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Three people were shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin Tuesday night, two fatally in what most mainstream media are still calling “mostly peaceful protests” (these criminal apologists would call the Battle of Stalingrad a “mostly peaceful border dispute”).

The shooter has been arrested. Reportedly, the first person he shot was attacking him with an incendiary device. Then more people attacked him.

Watch this video:

At the start, the man with the rifle is down on the ground. Multiple people run at him and attack. At least one tries to brutally kick him, and he opens fire. Based on that clip, at least, it appears to be self defense.

For some-odd reason, that doesn’t happen around here where I live. One guy tried a few years ago, in the post-Ferguson wave of Burn Loot & Murder “protests,” But after a quiet meeting with the police chief, he chose wisely, opting for a silent march on a carefully selected route.

The real reason it doesn’t happen here in the Peach State — yet…the insurgents are getting bolder — isn’t really so strange. If they try, the police probably couldn’t figure how many ballistic trajectories there were, much less where the rounds came from.

§ 16-3-21 – Use of force in defense of self or others; evidence of belief that force was necessary in murder or manslaughter prosecution
(a) A person is justified in threatening or using force against another when and to the extent that he or she reasonably believes that such threat or force is necessary to defend himself or herself or a third person against such other’s imminent use of unlawful force; however, except as provided in Code Section 16-3-23, a person is justified in using force which is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm only if he or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent death or great bodily injury to himself or herself or a third person or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

Here in Georgia we can shoot them. Let’s be clear on that “forcible felony” part.

§ 16-11-131
(e) As used in this Code section, the term “forcible felony” means any felony which involves the use or threat of physical force or violence against any person and further includes, without limitation, murder; murder in the second degree; burglary in any degree; robbery; armed robbery; home invasion in any degree; kidnapping; hijacking of an aircraft or hijacking a motor vehicle in the first degree; aggravated stalking; rape; aggravated child molestation; aggravated sexual battery; the manufacturing, transporting, distribution, or possession of explosives with intent to kill, injure, or intimidate individuals or destroy a public building; terroristic threats; or acts of treason or insurrection.

Assaults, arson, bombings, insurrection… What else do you call chants of “death to America” and “kill the police” as they assault people, burn buildings, throw incendiary bombs, and engage in deliberate uncivil disorder intended to overthrow the “system”?

Who might those insurrectionists be facing here? Around 700,000 people with Weapons Carry Licenses. One in eleven adults over 21. The rest just don’t bother with licenses. Roughly three quarters of a million military veterans with weapons training. Oh, and there’s a Navy base here, too. If the rioters were surprised by the reaction of an Army sergeant in Austin, imagine what Marines might do.

Guns in homes are noticeable here only in their conspicuous absence. There are two gun stores within walking distance of my home, one a Class 3 NFA dealer. There are three more within a ten minute drive (again, one of those is also Class 3). There’s a reason this town can support that many gun stores.

Should the police or coroner not want to do the post-riot cleanup, we have swamps, gators, and loads of wild pigs. Heck, I’ve seen our squirrels fight over a ham bone they stole from a dog.

City Democrats may have laughed at the stupid redneck when they saw this meme:

We aren’t entirely joking.

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  1. 17 year old punk from Illinois illegally carrying a rifle, and has been charged with first degree murder, and rightfully so.

    But by all means, keep spreading that macho “we gotz CCWs around these here parts” bullshit nice and thick.

    If it makes you feel better.

    • Wrong. 18 and under you can be gifted a rifle. And:

      “In 2011 a subsection was added to the Disorderly Conduct statute (947.01 [9]) reading “Unless other facts and circumstances that indicate a criminal or malicious intent on the part of the person apply, a person is not in violation of, and may not be charged with a violation of, this section for loading, carrying, or going armed with a firearm, without regard to whether the firearm is loaded or is concealed or openly carried.” This codified open carry, ending any debate as to its legality.”

      Castle doctrine state too.

      The only punk is you. Trying to criticize those willing to stand up to violent mobs to protect their community. Innocent business owners losing their livelihoods. If you knew anything, then you would know that when shit like this happens, the inflation rapidly increases. Cost of insurance sky rockets, claims get shut down, and tax payers pay more taxes while nothing gets fixed and the cost of goods becomes unaffordable. Do you even understand how an economy works? You fucking punk. The ones CCW’ing are doing in the riots. The ones open carrying and defending the businesses are the opposite of what you clearly fail to understand as a whole picture in the first place. So keep your fucking mouth shut.

      • Just so we’re clear – you’re saying the guy who definitely murdered 2 people is NOT a punk…despite the fact that the above video is edited perfectly to act like he was just being attacked on the ground.

        No, no he was not. This murdered will get what he deserves, thankfully. I’m a gun-rights activist and 2A supporter, and you sir, are a F*&%ing moron.

        • self defense is violent. You call it murder, but the fact is he was attacked. What do you do when someone attacks you? Just hope they stop? Just to be clear…

          You are not a 2A supporter, and you are not a gun rights “activist”. You are a troll who can’t even post under your own moniker and fail to understand there is a WHOLE video, and the video shown here is the small clip the left is pushing to make it look like he was never attacked. Start from the beginning where he was confronted by the man provoking him. If you were pro 2A and pro gun, then you would be understand the value of defending a community from rioters and looters. As I already mentioned about how the destruction of a city effects the economy, which you chose to ignore. You are not fooling anyone here asshole. Take your bitch ass back to twitter and reddit with your docking buddy, cgray.

        • The minor was defending himself. Killing is not the same as murder. Besides, Communism is both Godless and against the Constitution, so it must be destroyed at all costs.


        • The one guy you can clearly see him shoot (blew a chink out of the guy’s right bicep) had a Glock in his right hand and was attempting to press it against the kid’s head when the kid “murdered” him, poor baby. Trying to lie about such shit is silly, you can find several different videos just on this site, the kid may be charged, but he will not be convicted, probably not even tried.

        • Ridiculous… folks need to grow up and realize that people have the right to defend themselves and property from these animals.

        • Are you serious? The mob is seeking trouble. The ones whose job it is to uphold the law have been told to stand down, and you expect people to just let the economy plummet and cities burn? Please, clarify for everyone here how these rioters are not the ones seeking trouble and how a group of armed men willing to put their lives on the line to defend the Americans who live in that areasome how are. Wake up dude.

        • It is, unequivocally, the job of the militia(all able bodied men) to defend Liberty. Suck it. Kyle was literally doing the job the cops won’t do.

        • Right, so don’t go out and try to burn down a furniture store, and don’t try to beat up a guy with a rifle.

          I’m not the always brightest tool in the drawer, but even I can figure that out.

      • According to ANTIFA and BLM, all of us politically unaware are bourgeois capitalist running dog lackey imperialist exploiters of the oppressed proletariat who must face “peoples justice”. It says so in the manual.

        I was tempted to write “Communist Revolutions for Dummies” as a satire using historical references, but I’m afraid some drooling basement dweller who couldn’t pick Karl Marx from Groucho might take it seriously.

      • If the kid had minded his own business and stayed in his state he would never had been assaulted. If I pick a fight with you and then shoot you in “self defense” when you fight back that shits on me.

        • right… that kid would still be alive had they not picked fights and tried to riot and loot. See what I did there?

        • Pathetic… he wouldn’t have been there without the wild animals running loose he’s got bigger balls than most grown men way bigger than you.. just mind your own business until they are burning down your house right?? Then I’ll mind my own business… clown

        • No jury will convict in light of all the video and photos now available. The attacker who got a chunk of forearm blown off was pointing a Glock at the young man, the (now dead) skateboarder was trying to hit him with a weapon, and at least two others were trying to take his AR. No jury is going to convict Kyle. Heck, he was even trying to surrender himself to the cops, who simply drove by him.

    • I think we’ll see tonight how the fourth night in Wisconsin goes.

      Will there be MORE rioters on the streets, enraged and emboldened as they burn the city down… or will there be a few less?

      Will there be MORE defenders on the rooftops… or will they pack up and leave?

      I can totally see a whole new surge of outrage, and new anger at seeing a few of their own ventilated by some dumb 17 year old with a rifle. I get it. But I also think residents aren’t so stupid as to not see it coming, and understand what will happen if they don’t push back a little harder. Either way, everyone who lives in that area loses. Everyone who is watching loses.

      • I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner since the police have abdicated in the Democrat jurisdictions.
        This crap did not happen to the ‘rooftop” Korean grocers, Ferguson gas station cowboys (well armed black Missourians defending their white friend’s dad’s gas station) or at Bundy Ranch.

        Rioters, looters, Anarchists, Marxists and runaway Federal officers all understand superior fire power.

        • Things have changed since the rooftop Koreans. People seem to think having cell phone videos of everything makes one bulletproof. Most sane people wouldn’t attempt an unarmed attack on someone wielding an AR15. The videos show that for some reason these knuckleheads become more confrontational against people openly displaying arms.

          Everyone can learn from this and adapt their plans accordingly.

    • 1st Degree requires premeditation against a particular target. Considering he was RUNNING AWAY, that’s way overcharging.

      As for illegally carrying, what are the laws in Wisconsin about ages and possession of firearms? Honestly don’t know. In a lot of more reasonable jurisdictions, the worst he could get would be being out past curfew.

      • I like how they try to argue that since he showed up to defend the city it would be premeditated, but the “protesters” showed up knowing the intention of those among them is to riot until a government is overthrown and they are not labeled terrorists. The left has fucking lost it.

      • Premeditated, can be proven easily since a gun was brought If it was brought it was decided to be used, so you can not say it was accidental or just happened, it was planned and the moment the gun was on the scene it rose the threat like it was intended to do, but the fear did not come it was met with equal, only 1 side knew to use it not threaten with it.

        • Utter drivel.
          Is every concealed-carry pistol-packin’ civilian guilty of premeditation also?
          Kyle had every lawful right to stand in armed defense of innocent businesses.
          The rioters are the instigators, hence they are the enemy.
          Those 3 POS rioters got what they deserved.
          Kyle set a good example….now we really need to go hot.

        • It’s not possible to be that stupid. Confess, you’re just faking it, in order to entertain us. Right?

        • premeditated? like the ones who show up to burn car lots? No shit defending the citizens and their businesses/homes is premeditated… it’s called fighting for freedom.

        • …so by merely owning a firearm, I will be pre-emptively guilty of pre-meditation, if and when I deflate some asshat who’s threatening my life? I guess I t’s true, our education system IS turning out libtard morons at a breathtaking rate.

    • “But by all means, keep spreading that macho “we gotz CCWs around these here parts” bullshit nice and thick.”

      cgray, you are a pathetic joke.

      Here is what the sheriff where I live had to say about BLM and Antifa ‘protesters’ –

      Free clue : He told them to expect to get shot dead :

      “I would tell them, if you value your life, they probably shouldn’t do that in Polk County. Because the people of Polk County like guns, they have guns, I encourage them to own guns, and they’re going to be in their homes tonight with their guns loaded, and if you try to break into their homes to steal, to set fires, I’m highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns. So, leave the community alone,”

      • You love the taste of cops’ balls.

        We..we get it.

        We ALL get it.

        First degree murder, just like the copsucking punk deserved.

        • Too bad we couldn’t just reform police and fix the small 1% of issues that existed nationwide in their agencies. Trying to make this about race and saying all cops are bastards, every politician is a nazi, etc etc is about the most childish shit you could ever even attempt to argue. It caters to simple minded violent fools like yourself, who are puppets on a string for the elitists. You think you are the solution, bruh, you are an even worse problem than the corruption you consider a majority issue.

          Go back to reddit.

        • My, aren’t you just the little Commie scumbag. Rest assured more of “your kind” will join the two last night.

        • First degree murder, just like the copsucking punk deserved.

          I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, I’d bet good money, he will not be getting 1st degree murder. He might get something, 1st degree murder won’t be it.

    • cgray. Your soulmates got killed. They, like you, just couldn’t hack it in a real fight. They had a 17yo take out 3 of them. If you had been there it would have been 4 fascist taken out.

      • Those cell phone cameras aren’t going away. Your Blue ISIS heroes are ALWAYS going to act like NAZI thugs, because that’s simply who they are. It’s why they went to Bumblefuck Community College to get that coveted Associate’s Degree in Criminology. The people are never going to bow their heads in submission before these power tripping criminal assholes again.


        Bad time to be a boot licker.

        • Criticizes someone with an Associates in Criminology, but doesn’t even have a High School Diploma.

        • cgray. I never brought the cops into this. You’re quite the little retard, aren’t you? No wonder you fit in with the antifa fascists.

          Watch out for 15yo’s with sling shots. They’ll fuck you and your surviving buddies up.

        • Dude, the really hilarious thing on some of the videos showing the aftermath of the guy who got shot in the elbow after trying to bum rush the kid on the ground while holding a handgun? You could hear the burnlootmurder goons crying out, “Call The Police”.

        • Communists (you) and Nazis are one in the same. More state and less individual power/choice. Now join you comrades in death.

        • “Those cell phone cameras aren’t going away”. ROFL!!! You just keep telling yourself that, Skippy, until you find your thousand plus dollar pacifiers thoroughly stomped on, broken up, and shoved up your commie asses sideways.

          I just can”t stop laughing because I know exactly where this is headed 🙂

          You want revolution? Well, we fucking invented it.

        • <blockquoteThe people are never going to bow their heads in submission before these power tripping criminal assholes again.

          You’re talking about the rioters???

      • It not the job of every Yahoo with a rifle to think he is now a Deputy. There was zero reason for this shooter to be there. Defense of self and home have limits.

        • It’s been how long and this is still going on? Who’s job is it? And why are they not doing it? Clearly, you are assuming they will just stop… maybe at your doorstep next. Turncoats coming out of the wood work hard tonight. One must get paid to fight for freedom apparently… it’s a wonder this country was ever established. It’s a wonder you have ANY freedoms at all with that mentality.

        • Defense of self and home have NO limits. fify.

          Leaving your home to defend somebody else’s stuff, yeah, that has limits — but only to the extent that you’re actually willing to risk yourself on some unknown party’s behalf.

        • Unfortunately for you, it’s a free country and he can travel anywhere he pleases, besides private property, and still carries his right to self defense wherever he goes…..
          Blacks are attempting to fight racism with….. RACISM!? WTF?
          This kid was scared $hitless and was attempting to retreat when he was accosted by a large mob of “people”….

        • Tiger there was ZERO reason for these looters and arsonist to be there. The kid lives round there so he has a right.

        • new white lives matter. Look at the videos. No blacks were involved. This was strictly white fascists against a 17yo. The fascists got spanked.

        • These doofuses are going to start having difficulties with the justice system, jurors are going to be raising the bullshit flag repeatedly. If it is a free for all and the cops will not intervene, then the cops need to not intervene. Had a few KIA and WIA, oh, well, that’s war. If you don’t like it, stay home. Next mass looting episode, when the sun comes up all the loot is still on the curb, under the 200 or more dead bodies of the looters, no arrests, no investigation. It won’t happen again. Ever.

    • “Rightfully so”?
      I missed the “GOD view.
      Maybe not innocent, but sure “looks” not guilty.

      Just the same don’t be there, stay home, be prepared if the shit heads come to you.

    • Yeah yeah yeah. You butthurt liberals are all mad now that people are starting to fight back. It’s all fun and games until punk ass Antifa bros get shot in the neck. Then it’s all screaming and crying and “omg we’re getting shot at.”

      Keep crying libturds.

    • You either don’t understand the law, don’t care, or have done zero research on this matter.

      Ignorance does not make you superior to anyone.

      • If there is law, everybody will stay home and let the law handle it. If the law is parked 2 blocks away and determined to not do their jobs, then it’s time to run in and kill a few. Because nothing is free.

    • LUL Its always some troll bag o phalluses that ends up getting that sweet first comment and all the attention. So riddle me this Turdman, had he fallen down and not responded with the exact force he was being attacked with, do you think it would have been skateboard guy, baby glock maybe losing an arm guy or the mob of targets that would have delivered the head wound that knocked him out and allowed him to be pummeled to death?

      • And to be clear, we have already seen multiple times what happens when people surrender to these violent mobs. They are either killed, or left in serious unstable conditions. Attacked from behind, hit in the head with bike locks, skateboards, knives, or shot.

        Only a fool would defend these people after what this nation has seen. People like Shaun King trying to tweet out every officer in the agencies personal home address’ and the twitter comments are fucking scary. These people are all for it. They are violent opportunists and need to be shut down, now. It would be amazing to see the same people who are doxing people get doxed themselves and every time it happens, they go dark and beg for protection. But lets be real, these movements need to be federally shut down.

      • How about not be there in the first place? Look for trouble you will find it. This jerk was seeking trouble and now is In jail.

        • The three that were shot were looking for trouble, and it was delivered to them. The guy with the arm wound isn’t going to be doing too much looting or rioting for long time, not?

    • Using ur logic Self-Defense does not apply unless ur of some arbitrary age??

      With ur logic a 8-17 yo girl being raped has no right to self-defense??

      Sounds Like Commie Brain!

    • well by all means cgray, let Burn Loot Murder burn down YOUR business/ house/car, beat you with a baseball bat while the others rape your GF/wife/mother. And maybe even rape your butthole.
      Your man card is now revoked.

    • And he is more man than you! I hope they take your wife and daughter! Bet your not man enough to even do anything then! Bitch

      • I doubt he has a wife or daughter but if so, for their sake I hope they don’t and they’ve left his crazy ass. But I do hope they take HIM and teach him a lesson in sodomy.

      • There are a *bunch* of “Help Kyle”campaigns there.

        OFFICIAL kyle rittenhouse fundraiser

        OFFICIAL Kyle Rittenhouse Fund

        Kyle Rittenhouse Fund by USA Patriot


        Support for Kyle Rittenhouse project

        Justice for Kyle Rittenhouse

        Justice For Kyle Rittenhouse

        Which ones are scams?

    • If you hate the USA so much and think our system is so broken go move to some shit hole communist country and stay there, do us all a favor and talk all that garbage in China or North Korea…

    • This goes sideways badly enough, which it well might, and you won’t have to worry about it because most of the people rioting will be shot dead along with any pols, cops or anyone else who tries to stop it from happening.

      We’ve been treading on the edge of an actual, balls-out civil war for a bit here and if that happens laws won’t mean shit and no one will protect these people from the backlash.

    • One of the “protesters” who was shot was pointing a pistol directly at the kid, you dumb idiot. The only tragedy here is that the pistol toting commie lived.

        • He was there defending a business he had a connection with. He also had a right to be there and he was attacked first by someone trying to throw a Molotov cocktail. Clearly you haven’t watched all the footage that exists.

        • I don’t know about Wisconsin but in my state, per it’s Constitution, the militia consists of all able bodied between the ages of 16 and 55 whose duty is to maintain order. I can’t speak for anyone but myself but quelling riots seems to fit the bill duty wise.

    • That 17 yr old has more balls then you ever have or will. Why don’t you log off, change out of your footie pajamas and do something productive for once in your miserable life. No one likes you and it’s your fault your life is so empty and meaningless.

    • You leftist swine are ssaallttyy ain’t ya? Lost two cockroach comrade and got the third crippled. Sadly we had one actual human on our side that’s now getting persecuted. But you know, that math still checks out. And if that’s how it’s going to be, then that’s how it’s going to be. We will not allow you to trash this nation for your violent revolutionary agenda.

    • Right out of the box, the most ignorant comment. Depressing, that this kid will be tried in public court, based on extremely ignorant, emotional, outraged people.

      17 year old punk from Illinois illegally carrying a rifle, and has been charged with first degree murder, and rightfully so.

      He has not been charged with illegally carrying a rifle. I’m sure the wisconsin police wouldn’t have missed that one, so I tend to think his carrying it was completely legal. Open carry is legal in wisconsin.

      He was not a punk. In fact, in my searches, he had no criminal history at all.

      Joseph Rosenbaum who was shot in the head by Ritterhouse during his assault of Ritterhouse, as documented on video, was a registered sex offender, and was charged with Sexual Conduct W/minor.

      Gaige Grosskreutz, who was shot in the arm, was previously convicted of felony burglary, building or dwelling, misdemeanor theft, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct.

      So characterizing him as “punk” is strange, given the opposition.

      He was “barely” from illinois. His small town of residence is directly on the Wisconsin/Illinois border and his small town is just a few miles from Kenosha.

      Further, he is not “rightfully” charged with 1st degree murder. Your level of ignorance on this matter is extreme. I would strongly recommend you watch the video compilation of the events, because, due to the extreme ignorance, you are pushing an innocent guy towards unjust and prolonged incarceration.


      It was obvious self defense. Watch the many videos. From start to finish, they would not leave Kyle alone, or let him escape unscathed. In each instance where he fought back, he fired at them not out of malice or vengefulness, but only to stop the threat. Once the threat was no longer there, Kyle let them go. Kyle let go the first guy that kicked him in the face, because he ran away. Kyle let go the guy with the pistol after he shot him in the arm, because he turned away. Kyle only put forth the minimum force necessary to save his life.

      But by all means, keep spreading that macho “we gotz CCWs around these here parts” bullshit nice and thick.

      You are obviously not a gun rights supporter, but regardless, Ritterhouse was not looking to hurt anyone. He was trying to run away from the violent rioters pursuing him. From the registered sex offender that tried to assault him in the beginning who he shot in the head, intentional or not, to the mob beating him in the street. Ritterhouse fired on the rioters, because the rioters gave him no choice, which is a common theme.

    • GoFundMe and fundrazer and many others have shut down support for Kyle Ritterhouse.

      It was self defense. Watch the many videos. From start to finish, they would not leave Kyle alone, or let him escape unscathed. In each instance where he fought back, he fired at them not out of malice or vengefulness, but only to stop the threat. Once the threat was no longer there, Kyle let them go. Kyle let go the first guy that kicked him in the face, because he ran away. Kyle let go the guy with the pistol after he shot him in the arm, because he turned away. Kyle only put forth the minimum force necessary to save his life.

      You can Support Kyle here:

      Meanwhile, Gofundme is raising money for the rioters that chased him down and wouldn’t leave him alone, who forced him to defend himself.

  2. Shoot, georgia might issue hunting licenses.

    People are tired of the chaos. What happens if the police refuse to arrest vigilantes?

  3. There’s also the fact that most of these rioters, et al have no idea what is beyond the city limits. Many are from out of state and wouldn’t know how to navigate without the grid of streets and avenues and numbers.

    Plus they would stick out like sore thumbs and be an object of curiosity. Esp. the police.

    There won’t be many home grown cause they know what will happen and it will probably be their family that does them the most damage. This applies to the so called minorities. They do not understand what those in the cities are up to and are glad to be where they are and fully agree with how things are run.

  4. 100% legal.

    The full video is out there, and YT keeps deleting it. The first person shot in the head attacked him, after being seen earlier begging the open carrier to “shoot me, nigga” (n word from a white man, btw). So when he saw his opportunity he attacked. Took one in the face. When the rest tried to purse, they got shot too.

    Now some clarity. He was 17. With a legally GIFTED rifle, and in WI, it’s castle doctrine plus this little tid bit:
    “In 2011 a subsection was added to the Disorderly Conduct statute (947.01 [9]) reading “Unless other facts and circumstances that indicate a criminal or malicious intent on the part of the person apply, a person is not in violation of, and may not be charged with a violation of, this section for loading, carrying, or going armed with a firearm, without regard to whether the firearm is loaded or is concealed or openly carried.” This codified open carry, ending any debate as to its legality.”

    So, suck it commies. You asked for it, and this is our reply.

    That being said, if you are out there defending FREEDOM and AMERICA, then you better come strong and be organized. Allowing yourself to be spread out and surrounded will get you in all kinds of trouble. Do not help anyone in the crowd. Stand your ground, maneuver as a team when necessary, and ALWAYS maintain communication. Now it’s more evident than ever before that nobody else is going to save your business, or businesses in your community, or your neighborhood, and most importantly, your life.

    • “…and in WI, it’s castle doctrine…”

      Castle doctrine applies inside ones home, or under the home’s roof, depending on locale.

      Out walking the street is not castle doctrine…

      • ok, I just wanted to clarify that Castle Doctrine is a thing in WI, and then added the rest of why that person was out there doing what he did being legally justifiable due to the Disorderly Conduct Statute, which is the real take away from my statement. So one could legally argue that he was well within his rights to defend the properties given the current state of rioters knowing no boundaries, especially if he lived close by. Kinda figures that one thing is the one thing you would take away from all this though, out of context.

        • That 17 year old kid lived quite close to Kenosha(very close to Illinois). Like I live a mile from Indiana.I dunno how the law works with ILL having NO open carry. Or his being a minor. I have NEVER seriously considered a go fund me scam but now I am!

        • There has to be other ways to help. Gofund me as a whole is a scam. I would never trust it either. Maybe I will ask on some other places with a much bigger footprint. It would be nice to see some of the bigger YTers mentioning how to support these people in legal battle funding on their videos… people like Steven Crowder, Anthony Brian Logan, Timcast IRL, Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, Donut Operator, Colion Noir, Conservative Twins… but some of them have a main source of revenue from monetization on YouTube and we all know how they operate in the fight for freedom… censorship. BTW, if anyone knows any like minded YTers that I missed, lemme know, same if anyone knows any way to contribute that is not a GoFundMe.

        • This link is posted above, if you want to donate to a Kyle Rittenhouse Defense fund:

          There is a link to a video showing the attacks on KR to which he responded. The video is a little oddly formatted but the guy who put it together seems to have focused on what the videos show factually and you can decide for yourself. Worth the 8 minute plus some seconds watch time.

        • Derry, there are a bunch there that claim to be for Kyle.

          Which one has been *verified* as being legit?

        • All those popped-up so fast while I was posting the first link that I am not sure what the legitimate ones are, Geoff. Took me by surprise, for certain. Might be many legitimate ones, or a jungle of scams and cons. I am going to do some follow-up examination, and am not donating until I find one that seems good. Looks like trying to be helpful kind of backfired.

  5. The first shot seems clearly in self defense. The second shot and beyond (I couldn’t tell if he shot more than twice) seems really sketchy. But, I doubt I saw the full video, so maybe additional video would make any / all of the shots he fired clearly show one way or the other that it was a righteous shoot.

  6. This is only happening in blue states and cities. And it will give Trump his second and quite possibly a third term. Personally, I think this is going to work out well for America. There is such a backlash, such a purge, coming that we may see a nation step back in time to at least the 50’s.

    There will be violence. But I think our history as a nation shows that violence is one of the things that we’re actually comfortable with and handle real well.

    • A third term? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m down for another 4 years but that’s it. Unless he really does something for 2A this time around. But a 3rd term encroaches on fascist dictator territory.

      • Steve. It is completely legal to add amendments to the constitution. If the procedures are followed there is nothing dictator about it.

        Trump is changing the nation for the best with his picks for the federal courts.

        • POTUS has only been term limited since 1947.

          The 22A was in response to FDR winning four elections in a row.

          Repeal the 22A and the sky’s the limit.

        • I like Trump, Ive stated such multiple times, but I don’t like the idea of repealing the 22nd. It opens the door for another leftist FDR like figure. Imagine 16 years of Obama or Hillary. It’s taken 80 years just to effectively counter what FDR started. I think it’s a better option to push for more outside the box candidates after this election. For example, Elon musk seems like he’s been quite dismayed by the left this year, and could be pushed along to become a Trump like figure in the future.

        • “Sky’s the limit” may be an exaggeration, he’ll be 78 in 2024. So, push his ass until he’s 82, then repass the term limits until someone equivalent comes along.

    • I am all for “Four More Years” but I don’t want to tinker with the Constitution. Constitutional Amendments are not something to be taken lightly. Think; if the 22nd amendment was not in place Barack Obama could be running for his 4th term.

      It is highly unlikely that 2/3rds of both houses of Congress would support that amendment and even more unlikely they could get 37 state legislatures to affirm it.

      • Can we get a single Amendment to repeal 22 and institute term limits for Congress at the same time? We’ve tried 70 years with term limits on the presidency but not Congress, let’s reverse that for 70 years.

  7. We’ll see how many come out to play tonight. And if they bring guns they are a bigger target.

    It’s all fun and games until your arm gets blown off and you lose a bunch of tattoos.

    • well the sad reality is that most of THEM carry guns concealed and illegally, meaning the prosecution would easily fall on those open carrying and defending the properties and allowing themselves to be victims to the dem controlled lawless courts. The slow investigative game is what gets the thugs who illegally carry and conceal using their weapons for acts of violence, not self defense. So people need to be smart. Ruck in and out and leave no trace of how you got there or how you left. Keep your identity concealed, same as they do. Do not wear any “unique” patches or gear, or something that can be looked at from pictures and videos and traced to a purchase history online. The sad reality is, and I said this before all this even started, is the only way to not get fucked by the system, is to be prepared to fight the police too. They will enforce law and order. So either be prepared to lose a couple soldiers to the legal battles while the rest of the platoon carries on in the fight, or don’t show up at all. Because once the few who are willing to show up and defend the innocent people and their businesses/homes/cities etc etc are gone, that leave room for ambushes and the riots continue. TBH though, as we have seen, people like the “proud boys” coming nationwide to join in and fight them off. So it’s not like this is just a local event anymore. Which sucks because most of us have bills to pay and can’t just take time off, but more and more are doing just that, or worse, the ones who are getting fucked by the Corona lockdowns finally realize they have no choice but to fight. War is hell. Stay safe. I guess hold down your fort until you can’t stand it anymore or have no choice but to answer the call.

    • Say, has that puke been arrested? Story is, felon in possession, right? That’s either 5 or 10 years federal, slam-dunk, and he should be easy to find! That would be a perfect end to a lovely day. Or are we only going after the kid who wanted to protect his neighbors?

  8. And it sure doesn’t help him that he came in from out of state. He will be portrayed (accurately probably) that he was there looking for trouble.

    • “Out of state”….he lives just a few minutes down the road which just happens to be in Illinois. On a map it’s all just one big metro area that the state line runs through. But yeah, technically out of state but close enough that it’s part of his home town.

  9. “There Are a Lot of Places In This Country Where Rioting Just Won’t Happen”

    Yeah, that’s what they thought in Kenosha…

    Unless you’re talking about the Black Hills in South Dakota, or Yosemite, rioting, like violent crime can happen ANYWHERE…

    • Correct me if Im wrong since you live in WI, but isnt Kenosha a fairly impoverished and rough community on the corridor from Shitcago to Milwaukee? This kind of hood environment which has a high propensity for violence and crime due to the nature of the community etc (someone said people running from Chicago just to turn it into the same place they left, never been there either).

      This seems like the kind of place one would expect this kind of nonsense as we have already seen the previews from Ferguson and Baltimore etc during the last election cycle. Sadly the residents know EXACTLY what the local .gov gang will do, which is not a damn thing when their houses or businesses are burning, and 110% percent prosecution with extreme prejudice if you choose to defend yourself against the approved insurgents.

      I cant stand the whole defund the police crowd, but Im all about MASS disobedience and to stop paying their salaries as these .gov goons aint gonna do shit but what the person signing their checks is ordering them to do, which is to stand down i.e. Portland. Befehl ist Befehl has already been the open democrap reponse, what do you really expect from tax collectors in areas with Marxist politicos?

      • Inflation affects everyone. The cost of insurance will go up nationwide, and already has. The payouts will be less. The tax payers will pay more, and receive less. Etc etc… so before it gets out of hand, it might be a good idea to start stopping these marxists wherever they pop up. Already a huge influx of red pill takers, and people moving to red states. Lets hope they are smart enough to vote accordingly, but lets also be real and remember that half the population has always chosen to not vote. I honestly believe it’s a very small amount of people who are even left voting democrat after this year, but only time will tell. If I had to bet, I’d bet the election will be a 60/40 in favor of Trump.

      • I know Kenosha.

        It’s a tale of two cities.

        Eastern Kenosha, near the grayed out AMC plant, has poverty but there’s really no danger. It’s good people making do.

        Western Kenosha, near the freeway, has many people who’ve escaped Illinois’ implosion and either commute south to Chicagoland or north towards Milwaukee. There’s some upper middle class and above folks in there.

        It’s a solid, peaceful city; more like outstate Wisconsin than the actual crap holes of Milwaukee, Madison and Racine.

      • Not really, working class…touristy lakefront, could be anyplace in the country on lakefront/oceanfront…
        Point being, IF this(unchecked violent riots) can happen in Kenosha, WI, which unless your familiar with, you’ve never heard of, it can happen anywhere…Kenosha isn’t a “hotbed” for anything, unlike madison, or milwaukee…

        Kenosha has never been on my list of places to live or even visit, I’m not a city person, I live in the country and prefer to keep my distance from population centers…

        Kit up, keeps your head(s) on a swivel, protect what’s yours, and god speed…

    • Maybe people who live there don’t realize it but WI is a creepy place, especially Trempealeau County;-) Though I am surprised it was BLM/Black Bloc rather than the cannibals that are acting up.

  10. “So, suck it commies. You asked for it, and this is our reply”
    And the replies are going to get more severe and more frequent as these idiots continue to disregard law and order protesting. Coming to a town near you….

    • Never have I felt a stronger commitment to a community than before this year. I don’t want to say something stupid like we welcome the opportunity, but I will say they can play their hand against a stacked deck if they enjoy losing.

  11. (these criminal apologists would call the Battle of Stalingrad a “mostly peaceful border dispute”).

    Comedy gold.

  12. It’s a warning to all of us to be prepared. These seem to flare up quickly. Having your defensive stuff locked away right now may not be the best strategy. Having something close and ready is best. Altho I always keep something in the bedside stand, I’ve moved the 12g to under the bed.

  13. In “gods country” or “fly over country”, where people cling to their bibles and machine guns, rocket/ grenade launchers, flame throwers, home explosives, etc. There will be no riots here. Here and a heavily armed society is a very polite society. You can peacefully protest all you want to.
    The neighbors might even provide you with lemonade with a holstered weapon on their side.

    • Here, they stayed on the sidewalk the entire time. lol. They told the “news” they felt “intimidated” by us.

      That was the point. One of our organizers tried telling the groups in our “mission briefing” that we were there to protect them. Some of us just laughed and made verbal disagreements very obvious that we were there to protect the community… not a bunch of assholes. They were completely infiltrated and surrounded here, and while their punks were out driving around, so were we. They seem to forget that a lot of people who organize like us have businesses in the area, and some are frequented by LEO’s and legal representatives. It’s not hard to get information from these people when they are on the same page as us, especially in terms of communication and where they are during it all. So it was nice to see them “intimidated” because that shows it’s working. There has been silence ever since up here, and they don’t dare organize “illegally”, especially in traffic here. Whole lotta people up here not afraid to go back to prison. But they are. Could you imagine these triggered soy’s in prison? lol. Basically they’d all be an easy lay, or an easy target for a promotion.

      • I still love this exchange from a few weeks back:

        “We’re peaceful protesters and you’re pointing guns at us!”

        “Yes, that’s why you’re peaceful.”

        • haha! Or the ones where they take the first swing on someone, get knocked out, then break their necks looking around and yelling “why aren’t the police intervening?”

  14. People in Ferguson thought riots could never happen in their sleepy town. People in Minneapolis never experienced riots.

    BLM & antifa have lots of democrat cash to bring rioters to your town, too.

  15. Guys, ignore chitgray. I’ve learned to. I didn’t read any of his drivel, but I noticed a lot of responses. The only thing a liberal left wing troll hates worse than President Trump is to be ignored. After all, they are irrelevant anyway.

  16. In this City, says it’s a city on the post office, riots won’t, will never,happen 100℅ guaranteed. .We still open doors for the elderly, say howdi to the people we meet, pick up trash in the park, pull motors from cars using tree limbs and 95℅ go to a Church on Sunday., A City( says it’s a city on the post office) where the Sheriff helps bury the dog shot by a 72 year old lady for stealing chickens. Sound like a nice place?, well it aint, , environments terrible. foods high priced ,and your choice in the one restaurant open Friday& Saturday, 9am till 1pm is chicken fried chicken , chicken fried steak, or chicken fried catfish, tator tots or suzy cues. Where B LM still means Bureau of Land Management and we happen to like our fishing holes and hunting places. I’d imagine that if rioteers or protestys fucked up somebodies tomato plants theyd get scalped and the scalp hung on a pole.

  17. Where I live, there are 10 churches within a mile of my house.
    The children are polite and respectful.
    Almost everyone goes to church every Sunday.

    There are around 1200 adults, 500 kids.
    Based on what I know of my neighbors, these 1200 adults easily own 6000 guns.
    The 40 square miles of forest past my back yard resound with sounds of gunfire.

    I live in Eden, and it would be an unbelievably huge error for anyone of any race to come here and try to do what is being done elsewhere.

    After all, we do have 3 cops here….. 🙂

  18. I just found this link to a really clear video of the Kenosha shooting where the shooter fell in the street, then was attacked by Skate Board guy and threatened by GLOCK guy and shot them both. Credit for footage goes to Brendan Gutenschwager (BGonthescene)

    • I saw self defense. Not murder. That kid was lucky he didn’t lose his rifle, if them gangsters would have gotten ahold of it theyd have probably shot him. Damn that’ be scary, chased down the street like that. Poor kid

      • The more I looked at videos, the more I see self defense, too. I was hoping to find one that more clearly showed the first incidence, but have not found one yet. Supposedly the guy who got shot in the head was trying to throw either a brick or a Molotov cocktail or an incendiary device at K Rittenhouse, which a Jury might agree was self defense. Nowhere I have seen does it look like Rittenhouse was looking for someone to shoot, much less kill. It is also being said Rittenhouse called on cell phone for help for the head-shot person and it looks like he later tried to surrender to the Police after the second two shootings. The Police ignored him as they drove by in their armored vehicles. The youngster appears to have realized he might be in deep trouble and tried to do the right and honorable things, but nonetheless he is being vilified an “an armed vigilante”.

        • Vilified is to be expected, but he’ll never be convicted of anything. Which will hopefully drive them right ’round the bend.

        • The three useful idiots he shot were all convicted felons doing things they should not have been doing. Rittenden has high power Attorneys now. They should be able to get him off the felony charges, I hope! The vilified part was expected, but slanted and erroneous, which is a piss-off.

  19. Questions? 1) Does the use of legally acquired fireworks applied as a threat and or device of harm fall under this citation “possession of explosives with intent to kill, injure, or intimidate individuals “, as justification for lethal action?
    2) Does the use of legally acquired targeting or pointing lasers as a blinding or dazzling device with harmful intent qualify as an act worthy of lethal self defense actions?
    3) Does responding in kind with either of these things constitute criminal acts on either side?
    4) Why doesn’t LE employ surveillance drones with thermal and or IR imaging to document rioter actions for criminal prosecution?
    5) If these actions are not brought under law and order in short order, it will degenerate to urban sniper actions, which will be a really nasty form of SHTF.

    • It’s already been talked about in some communities even. If they enter the neighborhood some people are prepared to shoot from inside the house under enough cover to hide the flashes (for the most part), and using subsonic ammo with suppressors to just start picking them off. That is being talked about in multiple circles I frequent. Without even being provoked, shoot on sight. I am all for it. I personally don’t live in a neighborhood or any area that would ever have that happen in, but I would absolutely set up a firing position building whatever I need to build if I lived anywhere close to an area that this has been or will happen in. I would not even take the risk of allowing them to come within 300 meters of my house. I know people who are confident at 600+. If you got that overlook… take it.

        • Actually my reply was directed towards one portion of your context, and yes, it was “tactical” which if you value your life, your belongings, your home – you will chose over “legality”.

        • Here is the deal, LE is riding around inside their Armored vehicles. The people who are active are the undercover feds who are mixed in with the fools. They are collecting data on who, what, how, and then following the money. Therefore, open engagement requires ROE because IFF is going to be a problem.
          Shooting fireworks is a criminal act of using explosives with harmful intent. So we probably can do that as much as a good counter attack wold be jubilant. Now the green lasers, return fire should be automatic they turn on one we put three against the one. This I assume means that counter activities are more organized and responsive then they are. If not preemptively tracking the organizers. If LE isn’t going to do the job then guess who gets to do the job next. “We the People”.

        • Phantom, if undercover feds enter my community illegally, like breaking down a gate, they won’t do it twice. They’ll be engaged in turn, probably including being shot in the back. The time for them to consider that is now, do not commit crimes, even “undercover”, because the court system is about to become the least of your worries.

  20. He played a stupid game. He won a stupid prize. Not sure who gave him the idea that going to a riot… alone… was a good idea but they did him no favors.

    Self defense. Sure. He’s still F’ed. Bet it wouldn’t have happened if he was a few years older with a couple of like-minded individuals.