Kyle Rittenhouse’s Unlawful Possession Charge Is A Huge Can Of Worms

Make no mistake, America, nothing less than your God-given right to defend yourself, your family and your country is on trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Watch closely, and hold your government accountable. — Attorney John Pierce Gun rights advocates and those familiar with the laws surrounding self-defense have bees saying — since the video came online […]

There Are a Lot of Places In This Country Where Rioting Just Won’t Happen

Three people were shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin Tuesday night, two fatally in what most mainstream media are still calling “mostly peaceful protests” (these criminal apologists would call the Battle of Stalingrad a “mostly peaceful border dispute”). The shooter has been arrested. Reportedly, the first person he shot was attacking him with an incendiary device. Then […]

‘Hotel Mumbai’ Coming To Theaters March 22

The Mumbai terror attacks in 2008 paralyzed the city for nearly four days. In March 2019, a movie about the incident, Hotel Mumbai will hit theaters. Starting on November 26, 2008, ten Islamic terrorists conducted a dozen, well-coordinated attacks across the Indian city. The bulk of the attacks occurred over 60 hours, killing 174 and wounding […]

First Aid: When a Gun Isn’t the Answer

Unfortunately, whether it’s a car crash or a distant shooter, the option of self-defense doesn’t always exist. Even if you technically could engage with a ballistic solution, the best option very well may be to unass the AO, seek cover or barricade, and already have basic trauma care training. A little training and a little […]

A Conversation with a Disarmed Health Professional

During a recent visit to the Yuma Regional Medical Center (YMRC) for my daily dose of high powered intravenous antibiotic (pneumonia), I struck up a conversation with a health care professional. The subject turned to active shooters and the hospital’s general vulnerability to armed aggressors. The health care professional did a good job, and I […]

Paris Terrorist Had French Gun License

Yesterday, Adam Djaziri drove a Renault Mégane into a Paris police convoy on the Champs-Élysées in an act apparently inspired by Islamic chauvinism. Fortunately for humanity, he died for his efforts and no one was injured as a result. According to the BBC, police ” found a Kalashnikov rifle, handguns and gas bottles in the car.” […]

More Vehicle-Borne Terrorism Against Disarmed Brits

Britain slid closer towards a sectarian war between Muslims and non-Muslims yesterday. A terrorist drove a van into into a crowd of Muslim worshippers leaving the Finsbury Park Mosque around midnight local time, killing one and injuring at least 10 others. Security forces wrestled the assailant (above) to the ground and took him into custody […]

Rand Paul’s Eyewitness Account: No Weapons, No Place to Hide

At a press briefing today, FBI Special Agent Tim Slater said that members of a “dignitary protection team” were the first responders to James T. Hodgkinson’s attack on the GOP Congressional baseball practice game in Alexandria. That’s Washington-speak for “bodyguards” — and, in this case, “dignitary the bodyguards were there for was Representative Steve Scalise, […]

Alexandria Attacker, Bernie Sanders Supporter, Dead

A few minutes ago, President Trump announced that James T. Hodgkinson, the man who shot up a GOP Congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, sending five people to the hospital earlier this morning, died of wounds sustained when security services stopped his attack with hot lead and cold steel. We’re still learning more about the […]