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ATTN First-Time Gun Buyers: That Was The Easy Part

Between the ongoing civil disorder in various cities, the release of thousands of convicted criminals to “protect” them from COVID-19, and the ongoing defund-the-police movement, millions of people have suddenly discovered a need for defensive implements. About five million, according to best estimates (as of early October, 2020). Many of these new gun buyers were […]

The 3 Hidden Dangers of ‘Gun-Free’ Zones

The greatest danger of a “gun-free” zone is, of course, the possibility of a bad actor or actors slaughtering unarmed innocents. Something that’s both sickeningly well-established and obstinately, irrationally ignored. But gun-free zones present other, less obvious dangers, too. Dangers gun owners need to be aware of in order to protect themselves and their property. […]

Austin Concealed Carry Classes Drawing Students From All Political Persuasions

[Instructor Michael] Cargill returned to a case that had riveted Austin itself. Daniel Perry, an Army sergeant shot and killed Garrett Foster, an armed Black Lives Matter demonstrator in July. Some people at the scene have said Foster didn’t raise the AK-47 rifle he was carrying, and that Perry, who had made statements on social media critical of […]

Gear Review: Klik Belts Gun Belts

While there’s nothing sexy about a belt review, a good belt really is the foundation of your carry setup. Duty, competition, and everyday concealed carry may have different belt requirements, but for all these uses and more, Klik Belts has you covered. As it turns out, Klik Belts’ HQ is only a few miles from […]

Caliber Comparison: 9mm vs. .38 Special

When we look at different cartridges there is often a focus on the disembodied numbers that describe them. All too often there’s a mental disconnect between the numbers and reality, and in many cases the numbers are skewed to make one cartridge look “better” than another it ostensibly competes against. Reality is far different than […]

The Number of Concealed Carriers in the US Has Grown Seven Fold in the Last Two Decades

By Larry Keane A new report shows the number of concealed carry permit applications is rising, even despite some states limiting Second Amendment rights during recent pandemic shutdowns. The number of permit holders for concealed firearms is nearly 20 million, according to a Washington Examiner report. Since 1999, the number of concealed handgun permit holders has […]