said no mas. California Attorney General Kamala Harris jumped in, claiming an interest in the case, demanding a chance to appeal. Too late, the court ruled. And now an unnamed, anti-2A judge on the Ninth Circuit has called for a vote to determine if the Circuit will hear the case en banc. Note: this is a call for a vote to review the original decision. Here’s the order . . .

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FNH USA Releases FNS-9C and FNS-40C Compacts?


We first caught wind that FNH USA was designing a compact version of their excellent polymer-framed striker-fired FNS-9 and FNS-40 handguns at last year’s SHOT Show. “That trigger, those ergs, thirteen rounds and a seventeen round spare with rock solid reliability in a concealable FNS-9,” RF enthused. “Gentlemen, meet my new carry gun.” Since then, FNH has rolled out a competition long slide FNS and . . . that’s it. Now, almost two years later, it looks like FNH USA will start shipping the FNS-9 and FNS-40 Compacts sometime around shortly, thanks to what may be a premature posting by High Plains Gun Shop . . .

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