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In the aftermath of the New Zealand mosque attacks and the blood dancing that’s happened halfway around the globe here in America, some politicians want to impose more gun control laws.  When, in fact, we need more guns in the hands of good guys.

After all, the second mosque struck in Kiwiland had an armed worshiper who produced his own gun and cut short the lunatic’s murderous rampage, saving countless lives. The media seem keen to minimize or even omit that aspect of this story.

Along those lines, the good folks over at Police One make a very articulate case for the public taking an active role in their own protection. Mike Wood authored it in Rapid Response: 7 key takeaways from the New Zealand mosque attacks:

I’ve written about what I call the “third generation” of active shooter response, and this tragedy underscores my points. Regardless of where you are in the world, whether it be a synagogue in Pennsylvania, a church in Texas, or a mosque in New Zealand, the police will almost always be absent when the attacker strikes.

Faith-based organizations, schools, workplaces and public venues must take an active role in their own security, and leave behind the fiction that the police will be able to protect them from evil during the initial minutes of an attack.

The public must embrace target hardening, security protocols, emergency response training, security teams, medical training, emergency communications and armed defense preparations to ensure they can discourage attacks, deny access and defeat attackers prior to police response.

In the live-streamed attack on the Masjid Al Noor Mosque, the attacker was on site for six minutes killing innocents and was able to escape and take his attack mobile, several minutes before police responded.

Time is a precious commodity in attacks like these, and the killing is often done before the police have arrived. It’s no longer acceptable for the public to outsource their security to the police – they must take an active role in their own defense and defense preparations.

[emphasis added]

From houses of worship to shopping malls to sporting arenas, America has no shortage of soft targets. Lunatics and terrorists know this. As schools improve their security, losers including political extremists and religious whack jobs will turn to other public gathering places to inflict their carnage.

We must stand ready to protect ourselves, our families and, where possible, other innocent life. Leaving our personal security to others, especially in this day and age, borders on the negligent. We are — and always have been — our own first responders.

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  1. Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. If there are no good guys with guns left….

    • A politician with law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
      He only controls the good guys….
      which is his true agenda
      After implementing the semi-auto ban, their national anthem will be modified to….
      “Run, Hide , Die
      Gun free am I.
      Run, Hide, Die.
      Fish in a barrel am I.”

  2. In the 1960s we had protests, with people shouting at each other. Today, instead, we shoot the innocent in protest of something, anything. We must adjust to the new reality, and that includes our government ceasing the subsidies of $100,000 cars in order to fund subsidies for everyone in the country to own a gun.

      • 4 Dead in Ohio always concerns me a bit when people talk of which side will the military stand with in a proverbial civil war. They’d squash an uprising like a bug , if you ask me.

        • It’s much easier to be a courageous bully when the other side is unarmed. The Nat’l Guard troops would run home to their mommies if anybody shot back.

        • “The Nat’l Guard troops would run home to their mommies if anybody shot back.”

          Troops with M4s good out to 500 meters or so will be getting picked-off by long-range shooters with scoped rifles at 800-1000 yards out…

        • Those are some downright anti-military comments. National Guard deploys to domestic and foreign areas. You’re welcome, for your freedom of speech, you petty wannabe sniper at 800-1000 yards.

        • Disarming those who have shown they can’t safely handle weapons is the only gun grabbing that should ever be done. Disarming people that disagree with you only works as long as the people doing the disarming are in your corner. All Americans need to be able to protect themselves. Only those that have done crimes with guns, been found guilty of making deadly threats and those that are committed to a mental health lockdown facility should ever have them taken – they should be returned unless they are found guilty in court of violence.

  3. “It’s no longer acceptable for the public to outsource their security to the police – they must take an active role in their own defense and defense preparations.”

    Acceptable to whom? The ruling class has a very different set of motivations than the people who are potential victims of such crimes. From the standpoint of the latter, it’s never been acceptable.

    • He uses the term “armed defense preparations”. That to me means not just getting a gun. But also getting the training to go with it. Something openly implied when he also talks about “security teams” for civilians. Most people can’t afford to attend Thunder Ranch. Or some other shooting academy.

      I’ve taken Defensive Pistol 1 and 2 at my local range. $125 each. Check out what’s near you. And save up for a Shooting Academy. Based on my reading many civilians are better shooters than cops. And more accurate.

      • BTW
        Most cops don’t take training when off duty. Thats “work”. And they don’t want to work when off duty.

      • Provided you have somewhere to go anyone can practice the fundamentals of combat marksmanship. You have to start with a solid foundation of course but you don’t necessarily need a formal class to gain some degree of proficiency. Moving and shooting, reloads, transitions, use of cover, etc can all be practiced on your own. With a bit of ingenuity and the space to do so, anyone can practice the basics. Plus it’s a shitload of fun

  4. Having grown up watching Adam 12 certain episodes really stand out in my memory. This episode is one of them. its 30 minutes long. But the 2A quote comes at the very end, 27 minute mark, from the girlfriend of the officer Pete malloy.
    I carry from the time I get up time I go to bed.

    Off duty cops? This is not Brazil! Thanks to Active Self Protection @ You Tube for the inspiration!

    “Adam 12 S02E06 Log 103 A Sound Like Thunder”


  5. Tell me about it. I found a small purse the other day by a trash dumpster( no Possum pun intended) , called city police which dispatched to county 8 miles away, they then contacted the city police??? But that’s the way it works??. Anyway, My girlfiend started chicken dinner, started the wash, finished the dinner. I’m eating when Officer Over shows up. I thought “Wow What Happens In A 911?”.,,[ I sometimes refer to this aa a city, it’s not, pop 2000 Hicks ville]

      • Right? I’m honestly surprised they sent anyone at all. I would have expected an, “ok, bring it to the station. Or not, it’s just a damn purse”

  6. Unless you are Michael Bloomberg, a Kennedy, or a former president, you are always your own first responder. And, sometimes the other guys will take hours to get to your side (Orlando). Sometimes they can’t fit you in at all (LA, New Orleans).

    You want some world were there are no threats and you’re always safe? Pick up a children’s book.

    • Or, unless you’re a celebrity with a security force. I say, if you anti-gun you can’t have any security guns around you. If guns are evil, then they’re evil, period.

      • I’ve never forgotten the story that I once read about “anti-gun actress” Jane Fonda and her husband at the time Tom Hayden having a burglary at their home. When the police came and asked about the “anti-gun” couple being heavily armed, Fonda just told the cops “That’s for other people, not us.” Makes me wonder how many of the rest of Hollywood would be supporting gun control if they knew that their guns would be going into the smelter along with everyone else’s.

        • most of the hollyrott stars have a cop on the payroll just for the extra gun..some have four or five of them camped out locally ..

    • Or live in the middle of no damn where Wyoming. 2-3 deps to cover many, many sq. miles. Too cold for 300$ tenny runners any way.

  7. The public must assume a role in their own defense: that would be a lot easier if the accomplices to violent criminals, also known as our governments, would stop their efforts to punish us for having effective means of self-defense.

    As I stated recently, we must STOP talking about which firearms should be “legal” and where they should be “legal”. Rather, we should be talking about which methods are effective self-defense (hint: all firearms) and where self-defense should be legal (hint: everywhere).

  8. The NZ mosque murderer live-streamed his attack on Facebook. About 200 people watched the attack in real-time.

    No one bothered to report the mass slaughter until *12 minutes* after it ended.

    You are on your own…

      • Some reports say at the second mosque the shooter was killed by an intended victim, after killing a few. If true, I doubt we’ll hear much about it.

        • From what I’ve read, the POS is uninjured and in jail.

          The attack was stopped by an unarmed man who was very crafty and very, very, very lucky. He apparently picked up a discarded rifle at one point, but it was empty, so he threw it like a spear through the murderer’s windshield.

      • Seeing something on a public facebook feed doesn’t lend itself to calling the authorities like seeing it in person.
        1) you have no idea where it’s happening
        2) you have to assume a hundred people are calling the cops (they assume the same of you)

        The real scandal here is the police response to the people that did call, which took over 30 minutes to get armed officers to do anything useful.

    • “Geoff PR says:
      March 22, 2019 at 11:46
      The NZ mosque murderer live-streamed his attack on Facebook. About 200 people watched the attack in real-time.
      No one bothered to report the mass slaughter until *12 minutes* after it ended. You are on your own…”

      Geoff PR – Got that right. However, unlike the NZ situation, I’ve said it before and say it again. Here in our own neighbourhoods, no one wants to get involved. Trouble starts when there’s no one around until the PD arrives. Then everyone appears and the PD asks, “What happened, tells us what you saw.” The response is invariably, “I didn’t hear or see anything”.
      Cripes, change the laws, “Constitutionally”. The trouble is the excessive street crime with illegal firearms and normally the outcome to the individual committing the crime gets a slap on the wrist, no time or minimal time in jail and the honest gun owners pay the penalty.
      Only way this can be corrected is when the perpetrator is indicted, convicted and jailed is to take away their Civil Rights while imprisoned for starters, 3 years. Solitary Confinement for the first 30 days, (to let the individual know, this is serious business) three meals per day, No radio, TV, phone calls, Newspapers. Twenty-four hours per day, one hour free yard time (alone). After the first 30 days, back to normal jail time any and I mean ANY violation to stated rules, back to the SC for another 30 days with the same prohibited privileges. Other privileges may be applied and let it be up to the imagination of prison officials when one’s Civil Rights are taken away. After the prisoner’s release and if he/she is again convicted, imprison them again with an additional amount of time to be served.
      Can’t say you’ll eliminate the street crime but, I guarantee that the Civil Rights issue will certainly open the eyes of the imprisoned individual and change the on hand situation we now have.

      • Police One is just the mouthpiece of our armed government overlords. I read the remainder of the piece, and it’s exactly as I suspected it to be. You’re an idiot.

        • Blah blah blah. So when they agree with they are still bad guys. At least you’re conistant but idiot none the less.

  9. Ok, so what should our response be to this when the antis say fudge to more guns and implement confiscation/turn-in laws. This is their reason that complete disarmament is the only answer?

  10. The NZ incident was brought to you by Muslims, for Muslims.
    Did the US turn over their weapons when attacked by Japan? Did the first white people to NZ roll over to the Cannibals? History’s list is long. Pacifism has killed many, many people, the only people who feel good about it are the Nannies who impose it.

  11. So the NZ prime minister is choosing to ignore the fact th3 body count would’ve been much higher if not for the armed citizen.

    At what point are politicians and the media going to be held accountable for spinning a narrative with the direct intent to disarm the public?

    This is tyranny 101.

  12. WHEN ONE IS Dealing with socialist morons you must remember they are more worried about the criminal than the tax-payer..the common taxpayer dosn’t guarantee the political moron will still be in the job 40years later like the criminal that ALLWAYS VOTES FOR THE SOCIALIST. usually many times in four or five different names..

  13. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and what we need is not necessarily more armed citizens (although that couldn’t hurt), but a populace that has decided it isn’t going to sit there and wait for permission anymore.

    Look at the sea change that happened after 9/11, especially when the events on Flight 93 became clear.

    When people on that flight learned what was really happening, “just wait it out until they get what they want” became LET’S ROLL. And you’ve probably heard of several incidents where people who had internalized that example saved hundreds of lives.

    We see it time and time again: The government, the authorities, cannot and will not protect you. When they told you they could keep you safe, that their new laws would ensure this kind of tragedy never happened again, they lied.

    When a murderous individual points death in your direction, waiting for authority to magically intervene means waiting to die. And watching loved ones die right in front of you. We have to rescue ourselves.

    That realization needs to permeate society and extend to the rest of our lives, too.

    What if, instead of an atomized collection of terrified individuals, that human-shaped bag of excrement in New Zealand had faced dozens — or even a handful — of people who alloyed terror with righteous anger and said together, “Evil will not get what it wants while we still breathe”?

    There were only two who tried, each one utterly alone. One of them mostly succeeded, against all odds. If only there had been a couple more.

  14. Sounds like more straight white male hate speech to me. This is America where somebody else saves for my retirement, pays my rent, pays the bills when 25 years of not taking care if myself catches up with me and most definitely where somebody else must protect me. Didn’t the SPLC tell you any mention of doing anything at all for yourself is a white supremacist dog whistle?

  15. Did he actually “produce his own gun,” though?

    An interview I read with him says that he actually threw something (I think it was a credit card reader) at one of the attackers, and then picked up the gun they dropped and chased them off with that. Don’t get me wrong, this incident absolutely demonstrates the truism that only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun, and I also strongly suspect that he made up the story about disarming the guy because he knows that if he actually DID produce his own gun it would get him arrested, (though I can’t hold that against him, if he did!) but I want us to be able to be as accurate as possible when describing this event.

    Also, his name is Abdul Aziz. The man’s a hero, and we should endeavor to make sure everyone knows his name, just the same as we should refuse to speak the name of the asshole shooter. On the same note, we shouldn’t let people forget Stephen Willeford from the Sutherland Springs shooting, either.

  16. While I tend to agree I don’t think “target hardening” is a great idea in the overall scheme of things.

    For certain places, sure, but if we apply this logic as necessary all over the places that could be attacked then we’re going to end up living in a place like East Berlin. I mean, look at how we deal with DUI. “CHECKPOINTS EVERYWHERE!” is the slogan. MOAR SECURITY! isn’t the answer IMHO because that’s just an excuse to create another, slightly different, police state.

    Armed citizens with emergency response training and access to up-to-date medical supplies will go A LONG way in dealing with this kind of thing.

    Like George Carlin pointed out: If we harden everything then terrorists will just attack other crowded venues like tittybars and crack houses, you know, entertainment venues.

    Instead of playing whack-a-mole, a game I personally detest, shoot the fucking machine so that all the moles are “dead” and go jump in the ball pit.

    • Man, the titty bars I hung around in my youth had bikers for bouncers. It would be interesting to see a mass killer hit one of those places.

      • Just make sure you shoot all the bouncers first. But I think the Cartel that they are skimming from (titty bars are great for laundering) are more likely an issue than some nut job.


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