Virginia Attacker Targeted Republicans?

Representative Jeff Duncan, who was present at the GOP Congressional baseball practice in Virginia that was attacked this morning, leaving five people wounded, told FoxNews that he was asked by a strange man this morning whether the baseball players on the field were Republicans or Democrats. I left a couple of minutes before this all happened, […]

UPDATE: Attacker Shot and Arrested, One Officer Wounded at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Multiple news sources are reporting that gunshots were fired outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The UK’s Mirror reports that Police have confirmed an “incident” is underway, and are warning people to stay away. A French journalist claimed police shot a man armed with a hammer, but this is unconfirmed. Another French Journalist, David Rahul […]

This is for IS, this is for Al Qaeda!’ – Two Dead in Australia Attack

One man was killed and three police officers injured after a woman was taken hostage by an apparently pro-ISIS attacker at an apartment complex in the beachside community of Brighton, South Australia last night. The suspect was subsequently put down by police who ended the incident. The attack began around 4:00pm local time and the woman was held hostage for […]

IDF Push to Stop Illegal Gun Manufacture on West Bank

In many places around the world where firearms are very difficult to obtain legally, small shops manufacture simple submachine guns for the black market. They are common in Brazil, Israel, the Philippines, and increasingly in Australia,  Canada, and even here in the United States, where submachine guns are highly regulated. In Israel, the Israeli Defense Forces have […]