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Florida’s permitless carry law has been in effect for almost six months now. It’s too early for statewide data, but I looked up a couple of cities that report their data regularly. At this time last year, Miami had 84 homicides. This year it is at 74. For Jacksonville, it was 159 at this time last year compared to 145 this year.

We’ll have to wait for statewide data of course, but so far, the usual predictions of a huge surge in homicides due to permitless carry haven’t panned out.

To be clear, I’m not claiming that permitless carry is why homicide is falling. Rather, I don’t think it makes much of a difference in crime rates overall, even if it anecdotally may help some people.

Tactical concealed carry purse off body
Courtesy Tactica

Criminals who commit most homicides were already carrying illegally anyway. Permitless carry didn’t change that at all.

Moms Demand Action angry
She isn’t happy to hear that crime has fallen since permitless carry was legalized in Florida. (AP Photo/John Hanna)


Konstadinos Moros is an Associate Attorney with Michel & Associates, a law firm in Long Beach that regularly represents the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) in its litigation efforts to restore the Second Amendment in California. You can find him on his Twitter handle @MorosKostas. To donate to CRPA or become a member, visit

This post was adapted by TTAG from tweets posted by Konstadinos Moros.

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    • In Texas, i refused to bow down and admit that the state or feds had the right to license a constitutional right that i already have and is off limits to any and all governments. I waited for permitless carry ( not constitutional carry ) and am carrying daily without a permission slip. Hope i never have to use it, like a spare tire. As far as Moms Demand Action goes, it’s been years since these dried up hags have seen any action !

      • For a few years I worked as a Private Investigator. That job took to me to several other states. And many of them had laws that were stricter than my home state (Georgia, which is quite friendly to firearms) When I was in SC, back then, my GA permit was not honored. That didn’t stop me from carrying my weapon. I even had conversation with members of the SC law enforcement community who would ask me if they came and talked to me. I would just look at them kinda questioning their question without saying anything, and they would add that they were not interested from a law enforcement officer’s standpoint, but that they wanted to be sure I could defend myself in the event I needed to. And there were a few times I was in places that my skin color made me quite unwelcome (you know, the most hated these days, i’m a white male) I didn’t let where I was dictate my level of personal safety. And over the years I was surveilling drug dealers and straight up criminals. More than once I had guns in my face. There is nothing on earth that makes you feel worse than looking up the barrel of a 12 gauge.

      • I think thats a good way to be. I know more are doing things that way now. This is where 30.05 applies. But not many places (that I’ve seen) use that signage. There is some usefulness to the license but it’s not required and that means more being carried.

  1. Crime is not a safe of an occupation in Florida any more.

    10 out of 10 violent criminals prefet not to be met with armed resistance.

    • Yuppers! When the armed thugs can wind up being shot, they are less likely to engage in such behavior.

    • …. and for each violent criminal a citizen takes out, the citizen has actually prevented more criminal murders. So the statistics will be progressive. The reason being that most of these criminals commits more than one crime or killing.

  2. At the very least the homicide numbers didn’t increase or stay the same. It would be interesting to see if there is a continuing year on year reduction in homicides.

    • If 2024 wasn’t a presidential election year here, lower numbers would be a safe bet, as it has happened in so many other jurisdictions. However, the leftists are gearing up for a full-bore TDS tantrum, and conventional wisdom is going on vacation.

  3. The left always predicts “blood running in the streets” every time we exercise our 2A rights. When it doesn’t happen their silence is deafening.

    • There are certainly more dead criminals in Florida. Shot by their intended victims. So there is that. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, considering the tax $$$ saved.

    • Propagandists will say anything to push their cause. Remember when Florida had a bunch of Wuflu deaths, and the media was blaming it on DeSantis 24/7? Then locked-down, masked-up, fully vaxxed and boosted NY surpassed FL deaths, despite FL having the second most elderly population in the country? The media suddenly found a different topic.

      • Remember that one was almost as quick as monkey pox became a defacto std and the patient data started to display patterns in disappearing.

    • you’d think they’d have learned by now…it’s either stupidity or a deliberate attempt to deceive

  4. I’ve always thought that the advent of permitless carry was a moot point as it applies to crime. My argument was that the only thing that changed was that those who carried without a permit were now no longer criminals for exercising their 2A rights. The real criminals never worried about laws anyway.

  5. I don’t care much if crime goes down or not in Florida.
    I’m selfishly concerned about defending me and mine.
    I care about the tools, training, mindset, and (to a lesser degree) the legality of defense against perps.
    If my tactics and tools can make an unavoidable encounter unconscionably one-sided in my favor, all the better 🙂

    • I don’t care much if crime goes down or not in Florida.

      I care, It’s just one more round in the magazine to fire at the gun-grabbers when they start their “But think of the children” bullshit… Nationwide no state that has instituted any form of “Constitutional” carry has seen an increase in gun related crime… THAT is significant and FL is in the process of training a bunch of new “armed” school resource officers to be ready to go to work in the 2024 school year… Be selfish if you must, but understand it’s data like this that helps you keep your choice of tools to defend you and yours…

      • I applaud your disposition to care about Florida, and exercise mine to not. My energy is focused on keeping up training for me & mine, and communicating with my local officials in my own state.

        I teach at a public university and carry because “…think of the children”. When seconds count, our armed SRO is only minutes (or longer) away. Our campus is over 500 acres, so it could be a few. They’ll likely arrive just in time to fill out the after-action reports.

        I don’t believe anyone’s 2A rights are contingent on Florida data. While I don’t teach history or civics, my (admittedly basic) understanding is that the Bill of Rights guarantees my right to protect me & mine, despite:
        – The whining from gun-grabbers who decry “But think of the children”
        – Data about crime rates
        – The number of newly trained SRO’s ready for duty in 2024
        – Who cares about what

        In the event I’m wrong (and it happens a lot), and my 2A rights get revoked. I’ll simply “carry on”.

        It sounds to me like we both are pro-carry. So, same team. If not, I doubt either of us will lose any sleep. I genuinely hope you have a great weekend. I get to hunt ducks with my 12-year-old son (insert ridiculously happy face meme here).

        • It’s okay to care about people you don’t know in other states. They might want to hunt with their sons too.

          You’re correct that the data won’t change their minds, but it might change the mind of an ignorant follower. We should educate these people. A great place to start would be with the people who voted for the Puppet in 2020, but now regret that decision.

  6. Still waiting for the bloody flood, streets appear to be blood free, looks like that pair of waders might have been a waste of money… No OK Corral, no Blood Ridge, just the normal gang crap and the occasional domestic thing, stuff that happens even in a gun restricted hole like Kommiefornia on a daily basis…

    • “Oh we’re not talking about that?”

      Do you want to talk about it? 🙂

    • Hmmm…in nearby Indiana crime is not up after so-called constitutional carry was enacted. Chitty places like Gary & Indianapolis still suck but criminals know a whole lot of folks carry a gat(worked for young Dicken near Indy). I remember vividly when ILL annoy got CCL’s. The Idiots were out in force with their bloodbaths in the street diatribes ignoring Indiana which has CC for eons. So it goes🙄

    • Yes it is. Don’t forget the tranz and porn pushed on schoolchildren craze. Which state are people leaving, and which one are they moving into? Compare and contrast.

  7. Jeeze, just looking at that pic of the ‘demanding mom’ in the red shirt, it’s plainly obvious she’s never experienced ‘sweet release’ in her life.

    She’s wound so tight, a lump of coal shoved where the sun doesn’t shine would turn into a pure diamond in short minutes…

    • Her “boyfriend” isn’t powered by batteries. Her’s is multi-phase mains.

      Or is kick-started.

  8. More importantly, have murder rates ever gone UP following loosened carry restrictions?
    We have been told that fender benders would end up as shoot outs and blood would run in the streets and it has never happened.

  9. This country is better off with more of it’s citizens owning and carrying guns. Spend time at the range and practice when possible.

    • Broke my new gat in yesterday. Shoutout to Deb’s gun range in Hammond,Indiana for being so accommodating!🙂

      • Was at the range trying out some new 9mm reloads. No malfunctions but only half hit the point of aim. I think I’m going to try another powder.

  10. Chilly here for mid Dec. Almost cold. Sorry for you folks in the great white north getting more of the nasty cold white stuff. Don’t miss it at all.
    Data is similar here for AL since permit less carry went through last Jan. No OK corral gunfights. Do showdowns at noon etc. Funny how you had a greater chance of getting shot in the civilized cities of the east than on the frontier of the west back in the 1870’s and 1880’s.
    Of course as with the current claims of blood knee deep in the streets if the permit scam is shut down, the Wild West was a combination of dreadfully written dime novels of the late 18 and early 19 hundreds and B Westerns and second rate Television shows. While the TV and radio westerns were fun to watch/listen too, they should be recognized as fantasy. As should the crap peddled by the disarmament industry.

    • Would you prefer hot or cold? Sydney is having a heat wave with near 40C (104F) and sometimes over most days. With cold you can put more clothes on or use a blanket. With heat the only option is the AC which is too expensive to run.

      • Our usual summers run in the mid 90’s with extreme humidity. Winters are cool. As I said, I don’t miss the real cold I finally left behind. Gre up in the snow drift and enjoy the warmer weather.
        Spent years in kitchens and around the forge. I can deal with heat better than cold. Guess it’s like many other choices in life. Pick your poison.
        Choose to carry a weapon and there is the chance you may have to use it. Be disarmed and chance someone else victimizes you. Choose warm winters and deal with hot summers. Choose comfortable summers and freeze in winter. Not jumping into the bayou with the gators and would avoid the equivalent with the salty’s there.

  11. Moms Demand Action.
    Come on husbands, you need to do somthing about that.
    Take out the trash for crying out loud.

  12. Several comments about the blood in the streets, duels at dawn and of course high noon shootouts that are ALWAYS the mantra of the antis that fortunately never happen. Contrast that with the states that have ratcheted down on personal carry where the crime rates have risen drastically. Shytown is still an outlier of sorts as the number of licensed carriers has risen as have DGUs while the bandits still simply ignore any and all laws.

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