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If you were busy yesterday, you may not have heard that Twitter has permanently banned the President of the United States after he called for peace. They are also actively banning anyone who points out obvious instances of election fraud.

Twitter has silenced The Zelman Partisans and me for the crime of noting that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense.

Facebook and Instagram (and even Pinterest) have now banned the President, too.

Google and Apple have banned the Twitter competitor Parler from their app stores unless/until Parler begins to censor users like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram do. Tonight, Amazon Web Services will shut the web site down completely until Parler can find another hosting service.

Reddit has banned the “r/donaldtrump” community.

Youtube is deleting any video suggesting there was any election fraud, and threatening to shut down entire channels.

apple macintosh big brother commercial 1984
Irony is dead. (Apple’s 1984 commercial for the Macintosh)

They (allegedly) took the vote and the courts from us. My town seems to have people living in post office boxes, but our election officials say that’s OK because the United States Post Office is really an apartment building now. Apparently.

Our courts say legal voters have no standing to demand honest elections run in accordance with the law and state constitution.

Do you think conservatives and those who disagree with the online putsch can, at least, rely on email? The Trump campaign’s email provider has suspended them, too. So much for the soap box.

Do you know who isn’t getting banned? For one, there’s Rick Klein, Political Director of ABC News, who posted this:

ABC's Rick Klein cleansing tweet
Courtesy Twitter

“Trump will be an ex-president in 13 days. The fact is that getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else.

Cleansing.” Ands they like to call us Nazis.

Twitter hasn’t banned this guy either.

“Don’t dare call them protesters,” Mr. Biden said in remarks from Wilmington, Del. “They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists. It’s that basic. It’s that simple.”

Soap box, ballot box, jury box.

Anyone who doesn’t toe the far left line is now gleefully referred to as a terrorist, an insurrectionist; someone to be cleansed.

And that is why we cannot comply with the new rights violations that they will enact into what passes for law in the new America. We cannot fall into line and turn in our guns. We cannot be “good Germans.”

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  1. You left out Parler being removed from Google and Apple app stores and tossed from their hosting service (AWS).

  2. The ONLY way to deal with Facebook and Twitter is simply to not use them and then to filter out everything they own from you computer/device.

    • And then what? For better or for worse online mass communication is critical to political organization in the 21st century. And conservatives are being excluded from all forms of it by a literal conspiracy by the leftist techno-plutocracy. “Go make your own website if you don’t like our censorship” has become “go make your own network infrastructure, and by the way any branches of government we control will prohibit you from doing so in their jurisdiction.” The courts have demonstrated they will raise no objection to this discrimination. Even if a majority of SCOTUS were willing to stand up for your rights (which it isn’t,) the incoming leftist government already plans to destroy the court anyway. Even jury nullification will cease to be a political tool available to conservatives as leftist prosecutors and judges exclude them from juries entirely.

      This isn’t about conservatives getting banned from Twitter and Facebook. This is about opposition to the Communist agenda being suppressed through censorship and violence, state-authorized or otherwise.

      • Ultimately as a matter of philosophy, I completely agree. What I’m saying is that your not ever going to get anywhere worth getting by using a system you already know will not allow you to use it. Facebook and Twitter do not want you there. They are not answerable to anyone and will shut you down. It’s called futility.

        • I firmly believe they are answering to someone, just don’t know who is really calling the shots. Thus us much bigger than Biden, Pelosi.

  3. Make no mistake everyone: 10s of millions of people, who put themselves on the Far Left political spectrum, hold profound contempt for people of a conservative nature. These Far Left adherents deny the inherent human dignity and human value of the conservative people who do not share their Far Left values and vision and hate conservatives for it.

    People on the Far Left began expressing their widespread and wholesale contempt for conservatives at a fevered pitch something like 10 years ago. Just a few years ago, people on the Far Left began acting on their widespread and wholesale contempt for conservatives with sporadic, somewhat low-key “cancel culture”. And as of this weekend, now we see the Far Left beginning to openly and proudly implement pervasive, far-reaching actions to suppress and harangue conservatives. Nothing could more clearly express a profoundly deep contempt of conservatives than openly attempting to silence them in every possible way on a national level.

    Please note that this is the EXACT same societal climate as 1930s Germany which culminated in the organized and concerted effort of Germany to “cleanse” Germany of German Jews. Anyone who willingly gives up their firearms and ammunition at this point is a complete and utter fool.

    • Nothing at all like the commenters on TTAG who rant about killing “commies”, “socialists”, “traitors” etc., meaning anyone who disagrees with their extreme right wingnut viewpoint or otherwise contradicts them in the comment thread.🙄

      • Exactly, the irony is stark.

        That they advocate for the violent death of their political opponents is justification enough to deny them ownership of lethal weapons.

        • What irony? I someone is trying to kill you, why would you not resist with everything you have? Oh, never mind, Miner, I forgot you’ll be the first to bend over and take it (and probably enjoy it). And when they’re done using you, they’ll snuff you just like the rest of us. Welcome to the party.

      • Calling people “commies”, “socialists”, “traitors” etc., is a great and wonderful display of our 1st amendment rights.

        • Just as “great and wonderful” as someone encouraging others to “Punch a Nazi!’, when their defintion of “Nazi” is anyone with a Trump bumper sticker or MAGA hat.

        • to Serpent_Vision
          I that my response was very measured. Since people like you supported the KKK burning crosses on the private property of a black person. That was the position of the ACLU. And you too.

          I have said before the best response is to show up, open carrying your long guns. Hopefully with a bayonet attached.

          But you don’t support open carry. So no you don’t support the 1sr amendment.

        • If your mind-reading abilities are as good as you imagine, your talents are wasted in the TTAG comment section.

        • I’m sure as a proud ACLU member that you. You totally support cross burning and Nazi and KKK marches, thru black and Jewish neighborhoods.

          But you some reason you and people like you are trying to hide their past support for such actions.


    CHECK OUT and as Fakebook & Twatter replacements! They are hardened against Big Tech and establishment shutdowns – ESPECIALLY GAB!

    • @Mr. Pinochet,
      While I agree with the idea, Biden has already said he will pass a law to combat “domestic” terrorism.

      I would not rule out the possibility that this new law will negate those platforms in the name of “security.”

      We already have students on college campuses declaring that using a given word is hate speech.
      Heck, Pelosi has passed conduct law in the House that using words like “grandfather, sister, son, daughter” are not to be used.
      And that is in our national legislature.

      I would not be surprised if they will do everything they can in the name of security to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

    • If you want to rely on someone else’s platform, you will be subject to THEIR rules and whims. Even if you run your own server at home, you still are subject to your ISP. The best thing you can do is developer and understanding that you use technology on permission and what they allow is not in your control.

      You can hop from one platform to another. That isn’t any more effective than constantly changing your passwords.

      • Well I guess I’m not the only one. Cell phones( and I use one) are spy devices and good ones too. Great grandma , never got no free government rotary phone, but now anybody who can’t afford a pot to piss in has one. There’s gotta be a reason for that besides ” being nice guys”.

        • Read some time back in the Epoch Times that in China they require every person to have a cell phone. They have monitoring the populace down to a science.

      • PRNDLL “you use technology on permission and what they allow is not in your control.” “You can hop from one platform to another”

        PRNDLL look up ‘monopolies’ and ‘collusion’ it will help you next time you want to arrogantly lecture others.

        • Both of which have storied and current existence in the USA. You might want to put down the dictionary and pick up your “Microsoft” iPhone to buy airline tickets.

  5. I fear where this is leading.

    One half of the country hates the other.

    One half is cheering on for the infringement of the 1stA. The other half is watching in abject horror that 1984 is coming to pass.

    MSM is fomenting the hate and division. The Big Tech social media titans are a step behind.

    Biden was right about a dark winter is upon us . . . but not in the way he could of ever thought.

  6. Great. I’ve been watching this happen. The cleansing.
    On top of everything else, now I have to hard core study up on torrs, vpn’s, and any other means of communication that is effective and stays inextinguishable.

        • If I am not mistaken, TOR was created by the feds. I expect they have a back door in it. And most VPNs do keep logs, and will hand them over to the feds if requested, just not Hollywood and your ISP.

          My cousin swears by signal, but considering how it adds your contacts from your phone, I’m not sure how reliable it is.

          Going to have to use Baofeng comms, I guess.

    • You mentioned VPN. I wonder why I can’t access this website when using Surfshark.

      Anyone else having this issue?

  7. Carl Bussjaeger,

    I would need proof that you were banned for stating that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. I agree that he did so, but you will have to prove that was the only thing you were banned for.

    The reactions we are seeing are punishment for acts of violence, insurrection and treason. If your statements supported any of that, even weakly, you deserve to be banned,

    Donald Trump betrayed his oath to the United States, to the Constitution and to the People. He fomented violent and armed rebellion and did so with thousands of lies over his entire term. He acted as an authoritarian wannabe, seeking to steal an election and install himself as a head of state above the law.

    He should be impeached, convicted, tried and imprisoned.

        • the idiot on the SCOTUS “gave” homos equal rights all the way back to 1964. Did he put the other 85 genders on the table as proof? NO, the fake lawyer just made it up. Never realized that the 1964 ruling never made one savage equal for 55 years. brilliant? NO You cannot be a victim AND be equal. choose wisely

    • I’m gonna pull out an analogy Strych9 made here yesterday…

      This is the modern equivalent of a bunch of armed men in 1870 cutting the telegraph lines to an isolated frontier town and blocking the mail coach.

      And you’re the guy out in front of the barbershop telling everyone that the people who have isolated the whole town from the rest of the world could never do us harm, and besides, those guys in the saloon practically *made* them do it.

      What makes you think those people will see any difference between you and any other random resident when they sweep into your isolated town?

      • We need to get it in front of the SCOTUS, I think will we get a sympathetic response…

        • Get WHAT in front of SCOTUS? These are private entities, what is supposed to prevent this manner of treason is the profit motive, you will lose customers/money. These guys have so much money they do not care any more, and I see no way to make them care.

  8. The taste of blood has been on the air for months. This is just the drums continuing to beat. I hope you’ve kept your powder dry, we’re headed for blood and sorrow.
    At this point, the shortest line between here and peace leads through hell.

    • Unfortunately, that is true.

      We didn’t start it, we didn’t ask for it, and we better stop letting the enemy make the rules.

    • ” the shortest line between here and peace leads through hell ”

      If you’re going through hell, keep going.
      —– Winston Churchill

    • I was wondering the same thing. I bet the end of the month they announce no more gun web sites unless they profess fidelity to gun control.

  9. The new corporate authoritarian liberal-left monoculture is going to be absolutely ruthless — and in 12 days it is merging with the state. This only the beginning

      • The original was awesome….the remake not so good..par for the course.

        James Cann—Sonny in the Godfather. Just one of his great roles. I thought Alien Nation was meh, but he sold it.

  10. First of all, Constitutional free speech laws don’t apply to private companies… The second thing is, the reason these social media outfits are limiting radical speech, and it’s not just on the right, it’s all sides is because Congress, including A LOT of Republicans, are calling for the government to regulate these companies. Google, Facebook, etc are preemptively trying to follow government regulations in order to prevent the government from stepping in and taking over their intellectual property rights. It’s not a public utility, it’s a private company and they should be able to do as they please. The proper response if you don’t like it is to not use their service but that’s too hard so it’s easier to just have the government step in and make things “fair” and just like in markets, “fair” isn’t “free.” Neither side want’s true free speech, they only want their voices heard and the other side silenced and both sides are terrible, hypocritical morons who deserve to be thrown away and forgotten.

    • The Left has declared war on the Constitution. The only “proper” response when war has been declared is to shoot first.

    • If the ayatollah can have a Twitter account, so can Trump.

      All we ask for is fairness, you want to ban inappropriate content? Make up a list of rules then follow them for both sides, not arbitrarily just for conservatives. And have a third party oversight group that monitors your compliance with your own rules.

    • His nibs, your comment is far too fact-filled for this forum.

      You need to sprinkle in a few ‘kill the DemiCommies’, ‘hang Nancy Pelosi!’, ‘lock her up! and at least one mention of the lizard people.

      For extra credit, you need 2 mentions of Satan worshiping pedophilia with a side of involuntary gender reassignment.

    • Now you see, the more that private companies do the government’s dirty work out of fear of unfavorable regulation, the less persuasive it is that the 1st Amendment doesn’t apply because they’re private companies.

      • The right wing is all for ‘private property rights’, right up until a person uses their property in a way they disagree with.

        Then, private property rights are out the window and the right wing becomes the authoritarian dictator, controlling what individuals do with their private property.

        How… Hypocritical.

    • These guys want socialism, give them socialism! Step one, send in the Army and nationalize all tech companies with market cap over $1 billion. Anyone who does not stand at attention when the new operators arrive is to be shot.

  11. I say live and let live.
    They say get with the program or die.
    We are not compatible and never will be. Not by my choice but by theirs.

  12. I’ve asked this before. I’ll ask again. Who’s the wannabe authoritarian again?

    “Google and Apple have banned the Twitter competitor Parler from their app stores unless/until Parler begins to censor users…”

    Here’s a new question. Who’s really running this country?

    • The Parler app is not on the Parler website. If it were then perhaps it wouldn’t be an issue. As it is, they have no control over anything. That is problem that Parler should be dealing with. This thinking about putting all your eggs in one basket that is ultimately in control of a competitor is ridiculous.

      • Good point. If you’re playing in THEIR sandbox, you can’t do what you want. You’ve given your business to their control.
        I don’t know why clubs use facebook. Facebook can shut them down at any time.
        Hey folks. It’s free for a reason.

    • The bear has big sharp claws. We have none. We just have small little bits moving really really fast. More than 500 million guns in private hands. Discount the FUDD’s and we still have more than 100 million gun owners. Less than 10% would step up. Somewhere between 1-5 million. Look at what armed insurrection did in Iraq et al. Lots of Vets like me. They want incidents to happen to grab more power.

      The ones who are controlling things will be running away if this goes to S*)).

  13. Same people who screamed that bakers don’t have to make cakes celebrating the gheys are now screaming that private companies banning hate speech and conspiracy nuts are “fascists”.🤡

    • You have that backwards red wolf. Leave the happy juice alone. The folks who demanded that bakers have to bake a cake for those who denigrate the bakers religion are the same folks who demand that all forms of communication be denied to those that disagree with the leftists views. It is not necessarily “hate speech and conspiracy nuts” that are being banned.

      • A serious question.
        I used to see dozens of so-called Libertarians come to TTAG to support the deplatforming of gun channels as a freedom issue to them. But I don’t see too many of them doing that anymore. Why is that? Have their oxes finally gotten Gord?

        I have yet to hear of a seriously logical argument against making communication companies a public utility. And requiring them to provide services to everyone.

        • Actually, I am in favor of that.

          Then the libel and slander laws would apply to the Internet and it would be the end of the right wing bullshit artists.

          I will miss the Satan worshiping lizard people…

        • A pretty good plan! Within about a year, the cronies of the political class, now in charge, will have run all those companies straight into the ground, and we can return to talking to each other.

  14. Given the socialist leanings of the leftists, I’m sure they will support the nationalization of Facebook and Twitter. As with TV and radio such monopolies need government regulation. All this “ we’re a private company and make the rules” needs to end.

    • Shhhhh. You’re ruining the surprise.

      Like China where even Winnie the Pooh jokes are banned because of a resemblance between the bear and Xi Jinping.

  15. In the not too distant past every city of any size had multiple newspapers and independent radio stations. Even small towns had a local newspaper and local radio station. The news magazines each has different political positions. There was choice in media and in opinion. If you didn’t like the liberal NY Times, you could buy the moderate Herald Tribune and the more conservative (at the time) Wall Street Journal. All gone now in favor of monopoly social media companies and publishing conglomerates that all push the same Kool Aid. Facebook and such need to be viewed as public utilities and ultimately broken up like Ma Bell. Competition of ideas. No censorship but a rewrite of the Internet protection and libel laws so that digital media companies can be sued for distributing flat out lies. Similar to newspapers. But mostly competition.

  16. You can have a free market or you can have free expression, you cannot have both, in this sense: the private companies that control modern communication have the agency to shut you down, and will, if it helps their bottom line. Most don’t REALLY care about the politics, they just pretend to because it’s more virtuous than saying “we’re doing this because advertisers and banks will drop us or make our lives difficult otherwise.”

    Lots of things could be done to prevent that. Common carrier status is a big one. Net neutrality is another- basically push through a regime that communications platforms and service providers don’t get to decide who is ‘better’. Same thing with banks. Yet those very plans were propagandized against by the GOP- conveniently getting them quite a bit of contributions from companies who wanted that autonomy. You get Ajit Pai who resisted anything along these lines for 4 years, giving cable companies carte blanche to act however they wanted.

    But good job, a baker can decide not to make a gay wedding cake. You guys really won that battle.

  17. It looks like while we were busy trying to protect the 2A the left was busy subverting the 1A. They infiltrated all MSM, and started all the social media platforms. With the ability to control the information they can shape opinion, and control the debate and eliminate any dissenting opinion or information and make it difficult for opposition to organize. I think we see the genius of the founding fathers….you need 1A to make 2A work, but need 2A to protect 1A. They kept us busy and focused on 2A with endless rhetoric, when they were always going for 1A first because in hindsight they need to control all information and ability to communicate before they can actually eliminate our 2A rights and take our firearms. We better quickly come up with our own social media, and web servers and alternative ways to communicate or soon it will be every man for himself without the ability to communicate and coordinate we will be isolated.

  18. I may be older than dirt, but I remember we used to do quite well before the internet was ever invented. We still have magazines and snail mail, as well as catalogue mail order through the telephone. That was the norm until about 25 years ago.

    We did it then, and we can do it now if we have to. The US Postal Service has its problems, but they cannot yet censor opinions that they do not like, unlike FedEx and UPS.

    I am not saying that is good. I am saying that we are not out of the fight just yet.

  19. In other entertainment media news, Fox News removes more news from their programming:

    “The overhaul of the 7 p.m. hour is partly a response to ratings pressures. Fox News has been losing to CNN in the key 25- to 54-year-old demographic. Since the election, when many of President Trump’s supporters were furious with Fox’s acknowledgement of Joe Biden’s victory, a far-right show on Newsmax has also been peeling away some of Fox’s viewers in the 7 p.m. hour.

    MacCallum will move to the 3 p.m. hour next Monday, Fox said.
    The move will surely be seen as a demotion, since 7 p.m. is a much more prominent time slot than the afternoon.
    Fox’s addition of even more right-wing opinion programming in the evening is part of a larger shakeup of the cable network’s schedule.“

    Fox News… Less news, more opinion!

  20. Google has shut down Second City Cop. Its a blog freely criticizing Chicago politicians and the Chicago Police Dept. It is not gun related, but supports 2A. It looks as if we’re all thought criminals now.

  21. I clicked on this OP ED because it had a picture of ammunition. The OP ED did not mention anything about where I can buy ammo. Even at full price. I am dissapoint.

  22. These comment sections sure do fill up quickly don’t they?

    Heard that Parler is going to be hosted on Epik. They host some GAB stuff. Also Signal is owned by Twitter use Telegram instead.

    Twitter was on the rocks before Trump. Let them commit Hari Kari for their ideals. They won’t be missed.

    We are all already on a list. Your IP has been logged and someone will be by to talk to you about re education soon.

  23. In the spirit of thought crime. While it is still legal. Download gun maker files ( i.e. receivers, mags and barrel how tos) and leave as many on usb drives in random places across your city or town. Post a spec sheet for your favorite receiver to a t-shirt site. Print gun powder recipes on a mug.
    This type of stuff was done in the 1990s. Look up ( on Duck Duck Go) DeCss and DCMA.

    They can’t stop the signal. Knowledge is power.

    They think power is a hammer when it is in fact a pendulum.

    Give them hell while you’re breathing.

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