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Under the “Symbols” category of the document, “2A” is listed with the following explanation: “MVEs [militia violent extremists] justify their existence with the Second Amendment, due to the mention of a ‘well regulated Militia,’ as well as the right to bear arms.”

An FBI whistleblower has leaked an internal-only “Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide” document, among others, to Project Veritas.

From the Project Veritas article:

[WASHINGTON, D.C. – Aug. 2, 2022] Project Veritas released a newly leaked document today provided by an FBI whistleblower, which shows how the Bureau classifies American citizens it deems to be potential “Militia Violent Extremists” [MVEs].

In the document, the FBI cites symbols, images, phrases, events, and individuals that agents should look out for when identifying alleged domestic terrorists.

The “Unclassified/Law Enforcement Sensitive” document says it is for “FBI Internal Use Only.”

Of note, under the “Symbols” section, is a prominent citation of the Second Amendment, where it explains that “MVEs justify their existence with the Second Amendment, due to the mention of a ‘well regulated Militia,’ as well as the right to bear arms.”

Right below that, under the “Commonly Referenced Historical Imagery and Quotes” section, Revolutionary War images such as the Gadsden Flag and the Betsy Ross Flag are listed. Each flag displayed in the document comes with a brief description of what it means.

Under the “Common Phrases and References” section of the leaked document, Ashli Babbitt is cited as a person that MVEs consider to be a Martyr.

The same document also refers to Ruby Ridge, Waco, and even Timothy McVeigh, tying in traditional American ideas and symbols with radical and/or violent events in the past.

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    • Corporate $$$ sponsorship and lawmakers kneeling in public, while being videoed, wearing their kente cloth scarves. Oh, and fiery but mostly peaceful riots and murder.

      • More like a bunch of grifters embezzling the funds to enrich themselves. And they openly admit it.

      • History equates Gun Control with racism and genocide. Apparently the FBI has been infiltrated by history illiterates.

    • BLM? You won’t find them on this secret list. They’re on the secret list of folks with official FBI Courtesy Cards.

      • And prosecuted as such, in every sense of the word. Totally and completely off the Reservation.

      • All those crimes and they worry about people who want to protect themselves and family!

        FBI should be more focused on criminals in cities like Chicago and Philadelphia! Add Democrat cities that enable crimes and criminals!

        Look at one that released criminals pushing fentanyl without bail. None of those criminals appeared in court! Stupidity of their coddling criminals!

  1. Well I guess this is as good of a time as any to get me on this list, the purpose of the second amendment when one boils it all down is simply about shooting tyrants in their face.

  2. The Betsy Ross flag is on that list too. I’ve flown one for years because I am a fan of us kicking the UK’s ass in the name of freedom and liberty. Never knew I was a terrorist.

    • The Betsy Ross flag was flown at Obama’s 2013 inauguration. This is how desperate our DOJ is to turn everyone they don’t like into an “extremist.”

    • Colonel Travis,

      Never knew I was a terrorist.

      The de facto position of the Democrat Party should be painfully obvious by now: you are a “terrorist” if you actively oppose the Democrat party. And no, that is not hyperbole.

      This is simple tribalism. As far as the Democrat Party is concerned, whether or not something is wrong-versus-right depends on the identity of the actor and the recipient. If the actor is a Democrat and the recipient is a Republican, by definition whatever the Democrat does is okay. And the corollary: if the actor is a Republican and the recipient is a Democrat, by definition whatever the Republican does is wrong/evil.

      Please note that you cannot cajole nor persuade Democrats to abandon that mindset.

      You have been warned.

      • I’ve persuaded several. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that I’ve facilitated their intellectual journey to the best of my ability. The misery that leftist policies inevitably create results in teachable moments.

    • Dude–you’ve been a terrorist ever since standing up to Antonio Lopez de Santa AnNa the Murderous Despot (I refuse to honor his rank).

      • Damn straight. His rank of wanna be emperor, and the “Napoleon of the America’s”. Pfft. He wasn’t 1/8th of the general Napoleon was.

  3. This is why we need state laws that drive a wedge between the feds and local LE. Similar to the Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act, but with more teeth.

    • You’re right! Support and elect only Constitutional Sheriffs according to Sherrif Macks program, There’s a Constitutional Sherrif by the name of Jared Sauger(Soger, or Songer) forgot the county or state, but has a video stating that if any Agency comes to your private home without a warrant, in his jurisdiction and starts asking questions, tell them to immediately get off your property, and if they don’t, call him and he’ll come out and arrest them and take them to jail!
      Check it out. We need to pay more attention to our Sheriff’s dept. This could be a huge game changer.

  4. I think we should begin requiring author’s names to be posted to public documents.

  5. The FBI. Molded and shaped into the agency it is by a cross dressing blackmailer.

    And it has gotten progressively worse over the years.

    • Indeed. The FBI is a global, fascist, criminal cartel – nothing else.
      There are no “good” FBI agents.
      Disarm them. Disband them.

  6. I’m not sure what is so confusing here. Washington has declared war against the American people and the American way of life.

    THAT’s what this is. There is not one square inch of this country that isn’t a “battlefield”.

    See it for what it is.

    • Like a hypernova, outshining entire galactic clusters.

      Amazing with such a budget and diversity of talent they can simultaneously get so, so very much wrong. And this isn’t really new news, (D)HS was outed a long time ago in a training session stating the same thing about anyone who protest too much about their civil rights.

      Always just assumed if (D)HS was teaching it’s agents that as official policy, same was true of all the rest, inclusive of the Feebs.

      • Wonder if I can legally own that once our body armor laws are in full effec not really bullet resistant but would protect from the malice of a government agent hmm letter of law not spirit of the law maybe.

  7. America was founded by “violent domestic extremists”, aka “patriots”.
    See: G. Washington, P. Henry, T. Jefferson, et al.

    • That was actually a featured point in the (D)HS leak I spoke of above. Had the gall to pronounce the Founding Fathers terrorists.

  8. Curiously absent are the pantyfa and black bloc flags, symbols and slogans.

    Are they still pretending some broken windows are on par with burning down buildings, looting and murdering people? Oh, I forgot. The creatures in DC are sooooo mich more valuable than us useless eaters so by that math nothing is as bad as 1/6. Not Pearl Harbor, 9/11, COVID, or even institutional raysssizm.

  9. I am told I use a broad brush when bashing Libertarians liberals and the left. I would say they do the same thing. When they use a broad brush to bash law enforcement. There are good policemen out there. And yes there is not enough of them. And apparently there are still some good Folks at the FBI. But there aren’t enough of them either.

    But as I have said before. The police should be disarmed. Issued nightsticks and the training to use them. And I say that should be for all law enforcement. Federal, State and Local.

    The FBI agents should be disarmed. The agency should be defunded and disbanded. There are simply too many corrupt cops in that agency. Local police agencies with 21st century technology and working agreements with other local agencies. Can handle any future “Bonnie and Clyde” type criminals.
    Which is the reason why the FBI was formed in the first place. To catch criminals who crossed state lines. Even kidnapping cases can be handled on a local and state level.

    The FBI as an Federal police agency has become the enemy of the people.

    And that is when it starts. When a law enforcement agency has become corrupt. That is when a tyrannical government. Will start to use that corrupt law enforcement agency to oppress the citizenry.

    There is a reason why the American old western movies have been filled with stories of corrupt law enforcement. Because those stories were all based in truth.
    And that is why the American citizen has always had access and possession to more and Superior Firepower and the government.

    • “….apparently there are still some good Folks at the FBI.”
      While I generally agree with your posts, that statement is false.

      FBI = DNC with a license to kill.

      • I think the FBI has outlived its usefulness. There are a number of FBI agents already in prison. Long before Donald Trump became president. The only part of the FBI I would seriously consider keeping, would be their science laboratory division. The research that involves physical crime evidence evaluation. And the evidence investigation division that covers white collar crimes. And no government issued weapons.

        The only law enforcement the federal government needs. Is the US Marshal Service. Which I believe has existed for about 160 years. It seems that any agency that was created after the beginning of the 20th century has become thoroughly corrupted. If not nearly so.

  10. Is asking that the documents being discussed be provided in a format that is legible too much to ask?

  11. It’s not just the FBI. The West Point CTC (Combating Terrorism Center) is focused on “right wing” terrorism, conflating the Buffalo supermarket shooting with a general ideological spectrum of “right wing” ideology. The Boogaloos are out and out anarcho-racists hoping for a race war while many conservatives are actually libertarian in orientation. It is what happens when massive government bureaucracies exist in self-referential echo chambers: they failed to predict the Arab spring, the Iranian revolution, 9-11 attacks, etc.

  12. I’, waiting patiently for the CIA to give me funding since apparently I’m an extremist for wanting to keep my Constitutional rights.. the FBI and ATF can f!@# off..

  13. The fargin corksuckers @ the fbi would do well to remember Timothy Mcveigh. They targeted women and children first @ Ruby Ridge and Waco, they set the rules of engagement. Shot Mrs Weaver while she was holding her baby. Burned up the children of the Branch Davidians that they were supposedly there to protect.

    • It’s “cork soaker”, not “corksuckers”.

      See this :

  14. Governor DeSantis just approved a new specialty license plate design. It’s the Gadsden flag. Let the feds chew on that. (He may be their boss one day.)

  15. Some rookie analyst put this together which is why no agency actually views the FBI as an expert at anything. They are just political tools now

    • Saw this on
      a couple YouTube channels this morning. Wait’ll they pass more freedom er gat control. Reap the whirlwind dim scum…

  16. I think the time has come that the general public needs to push back and let Government know that we will not tolerate violations of the Constitution and any attempt to invoke illegal laws and practices that take away Constitutional Rights will be met with corresponding action including force of arms. This Government is totally out of control and almost every agency of government is corrupt and lawless. The Doj, Fbi , Atf, Homeland Security are totally worthless in protecting this country because of their failure to obey their Oaths of office. These branches of government are analogous to the Gestapo in Germany during WWII. If you acquiesce to all of their violations of your rights and the laws of the land, they will in fact enslave you. You have no choice but to throw down the gauntlet and tell them you will not obey, and you will fight. There are far more of us than them.

    • you first. i’d like to still be around to watch my kids grow up. thanks for taking rounds for the team, tough guy!

      • At no time did dprato advocate violence or talk of armed rebellion, so to suggest that his talk was such and add the ad hominem of “tough guy” is specious at best.

        Everything the OP said is well within the established norms of US political rhetoric.

        Which brings us to you. Will you tell your children of your epic online escapades in such a manner that they, crushed under debt and the debasement of society, don’t think you were a tool and an unintelligent dickhead who engaged in red herring trolling as a ruse to cover your own political cowardice?

        I’m sure you will and perhaps they’ll believe it until they’re 12 or so.

        But then they’ll realize that you never actually gave a fuck about them and instead chose to avoid any sort of risk or hard work and instead to live vicariously through them in the vain hope that your own inaction wouldn’t bring dire consequences onto the heads the very offspring you falsely claimed to care about.

        And when they realize that, you will never again have their respect.

  17. Oddly enough this isn’t the first time the Feds have focused on “militias” as extremists – a long time ago in a galaxy far away (before 9/11) in the USAF/ANG were getting briefed about the threat from militia/supremacist groups – the focus was tighter on domestic terrorists than those based around the eastern end of the Mediterranean who happen to follow a particular religious belief (can we call it their “peculiar institution”?). At least for awhile anyway – funny how the focus shifts, ain’t it?

  18. Wait, wait, wait. Wasn’t the far left proud to be part of “The Resistance” to Trump?

    Hey, lookee there. Wiki says darn skippy they were. There are citations and everything. Plus they had hashtags. They organized. They voted for school boards and representatives.

    All of that sounds shockingly familiar. Why are parents interested in challenging their school boards now not only not part of “the resistance” but labeled domestic terrorists or extremists?


    • Always thought you might be a bit on the slow side, and now you have opened your mouth twice removing all doubt. Damn King, you dumb.

    • No one here is suggesting we overthrow or change out government. We are discussing how to stop people who have a totalitarian mindset from overthrowing our government.

      We want to save our Country and our Constitution. Have you not noticed our support for the Constitution stands for.

      Ntexas you really need to perform some introspection on who you support in the fight. Maybe you will realize who wants to overthrow the system.

  20. And once again, the government publicly admits they fear their own law abiding citizens. Which, by the way, is a very good thing.

    • Hasn’t stopped them from encroaching, not a whit, has it?

      We The People need to step that up, upgrading that to quaking in their boots and soiling themselves in abject fear apparently.

      • *channelling Bastiat*

        I suspect, but cannot prove, that what fear they do have has, in fact, stopped or greatly slowed encroachment. You just don’t see the things that they’ve been afraid to try.

        The vast majority of the people here would have been murdered for Wrongthink already if the government was entirely off the chain.

        • *that what they fear has, in fact…

          Damn, autospell plus a bunch of sprained fingers creates some really strange shit that’s barely intelligible.

        • S’all right. Tis late, and the mind drifts.

          Your point was comprehensible even with the autocorrect butchering. Unlike NTexas et al. Still, I lol’d.

  21. We already went through that. And still are, for every 8 militia members there 3 elf bee eyes. BIM is no more, not above ground any way.
    Church bells , the elf’s have trouble with them.

  22. This reeks of incompetence and targeting of political opposition.

    Let’s be real. The symbols they include here don’t have much to do with violent extremism at all. They’re more closely linked to dadbod men having a midlife crisis than they are to terrorism. AnCap flag (which I’ve never actually seen in the wild), these symbols are indicative of the worst kind of LARPing by people who would cry if they took a punch. They’re a political rallying point with very little to no violent intent behind them. [At least] Half the time they’re probably an FBI honeypot.

    Either the FBI is full of incompetent neolib Boomers stuck in 1985, this is purely political posturing and the FBI sliding ever-more in a Stasiesque direction or it’s a combination of the two.

    The people you actually need to worry about are not publicly associating with such symbols.

    • Only symbol I wear is an inverted flag on my carrier and helmet, the international signal of distress. Entirely apropos I believe.

    • Many Iowa National Guard armories have a 10ft tall Minuteman statue out front. Purchased with donations from members/former members. I’d guess the Obiden cabal of neutered pansies plans to remove these symbols also.

  23. The FBI is correct when it says the most violent attacks are committed by the Far Right. The FBI did not say that anyone who believes in the Second Amendment is dangerous.

  24. We need undercover secret agents like the gumment has. Problem is they got all us taxpayers paying to spy on us! wait, what? I feel threatened by these agencies and I want my tax money refunded to me.

  25. SO what are you c saying here?
    That this is untrue and that mass shootings are not acts of violence?
    That those most vociferously opposed to any kind of Gun Control Legislation are NOT inclined to Act’s of violence?
    That those that are the most vociferous supporters of unlimited and completely unnessessary firearms are not inclined to REPUBLICAN extemism?
    That those who use the supposed SECOND AMENDMENT to bolster their own social and intellectual incapacities with the acquisition od Unnessessary and fireams are not inclined to support potential RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN violence.
    That those same persons seem incapable of associating the truly truly shameful 22, 000 deaths at due to gun crime in the USA per annum [and which at this rate is projected to become between 30 and 35,000 by the early 2030’s and which in less than 30 years will equate, more than equate to ALL the casualties suffered by the USA Military in all the foriegn wars it has ever fought including two World Wars.
    If the USA Military suffered 22,000 casualties per annum in PEACETIME, and without a declaration of war, it would bring down any goverenment.
    And yet here we are with peru haps hald f the American public supporting a situation that allows this Deathrate to continue not only unabated but every increasing rfegardless of all the evidence.

    • You’re just butt hurt that your memo detailing everything you read about on this site got leaked.

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